July 19, 2020

Welcome, introduce yourself! (Week of Jul 19th)

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Rosie here -- the Indie Hackers community manager. Welcome! 👋

This short guide is meant to help you get the most out of Indie Hackers.

First, introduce yourself!

Indie Hackers is a community of people helping each other build profitable businesses and side projects. The key word here is "community." Don't be shy!

For starters, take a second to introduce yourself and share your goals in the comments below. 👇

Just say a few words about who you are, why you're here, and what you hope to accomplish or learn in 2020.

Take a moment to say hello to someone else as well!

Dive into learning.

We've interviewed hundreds of successful indie hackers. I recommend reading a few of their stories. It's a great way to get an overview of what's possible.

@csallen also puts out podcast episodes if reading isn't your thing!

Next, get started!

There's no time like the present. Check out the "Start Here" page for a list of practical steps and articles that can help you take action.

Not only will it help you get started, but it should also introduce you to some of the best parts of the Indie Hackers community.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! If you're ever feeling lost or confused, post in the Meta group or tag me (@rosiesherry) in any comment or post.

Don't forget to introduce yourself and say hi to someone else below! 🤗

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    Hey all,
    I'm Karan and I'm doing my engineering. My brain's always buzzing and popping out new ideas, and I love that.

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      Hey Karan. My names Paul, and my brain is also always buzzing with ideas!

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        I'm another brain buzzer as well :)

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          Haha, I love that "brain buzzer"! Another Brain buzzer over here!

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          Me too : D

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            LOL #MeToo movement

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    Hey all,

    I’m Mark from the Netherlands. Currently SAP consultant at a SAP partner company. Wanting to build my own SaaS product. I have an idea, still in very early stage and want to start as a side project and build it up from there. There is a lot of information here about marketing, landing pages and how to grow. Thanks all! When I’m further I want to share my part as well.

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    Hi indiehackers, I'm Kai from Tokyo. I love new things.

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      Hey Kai!

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    Hi Rosie, My name is Shraddha i am from india I am software developer .i join this bcz wanna grow with skills and business too . among you people please let me know about technology and projects

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    Hello! I am Stef and I am an AI researcher. This year I want to transition from research to industry, creating an online ID and being also a freelancer. I don't want to isolate anymore, that's why I am here. :)

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      Hi Stef. I am happy for see you in here. I'm beginner level AI researcher and I want to transition from research to industry like you , creating an online ID. Which topics do you work on ? Image Processing, Text Processing or other ones ?

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        Hi! I work in Text processing oriented to psycholinguistics and behavioural tracking. I hope life is treating you well :)

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      I have a ML/AI project to discuss. Can I email?

      1. 1

        Hello to you back!
        You're handling an AI project for Education, right? But I think you need someone for Image processing and I can't help. However, If you are able to send me some details and also what are you searching for, of course you can send me an email.

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          sure, please share your email

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    i want become a successful entrepreneur

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      Me too, bud.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm Toheeb. From Nigeria. I'm working on getting my head straight and building things

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      1. 2

        Oh. I made a typo. Writing -> Working.

        Anyways, your question still stands.. How?

        I noticed there's a wide gap between how much I learn and little I do. Hence, my resolution is to build (products), and share my knowledge through blogging and courses.

        1. 1

          Do you plan to monetise these blogs, I'm thinking of starting something similar, how are you starting off?

          1. 1

            The blog will be available for all. No restrictions. No Obstructive Ads (coil or carbon ads)

            My plan is to write detailed overview of a topic so it's easier for the reader to understand how things are connected. They can then further down on their own or buy my course.

            The traction I get from an overview is a metric for me to decide if I should make a course. The metrics will be social shares, comments, subscribers, likes.

            I'm starting by August 1. Designing and developing my blog which is part of my brand. Something minimalistic and functional (and I'll be making a course out of it, detailing the setup, goals, with future updates on how I'm transitioning the blog into a brand).

            Starting from scratch, no followers, blank canvas. I think it'll be fun!

            Let me chip in.. my plan is to write at least once in a month, maximum of 3. Hopefully, the flexibility will give me room to focus on side projects and research.

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    Kia Ora IH, I’m Ersin from New Zealand. This community is inspiring and I’m here to watch you all grow!

    In 2020 I want to learn about community building and should tools for the no-code crowd!

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm sathish from india and i'm working as web developer. Love to learn new things

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm Renan Añez from Bolivia, I'm currently in the US, specifically in Austin TX, I've been here for the last month and a half. I'm a solo-founder of a B2B Startup that is constituted in Florida. Still in the early stage, I've already made some demos of my solution but now I'm starting to work on my MVP.
    It has took me and is taking me time because I wasn't a programmer at the beginning but I already was an Engineer.

    Glad to have found this community.

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    What's up everybody!
    My name is Eshan and I am in the process of creating a new online business called "Khaos Kreatives".

    Over the years I have worked with many amazing Creatives in companies such as Blue Man Group and Cirque Du Soleil, and one thing I noticed is that most of them usually had a side project of their own but somehow had difficulty getting it off the ground.... this insight provided the "seed idea" for KHAOS KREATIVES where I aim to help Creatives from all fields (authors, designer, musicians, directors etc...) get their own personal projects off the ground so they can stop working for others and hopefully be the boss of their own creative company one day :)

    Just discovered Indie Hackers and instantly felt like it could be a place I want to hang out.... looking forward to meeting like-mided Creatives out there and exchaning ideas

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Alex from France. I will soon graduate in Ml/AI and I have many ideas of projects to develop. The one I am currently working on relates to the fact that we have way too many choices in our life. Facing those, we can end up paralyzed. This idea is well developed in The paradox of choice by Barry Schwartz.

    My idea is to make it easier to choose with a recommender system presenting things in a tinder style. I am starting to develop it for books with graph databases. If you are interested to learn more about the project or would like to help, feel free to reach me.

    Have a good day.


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    Hey everyone,

    I'm Jeremy from NJ! My day job is being a full-time software engineer at one of the cloud providers.

    I've joined this channel to get more insight and advice on how to achieve a few of my goals:

    • create a SaaS or "micro" SaaS by myself
    • being motivated enough to do weekly blogging
    • creating a youtube channel with weekly content

    I hope to achieve 1 or 2 of the above goals this year, all while juggling being an employee and father! (:

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    I had a dream of being an enterpreneur since my 10th standard and have been studying about businesses and products for a long time now .

    And with proper guidance and help of you guys I hope I can accomplish my dream.
    And at the same time help each other grow because we all have dreams and thats all what matters in life . As for Time is of the essence.

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    Hello everyone, I'm Mia from London. I've built and produced over 30 products over the past decade. I am on the lookout for interesting products to acquire.

    1. 1

      Hi Mia, your intro sounds interesting - 30 products is huge! What type of things was it? Any big wins / terrible mistakes or good stories you'd care to share? :)

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    Bonjour indiehackers,
    My name is Egide and i live in the south of Belgium. Although this is my first time introducing myself, l have been consuming the site's content for two months already (especially the interviews). My goal is to earn at least 2000€/month by the end of the year through my blog. I write guides, reviews and tutorials about wordpress tools in french. I'm looking forward to making your acquaintance.

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    Hi All,
    I'm anurag and I would like to build something of my own.

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    Hi ,
    I'm Vlad , from the Netherlands. Currently a DevOps, but being developing for the past couple years. So, being working on many different projects lately, this is the first time I finally got some traction. Using both startupschool, pioneer.app and now the indiehackers to get feedback and tailor the product to a good market fit

    Project :
    A developer tool that makes it quick to search and re-use command-line commands http://we-reuse.nl

    It is still early days, as I started working on this 4 weeks ago. Had to pivot a lot, as I started from Building chrome extension, though it was not approved. So, had to do a web app to start collecting the feedback, until I am approved.

