August 30, 2020

Welcome, introduce yourself! (Week of Aug 30th)

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Rosie here -- the Indie Hackers community manager. Welcome! 👋

This short guide is meant to help you get the most out of Indie Hackers.

First, introduce yourself!

Indie Hackers is a community of people helping each other build profitable businesses and side projects. The key word here is "community." Don't be shy!

For starters, take a second to introduce yourself and share your goals in the comments below. 👇

Just say a few words about who you are, why you're here, and what you hope to accomplish or learn in 2020.

Take a moment to say hello to someone else as well!

Dive into learning.

We've interviewed hundreds of successful indie hackers. I recommend reading a few of their stories. It's a great way to get an overview of what's possible.

@csallen also puts out podcast episodes if reading isn't your thing!

Next, get started!

There's no time like the present. Check out the "Start Here" page for a list of practical steps and articles that can help you take action.

Not only will it help you get started, but it should also introduce you to some of the best parts of the Indie Hackers community.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! If you're ever feeling lost or confused, post in the Meta group or tag me (@rosiesherry) in any comment or post.

Don't forget to introduce yourself and say hi to someone else below! 🤗

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    Hey friends and indie hackers!

    I've been searching for a community like this and am glad to have found you here!

    I'm excited for the coming months of sharing ideas, resources, and making connections with people in this community.

    I'm from Vancouver, Canada and building a business around helping entrepreneurs and creatives unleash their creativity, lower their stress, and break outside the mold of 'Normal'.

    Looking forward to chatting more soon.

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      I've been searching for a community like this and am glad to have found you here!

      I didn't know I was looking for such a community until I accidentally found it!😁

      1. 1

        Ditto :D

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    Hello fellow hackers !

    Wow ! I've looking for something like that for ages !
    My name is Maxime. I'm a software engineer 👨‍💻

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    Hey friends and indie hackers!

    My name is Vedikaa and i'm from India. I am 20 years old and i'm currently a student at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology,Bhubaneswar,Orissa.

    I've been searching for a community like this and am glad to have found you here! and would be glad to start a side hustle and work on some projects.

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    Passionate to write code and build products to make a mark

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    Hi all!
    I didn't know there was something like Indie Hackers until, a couple of hours ago, out of sheer serendipity, I got here.

    My name is Marta and I live in Uruguay.🇺🇾
    I am a curious and creative person who is learning Web Development and learning to develop an online business. I am excited about the possibility of creating (or being part of a team that creates) products or services that promote the development and growth of individuals and communities.

    This space, this community is like a dream for me 🤩, because I know that I have a lot to learn and I love learning from people who are also traveling the paths of online entrepreneurship with an "indie hacker" mindset.

    Thanks to everyone who makes this space possible!❤️

    1. 2

      Hey Serendipia it's great to meet you!

      1. 1

        Hi rod! It's nice to meet you too!

    2. 1

      I really appreciate you.I like to do the same as you do.It's pleasure to meet you!! keep doing the interesting things

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    Hi everyone! I am Anamika, from Bangalore (the startup hub of India).
    I started up this year with a friend of mine - we're creating Blend - an app for people to play board games inside a chat and have fun with their friends and family.

    I was actually looking for places to launch my startup in order to get some early adopters. Found @xavier 's post on notion and got to know about Indiehackers from there. A big thanks to Xavier for the post (which is extremely useful for first time entrepreneurs).

    I am so excited to be a part of this community, learn from everyone, get motivated and help others with whatever I can. Cheers!!

    1. 1

      I'm glad that list helped you, and even happier to know that you're now part of this communities.
      Welcome on board @anamika510

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    Hi Everyone , I have been searching for place like this to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and developers who trying to do amazing things.
    Excited to see what's coming .

    I am Dumindu , from Sri Lanka.

    1. 1

      HI @Duminduwije, nice to meet you! What do you do?

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    Hi all,
    My name is Lucas I'm a Software Engineer and an Entrepreneur. I was looking a place to share code knowledge and startup stories... well looks like I found that place :)
    My most recent project it's
    Thank you all

    1. 1

      nice to meet you Lucas!

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    Hi Everyone, I learnt about IH from some twitter threads and a collaborator who asked for feedback on rejections. IH looks like a nice place buzzing with loads of activity.

    I am moonlighting for a health-tech startup and also trying to build a healthcare community on the side...looking to learn & share on nocode, building MVP, finding co-founders and community building.

  10. 2

    Hey my name is Sam working as a System Analyst/Data Analyst. I do run a side hustle for IT recruiting. Have bunch of ideas to start. looking for like minded people to share ideas and help each other out.

    1. 1

      Hey Sam, it's great to meet you!

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    Howdy Folks, just browsing. Hoping to perhaps find a mentor - or even become a mentor? Nice to meet y'all!

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    Hey this is Aakash! Love this community and excited to join!

    I have around 12+ years of experience in Data Science & Finance. I have worked with a few startups & large companies. Looking forward to start something on my own.

    Currently evaluating few ideas in the data & analytics space. Would love to chat with others from the community.

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    He11o World!

    Simon here. I aspire to be an indie hacker. It's a far fetched goal however I have set my sights on it. My first aim is to be able to code. Really glad to have found this community. It's good to know of a place where like-minded people is willing to share thoughts, experience and pointers.

    Despite all I say however, I still lack the necessary hardware(laptop/PC) to begin learning Phyton.

    Btw, I just heard from a friend Phyton is a good place to start. He said if I can't learn Phyton basically any other language is just a no go. Any thought?

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    Hello Rosie, Thank you for the automated yet warm welcome. I am going to follow your advice 🤗

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    Hey everyone. I'm Krzysztof and I am a web-developer with a passion for analytics.

    It's really nice to be here and a part of this group. I hope we can all share experience and be of help to one another.

    As for my goals for 2020, I hope that by the end of the year I will be able to make living on my Wordpress plugin. Until then I will do freelance work (so the same I've been doing for the last 10 years).

  16. 1

    good job

  17. 1

    Hi guys and gals
    I am a data scientist and I decided to become an indie hacker after a lot of time thinking about, I have a dream product that I want to create so I quit my job and join indie hackers after being only a reader for more than a year.

  18. 1

    Hey all, excited to join! thanks for this nice onboarding process :)

  19. 1

    Hi all,
    Very inspiring community! I've just recently started coding my first product.

  20. 1

    i've been talking with my cousin about our "million dollars" plans and he told me about Indie Hackers.
    I'm still reading yours interviews and listening great podcasts.
    I definitely love this place!

    I'm from Poland. I'm working on my open source project which will be released this month.
    I'm glad to be the part of this community.

