Daily Stand-up March 31, 2020

Weekly Standup Youtube Vlog #3

Shani @shanirivers

Got a lot of 💩 done:

✅ Finish landing page design pivot
✅ Launch 🚀 app landing page: https://modulemath.com
✅ Create app’s Twitter profile
✅ Finish editing vlog entry for the week
✅ Upload vlog: https://youtu.be/E3MvjrEXPPo
✅ Try a different marketing strategy for Twitter posts

This week:

👩‍💻Code on my app! Code, code and code some more. (I’m just happy I can get back to working on it. And how much web dev stuff feels like chores.)
🎥 Record another vlog entry
📖 Start reading Guerilla Marketing
💰 Buy Book, “Venture Deals”

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    So I like what you're doing with sharing your progress. One of the benefits about openly sharing your progress or thoughts is that you can get feedback and change things early on that may be a problem much later.

    One question I would have you seriously consider is, why are building this with swift? (I'm assuming the answer is because it's already what you know.) However, if you think of this from a customer's perspective - then they will just walk away as an android user because it seems like you've decided early on that iOS is the way to go.

    Android and Apple are at about a 50/50 split in the USA by phone market-share last time I checked. That would mean you're already limiting yourself to half of who could potentially want to be a customer. That's why I am a fan of cross-platform development frameworks. Microsoft has Xamarin forms, Facebook has React Native, & Google has Flutter. I think those frameworks would be a great thing to be aware of for future apps.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work. Let me know if you would want my copy of Venture Deals. I'll probably be done with it in mid May and I could maybe just ship you it.

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      Thanks for the feedback... Yes, Swift is what I’m comfortable with, but I’ve been recently brainstorming about how I can get the app on Android. So your observation is timely. 👍
      I’ll take a look at the frameworks you’ve mentioned. I’m not so far into the development that I’m stuck with just iOS, but I have figured out most of the functionality (logic, etc) and have a working prototype already so I know what I need to do to make it work.

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        Yeah. I've tried out react native and one or two other cross platform development frameworks. Flutter is the one I currently use and I like it quite a bit because of the level of documentation and resources available. I'd recommend it and I've been enjoying using it. I'd recommend it over all the frameworks I listed.

        If you feel like giving Flutter a try at some point here are some resources on it:
        Free Udacity Course:

        The Boring Show (Flutter development w/ a bunch of google devs):

        Flutter's Site W/ Resources:

        1. 3

          It's really cool that you're using Flutter. I've been meaning to explore it when it would be time to build something for mobile.

          I believe there's a course online that was vetted by the Flutter team last time I checked the main site, may be worth looking into.

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          Ok... so I looked into Flutter - and boy, does it look good. I’ve been watching videos, went over some of the resources you gave and been playing with Dart for the past two days. Also checking if it can do all the things I need it to do (save data locally, in app purchases, etc). It’s looking really, really good. How long have you been working with it? Is there any gotchas you’ve come across, @DevManDan?

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            Honestly, I don't think it has anymore gotchas than anything else I've come across. The only thing to be mindful of is managing state and stateful widgets. Best practices and advice has changed and evolved over time since it is a newer framework. Depending on where you look to information, it may be outdated on what's the best way to handle state.

            Handling data over a network is not obvious at first. Futurebuilder or streambuilder are what you should look into for that.

            I started using flutter last year. The thing that made it so attractive to me was that it had stellar documentation compared to everything else I had tried out. Documentation is the best indicator of a great library/framework IMHO.

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              Thanks for sharing your insight. 👍 I was really impressed with the documentation for Flutter when I reviewed it and I agree. I also signed up for a few Flutter courses from Pluralsight to jumpstart my learning it.
              Thanks again from your advise! 😀

        3. 1

          Thanks for the resources! I’ll check it out!

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    wow, awesome, so many things have been done!

    1. 1

      Thank you! Just tackling one task at a time.

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    OMG! i love that you're doing this! keep going!!

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      Thanks and that’s the plan! 😎

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        keep going! how can i help?

        1. 1

          To be honest, parents and kids to try it out. I really want to make something that appeals to not only the parent who wants their child to succeed in mathematics, but also fun and engaging for the child. I’m currently working with my little 9yo niece and recent shared with her what I’ve done so far and she immediately gave feedback - she wants a cat character. 🐈 🤣
          I’m also working with a middle school and a special ed teacher as well.

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            cool, so, what do i have to do?

            1. 1

              Alrighty then! Here’s a quick 12 question multiple choice survey for ya - please fill it out if you have a chance:
              Thanks in advance! 🙏

                1. 1

                  Thank you! 👍
                  Please free feel to share with whomever you feel might be interested. 😜

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