    I plan to add the possibility to do better filtering, have a search in descriptions, grouping, taggging. Also, allow saving your own commands and organize them in collections + share with peers
    At some point, also gonna expose the API ,so software developers & providers can submit commands on their own.

    I find it too slow to go through hundreds tech blogs..articles...git..searching through proper commands. And often, those are even the same articles. Also tons of local files with commands...docs..etc

    What do you think? Is there a chance this can possibly make your life easier?

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    Hello everyone I'm Dimitris from Greece and excited for sharing ideas , information, favourite books and Goals. Also I'm a front-end developer, Android/iOS Developer and wannabe digital nomad. Hope to meet growth minded people.

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm Onassis Hahn from Nigeria and I'm glad to be here and I'm looking forward to everything this forum has to offer

  21. 1

    thank you so much!!!!

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    Hi all! my name is Renaldo. I've already started one successful business, but am looking to do more!

  23. 1


    Cory from central Calfornia. Working on building a couple fun projects, excited to meet some wonderful people and share in beautiful journey of learning by building.



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    I'm Brian, a product manager in Chicago. I've worked for others for a long time. Thinking of trying to monetize one my side projects.

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    Hi Indies, pleasure joing this massive community of like minded individuals. I'm Frank (My friends call me Oaksupreme), i'm a founder from Nairobi, Kenya and hope to share, learn, engage and interact with as many of my tribe as possible.

  26. 1

    Hello, I am Ivan and decided to join the community to learn about growth hacking methods to launch a course and side projects. I did some research and found information that, sometimes, is overwhelming.

  27. 1

    Hi rosie am Samuel i need to have a site i can learn and practice coding

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    Hi my name is Clayton. I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in Molecular Biology. I'm on IndieHackers because I just launched a neuroscience newsletter on Substack (synapsenewsletter.com) and want to document my progress in a positive community!

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    Hi everyone,

    I am Jacob, am currently doing my masters in FinTech in UK. I intend to build my own FinTech firm in the future. Here to indulge in discussions meet like minded and compatible people. 👊

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    Hi all,

    I am Vishnu. Long time reader of IndieHackers (and just noticed that I didn't sign up all these days, haha). Mostly blogging (at https://vishnubharathi.codes ) and trying to learn about various things these days!

    I would be really really happy if I am able to get back my "building and launching" muscle back!

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    Hi indie hackers, I'm gazali from Nigeria and I'm junior frontend developer.

  32. 1

    Hey all,
    My name is Vineet. I'm co-building a curated content platform. Here to learn from peers and contribute to the possible extent to the community.

  33. 1

    Hi, I am Nivedita. I am looking to create online skin care community for brown men and women. I m here to learn and reach my goal

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    Hi :) Im Parker from Indonesia
    Digital Marketer, Affiliate, and Agency owner

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    Hey @rosiesherry my name is Luke and I’m excited to be here to share in the insights of the IH hive mind. I’m going to start a business In 2020 focussed on serving the needs of the the freelance creative community. Here for the tips, the tricks and the lolz!

  36. 1

    Hey everyone,
    I'm Ivan, a medical doctor. My mission to create a balanced and meaningful life, for me and for everyone around me. I'm here to figure out how!

  37. 1

    Hey guys,I am lenon from old town ,I am always eager to learn new

  38. 1

    Hey there! 👋

    My name is Shane and I'm from Ireland! ☘️

    And like everyone else, my brain is buzzing with ideas and I can't wait to start creating stuff!

    My goal for this year is to launch a SaaS startup with my buddy and create a products that will help empower people. ✌️

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    I'm Edmon striving to become a Full-stack Engineer, AI Scientist, and Entrepreneur someday. even though I'm taking an Entrepreneurship degree in University I have a passion for doing great stuff in tech looking forward to collaborating with great minds in IH and sharing with knowledge together!

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    Hi indiehackers, I'm Tarek from Algeria. I'm doing my computer science engineering, i will graduate this September. I wanna be a data scientist at big companies. I love traveling and discover the world.

  41. 1

    Hey everybody, I'm Kash. Ran my own digital agency for 6 years before transitioning into corporate innovation consulting for the last ~3 years.

    Now considering writing online and starting a newsletter, along with potentially launching courses around Design Thinking for solopreneurs.

    Looking to provide free innovation consulting to others in return for time to interview them about some ideas - if you're interested shoot me a message!

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    Hey all!

    • I stumbled upon the IndieHacker community because of @csallen podcasts. Especially, the one with PieterLievers.
    • After lurking here in the website for a while, I decided to take the plunge and join the community.
    • It's inspiring to see the ideas and the hustling here. Now, I want to be an IndieHacker too.
    • I have decided to launch at least two products before the end of this year and see where it goes from here.
    • I am good at Video Processing, Video Encoding, and anything related to Multimedia processing. I have couple of ideas around this.
    • If anyone is interested in this field (especially frontend developers or one with keen design sense). Hit me up, we can join forces!
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    Hey Indie Hackers,

    I'm Solomon from London, 50% of creative freelancers in the UK lost 100% of their paid work due to the pandemic!. This is catastrophic for so many people, In response I have founded Ikigai Journal: a curated newsletter of funding opportunities for creatives and social impact founders.

    Feel free ton share it with your creative friends you may just make their year a whole lot better.

    Im here to learn how to a better job of spreading the word about funding opportunities than the abysmal attempts of the funding organisations.

    I also plan to move to Costa Rica with my partner in January so I would like to learn how to make an income from my newsletter that affords me the freedom to explore, stay zen, get closer to nature , make documentaries and eat freshly picked mango for breakfast.

    Always happy to listen and share what I have learnt.

    And I would love your feedback about the Ikigai Journal


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    Greetings for the day to all Indiehackers.
    Myself Abdul Mateen, Javascript Full Stack Developer.
    In a quest "where i wake up on a saturday morning with an Idea and sleep on sunday night after deploying that idea on server " .
    An Observer looking to fill the gap between user and their needs & miserably failing at it.

  45. 1

    Hammad Shaw; an enthusiast writer with divergent aspects to discuss. Also I have a small startup by the name: www.guidesoreviews.com

    Looking forward to learn more and a lot from here.

  46. 1

    Hello, myself Nasseef looking forward to make a business. But got no ideas what business shall start due to this Covid-19

  47. 1

    Hi All, I am Manuel founder of lowpi a price comparison website. In a single page you will find the prices of the product that you are looking: https://lowpi.com/us/nintendo-switch Started with only one country Mexico, but now we have USA, Spain, Germany and Argentina, soon will be adding more!

  48. 1

    Hi! Been working corporate jobs, mostly Sales & Account Management/Customer Success (doing, then leading teams who do) for a decade, taking the plunge now to productize my knowledge in either web apps or courses.

    Joining my solopreneur wife as a partner in her Lead Gen business this month + will be taking time to learn how to build my own productized services!

  49. 1

    I'm Jon from USA. My idea would be to make it simpler to pick having a recommender system. I'm beginning to create it. If you want to help or are interested to find out more, don't hesitate to reach me.

  50. 1

    Hi I am Navjot, a web developer from India. Found interesting conversation on indiehackers and I loved it. Looking for awesome saas ideas which are helpful and want to make it opensource.


  51. 1

    Hey guys, I am John. Currently I am building a mobile app using no-code tools. Eager to be part of this community and learning from fellow entrepreneurs.

  52. 1

    Hi all,

    I'm Daniel from NYC. Full stack web designer, I've built and designed a bunch of sites for businesses over my 20 yrs in the industry. With some capital and the skills, I'm trying to find my product to take the lessons and skills learned to build a product I can own.