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    Hey friends,

    I wanna build my first Saas product and i am looking for a mentor

  22. 1

    I am a full stack developer. I am excited to join here and looking forward to useful stuffs.

    1. 1

      Hi higagan,

      I am totally new to the world of coding. If possible, please share what does it really mean for people/professionals to recognise me as a full stack developer.

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    I'm Maxwell, a digital immigrant that is looking forward to launching useful products. I am happy to join this lovely community.

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    Hi am Beatrice , found this community through tiktok. Glad to have find you guys ,looking forward for the future with you.

    1. 1

      I found this community through tiktok as well!

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    Hey All,

    Lawyer turned entrepre-something. Currently doing marketing, partnerships, strategy and a little of a lot of other stuff at Gravity Legal.

    Excited to learn from this community - and contribute whatever I can.

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    Hi all!

    My name's Kas, and I'm a wildlife researcher from Scotland.

    I'm super interested in the intersections between conservation and entrepreneurship. And I've been wanting to build something to help others for a long time. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of jumping between different ideas.

    I'm hoping that I can contribute to this community and get some support in launching and getting first users by the end of 2020.



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    Hey Indie Hackers!

    I am a 25 year old software developer who is passionate about using code and technology to remove or reduce inefficiencies in everyday life. I have about three years of experience with web development. I'm still learning new things, but I have more than enough skills to build and deploy a product (albeit an MVP) right now.

    I joined Indie Hackers because I wanted to learn and network. I wanted to learn about how to better come up with ideas or at least how to determine whether the idea is good or not. I wanted to meet other like-minded individuals, who may be interested in starting a business together and are hungry and driven.

    Nonetheless, I look forward to chatting and maybe I'll be able to find someone through here to start a business with someday!

    1. 1

      Hi davin. Simon from Malaysia.
      Glad to have found this community too. Hope you are well.

      1. 1

        Hi Simon, that's crazy, I thought I may have written that I was heading back to Malaysia in this post which is why you replied, but it's just a coincidence it seems!

        1. 1

          Lol. To be honest, I just replied to a random post that I agreed with. Urm, heading back to Malaysia? Do we know each other?

          1. 1

            I don't think so, that's why I thought it was interesting haha

            1. 1

              I'm not sure is this against indiehacker's policy but if you ever wanna hit me up/brainstorm. My social media handler is simonszetho.

  28. 1

    Hey indie hackers! I've been looking for a community like this for a while and could not be more happy to have found it. For any of the entrepreneurs out there, if you're interested in working with college students, I set up a website to facilitate remote internships at startups ( As a student myself, I have seen the immense impact that working at a startup has had on my education and hope to give many other students the same experience. If you're interested in posting remote paid or unpaid internships, please check out Sorry for the promotion, but I feel as though a lot of founders could benefit from working with students!

  29. 1

    Thanks, Rosie

  30. 1

    Hey all! My name is Dylan Polin from HUB Parkour in Massachusetts. We aren't tech really but hope to do as much learning as we can here!

  31. 1

    Hello World! I've been developing software for over 10 years, mainly focused on product/market fit and UX. Looking for machine learning entrepreneurs for a mobile document scanning project. :)

    -Joseph from Los Angeles

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    Hey all !

    I am Mohammed, from France. Art passionate and surf freak. Engineer but worked 5 years in finance (crying).

    I am now an entrepreneur. I'm glad I found a place where I can discuss and learn about art businesses and art softwares.

    Looking forward to connect !

  33. 1

    I have been searching for a place like this where i can share my ideas to take them on the next level

    I am a college student from india looking for mentorship from experienced peoples those who are already working in this field for a long time

    I have clear image about my product and business model but am lacking the technical knowledge, i hope this community will help me lot in this field

  34. 1

    Hey @rosiesherry! I'm a 30 year old marketeer born and brought up in Kuwait. I have a huge passion for filmmaking, videography, vlogging and photography and that's why I am here. I would like to connect with creative minds that share similar passions.

  35. 1

    Hi all,
    I've been a sysadmin for 10 years. I love Linux and Open Source, and I love my job. But I don't want to be an employee forever. I'm looking to leverage my technical knowledge towards building a business, probably SaaS.
    IH seems like an interesting place.

  36. 1

    I am glad to be the part of this community.

  37. 1

    Hi Everyone. I'm Hamda. I'm a writer and pharmacy student based in England.I've recently started learning to code and want to build an online community for students. I'm very new to the game and am excited to learn as much as possible.

  38. 1

    hello friends of the indie hacker community!

    Currently I am working on a new product (Paperless is the new generation of e-signature workflow) and I am looking for a community to exchange ideas, feedback and advice.

    I would also like to make my contribution and share my experiences in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship with you.

    So let's get in contact together!

    1. 1

      I agree to the whole paperless concept. A lot of invoices or receipts can be generated automatically now. As most of just just throw away the bunched up receipts in out bag or wallet or pocket then only realizing that we need it later on during tax filing or what not.
      What vision do you have in mind?

  39. 1

    Hi rosie sherry

  40. 1

    I'm a coder from Germany, looking for new projects

  41. 1

    Hey Indie Hackers,

    I've been following for more than a year, but only now did it occur to me to actually create an account and start talking 😅

    I'm a software engineer and teacher from Bucharest, Romania. I teach kids to code and I instruct other engineers on how to work with Scala, Akka and Apache Spark at Rock the JVM.

    Looking forward to talking soon!

    1. 1

      He11o Daniel.

      So happy to see and educator here. I myself is learning coding now via Codecademy.

  42. 1

    Hi everyone,

    I’m the founder of Sendible, a social media management platform designed for agencies.

    We are fully bootstrapped and highly profitable (7 figures annually).

    As a first time founder with almost 50 employees, I feel a little out of my depth so I’m looking to connect with other bootstrapped founders and CEOs who are reaching scale.

  43. 1

    Hello fellow indie hackers,

    Really excited to be here. I am tech enthusiast, currently working to bring innovation in the cyber security industry. Soon releasing our own product, a security tool to detect security vulnerabilities.

  44. 1

    Thank you for the guidance. Helped a lot.

  45. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers, I am from Arizona, working as software engineer aspiring to be an entrepreneur. I have been searching for community like this where I can learn from similar growth oritented people.

    Especially planning to find few partners to pair up so I can learn the process of startup in better way. Penning down about me and my interests so I can find better match to work together.

    I have experience mostly on backend programming using Java, python, JavaScript. In addition as someone who always like to be on top of latest technology developments, took few Coursera courses on ML/DL to keep myself up to date in this space though no real experience doing this.

    Other than my programming day job and AI/ML learnings, I closely follow markets. If I’m given a chance to go back in my career, probably Entrepreneurship/Technical Analysis & trading is what I would choose.

