Daily Stand-up August 5, 2020

Wednesday Standup

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

What are your goals for August?

What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

What will you do today?

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    My goal for Phlywheel.com for August is to streamline the messaging (which is why it's great that we're doing Messaging Month right now! LOL. We're our own customer!

    This week (and yesterday as well), I started going through the Value Proposition Canvas process to revisit our audience. We're also planning to do more interviews with our superuser to get a deeper sense of what drove them to sign up for Phlywheel so we can know how to reverse-engineer more of them! :)

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    Gosh...my goal for ScriptureSauce.com is growing my audience. I know that sounds super broad and vague, but it's true.

    Currently, I'm hitting a plateau. I feel like I've maxed out subscribers based on my small circle of influence. I don't have the income for paid ads...so I am trying to figure what to adjust or do differently. I am trying to connect on several social channels, but it's been a challenge.

    For today, I'm keeping at it. Drafting new content. Sharing on social. Engaging with people.

    Rinse and repeat. Hopefully something will stick.

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    For August:

    • Grow the Mailing List Hackers community - hoping for ~50ish people actively chatting in our Discord server by end of month
    • Finish the MVP for directorybuilder.app. I've been heads-down getting custom domains and a bunch of finicky things working and got WAY off-track on shipping the really basic stuff, so I'll be focusing in on this over the next few weeks after....
    • Byteconf Flutter on August 14th, my remote Flutter conference I'm organizing!

    This week, I'm mostly focused on Byteconf Flutter – we're pre-recording talks with our speakers right now, and organizing a few live workshops that will go live the day before the conference. Busy busy!

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    So for August, I'm planning to:

    • Push a Django based website on GitHub and make it open source
    • Make improve more kareeba by talking with potential sellers
    • Invest more time in coding (Django as backend) - Wanna leave WordPress
    • Collaborate with people
    • Grow the resources list for offdesign
    • Make a free Bootstrap Template
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    The main goal I'm trying to get to for this month is completing the beta version of my platform and wrapping up QA to start onboarding the first few early adopters on the platform.

    Spent yesterday wrapping up early drafts of all the workers/jobs that I plan to have on my app (making sure I'm not exhausting any resources or APIs)

    Spending today doing some database research, looking into ways to implement TimescaleDB into Django, don't have an answer but I'm learning a lot while figuring it out!

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    We've identified tire shops as a potential segment that is highly likely to use CarsXE API to match customers with the correct tire size based on license plate or VIN (vehicle identification number) rather than ask them for make, year and model of the car. So we're thinking of creative ways to reach out to them!

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    Goal #1 for August: Finish implementing remote control feature in the pure web version of CrankWheel.

    Goal #2 for August: Finish switching our Chrome Extension to be just the bare essentials that need enhanced access to the browser, and leave the rest to our pure web version. This is how I probably should have done it from the start, but these days it's doubly important because Google has become very difficult and slow about extension updates.

    Yesterday, was coding for the remote control feature pretty much all day. Today, taking care of kids (splitting work time with my wife this week) and just some basic admin and customer support stuff.

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    Goals for August:

    1. Launch at.im to close network.
    2. Worked on our UI for inbox.
    3. Today we worked on a landing page and fundraising plan.
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    Goal for August:

    • Get everything off my plate except new side project + job


    • Sent invoice for consulting job #1
    • Wrote up redlines for backdated contract for consulting job #2


    • Add Stripe Checkout to old side project
    • Handle cancel/renew subscription thru Stripe on old side project
    • Send in redlines for consulting job #2
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    For August, I want to get Nodewood out in private beta with about 5 good customers, start getting some feedback before a wider launch.

    Yesterday, I finished off all the work towards integrating coupons with the subscriptions feature.

    Today I have a bunch of CLI fixes to implement that I discovered while hashing out exactly how subscriptions work with Stripe these days.

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    August Goals

    • Release a huge redesign with new features for Craftwork site.
    • Finish all the design in Figma for Storytale and start working with code part.
    • Release 8 new product on both sites.


    • Finished new landing page for Storytale
    • Hired a new from-end developer
    • A lot of art-direction
    • Posted every-day dribbble shots
    • Released new illustrations for Superscene 3D illustrations constructor
    • Sent everyweek newsletter


    • Paid a salaries for all team
    • Posted every-day dribbble shots
    • A lot of procrastination
    • Found Indie Hackers :)
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    • We are about to revamp our html templates. and expand to more than one page templates.

    • We are also going to change the guidelines and design of this ones.

    • Included new offers.


    We were testing out some UI guidelines and colors.


    Keep working on that

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    What are your goals for August?

    • Connect founders to at least $100k in non-dilutive capital via FundStory

    What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

    • Wireframe a new feature to help founders analyze funding options.

    What will you do today?

    • Add functionality
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    August is a big growth month for us! We are working on hiring a full time support person, and planning on hiring our first dev.

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    My goals for august is to launch Pingr on HN.

    Yesterday I was working on mobile version of it.
    Today I'll keep on doing this

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