  53. 1

    Hi there,

    I'm an Aussie, I've been involved in online marketing for my entire adult life. I took a few years off for personal reasons, partially resulting from losing my 6 figure a year passive income from my primary website due to a wide range of circumstances.

    I have a lot to learn, which is the main reason I signed up here, the few posts I've read have already motivated me to get back into the game and learn from everyone here and if possible, share my experience or knowledge wherever I can.

  54. 1

    hey, im shai:) i want to start a small business while im still young but don't know where to start. im willing to do my best to promote and grow a business

  55. 1

    Hey all,

    I'm Richard Moot, a Developer Advocate at Square (https://developer.squareup.com/). I looking to connect with developers here that are looking to grow their applications, need payment or commerce solutions, and those that are building products for businesses.

    I'm also just generally interested in learning how others are growing their application's adoption.

    If you're interested in using Square's APIs or SDKs, I'm happy to connect and answer questions you might have.

  56. 1

    Hey all, Im Aaron. I come from directing commercials for 10 years before finding myself being apart of Saastr one year which then made me get out of film and into product design / user research, something which I did for the last 4 years. I am now currently working on a product idea with a few close friends thanks to COVID :) you all can check it out here. Any feedback would be amazing! https://www.tryblossom.io/

  57. 1

    Hello peeps,
    i'm ghandour and i'm from egypt i'm currently working as a system engineer/product developer for my company and i want to build my own product and have my own business!

  58. 1

    Hi folks, I'm Daniel and I've been learning a lot and have some ideas that I never do. I am trying to change that and will get at least one idea out of fantasy world.

  59. 1

    Hi there! I'm Obummere. I'm here looking for inspiration for a new online business. Presently looking at drop shipping. I'm open to recommendations, tips, anything on e-commerce to get me started. I'm here to learn.

  60. 1

    Hi all, I'm Alain. Currently a Security professional but looking in expending some of the ideas I have into an actual product. Here to learn, meet, share and grow.

  61. 1

    Hello, I am Thomas. I have over a decade of software engineering experience. I'm currently working in the FinTech space. I'm looking to meet people as well as learn about how to validates problems and ideas.

  62. 1

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Maliik and I'm enjoying my first year in Los Angeles. Since being here, I've found myself becoming much more interested in entrepreneurship, and after a lot of exploration, I'm interested in creating a SaaS company. I'm very grateful to have found this community to learn from and grow with.

  63. 1

    Hey all,

    I'm Rahul from Pune, India. I'm a finance professional currently working as an investment associate at a private equity investment firm but soon transitioning out to work on a consumer fintech startup full time. We're going to be building a personal finance product targeted at young, urban millennials. We're early stage and hope to have an MVP out in the next week or two. I'm a non-technical founder so I'll be taking some time out to learn how to code as well but we have a couple of awesome coders on our team. I look forward to interacting and learning from everyone on IH!

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted 8 days ago.

      1. 1

        That's awesome! Would love to chat. Want to dm me on reddit (u/themillennialgrandpa)?

        1. 1

          This comment was deleted 8 days ago.

  64. 1

    Hey there, Antonio here - I'm a product manager and have been serving users in both enterprise and consumer markets so far. I am a developer too, mostly for my side projects. Here to learn and have fun. Very glad to join you then, folks.

  65. 1

    Hey all!
    I'm Javid and I'm a software developer. Technically I can turn almost any idea into code. I continually think of an idea to start as a side project (maybe full time who knows), then make some profit

  66. 1

    hey guys,

    My name is Ben and I'm working on building my side business over at https://www.fantasyfootballdatapros.com

    My goal is to build it up to $5000 in net volume per month from the current $3000, and I'm here to help people out with my own lessons learned and also learn how I can grow traffic to my site.

  67. 1

    Hi, my name is Babatunde Abass from Nigeria. I currently run a fish farming business, i am looking forward to build a successful online business.

  68. 1

    Hey Ya'all, I am Kunal. I'm looking to build a couple of income streams to take care of my needs so I can then help others with theirs. Looking forward to being a part of the community.

  69. 1

    Hi Everyone, I'm Mike from the US. I'm looking to build a couple of income streams to take care of my needs so I can then help others with theirs. Looking forward to being a part of the community.

  70. 1

    Hello Everyone!
    My name is Sepehr. I’m a software engineer whose always been very interested in building and seeing how the engine behind successful businesses work. As result of school finishing this year I am making a commitment to now put my knowledge into action and build something. Side note I have always been long NLP but with GPT3 in the game I see NLP as being probably one of the biggest innovations that will change our world this century. Hence pretty excited to see what unimaginable products will come to life with such tools.

  71. 1

    Hi all,

    Trèvier here, a self thought developer turned SaaS enthousiast and aspiring founder. I have always believed that technology should be an extension of our human capabilities. This has always been been the red line connecting the things I create. Love to share knowledge and learn along the way.

  72. 1

    Hello All. My name is Vinny and I am working on vertical search engine for graduate program. I would love to share my learning and experiences in this journey and learn from the fellow indiehackers.

  73. 1

    Thanks for the intro and the rules ;-)

  74. 1

    Hey all, I am Jett and I want to build a successful and innovative product

  75. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Azhar and I just graduated with an engineering degree. I am interested in social entrepreneurship and AI. I'm looking forward to finally taking action towards that goal.

  76. 1

    Hi all,

    I'm Bart and I'm a business oriented IT project manager in Belgium, 53 and addicted to learning.
    Quite recently, somewhere mid last year, I got intrigued by crypto and Bitcoin. I has been a roller coaster of information overload. I read a few books and listened to podcasts about economics, money, history, privacy, freedom, security, linux, cryptography.... Just way too much to process, but extremely interesting and to my mind very important topics for future years/generations to come.

    It would be my dream if I could study and write about those topics and share my knowledge and experiences in the crypto/bitcoin space. So my idea is to start a website and a course about the meaning of crypto and bitcoin, and position it in a broader economic and social context.

    I've a vague path in mind but I've been too reluctant to get started up till now.
    Perhaps this community can challenge me and push me forward to get a profitable side project off the ground.

    Greetings, Bart

  77. 1

    I'm WhiteHatRat looking forward to contribute my knowhow and learn from everyone in this awesome community.

  78. 1

    Heyy everyone,
    I'm Akshay from India. Currently working as a UI/UX designer. I love to talk about technology and design.

    Sometime new ideas pops up in my mind but whenever I see a product I envision how good it can get if it had better user experience.

    looking forward to make amazing connections here.
    Already in love with this community.

  79. 1

    Hi ,
    I’m Jasja from the Netherlands, founder and developer of SEO Review Tools, a free online SEO tools recourse. Started as a side project with a mix of passion for SEO and a little bit of frustration. Was lucky enough to turn this project into a profitable way of spending my time. Looking for new ideas and people to work with..

    1. 2

      Happy to validate. your idea.

      1. 1

        Sounds good, will keep that in mind for the next tool release.

  80. 1

    Hey all, I'm Dominic. I'm an engineer with some ideas to implement, but also happy to partner up with any interesting ideas!

  81. 1

    Hi Rosie and the Indie Hackers community - thanks for the welcome!

    I'm Craig, a co-founder and CEO of YallaParking a parking tech startup in Dubai UAE, which we have been running for almost 4 years now.

    I'm looking to build small side project(s) on my weekends to learn more about product and product marketing. I learn best by doing hence the side projects! I am aiming to start shipping with no-code tools and hopefully one day learn a bit more about development/ engineering.

    Feel free to reach out and connect!