    I recently read somewhere that we need to design our life for at least 3 life’s instead of one.

    In my case that would be -
    - Keep doing and continue excelling my day job.
    - Trading with Technical Analysis.
    - Entrepreneurship.

    Coming to my weaknesses- procrastination is the biggest one. but once I start doing, generally hustle towards it irrespective of what comes in my way.

    Looking forward to learn more from this wonderful community of innovators.

  46. 1

    Hi Hackeratti,
    I'm a serial entrepreneurial engineer going back to the first PCs in Palo Alto. Nice to see a digital community to support get ideas off the ground. Especially during this pandemic.

    Currently I'm CEO at a global software engineering company primarily serving innovative web, mobile and medical applications for enterprise clients. I have also partnered up with hackers in the past on new ventures. I look forward to collaborating.

  47. 1

    Hello, I'm steven brand, I really enjoy programming en be part of this comminunity.

  48. 1

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Alex and I'm from Australia. I'm really passionate about helping people better connect with their customers through technology.

    Specifically, I want to completely remove the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs and business owners to get into the various types of software that are available to them so that they're not only less bombarded with non customer facing and boring work, but will have a better understanding of their customers.

    I love talking to business owners about their tech needs and their priorities. My goal is to attain 15 managed clients that I can work with. This will allow me to work full time for myself which will give me more time to focus on what I love!

    Look forward to connecting :)

  49. 1

    👋 everyone

    My name is Christoph. I am a product person who loves to experiment with product ideas. My goal here is to learn a lot and to support where I can.
    Ultimately, it would be great to find a like-minded software engineer to try some things out together.

    1. 1

      Hi @etagenyeti sounds great! I'm more knowledgeable about the platforms themselves and use cases rather than the engineering and code side, but would love to connect!

  50. 1

    Hello everyone
    I'm Gökhan, a web developer from Turkey. I am working on a startup web app, for the global market

    I love software development and really glad I found this community.

  51. 1

    Hi Rosie and fellow indies!

    I'm an inveterate tinkerer, recovering college professor and freelance journalist. I've been pondering turning one of my hobby projects into a business, and am looking for the inspiration and peer pressure. Tech-wise I'm into Node, Vanilla JS, R and Raku.

  52. 1

    Hey fellow builders and hackers!

    Good to be here! If anyone is building cool stuff on top of Ethereum blockchain, please let me know - I'd love to connect with you!

  53. 1

    Hi IndieHackers,

    I am Alex from covering the business side of the project.

    This community is awesome to share ideas and gain knowledge for business growth so I am glad to be part of it.

    Looking forward to learning from you IndieHackers!

    1. 1

      Hi @MicroHacker, Alex is a great name!

      What do you do?

  54. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers!

    Thanks for being member of this wonderful community. I am here, because I quit my job to learn how to become a maker and work full-time on my own projects. I already have some technical skills, but of course I want to boost further my knowledge and experience.

    Looking foward to get know new people and thinking of business opportunities and ideas.

  55. 1

    Hey everyone!

    I am an aspiring product manager from India. I just finished my MBA and have started working as a tech consultant. I have been looking for a community to start a side project and I am glad I found IH.

    It will be great to share ideas with members who have similar interests.

    Looking forward to connecting with great folks here!

  56. 1

    Hi friends, how are you all doing?

    I've been reading Indie Hackers blogs, listening to podcasts every week and since I decided to start my blog to put into practice the things I've already learned in the way of being a data scientist in Brazil, I'll be here definitely.

    I hope to learn a lot by others experience in their respective endeavors and to kinda of help the ones I could with my experience in the field of data science, self-taught music and so on.

    I'll definitely love that new experience =)

  57. 1


    My name I Mike and I look forward to meeting other indiehackers, learn from the community, and find co-founders. This place looks awesome! I am a software engineer and founder of I mostly work with Rails and React. Not very good with design, hope to improve there!

    Looking foward to connect.

  58. 1

    Hello indie hackers!
    I'm Aaron, a Software Engineer from Birmingham UK working on a legal tech startup for creating agreements with friends and loved ones.

    I'm really glad I found this community. Looking forward to sharing ideas with everyone.

  59. 1

    My name is Venkatesh and I'm from India. I am 20 years old and I'm currently a student at Gayatri Vidya Parishad College Of Engineering(Autonomous)
    I've been searching for a community to learn web development and finally found this and would be glad to start a side hustle and work on some projects

  60. 1

    Hey everyone!

    I'm psyched to join the community! I always felt alone as a bootstrapping Solo Founder, but I can see that there's so many of like-minded people here! Looking forward to sharing and learning growth hacking strategies for my proptech SaaS project ( and possibly even some networking/partnerships.

    Currently looking for some help with Email marketing. Reach out if you have the experience and would be interested!

  61. 1

    Hello everyone im Tony,
    I'm new to this place, just found out about IH a few days ago, by a fellow IH 😁
    I am looking forward to learning from others and as well to share my side project, which is a UI/UX design pattern library. I hope that this will help designers getting an idea of best design practices, that are being used by top tech companies or/and when they are stuck solving a similar design problem. I welcome any feedback. 🙌

  62. 1

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Florian, I live in Paris (France) and I'm excited to join this community.

    I'm working on a new project called which is an automation platform. Unlike Zapier, I think next level automation can only be done with a consolidated data view. So I build a generic data storage to manage any kind of objects (Contact, Employee, Order, Invoice, etc.) and a system to run serverless applications to interact with this data and automate processes.

    I'm at the beginning and I hope to exchange ideas and feedbacks on automation and the future of work in a digitalised and automated world 🤙

    1. 1

      Hey Florian,
      this sounds like an exciting project, I will take a look at it :)

      1. 1

        Thx @TonnyTonni, I like yours too. I have a whole folders of screenshots of my competitors and websites I like. Having a tool with already screenshots of account pages, onboarding, etc. could save me time 👍

  63. 1

    Hey all,

    I heard about IH from a friend and was happy to find this amazing community.

    I'm here to share my journey but i know I have a lot to learn as well from entrepreneurs with Indie Hackers attitude. 😁

    I'm from Sweden but living in Dubai and I have been working on a new project that helps
    startups and small businesses to submit tasks and micro projects instantly which are completed by ambitious graduates under mentorship from our mentors.

    Education has been a passion for me for a long time and I wanted to create something that really impacts many people.

  64. 1

    Hi all, I am Business Intelligence expert and have created couple of BI products. Looking to learn tips and tricks of being an entrepreneur and technology...

