Daily Stand-up April 6, 2020

Weekly Update / April 6, 2020: Rainbows 🌈

Merott 😁 @Merott

I write a progress update every Monday, for reflection, clarity, and accountability. Here comes this week’s!


🎨 Designed the courses dashboard
🆕 Updated Xebel website, highlighting course platform
⬆️ Top priority will be investigating a Xebot issue
🌈 Appreciated children’s rainbow drawings

The format of the full update doesn't really work here, so I just link to it:

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    Read your blog post and I agree - having a break is really super hard thing to do. I have to work really hard at it. Great job 👍

    1. 1

      Thanks for reading! 😊

  2. 1

    What is a break? I do not compute.

    We have a rainbow in our window and I also drew one on our wall. I am grateful for our front and back garden these days!

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      I can't compute, and I don't have kids. I'm not even gonna try and guess what would happen to me with 5 kids!!

      That's an awesome rainbow. They ALL are! 😊