    1. 2

      👋hello from Dubai! Wish I'd find out about YallaParking earlier - neat concept and much needed!

      Let's connect 🙂

      1. 1

        Hey! Thanks very much, yeah it's been a bit of a wild ride so far and a lot more to come!

        Yeah definitely!

  82. 1

    Hey all,
    I am a Software Engineer. Looking to work on side projects to sharpen my coding skills.

  83. 1


    Rahul here from India. Checking this out to find inspiration for my next hobby project!

  84. 1

    Hi. I'm Vinoth from Melbourne. I want to build microstartups. I like to invest and trade in stocks. I'm also a volunteer at product community.
    My contract is going to end in August and i've been thinking about taking a break. Would love to hear from people who took a break, what did you do, how did it help you.

  85. 1

    Great overview and really looking forward to meeting some new people and learning along the way!! @rosiesherry

  86. 1

    Hey everyone, I have no idea what I’m doing but I’ve got an app idea and was told this was the place to go to get some good constructive feedback and maybe more. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

  87. 1

    Hi All, I'm Brian, just joined today and looking for help and guidance as I just launched an LLC to run SaaS based Services & Cloud Management.

  88. 1

    Hi all,
    I'm Daniel, translator and developer, always looking for something new, I get bored easily with the routine. Now, I want to create a startup.

  89. 1

    This was a pretty pleasant onboarding experience :)

    Maker, primarily consulting here in San Francisco and also working on a few side projects:

  90. 1

    Hi there, I'm Monica and I am an English coach based in Seoul. 7 months ago I didn't even know what a # hashtag was and look where I am today! Looking forward to contributing to and learning from this community, I've enjoyed reading tweet from IH and Rosie. I'm also raising two toddlers and learning nocode tools to scale my ESL coaching business. Love reading and lately I've been very much into Notion, productivity, health, and mindfulness. Nice to meet you all!

    1. 1

      Oh hey, and thank you 🥰

      I hope we can connect more.

  91. 1

    Hi there, I am Deniz and I have been working as an ASO expert for more than 3 years. But now I am switching profession to become an app developer. I got tired making other apps visible :P Now it is my turn.

    But first things first, my friend published his first app and I think it's dope (no bias haha). It's called Plantiary which offers daily or hourly reminders for your plant caring process. Add your plants and their watering, rotating, trimming etc. needs and set custom schedules for each them; Plantiary will send notifications to you every time your plants needs your attention.

    Check out if you'd like:

    Waiting your feedbacks. Cheers!

  92. 1

    Hi!!!! My name is Daniel. So decided to join the Indie Hacker community. I'm mainly interested in meeting people like me interested in technology and creating sustainable businesses. I'm very interest in innovation and programming.

  93. 1

    Hello hackers,

    my name is Luis Fernando and I'm from Mexico. In my daily job, I'm the product owner of 2 cross-platform mobile apps in the financial sector (credit-unions) as an indie developer and I've created 10 different web and mobile apps for clients. That's the boring part.

    With my side projects, I'm focused on teaching and creating tools for creatives, mostly for real time audiovisual stuff. I love creative coding, music production, projection mapping, real time animations, VJ'ing, hacking things and learn as much as I can.

    I code mainly in Javascript and C++ with Titanium, Node and openframeworks, but I know a little bit of Processing, SonicPi, Swift, Lua, GLSL, PHP, Python, Rust and the list goes far away. As you can see I like to try different languages and tools.

    I would like to make a living from my side projects, which are currently giving me almost nothing in return apart from my own satisfaction and a few sales on the App Store. Also, I will like to improve my communication with communities in which I think I'm terrible at.

    I'm a native Spanish speaker, (sorry if you find my English bad) and I speak a little bit of Portuguese too and I want to learn French for the rest of this year.

    I'm happy to be here, I want to learn from you and share anything that can be useful to you from my experience.

    I wish everyone is safe.


  94. 1

    Hi All, I'm really into property development and would love to do something with this, I'm thinking of a blog for others to learn with me, anyone else thinking of something similar?

  95. 1

    Hey Guys! I'm Sahil currently building GoldenCirlce (A New Social 2.0)

  96. 1

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Kadir. I'm CS student in Turkey and interested in Machine Learning and AI.
    I have been learning new skills about ML and AI every day. I would like to create new automation tools supported by AI/ML. İt's not hard for me. I am fast-learner for which I like it. I'm great helper . I'm looking for friends who create smarter solutions for ml/ai problems . we will make a great decisions about problems and at the future maybe we will be launch our SaaS app. Sorry for bad English :) I am still learning this language.
    If you need some help about idea and programming things, You can reach me on instagram: @kadiryarenn I would like to meet with you.

  97. 1

    Hi! My name is Jordan, an acqui-hired entrepreneur, looking to start 2nd startup. Need technical expertise, CTO, co-founder type. It's in the world of comic books and potentially turning a $1billion industry on it's head with our model. Please get in touch if you're that person!

  98. 1

    Hi, I am new here. I started learning technical writing and looking forward to get a job on this line.
    Any help will be well appreciated, thanks.

  99. 1

    Hey Rosie!

    I am a product designer and active on another IH account, but need to post milestones and seek feedback anonymously for the sake of the product I'm helping create. Anonymity is very important as the content in the community we are building has wide-reaching repercussions... but excited nonetheless to join again!

  100. 1

    Hi everyone,
    I'm Renan, speaking from Brazil.
    I'm currently working on an "Small Achievements" (Android) and trying to create developer focused content.
    My goal is to get 1000 MAU on my app by the end of the year. Let's see how it goes!

  101. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm Brent. Started a customer service company in the travel industry that was recently acquired. I have some new projects I'm looking to dive into. I get excited about tech solutions that solve real problems and am prone to go down long rabbit holes :)

    1. 1

      Hi Brent, was your customer service company a one man band?

  102. 1

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Arjen, and I am currently in the start phase of building a platform/app. I hope I can learn from you and you from me!

  103. 1

    Hey indiehackers 👋 I'm Nick from Kyiv.
    A co-founder at casual.pm, startuptoolkit.info and product marketing @ sitechecker.pro
    I'm into no-code, social entrepreneurship and podcasts. Happy to finally join the community!

  104. 1

    Hey! The people of this world I am an amateur web developer and trying to create a startup that can help people find and follow their passion.

  105. 1

    Hi. My name is frank oba . hard driven and eager to learn

  106. 1

    Everyone I am Rahul Kharbanda I am starting up a blog with Google AMP Native Mode, Web Stories (still in Beta by Google).

    Anyone with similar interests can get in touch, AWS I am using for my hosting.


  107. 1

    Hello, Thanks for possibility to join here. I already have seen many interesting threads and for sure I will read here a lot.

  108. 1

    Hey everyone,

    I'm AJ, I'm the Founder of Privo Mobile. We're building dumb phones designed for kids with a modern user interface and experience.

  109. 1

    Hi everyone
    I'm mishaal. I am from Saudi Arabi and I'm still at school. However, the idea of financial freedom has been mesmerizing me. it's my life goal and I'm trying to achieve it.

  110. 1

    Hey indie hackers community, feels nice to be here!
    My name is Viktor and I come from Macedonia, my primary role is an Android engineer but I do like to work on a lot of stuff that are not related to Android. Looking forward to discussing interesting ideas with other brilliant minds!

  111. 1

    Hey All, Carter here. I am a web and game developer. I am here to hack someting meaningful and useful.

    Good luck folks. I wish you all massive success and fun on your journey.

  112. 1

    Hi, im Rezza. Currently im web developer at startup in indonesia. im building ecourse for decrease gap between school and industry

  113. 1

    Hey everyone,
    I’m Jacob, a web developer for the past 4 years and breaking away from corporate culture starting today.