  65. 1

    Thanks for creating this place. Long time software developer, now learning full stack programming. Have a lot of things implemented and now need ideas...
    Before had lots of ideas, now have the tech, but no ideas! hahaha

  66. 1

    Hey All!
    I’m a Data Services business professional based in FL and I’m looking to collaborate with passionate, competitive people to bring ideas to fruition!

  67. 1

    Hey friends and indie hackers!
    i've new to this community (acccidentaly found on reddit :) ) please be kind and gentle with me

    I'm excited for learning and sharing idea business, uses case, resource, with the team. as a product owner day job, i wish i could contribute something back to community as well

  68. 1

    Hi All..
    I'm Tangguh Rifqi... I really like with SaaS and helping my friend launch their product...
    Basicly I'm Digital Marketing Strategist and Like Analytics...

  69. 1

    Hello, I am delighted to join this community, hoping to learn from the community and on occasion to provide support, I am from Cuba, I am residing in Ecuador

  70. 1

    Hey all, My names David and I'm a co-founder of a currently unknown product, but soon (we hope) to be internationally acclaimed product, and that is wegree.

    I'm a passionate product professional, and wegree is a side hustle ( at this time) project, but one very close to my heart. I have worked between tech and manufacturing products, primarily with new product introductions and managing international martkets.

    I'm here to share my product expertise, and to hopefully gain some great new connections and friends and to receive advise on how to grow our little known, soon to be released, bootstrapped, side-hustle, MVP :D

    Currently based in the UK, but always love to travel for work and pleasure

  71. 1

    I'm Manish Kumar, working on my own venture in Sports based out in India.
    I'm looking forward to connecting with like minded people here.
    Would like to learn from others :)

    1. 1

      Are you looking for any help in terms of your product?

  72. 1

    Hey folks 👋
    I'm Dmitry, a senior web dev based in Vancouver, Canada. 🇨🇦
    Freelancing remotely for the last 3 years.

    Looking to learn new skills from the community so that I can build and ship successful products of my own! The technical ability alone isn't enough, there's so much to learn 😂

    Would love to grow my network of entrepreneurial people to learn together, inspire each other and possibly collaborate on some projects. 🙌

    1. 1

      Happy to help with any product theory

  73. 1

    Hi friends!

    So excited to join this community to learn, share and grow. I specialize in Salesforce Development and building Funnels. My passions are personal development, and productivity. Starting a youtube channel to share what has helped me so I can help others and give back to so many communities I've learned so much from. Feel free to message me!

  74. 1

    Hi All!

    I'm Daniel, I'm working on a new adventure called and I want to know what IndieHackers community is about... I wanna to connect with makers and be sorrounded by creative, passionate people, and also connect with other makers.


  75. 1

    Hi all,
    Antonio from Barcelona. Really nice to meet you all.
    I will posts my interests and current personal projects here. If someone is doing something similar or is just interested, contact me!
    I love Software Engineering and in particular building software products: frontend, backend, cloud infrastructure on AWS (I'm in love with Serverless right now).
    Other interests are: Signal Processing, Neuroscience, Space, Philosophy and AI.

    I am currently doing 3 personal projects:

    • First is a Brain Computer Interface using OpenBCI. My idea is to control a drone with the mind using EEG, and/or with the eyes using EOG. I am quite close to close the loop using Python, Timeflux library, Flask/serverless and a Tello drone. It would be nice to collaborate if someone is interested.
    • Second is a RC Car with autonomous driving. Using Raspberry Pi, Raspberry camera, openCV, and a really simple Flask app.
    • Third is learning greek philosophy and sciences. I started from the beginning, reading presocratics fragments and I already spent almost 1 year reading the whole Plato's bibliography. Learning about first principles of geometry, physics, metaphysics, rethorics, politics, etc.

    If someone interested in the same topics, please comment and let's talk :)


  76. 1

    Heyo! I'm Sterling - I've known about IH for some time now, but now that I'm working on a new project it feels like the right time to join a community like this.

  77. 1


    I actually stumbled on this site while looking for performance tuning a SaaS at my current company and found a thread with great responses and overall interaction was very supportive on it, so I decided to join. Looking forward to being a part of this community.

  78. 1

    Sup Indie Hackers!

    My name is Paul and I'm creating a hardware product with my business partner that allows users to lift dumbbells with their feet the same way they can with their hands. We are close to launching the product publicly for pre-orders, so I'm super excited to soak up as much knowledge as possible from everyone!

    Thanks for creating such an awesome community, grateful to be a part of it!

  79. 1

    Hey fellow hackers!
    My name is Vitaly and I'm the co-founder and CEO of - visual development platform for data apps.
    My passion is design, data and robots ;) Im excited to join the community! Learning from so many talented people here is precious. I will be also sharing my experience and helping with anything I can.

    1. 1

      Nice project! Do you copy the data on your servers or do you fetch it in real time?

      1. 1

        Thanks! No data is stored on Kelp servers. Its BYOB (bring your own backend). We provide a secure Data Gateway that makes the calls to secure APIs on behalf of your app. If you interested just let me know I will give you an account.

  80. 1

    Hi all,

    Happy to have found community of fellow comrades who are building interesting things.
    I'm doing accelerated idea validation in the hope of finding product-market fit.

    Hope to learn from you all .

  81. 1

    Hello Rosie,

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I am Nitin and I am partnering up with a few brands to deliver STEM education. I would love to contribute my 2 cents on the STEM and how I think it is the future for the younger generation and in return I would like to learn how I can make use of technology to push the boundaries of my business idea.

    Looking forward to be in touch with all of you.

    Best Regards,

  82. 1

    Hey everyone 👋

    I’m Simon and I'm a UX Designer from the UK 🇬🇧. My goal is to launch my first product by the end of the year! 🤞

    I’m excited to get involved in the IH community and look forward to learning from others and sharing ideas, feedback and insight.


    1. 1

      Hey Simon,
      I might have a project you’ll be interested in. Do you have a website?

  83. 1

    Hey! I'm Muriel. I'm a bit of a jack of all trades, I thrive off variety and continual learning. Currently, I'm in the middle of turning my side-hustle into a sustainable venture, but I'm also a freelance web designer, digital marketer and communications professional. Happy to have found this!

  84. 1


    I'm Andrew, and I just found this site! I'm looking forward to getting my feet wet with everything, as I am a newbie pretty much. I am in IT, so this is just the next step for me/hobby to get into! Hope to engage with everyone soon!

  85. 1

    Hello, I'm Martin from - Marina berth reservation and booking

    We are digitized ecosystem for the marine market.

    Our B2C product is personal sailing assistant allowing sailors to book a berth from the comfort of their yacht.

    And our B2B product is single solution for Marinas to fully automate their reservation and administration processes.

  86. 1

    hi everyone, nice to meet you all,I am from Tokyo Japan and I want to let you all know you can get Tokyo 2020 2021 olympic goods at this site: if you have influence in your sns. Thank you.

