Weekly update Sept 20-26: Didn't get anything done, took a break from work

Here is my weekly update for HiFive app:

Goals I had for this week

  • Start working on the oAuth and have a signup/login flow working on app

✅ Done this week

  • Didn't get anything done. Was busy with work at my day job. Also took two days off and went for a short trip

🎯 Actionable goals for next week

  • Would be the same - Start working on the oAuth and have a signup/login flow working on the app

🙃 Struggles if any

  • Not making much progress on the app as I would like to :(
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    Thanks for sharing - I needed to read this. I'm taking a week "off" soon and feel guilty about it! Its so easy to fall into the trap of productivity, but the irony is that without proper rest and taking a break, we cannot be productive. Can I help with "not making much progress on the app as I would like"? Happy to give a fellow IH a nudge here and there if you need it. Regardless, you've got this!

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      yeah, nothing wrong with taking a break. In fact, it's something we have to do.
      I was hesitant to post the update since there isn't any progress but glad I posted it :)

      I'm not sure how you can help, I just need to get back to shipping I guess. Hoping nothing distracting comes this week to make some progress.

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        I'm so glad you posted this!

        Here what helps me when I get worried about keeping focus: make a list of all the potential distractions that could happen that could derail you (it doesn't have to be in order and it CERTAINLY can be sweary since it's just for you)! Then, next to each write one thing you can do if that distraction occurs to stay focused and stay on track.

        So, for example, one of my distractions was "Street repair could resume outside [my] office window" and my one thing was "put together grab n' go kit of everything you need to work off of laptop in other room". My grab n' go kit had my power cord, an extra mouse, an extra headset, notebook, etc. etc. I ended up not needing it until the final day of that week and only for a few hours (thankfully construction people around here don't seem to work full days). Rather than lose those few hours, I was able to grab my kit and go work somewhere else temporarily. Distractions are powerless against us if we plan for them!

        YMMV and good luck!

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          That’s a good plan, thanks!

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