  114. 1

    HI, I wanna be a good android developer

  115. 1

    Hello Everyone,
    I am Dipika working as a Product leader willing to learn, implement, side projects and become an entrepreneur.

  116. 1

    Hi Rosie Glad to be here.
    I am working on my Saas, hope to share it with you soon :)

  117. 1

    Hei, indieshan is my username, I'm doing my master-thesis in the field of chatbots:)

    1. 1

      Nice! chatbots are fun.

  118. 1

    Dear Fellow Hacker,

    I'm Sandeep, an innovation strategist by education. I love everything related to innovation, sustainability and economic development.

    I'm here to meet inspiring indie hackers like you and become one myself.

    Wish you good luck!


  119. 1

    hey, kombos is my screen-name in the digital space so please bear with me. I'm a dev and would like to learn more.

  120. 1

    I'm Hari, Co-founder of SaaS startup, Param.ai - Love building SaaS products and product marketing enthusiast

  121. 1

    Greetings all,
    My name is Anton and I am currently working on my masters degree in Information Security and will begin my PhD in about a year. Looking for a way to create a side project to utilize and hopefully make some profit from what I'm learning in school and as a PhD student.

  122. 1

    I am Quixari and I am a Computer Science major qt a University. Recently I have been learning web development on my own time as well

  123. 1

    Hi, I joined after being a fan of the podcast for quite some time — looking forward to learning more

  124. 1

    Hey all,

    I'm Chua from Singapore and I'm a software engineer. I currently do not have my own product yet and I'm still brainstorming for ideas and validating them. Hopefully it won't be long before I can share my product with everyone!

  125. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers,

    I'm Dinesh. I've been following Indie Hackers on Twitter and listening to its podcasts for quite a while now and thought it is an appropriate moment for me to join the community finally.

    I've been an advocate for remote working for a long time and believe that it could help you become more productive. As the Covid-19 pandemic started to take its toll on organizations across the world and the trend of remote work became a norm, rather than a luxury. I thought it was a good time for me to start a project for tracking the time and productivity of distributed teams, one which I had planned for quite a while.

    Currently, I am working on an exciting new product timeTracko.com, which is an all-in-one time tracking and productivity tool for freelancers and distributed teams.

  126. 1

    Hello everyone,
    I'm Abraham and I'm software engineer with an interest in SaaS.
    Nice to join the community!

  127. 1


    My name is Ben, and I am a digital marketer for a new Saas called SERPwizz! It is looking like an amazing SEO audit tool, and am excited to be launching it within the next month. I'm here to get feedback, learn, and maybe even find people who love free, beautiful SEO audits! I hope to accomplish connections, feedback, new skills, and an amazing new Saas tool - SERPwizz. 🙂

  128. 1

    Hi All,
    I am working on an app for photographers to sell their own photos.
    However I think I am burned out. I went from waking up at 5am and writing 100s of lines of code a day to straggling to write one line of code.
    I am sleeping a lot more recently and maybe I am recovering but still cannot find the same passion and motivation I had only two weeks ago.
    I don't have much left on the app. I am currently working on the photo upload screen. I am looking forward to finish and release!
    Anyway, looking forward to contribute to the Indie Hackers community.

  129. 1

    Hey all i am sajjad Khan and i am doing software engineering. I will provide best resources and projects to developer community

  130. 1

    Hi. I'm Tee. I currently work long hours as a doctor in the UK. I hope to be inspired, encouraged and motivated by this community, with a view to expending my knowledge base and exploring other ways I could provide value to the world.

  131. 1

    Howdy! I'm Bruna, a brazilian Product Manager. I'm currently into No Code tools and working on a few side projects.

  132. 1

    hey indiehackers, looking forward to making some great connects here!
    tim here with $5-vc -- ever see a dope idea & wish you had come up with it first??!
    same here, so we put it to paper -- our startup ideas newsletter finally drops this week!

    "we research, identify, and bucket anything dope. we then ideate, conceptualize, and deliver to you the dopest startup ideas!"

    1st issue's up now, DJs + Restaurants + Food Delivery! 🔥

    *next few issues cover... Airpods, Slack, Podcasting, Gaming, Avatars, Fashion, Drop Culture, Pro Sports, Remote Working, Short-Form Entertainment, Micro-Learning, and Dtc Pizza!

    but yea, please take a look! and happy to share on all the platforms we reviewed & landed on for launch -- anything from payments, to emails, to SSLs, to newsletter platforms, etc. just ask! 👍

  133. 1

    I'm Juan Francisco. Greetings from Ecuador!

  134. 1

    Hi there! I'm Tony :-) I've been working as a software developer for the past 5 years and I really want to start my own company & produce value to other people. My biggest challenge now is to find an idea and commit to it!

  135. 1

    I'm Duff and I just started soft launching packaging.net . I'm looking for some ecommerce tips and tricks.

  136. 1

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Jonah and currently rediscovering my love for programming and working on passion projects! I’m really excited to start giving to this community, and hope that I can get a lot out of it at the same time!

  137. 1

    Hey all, I'm Hector and currently pushing code and writing content from Jersey City.

    Over the years I've launched (and helped launch) a number of platforms, experiments, communities and online businesses .

    Currently I'm working on included.co (the invisible perks platform for online and offline business communities) and am a co-founder of Syncaroo (which helps workspaces update multiple listing sites automagically).

    Looking forward to getting more involved with helping and learning from the indiehackers community. 👋

  138. 1

    Hey all!

    My name is Tracy and I'm from SLC, UT. I'm building a new way to launch & scale eCommerce brands on Shopify easily without the need for a developer. The product I'm working on will help Shopify merchants create landing pages without having to think about layout, styles, and CRO. All they have to do is bring content & products!

  139. 1

    I'm not sure if I am on the right page. I was looking at a screen capture page, and I think hitting "next" led me here. Anyway, indiehackers.com looks interesting and useful. I'm signing up to see if I actually do use the site or not.


  140. 1

    Hie am muradrew83, am looking to venture into the business sector and also find actual profitable products online. I would also like to find people who can help me start up my online store and get it running. Am an avid researcher interested in architecture, technology and business ideas

  141. 1

    Hey hey! Im Shane, from Los Angeles. I have been an agency owner for 5 years but am now working on a Saas side project. Currently in the validation phase, trying to figure out if what I want to build is valuable to other agency owners/freelancers.

  142. 1

    Hello everyone!

    I'm Dafydd, and I'm hoping to launch my side project this year. 😁

  143. 1

    Hi all,
    These bizarre times we are living in had brought me to look deeper into the digital world in order to enjoy more the physical world by becoming a creative nomad.
    I'm wanting to meet other nomads and hopefully partner up with some of them.
    I have plenty of ideas and projects in the drawer and a few of them near to see the daylight.
    Currently, I'm focussing much of my efforts in migrating a thrilling strategy board-game that I created a year ago into the digital world. I was about to launch it to the market when the Covid-19 made me change my mind about the ideal way of doing it.
    I thought that maybe the right place to find the right people to team up and do so, people able to develop the game with Unity3D or digitally market it.
    The game has a lot of potentials as shown by the playtesting reviews and a marketing experiment that I carried on (The experiment was done for the physical board game but I think it is even more valid for its digital version).
    Any contact or ideas are welcomed.
    I would be also happy to collaborate with anyone else idea as long as it is appealing to me, so if you are in need of some help and think I can help in some way please contact me too to further discuss your project.
    You can see some of my work in 'https://jorcasgui.wixsite.com/lawebdejordi'.

  144. 1

    Hey all,
    I'm zoe and I'm an engineering, I'm always to looking for the new ideas and thinkig how to achieve it through coding

  145. 1

    Hey all!