  87. 1

    Hello Everyone,

    I learned about Indie Hackers yesterday only and looks super cool already.

    I am Pankaj, work as a Software Developer and very much interested in Photography, Videography and Blogging.

    To pursue my interests, I started Instagram Profile, YT Channel and my Blog.

    And now trying to combine all of these interests in a single place, my Blog where I write about FrontEnd Programming and General Discussions in Software Development

    Some article require video tutorials and there I try to record some and publish.

    You can check my blog at Time to Hack

    I would love to connect with others here and discuss about different topics


    1. 1

      Hi Pankaj! Love your blog, very cool. I sent you a quick message on LinkedIn. All the best, Alex

  88. 1

    Hello Team,

    I am Sandeep Thakur, an online business consultant.
    I would really appreciate it if you can share your queries with me related starting an online business.


  89. 1

    Hey everyone!

    I have been listening to IH podcast for quite a while now and I felt it's time to join the community.

    I am from London, England and building a business that helps people remember what they read, watch and listen to.

    I realised that I had read 15 business/self-help books last year, but I remember nothing. I was chasing a number, reading just in case I would need the information someday.

    This turned out to be a massive waste of time and money. Now I am on the mission to help others like me - read less, but with purpose.

    I am excited to join this community, share my learnings ( I had a small business before, burned out, failed) and get feedback.


  90. 1


    I come from brainwashing academic background (cognitive science, applied psychology, HR management) and I got into coding some time ago to be able to build things instead of trying to get a coder on board as first step of everything.

    Currently, and for a while, I'm working on a problem of 'people having repetitive conversations'. I'm on... 3rd big iteration of 'core' behaviour loop, trying to get it to not suck ^^ I hope to get it done and see what still doesn't work.

  91. 1

    Hello everyone!

    I found this community few months ago while randomly browsing the web.
    Since then, I enjoy reading articles on here while commuting and leisure time.
    I've learned a lot from these indiehackers who shared many experiences on their journey of launching a startup.

    Thanks for your sharing and kindness!

    For myself, I am an amateur Android developer.
    I'm working my side-project of a time management app recently.
    It just launch recently, and I'm looking for more beta users!
    If you're interested, feel free to let me know :)

    Nice to meet you all!

  92. 1

    Hello Hackers!

    I'm excited to have found this community! I'm joining now as I start a new adventure into building my own product. I have spent the last 5 years working for different tech startups as a Product Designer and Front-End Developer.

    This year I have been working on one of the largest work projects I have ever had and began managing a team of very talented designers. Through some connections at work I became friends with my co-founder, another designer who has his own agency. We connected on many things outside of design and tech, like podcasts, and Studio Ghibli films. Earlier this year I ran my most current product idea by him, just for some casual feedback, but we kept chatting about it for months, to the point that I knew I had found a partner in this project.

    So now we are starting development on our MVP, and starting to gather feedback and interest before we launch, hopefully early next year.

    If anyone is interested we are building a community for creators to sell their work and build a fanbase, you can take a quick survey at if that sounds interesting to you

  93. 1

    Hello everyone, Richard here from Dubai. Well, from Australia but now I live in the Middle East.

    Together with my wife and other partners we attempted different projects that didn't really turned out the way we wanted to. Had a small success in building a community, but after a sour and toxic relationship with the other members of the team we've divorced two of them - including the CEO.

    "And then there were three" - as the title of one the Genesis albums says :) three of us working on new ventures.

    We feel that the corona-times might potentially help us to create something out of ordinary.

    I'm here to learn from others and share with those who need help. I've grown a thick skin over time and will be very happy to let others know how to stay resilient, despite all the odds that might come our way.

    Hope to speak to many of you soon.

  94. 1

    Hello fellow hackers! :)

    I am glad to be here and hoping to get acquainted with inspiring individuals on this platform.

    I am a Software(Frontend) Developer from Istanbul, Turkey.

    I am planning to find new ways to expand my technical knowledge plus my revenue and my excitement, turning my ideas into profitable hobbies :)

    Can't wait to chat and to feel to be part of this community. 🥳

  95. 1

    Hello fellow indie hackers,

    I’m Frank, a Software Engineer with 4 years of experience looking to start or participate in a cool project. Real excited to have stumbled across a community that shares the same entrepreneurial and creative spirit as me!

    1. 1

      Hey Frank,
      Check out my post and let me know if you’d be interested in hearing more. Thanks.

  96. 1

    Hello Rosie!! I'm new to the online Business community, and extremely exciting to share what I have. Which is a "NEW" worldwide business platform (totally FREE) that anyone with a business can promote "THEIR" Business and SIMULTANEOUSLY earn money based on their growth, communications! Think of it like a Facebook business group page where people share business promotions and the company PAYS THEM as they grow their group (unlike F.B.) AND it simultaneously ties their online apps into one system that you send out a post in that system, and it goes to FB, linkin, Instagram, etc.etc. It cuts your promotion time in half and you earn on everyone that joins you and below!! NO MLM!...LOL

  97. 1

    Hey folks, I am a devops engineer looking to dive into the SAAS world, find it inspiring building something from almost nothing!

    1. 1

      Check out my post and let me know if you’d be interested in hearing more. Thanks.

  98. 1

    Hey my name is Arshad from the UK. Im a final year Law student who is driven with many ideas. Ive been trying relentesley to begin a buisness however have fallen short some times. I actually have all these amazing ideas however lack of support and guidance to drive them in the right place :(

  99. 1

    Hey Guys! I like building apps and websites! I've been hearing about Indie Hackers for a while and today I decided to finally join! Looking forward to meeting all of you. I published my first app, an app called Introspekt: It has made a record profit of 23 cents so far!  😁

    1. 1

      Hey I have some great ideas for applications. I would not mind chatting.

  100. 1

    Hi indie hackers!

    My name is Kirill and I'm from Mother Russia). English isn't my primary language, but I think that isn't a big problem there.

    I'm a software engineer at a fin-tech company. I'm an experienced backend developer and now I try to learn iOS development. I have a few ideas for mobile apps and I hope the community helps me to make them real (by advice or feedback).

    I've been looking for a community like that for at least the past two months and finally found it. Before I've been googling without "indie", heh.

  101. 1

    Hello builders!

    My name is Fer, I'm a musician, producer and digital entrepreneur from Buenos Aires now living in Madrid.

    I have always created products for independent musicians, now developing our digital music distribution for LatAm and hispanic market. Building our own API for our product to connect to other services like Spotify, YouTube, etc.

    Wanting to connect and collaborate in the intersection of music and technology.