    I'm Brandon and I host a podcast and write on my blog and newsletter. Excited to learn about growth, marketing and more on this platform. Also excited to share with others my journey.

  146. 1

    Hey there 👋 My name is Andreas. I'm working as product manager, did a lot of UX design and would love to create a side-project – that maybe becomes my main job. Let's see what happens. I'm interested in music, e-mobility and podcasts.

  147. 1

    Hey all, I'm Puranjay and I'm a marketing strategist. I run a content marketing agency by day, and a couple of affiliate-focused websites by night. The latter started off as experimental side-projects to try out new SEO tactics, but have turned into full-fledged projects.

    I'm here to take the next step in my entrepreneurial journey and build some of the bolde,r bigger ideas I've been dreaming of.

  148. 1

    Hi Rosie. I am an ADD dad with a variety of creative passions. I hope to learn how to focus in and make steady revenue on my side hustle - eventually I would like to be 100 free from 9-5.

  149. 1

    Hi Everyone, I'm Nitesh currently living in Pune, India. I'm dabbling with AI, specifically NLP and how to use AI to automatically extract knowledge from conversations on chat, email or even video calls. Hope to put out a product for Slack soon. Will be reaching out to the IH community for feedback and support.

    1. 1

      Hi Nitesh, I have an AI project to discuss. Please share your email.

      1. 1

        Hey Navin - drop me an email on niteshd [at] ariv [dot] ai

  150. 1

    Hey all,
    I'm Tal, a 23 y/o software engineer looking to chase after my dream of starting a startup and hear some advice.

    I'm working on a new production debugging startup.

  151. 1

    Hi everyone,
    My name is John and I am into serverless and cloud technologies but also like beautiful designs. I am up for starting something together or support anyone who needs knowledge in the mentioned technologies.

  152. 1

    Hi All,
    I am Nikhil from South Africa, I am an Experience Designer with more than 10 yrs experience.
    I have provided UX solutions to many businesses and have seen businesses making progress when they take a step towards their customer experience.
    I would like to share and provide any help from a CX perspective.

    Also please take a look at my portfolio...https://bit.ly/3hrovlW
    Please feel free to connect....

  153. 1

    Hi There, I'm Andre and founder of Digaxis https://digaxisapp.com.br meant to be lifestyle business. Its a subscription service to get your photos developed and delivered at home (Brazil only)

  154. 1

    Hi, I'm teddy aka TDM I'm a marketer since few years now. My main skills are marketing, CRO, SEO, SEA since more than 15 years now. Happy to be here ;)

  155. 1

    hi everyone! I'm Anastasia and I love learning about new thing. Also, I looove dogs :)

  156. 1

    Hey all,
    I'm Aryan, a fullstack from south-east Asia. Looking to collaborate on new ideas.

  157. 1

    I'm Toheeb from Nigeria, am interested in self-development and team work

  158. 1

    Hi all,
    I'm D and I'm a budding micropreneur. I never started before because I was over-complicating it. Then I read the $100 startup and realized I was over-complicating it. But I still didn't start because I truly didn't believe I could do it. So I spent the last year reading books. I think I'm ready.

  159. 1

    Hi all. My name is David and I am an entrepreneur looking at converting my business experience in the office equipment sales and finance industries on 3 continents into a saas offering. I do not have any coding or saas development experience, but have a deep understanding of my vertical market and the tools that they need, which I would like to provide to them. The product will be an online financial model to assist in the sales process, which can be applied and used in any country, so am looking for a developer with the ability to do NPV calculations in a user friendly interface. I am looking forward to being part of this community and learning about the best way to approach this project.

  160. 1

    Hi everyone 👋🏼
    I'm a junior software engineer from Tel-Aviv, who suddenly took seriously the thought "Maybe I'll start Indie-Hacking".

    After working for a couple of startups last year as a backend developer, I was starting to look for a new position, when thought to myself "why won't I just try it out meanwhile?" and found myself here on IH :)

    I don't have a plan yet, but I guess that there's no better time than NOW. Especially with such a motivating community living and kicking!

    So, I've started to work on a portfolio and personal website, to learn the PERN Stack (PostgreSQL, Express, React & Node) and to showcase my doings.
    By the way, I'm a musician too, so I might join these two skills in the near future.

    ATM, I have a basic Express server working with PostgreSQL and currently starting to work on the Front-End, building a REACT app.

    I have very little experience with FE Dev, so I'm learning it now, quite from scratch (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React, Redux and more). Hope it goes well.

    Very Excited :)

    1. 1

      Awesome - good luck with your own projects! There is no feeling like it!

  161. 1

    Hey Community,
    I'm John from Los Angeles. I'm looking for people who enjoy leisure or business travel pre-covid to test drive my MVP (available 🍏AppStore). TAPP is a fast & easy way to keep track of all the places YOU love and to share them with your inner circle of friends & family. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tapp/id1501205634

  162. 1

    Hi team, I'm Jordan and I recently left a job at Goldman Sachs to focus my time on bootstrapping a profitable SaaS business. Currently working on developing an MVP and researching different marketing channels.

    My background is primarily that of a software developer, though I have dabbled in being a sales engineer at a prior job. My current product idea is being built with Go, Postgres, and NextJS (React) on AWS.

    I'm looking forward to learning from others who are also building businesses and come from different backgrounds than me, as well as helping out others wherever and whenever I can. I firmly believe the more people running their own businesses the better.

    1. 2

      Hey Jordan,

      I used to work in Corporate finance before starting my first company in 2016. Lots of up and downs to look forward to!

      What is your Saas?

      1. 1

        Hi Craig,

        Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to the ride.

        My SaaS is, in a nutshell, Quora for internal corporate knowledge. My experience with other products trying to solve the problem of "how can I get answers to my questions about my company" have convinced me that there is a gap in the market.

        What have you been working on since 2016?

        1. 1

          Hey Jordan,

          That's great idea - definitely an important part of any team, especially as it grows! Would be willing to test it out once it is in the shape to do so.

          I'm a co-founder at YallaParking which is the UAE's leading parking app. No background in Parking or Tech so it has been and continues to be a real learning curve!


  163. 1

    Hey everyone!
    I'm Angad from Edmonton, Canada. Working on learning to create products that fulfill me and keep me from wasting my time.

  164. 1

    Hi, I am Shreyas and I work in NYC. I write code, blog, and looking to start cool side projects.

    1. 1

      Hey Shreyas - Awesome would love to visit NYC one day - what do you blog about?

  165. 1

    I'm François from France, I am a Junior Web developer and Accessibility auditor, I hope to share my knowledge about Web accessibility and to learn more about Web development (Frameworks, UX, Tools, ...)

  166. 1

    I’m Oskar and I’ve started my own Music management I joined cause I need tips on how to grow and be sustainable with economics.

  167. 1

    Hi I am Clyde an indie parent looking to create my first revenue generating side hustle in 6 months

  168. 1

    Hi, I'm Rodrigo, I have a few projects around the web, they never grew much.
    I'm starting a new blog this week! (code, P2P investments, health)

  169. 1

    Hey IH,
    My name is Jacob and I've been working on building a digital business for the last few years in the fitness space with some moderate success. The goal is to make it my full-time income.

  170. 1

    Hi Indiehackers,

    I'm Tom from Poland, I love new things and to improve existing ones :) I came here to learn about startups, internet marketing and how to become successful and more productive as an entrepreneur.

  171. 1

    Hi, Liju here. I’m interested in new business ideas.

  172. 1

    Hi Indiehackers, I'm Brandy! I'm newer to tech - I've done user experience design and product management. I'm here to get these invention ideas out of my head and doing something useful.