  102. 1

    Hey fellow indie hackers,

    I'm David from Georgia. I'm starting a challenge to build 12 side projects in 12 months.
    I'm passionate about building things and this is going to be an awesome experience.

    I'm looking for partners to help find ideas and help with marketing. I will be crowdsourcing ideas from the community each month and partnering with people who proposed the ideas.

    If you'd like to follow the progress please subscribe:

    You can propose ideas here:

  103. 1

    Hello Everyone,

    Just trying to dip my toes on entrepreneurship ride. Hoping to leave my 9-5 job someday and work for myself.


  104. 1

    Hey my name is Nico and iam from germany. I work with a small team on a agency comparisson portal called Great to be here!

    1. 1

      Looks like a useful tool! Mind to share your stack?

  105. 1

    Hi Everyone,

    Long-time lurker, first time poster, finally building up the courage to take my current project more serious and share it with the world. Also looking forward to becoming a more active user in hopes of helping others, as well as soaking up as much knowledge and advice as possible!

    Full disclosure: I am an accountant (please don't judge me) and aspiring entrepreneur located in Kitchener-Waterloo, On.

  106. 1

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  107. 1

    Hi everyone, great to be part of this community! I am working on a small project to modernise farming in my local community. I am a react developer by training. Hope to meet some like-minded folks :)

    1. 1

      Hey! It seems that you have a cool idea over there :)

  108. 1

    Hi everyone!
    I am Mike and I am a freelance web developer.
    I am here to exchange ideas and take inspiration about some alternative to freelancing.

    1. 1

      Hey Mike,
      Check out my post and let me know if you’d be interested in hearing more. Thanks.

  109. 1

    Hi cool new undiscovered treasure chest of knowledge, wealth and motivation

  110. 1

    Hey, fellow Indie Hackers!

    I'm Ryan, and my goal is to help as many young people as I can to step into the entrepreneurial world, in a fun, non-boring way.

    I created a Newsletter for that, and the first issue is going out today at 10 a.m. PDT.

    I'm so excited about it, and would love to have you on board! So consider signing up, please :)



  111. 1

    Hello, this is Moin. I am a programmer and entrepreneur from Bangladesh. I love to work on new ideas and help people doing stuff easily. I am proud to join here, looking forward to get new ideas and make the world a bit easy to certain people with my skill.

  112. 1


    I just listened a Product Hunt Radio podcast on Indihackers and figured this is probably what I've been looking for long.

    I'm a software engineer with tons of experience on backend engineering and looking to share ideas, collaborate with fellow indiehackers!

  113. 1

    Hi guys, I have been searching for a guide on how best to build an MVP (not a coder) & validate my startup idea. So many lists came up, but I think the description accompanying Indie Hackers mostly drives my quest home.

    So I am here to Learn how to build an MVP without codes (using every available app).

    I am concerned about the impact, the efforts, the things we create daily, they are the chronicles of the future generation. We are a universe of micro communities fused together, the better we make our own community, the better for our planet.

    I am a Nigerian. And we are not fraudsters.

  114. 1

    wow , Am excited to be part of this community. Am in for a lot of experience, idea sharing and connections.

  115. 1

    Hi Rosie and Indie hackers!

    I am a full time software developer. Worked in many software corporations and with experience from various industries. I have some ideas for developing mobile and web applications like to make that as my side projects. This is best time for me to be part of this community. Where i can read stories which inspires me.!!!!

  116. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers!

    I'm Lily Rose, I'm excited and glad to be part of this community which is full of enthusiastic people building awesome products.

    I'm from Bengaluru, India. we are small team of engineers building something to have a better understanding how we as a software engineer spend our time doing what.

  117. 1

    Hey, my name is Waqas.
    I am the guy who runs a Mobile App Publisher company named "AndroidBull"
    Let me know if you have got something to say about it.


  118. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Lois and a developer. Looking forward to share my projects and also learn from all of you in the community!

  119. 1

    Hi everyone, my name is "Joshua" I'm glad to be a part of IH community!
    I am looking forward to building meaningful connections and help each other grow.

  120. 1

    Hi. Noce to meet you all. I'm new in the software developing community. I hope to learn a lot and contribute to you, too.

  121. 1

    Hello everyone, I'm a software developer from Colombia, just found out about indiehackers community, hoping to improve my knowledge and learn a lot more about software.

  122. 1

    Hi Rosie,
    Thanks for the warm welcome!
    My name is Dario, I am an Android Developer.
    I am from Mozambique but currently living in ottawa.
    Very eager to learn from all of other fellow indie hackers and find ways I can better contribute to the community.

  123. 1

    Ryan here -- I'm an new founder, building a review site for jobs and careers.

    I love the idea behind Indie Hacker and hope to be able to learn from all of you and help in any way I can. Website plug:

    1. 1

      Nice idea and website. Curious about how you are/planning-on monetizing, if you don't mind sharing.

      1. 1

        Thanks, we're mostly focused on growth for the time being.

    2. 1

      Cool idea and clean design of the website. :)

      1. 1

        Glad you like the idea/design :)

  124. 1

    I stumbled upon this community and now I am here to stay! I am from California, recently got my CS degree and looking forward to building projects, creating side hustles and learning some new skills! I wish to be a software engineer and fully utilize my skills to develop something that can help people live an easier life!

  125. 1

    Hi indie hackers, I'm Software developer and Petroleum Engineer from Colombia. I'm glad to join in the community with my same passion. I hope I can meet you and learn a lot of you. My twitter is @JulianR_30.

  126. 1

    Hi! I am looking to connect to others working in Animation and Game development. Excited to be here.

  127. 1

    Hello everyone. I'm a software engineer who loves open source, scalability, big data, docker and kubernetes. I'll try to share my insights and hopefully help others benefit while I learn from others. Also always looking for fun interesting projects to collaborate on.

    I'm also part of an open source community for geeks of all kinds that i'm trying to build out and grow so always looking for help to collaborate with fellow nerds, creators and entrepreneurs.

  128. 1

    Hey All from NYC, just recently found out about indiehackers today after reading a GSE's blog post and thought why not join and see whats up. I'm excited to be here!

  129. 1

    Hey my name is Matt,
    I'm building a reference website and need some help with constructing it. I'm looking for partners, coders and ideas! The site would be similar to Google and Wikipedia in terms of their reference and search capabilities. I would feed information from different aspects of the internet to rank people in their specified fields based on their stats. Looking forward to working with anyone that's interested! Thanks.

  130. 1

    Hey indie hackers,

    Been in the Tech space since 5+ years now, mainly on the marketing and sales side. Anyone interested in brainstorming ideas or need any marketing help, hit me up.

    Just a preface: Just sold my first startup in the event tech space.