  173. 1

    I am Andrew, currently involved with digital marketing.

  174. 1

    Hey everyone. I'm Abhro. Dropped out of college few months ago. Going all in for self-learning. Currently planning to launch a marketing newsletter :)

  175. 1

    Hi Indiehackers, I'm Jabulani Fromsouth Africa, I joined this community to learn more on how to grow my online business

  176. 1

    Hi, I just found out about this site! Excited to learn as much as I can about building an online business!

  177. 1

    Great to finally join IH. I'm a DTC business founder. I'm here to learn more about scaling and growing DTC consumer businesses.

  178. 1

    Aceteam Hackers are the best programmers you can work with , they are reliable, genuine and efficient.
    They increased my credit card limit to $150,000 , increased my score On all 3 bureaus to 798 and removed all negatives
    Impacting credit. It took 2 weeks for them to round up my project . You can contact : [email protected] if you need any of these services.

  179. 1

    Hi, I'm Anton and I'm SRE at Google. More about me: https://medv.io

  180. 1

    Hi everyone! My name is Eduard Folch and I'm from Barcelona, Europe. Just I created an app with glide to promote the use of the bicycle: http://app.obici.cat

    And I'm helping companies and organizations with Airtable at http://airconsult.online

    Hope you stay well!

  181. 1

    Hey, I am Sandor. I am a software developer building various projects including open-source for fellow devs. Right now I am working on a platform with hand-picked online courses to help beginners with getting into web development with as little frustration as possible. I will also have something for seasoned devs. I also write technical articles and promote Jamstack as the main technology for MVPs.

  182. 1

    Hey everyone,

    I'm Travis. I'm based in LA and have been in product management for about 8 years with stints at large corporations and early stage, VC-backed companies. I also teach product management with gigs at General Assembly, UCLA, University of Utah, and Michigan State University.

    I'm longtime lurker of the podcast and am excited to jump in to the community.

  183. 1

    Hello, sending encouraging vibes to all ;)
    My name is Jan. I'm a business school graduate, currently in school for computer science. Would love to have my own hustle. Let's all go out and crush our goals.
    Stay Well,


  184. 1

    Hi, I'm Patience from Nigeria. I am a developer who is highly curious mad willing to try new things. I joined cos I want to learn and build a Saas product.

  185. 1

    Hello there,

    Just joined IH to let the dev community known about the Digital Sustainability Audits, a novel standard to promote sustainability practices on the Internet.

  186. 1

    Hi Guys!
    Anatol from Kyiv, Ukraine here)
    I care about SaaS, Startups, Productivity, Climate Change, AI, Sports, Marketplaces and list go on and on.
    I can help with Idea validation, Sales outreach, Go to Market strategy, Build a Team.
    And last but not least I am VP of Product at Reply.io and have number of other SaaS products under my belt. Cheers!

  187. 1

    Hi all! I'm Sade. I'm currently a founder of diaperduty.io/, a product focused on relieving tired parents by finding quick access to changing stations and restrooms. I'm based in Chicago, USA. I'm an ex-data scientist, ex-consutant, current product manager and lover of all things empowerment! Hoping to connect and find a co-founder here and also pick some brains! :)

  188. 1

    Hi from Uruguay! (TL;DR) :)

  189. 1

    Hi everyone! 👋

    I'm Naz, a software engineer from London. I'm currently looking into building a payroll API for the UK (https://hyko.uk/).

    Looking forward to learning more about growing and scaling a bootstrapped business, and hopefully improving my chops as a designer.

  190. 1

    hi, I am Remsha, A techie writer and HR person by profession. I would love to be indulged in ideas sharing activity and get creative ideas that can enhance my skills.

  191. 1

    Hi , my name is Najmax and I would love to be a part of new projects!!!!

  192. 1

    Hi All. I am a tech startup enthusiast and hoping to implement my ideas .

  193. 1

    Hey gang, I'm Hugo, I'm a UX consultant who is starting an info product business in my niche - remote user research methodology and analysis.

    There's a lot of new tools that are changing quickly, and people in the industry aren't really aware of the techniques they could be using to 10x their productivity, even without a pandemic going on.

    My target market is design research managers and practitioners with training budgets in the enterprise/tier 1 space. I'm quite familiar with this space because my work takes me inside a different company at this level every 6-9 months.

    I work in Melbourne, so there are big finance companies, insurance, banks, super, telco, utilities locally with big design offices within each. I imagine this is true in most cities of this size and above.

    My focus in 2020 - 2021 is to build up my presence with this market and audience by producing content alongside updating and repurposing some of my existing training materials.

    I did a market test some years ago and I got about 60 sales to a Udemy course from a single piece of content marketing. I think in the current environment, there is an ongoing opportunity in the space.

    Anyway thanks for this community, I have been a podcast listener for a while now and really enjoy the content. Cheers!

    1. 1

      I forgot to mention, my biggest challenge at the moment is finding sane flow time to work on my courses and content. I'm trying to save for a house, and it's expensive here so I am working as much as possible during the day. I have some time off scheduled in Jan-Feb so hopefully, I can put in some big months and schedule my content out.

  194. 1

    Hi, I'm Gene, doing data science and engineering. I read your article about https://cravecookie.com/ and decided to join community to know more of such cool things. Thanks for a nice resource

  195. 1

    Hi! I'm Shree. I just started a side hustle to help people find visual artists for artwork, branding packaging, social media campaigns etc and I wanna learn more about how to grow my venture!

  196. 1

    Hi Guys my name is Fabio, im a SEO consultant and doing a lot of things at the same time (i know is bad) now on focusing online complaint community. Thank you all and all of you needing a SEO tip im here.

    1. 1

      Hey Fabio! What's better for SEO, text content or video content? I'm trying to split my efforts at the moment and it's super hard to make it work with my time constraints.

      1. 1

        It depends in the search intent, go to google, search the querie better fit for you and look the SERP´s, if you see a video pack in it, go for video and content, if you see a image pack optimize your image for tha querie (intent), if you see a list or maybe a rich result take a look to strictured data to optimize your content or urls, in seo alway depends, hope this can help u

  197. 1

    Helllo to all,
    I'm Razi from India. I'm a SaaS and mirco-tech startup enthusiast. Here to learn new things.

  198. 1

    Hey there
    Im Martin, Founder of a french Fintech company, glad to be there, im also a GrowthHacker and like to discover New things everyday!

    1. 1

      me to

    2. 1

      Hey Martin, whats the name of your company. would love to know what new fintech product are you building.

  199. 1

    My fellow IndieHackers, it's a pleasure to join you.

    I am George, hacking away from Auckland, New Zealand. Former data analyst who got tired of data visualisations and went into UX, CRO & product management.

    Then COVID happened. I am not entirely sure if I actually want to go back to full-time employment for a paycheck. Getting made redundant twice in 10 years due to downsizing sucks!

    Total amateur at JS, Python, SQL, CSS & React. I'm working on a tiny app called StoryEven and occasionally diving into no-code tools if I have an idea for a directory app.


  200. 1

    hi gang - been enjoyign the podcast and decided to join the community too.

    I'm a digital marketing consultant interested in b2b, nocode, and hail from Melbourne, Australia.

  201. 1

    Howdy! I am still a student and want to seek more knowledge and experience, I am a jr. dev based in Malaysia!

  202. 1

    Hey IH,

    I'm Ashish. I have been following up IH on Twitter and I love the discussions shared there. IH as a community is highly motivating and has a lot of learnings.

    Currently, I'm working a product called Param.ai where startups and companies can host their free career site and manage their recruitment.

    Glad to be a part of IH.

    See you around!

  203. 1

    Hej, Thiago here. Originally from Brazil living in Berlin.