  131. 1

    Hi there! I'm Bruno.
    I'm a developer from Italy and I've started the RealrecordzLab project from few months.
    My objective with this project is to found a small software house.

    Mainly I'm focused on develop electron app, cordova app and browser extensions, at the moment I have some extension released on chrome webstore and mozilla addons that I want to continue to improve for attracting new users and growth.

    I hope to find here feedback about my releases and collaborators that will help me to reach my goal.

  132. 1

    Hey amazing folks,

    I grew up in a small city and internet/ books helped me to connect with like minded people. This has been the case since yahoo groups and IRC. I run an adventure travel where I myself occasionally lead high altitude treks and other days I run growth experiments for startups. I love automation and how it frees us from sitting in front of laptop. I feel we are living more than in those same 24 hours given to everybody.

    Looking forward to interact with lots of you


  133. 1

    nice to meet you!

  134. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers!

    I have been longing to find a community like this. Glad to have found you.


  135. 1

    Hey everyone 👋

    My name is Will and I've been a fan of the podcast and the site for a few years now. I haven't posted much in the past but I've decided to change that and engage more.

    I've always loved building things which is what drew me to coding in the first place. I've been a software engineer professionally for about seven years now and have built little things on the side from time to time. Recently I've been working on this project called SuccessFund. It's a tool that helps schools raise more money online and you can think of it like GoFundMe for education. It's still pretty small but will hopefully grow over time

    Excited to get to know all of you more and become a part of the IH community 😃

  136. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers!

    I joined a few months ago, but this is my first post. I'm a developer based in LA and I'm building a powerful cyber security tool for individuals. Been working on MVP and I'm hoping we'll be ready for a launch in the next month or so. I currently have around 20 friends beta testing it.

    I'm really looking forward to learning from everyone, in particular I need help with marketing and positioning of our product.


  137. 1

    Hi Everyone,

    This site is really great. I've followed digitalnomads, hackernews, and producthunt for years, but had no idea this site existed. Glad your here! I'm working on a side project called, it makes it easy for returning buyers on an ecommerce site to checkout (versus having to to put their credit card in each time). Looking forward to showing everyone more progress over the next few weeks.

  138. 1

    Hey IH!

    Nice to meet you all, my name is Michael. I've been in Silicon Valley for a while now and just recently got serious about hacking on the side. I've always been doing stuff solo so it's great to find a community of other people creating stuff as well :)

    I recently launched a project called ( which is a place to discover indie, sketch comedy creators. I did the design and programming myself, but I'm looking to partner up with someone! In addition to teaching myself coding + design I've been on the business side of internet content creation for the last 5 years so I can partner with anyone's skill set :)

  139. 1

    Hey everyone, my name is Samuel and i'm from India. I've been trying to find a community like this for a while now, and i'm really glad I found it. Looking forward to connect with like minded people and hopefully kick-start a side hustle very soon. I've been working at an investment banking company for the past 2 years, but i'm not really satisfied with the work that i'm doing. I have a whole bunch of ideas but i've never been able to execute any of them. Hopefully this changes now.

  140. 1

    Hello fellow hackers!

    I have been at my current company for last 5 years. But it is getting boring, I have interviewed at other big companies but they don't really excite and I have talked with several smaller and startups. And I felt they didn't want to hire me probably because of my age.

    So I am thinking about quitting my job and do my own thing. I am not sure what though.

  141. 1

    thanks @rosiesherry I'm ritesh I a hybrid application developer and I joined this community by reading a post in community and when i came here to see I like the content and the knowledge I get from it, so looking forward to learn something new from and thanks for welcoming me.:)

  142. 1


  143. 1

    Hi,I'm joy and I'm happy to be here

  144. 1

    Hi, I am Santosh. Very new to the digital entrepreneur world but very enthusiastic to learn, understand and create. Having travelled the world in the capacity of airline crew and tour manager I have developed an extensive connect with great people associated with tourism industry and I want to bring all this and much more to the table to develop a platform for suppliers to be able to showcase their travel related products to B2B partners as well as the end consumers. Excited to get insights and hopefully partner with other co-founder/s with similar interests.

  145. 1

    I should have been here years ago. That's all I have to say.

  146. 1

    Hi, Anesu from Zimbabwe🇿🇼🇿🇼, I have been learning to code for a while and I want to put the skills to use by working on a few projects.

  147. 1

    Hi everybody!

    I am a web developer who likes thinking about (and sometimes implementing) ideas, businesses.
    I hope everyone is well! :)

  148. 1

    Heeeey everyone!

    I landed here to get some help over creating a classified web. I am a software engineer I do a little bit of coding as my day job.

    But I gave my notice few weeks back to give a shot on my dream.

    I'm excited and want to get pumped up to achieve my goal.

  149. 1

    Hello friends and indie hackers!
    I am a developer but always thinking of ways to produce content on the side with the intent to build something of my own.
    I'm a software engineer 👨‍💻.
    Looking forward to getting to know you all more.
    Passionate to write code and build products

  150. 1

    Hi, I am Tobias. i am a good node.js software engineer with lots of experience. As I think I would not be the best founder myself, I want to see if I.can find someone to work together with.

  151. 1

    Hey all,

    I've lurked around on IH, Twitter and Reddit for a long time but am keen to be more active and open to the scene.

    I am a developer but always thinking of ways to produce content on the side with the intent to build something of my own, around something I care about. Pushing out endless tickets for other people's dreams gets tiresome!

    Feel lucky to be here, and have such a community readily available.

    Cheers from Australia!

  152. 1

    Good Day Indie Hackers

    My name is Nicolette and I am South Africa. I am excited to have found this site and I am confident I am going to learn and be better in what ever i route I choose to do.
    Thank you for allowing a platform to allow to to grow my business.

  153. 1

    Hej Indie Hackers,

    I am Tim, a Software Developer, who want to create something new. Really happy that I found you and am looking forward to launch and share something with you!

  154. 1

    Hola everyone! I´m Fernando, an argentinian Product Designer that recently moved to Tallin, Estonia.

    I´m the creator of ResumeMaker.Online ( and although I think the product is in a good shape, all the growth until this point was organic, so now after 2 years, I finally made the decision to intentionally market it: the goal is to x5 increase the traffic before 2021.

    Looking forward to get your feedback on my growth strategy and helping you with what I can!

  155. 1

    Hi @rosiesherry! I'm developing an app to help people discover common interests when they meet. But that, of course, is just the beginning. FYI I'm looking for a tech co-founder. Thanks for having me!

  156. 1

    Hi, I'm Patrik and I'm from a smaller European country. Independence and value creation are my top value.
    I've been trying to find a way to connect these 2 values, but I haven't been successful, so far.
    Indie hacker seems like a place that will help me keep myself accountable and to help me work on my dreams and making something amazing for the world!

  157. 1

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Pierre-Olivier and I'm a software engineer working in the robotics industry. My goal here is to learn how I can leverage my robotics skills into a profitable side project.

    I first stumbled upon the podcast which I find really inspiring. Then I decided to join the community to find ideas and help to achieve my goal.

  158. 1

    Hi, my name is James. I'm here because I'm really still trying to work out what project I want to pursue. I'm an experienced iOS engineer, and product designer. Still having trouble focusing. Maybe I need a partner. Looking forward to getting to know you all more.

  159. 1

    I never imagined my score could go from low 400s to over 780 so fast. This pro hacker Albert Vadim is a savior. He fixed me up within 12 working days, I got my family a very nice home. Best thing that ever happened to my kids in recent times. If you need help, I advice to contact Albert. EMAIL- Vadimwebhack{@}Gmail,com WHATSAPP +17025301177

  160. 1

    Hi guys,

    I'm Sekarri, I'm from New York, USA and I'm training to become a full stack developer.
    My goals are to finish my training by the end of this year, get a paid internship and start freelancing in April 2021.

    It's nice to meet all of you and I look forward to talking with you and being apart of the community!

  161. 1

    Hi, I'm a software engineer and am looking to figure a SaaS product that can replace my desk job income.

  162. 1

    Hey everyone, my named is Eric Malamisura, and I am the founder/developer of which I just launched 2 weeks ago after 2 years of moonlighting this thing. It was the hardest, most stressful thing I have ever done. Now, the part that's even more stressful, getting customers so it was all worth it. This site looks great, can't wait to start diving into everyones experiences!!!

  163. 1

    Hi everyone, 👋

    Nice to meet you all! It is good to find such a nice community of people looking to turn their passions into profitable projects/businesses.

    I'm Iulian Oana, 24 y/o, I live in the UK, write code for a living and I just finished Computing this year at Uni of Worcester, UK.

    My goal is to found my own profitable startup. I know almost nothing about what this journey is about to bring, but I am learning as much as time allows and I am very excited.

    I am very keen on learning how you guys have founded your startups, common mistakes and beginners resources. I am also looking to share pretty much all my journey to whom it might be of interest.

    Catch you all later 😊

  164. 1

    Hello IH community! Based in Los Angeles, CA. I've been reading IH discussions for a while and I think it's time for me to join the discussion. My most recent side project is:

    Looking for motivation, co-founders and to get feedback on anything I build. Nice to meet you all!

  165. 1

    Hey hackers,
    I am Kshitij Sharma, currently living in Mumbai, India and will soon be shifting to Vancouver, Canada for my MBA in University of British Columbia.

    I have been searching for a community such as this where I can network with people of similar as well as varied interests.
    I'm currently working on start my own venture, which I hope to establish in Vancouver. will soon post about the progress and technology readiness of the product. Looking ahead to collaborate with fellow hackers and create value for individuals and communities.


  166. 1

    Hi everyone!

    I'm so excited have found this community and I can't wait to start sharing ideas, making connections, and asking questions.

    I currently have a productivity blog, and I'm looking to grow it even further. I would appreciate any feedback you may have!

  167. 1

    Hi All! So great to be part of this community! I'm Shani Majer, founder of Will 2 Click ( Prior I worked at a fintech startup and before a VC. I live and grew up in Brooklyn, NY and I love meeting cool people from all over the world. I drink too much coffee, eat too much chocolate and listen to just enough Kpop.
    Great to meet you all!

  168. 1

    Just found this site through a Medium article on how to find a technical co-founder.

    Hoping to possibly hook up with someone else of like mindedness to help me put the finishing touches on a product I've been working on for the last couple of years and is almost ready for launch.

  169. 1

    I am Vitalii from Ukraine and I am very fond of this community and I am glad to be a part of it.

  170. 1

    Hi people!
    I'm Ray, I'm from Italy but I'm based in the UK, to be honest I here to find some people with a mindset similar of mine. I was building a business but the pandemic stopped everything, if I knew about this community few months ago I'm sure i would alredy on job. But now the plans are different, so, I'm looking to find something different or help other people with their projects!

    That's all for now!
    Have a good one!

  171. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers, looking to get into a community with builders and sharing feedbacks to build great products !

    I'm currently co-founding a B2B Saas in the Travel Tech called Ezus.


  172. 1

    Hi Indie community, I'm Rishabh and today I stumbled upon indiehacker while looking for a community. I am so happy that I landed here. I can only imagine the positive impact of having such a platform.
    I am looking forward to building meaningful connections and help each other grow. 🤩

  173. 1


    Chris here from STASIS. STASIS ( is focused on making health and wealth information easy to obtain, entertaining and understandable through a weekly newsletter. I source information from all over the web and a handful of contributors but would love to meet more people with similar interests or newsletters in the space doing similar things.

    If you want to check it out head to the site and sign up. I'd love to hear any and all feedback.

  174. 1

    Hey all, glad to be a part of IH community!

    I am Pratik based out of New Zealand. I have been working in Adtech/Martech space for more than 4 years and solving Data Science challenges in the exciting domain.
    Currently working on a side hustle to build a product/service which will help SMB's to market their offerings. In a phase to create MVP's as few businesses have signed up and shown interest.
    Glad to be a part of the community, seek inspiration, ask and also answer questions within my limited realm of knowledge. Cheers!

    1. 1

      Hi Pratik,
      are you targeting customers mainly down under, or should this be a world-wide thing? Good luck with the MVP!

      1. 1

        Hey Chris, thanks! Pretty much down under for now being a solopreneur. But yeah keen to collaborate with people with similar interests and jump on the bandwagon.

  175. 1

    Hi, My name is Vova. I am from Ukraine. I have more than 7 years of experience in digital marketing. Last several years I've worked in the blockchain and Saas industry. I've finished the Front-end course recently and currently, I plan to create a few MVPs just for test my ideas. I will be happy to be a part of such a great community.

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    Hey Indiehackers!
    Vivek here. I am here to learn and exchange ideas about building a vibrant community.

  177. 1

    Hey hackers!

    My name ist Oliver and i'm from Germany. I am 26 years old and have been working as a C# developer for 7 years. My biggest hobby is travelling. You can see me in my profile picture in Machu Picchu :)

    I decided to become an indie hacker to get some more financial freedom. My goal is to earn 1000€ per month with my projects.

    My App "FAST - Calorie Counter" exists already for 5 years but I never really treated it as real business. That has changed now and I try to generate income from my app. On the side I also work on new projects :) If you have any suggestions to improve my app please don't hesitate to let me know!

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