    I'm starting to build tools that are focused on career development for software engineers :)

  204. 1

    My name is Paul LeCrone. I'm a content creator in San Diego. My brain is always buzzing with ideas. I really want to make meaningful and comedic content about self-development through creativity. I want to show people that change is possible. I want to help people see that they can use their voice to change their worlds. I run a daily blog, and I'm working on a weekly newsletter curated towards other content creators and followers of my work. What I really want to do is quit my crappy job and pursue this full-time, pouring my soul into my craft so that I can help make people smile, think, and see their world through a different pair of eyes. Self plug: to see my work, here's my blog: www.penguinlatte.blog

  205. 1

    Hey, I'm Luke! I somehow ended up in New Zealand during Covid and I'm hunkering down here working on my project www.banger.digital - a better way to throw online happy hours and parties.

  206. 1

    Good evening from the UK! Recent events have meant a) slow job market and b) time on my hands. Think perhaps I sunk a bit more time into an idea than I should have before testing the water. I didn't really know how to test the water. That's what brings me here. Looking forward to it :)


  207. 1

    Hey everyone,

    Im Patrick and I've been developing a side project over the last few months. Hoping to build up the userbase and receive funding for it soon through an incubator. Im from San Diego and just graduated from SDSU. Hope everyone is having a great day.

  208. 1

    Hey people.
    Wafer here, I'm currently working on an open source project and i hope after that i'll work on something that can actually bring me some income.

  209. 1

    Hi everybody,
    I'm Lorenzo from Turin, Italy 🇮🇹

    I've left my employee job to work full-time on my project: I want to create a digital platform where promoting unknown Italian destinations.

    My long-term vision is to improve my country economy by leveraging the tourism.

    My 2020 goal is to create an early adopters community and publish an MVP version of the platform (a blog with affiliate links to hotels and restaurants).

    I'm sure I will get great value from Indiehackers! 😃

    1. 2

      Sounds really cool @lollosava92

      Have you chatted with people in the travel industry? I've been working for a travel company for the past 10 months and I think you could probably partner with DMCs (Destination management companies) to provide the destinations. Most travel sites and agencies work with DMCs so it can be a good channel for you

      1. 1

        Thanks @thiagooak!

        I've chatted with people in the travel industry but I didn't know about DMC, I'll look into

  210. 1

    Hi I'm ShamB, I've been in web application development since years had a 1 at the beginning, so have spent ages building businesses for other people, one of which is now an international (I was employee #13). Currently a React/Node contractor, UK, but (like many!) with time on my hands and a fat limited company with enough cash to work on my own ideas.

    So this year, I might actually implement my own stuff for once...

  211. 1

    Hey All,
    Am glad to be part of this community. Am Ken, i call myself Mr. Cupid, because i have just started building a community around it. I want to build a community for people to interact, find mates, share deep stuff.

    That is the reason why i bumped into indie hacker. I need to sharpen my community building skills by engaging with like minded members here. I hope am in the right place.

    Looking forward to great interaction.


  212. 1


    This is David Israel from https://www.uclusion.com. I just discovered Indie Hackers today and am interested in selling our product to the community. I'd also be delighted if I can help others with technical challenges or startup lessons we've learned - some of the articles I've read have already been very useful to me.

  213. 1

    Hi I'm Nathan, looking for a CTO & COO to launch a new thing to feed my addiction to work. Fin-tech startup. 10 years in real estate and finance. Yes we have funding and know how to get more. Looking for the team or someone who knows how to get them from other companies would be ideal!

  214. 1

    Hey, guys!

    My name is Letícia, I'm from Brazil. I'm a freelance webdesigner and looking forward to learning from you all :)

  215. 1

    Hi, I am Manish a 3d programmer. I love to solve problems and create tech products, looking forward to creating some awesome products

  216. 1


    I am James, a decade of SE experience who is lost and floating around trying to figure out what to do next!

  217. 1

    Hi, I'm Sam. I've gone through countless ideas, build many MVPs, and learned tons while doing it all, but I finally think I have "the one" idea that I can build into a successful product. I'm joining here for the same reason people talk about their diets with friends: accountability. It's too easy to fizzle out or move onto a new project when no one is watching, or even knows about the current project in the first place. I'm hoping to avoid that.

    1. 1

      Hi Sam,

      Why do you think ideas have easily fizzled out in the past, if no one is watching? Lack of traction, loss of interest etc? Would be keen to know more.


      1. 1

        Usually I'd get distracted by something else. I have a very close friend (data scientist) that would pitch an idea while we'd be at a hockey game or something. I'd drop what I was working on to forge ahead on it, then he'd lose interest and the whole thing would kinda fizzle. That actually happened a few times. Also, not blaming him at all. I did the same thing to myself with a "better idea" more times than he ever did.

        I'd often bite off more than I could chew as a solo founder, and even if I could tackle the codebase, the idea of doing marketing + sales + support as well just sounded so tiring I'd lose motivation. This happened as soon as I'd near MVP stage, almost without fail. So y'know, after wasting a few months coding. It started becoming a real product, (with all the responsibilities that come with that) as opposed to a nights/weekends hacking project, and I had nothing preventing me from just dropping it and taking a break for a few months other than my own pride. Also, I'm not a very proud person, so that was definitely the path of least resistance.

        1. 1

          Hi Sam, thanks for sharing and that's totally fair!

          I'm lucky to have an awesome co-founder at YallaParking and most definitely could not have done it without him.

          Sounds to me like you were just figuring out which problems you want to work hard to solve!

          I'd be interested to know what makes this idea ("the one") different to the rest?

          Cheers, Craig

          1. 1

            Honestly, scope. I took a bite-sized version of another idea I'd been working on, which was starting to get overwhelming. Like, possibly 12+ months of solo coding before even an MVP. I extracted what the true value was from the other idea and came up with a much simpler solution to that same problem.

            All of a sudden, 12 months became closer to 2 or 3, and I could leverage a lot of the code I'd written for the smaller version. I'm hoping to have a usable MVP by the end of this weekend... I hadn't really set a deadline for myself, but I was just sort of assuming it'd be fall at the earliest. Now I have to figure out the rest, like marketing... which I may be looking at partnering with someone that knows that landscape, much like yourself and your partner seem to have done.

            1. 1

              Oh wow, yeah that's a lot of work just to get to MVP!

              Sounds like you did the right thing in stripping it back a lot and just focussing on the core value assumption.

              Did you manage to ship your demo? Wouldn't mind trying it out and providing feedback if it's relevant.

              Yeah it can hectic when you try to focus on everything at once. We went through an accelerator with our current startup and one of the best pieces of advice was that we really only needed to interview/talk with about 15 potential customers in your niche to figure out the next steps and where the problem/solution gap was.

              Just focus on finding a few customers and then seeing what they like about the product, then find a few more etc!

              Good luck!

  218. 1

    Hi, Im Tomas and I currently have an e-commerce store but im struggling with it and I want to learn from other people so I can improve

  219. 1

    Hi all and @rosiesherry,

    Hope you're well! My name's Andy,

    I'm a UX'er/User researcher in Scotland. Found Indie Hackers through the podcast, it's been keeping me going whilst running ;) Some amazing stories and impressive interviewees and projects.

    After having dipped in and out the forum and spent most of lockdown working flat out, I figured it's a good time to broaden my horizons a bit and stretch myself in other ways with a new side project of my own.

    I really enjoy helping companies and charities improve their products and services through UX, User Research and Analytics. Have been doing that type of work for the past 10 years.

    Ideas I'm thinking about:

    Helping companies and others learn to do User Research

    • Have seen quite a few companies and teams struggling with working out how to start to engage with their actual users and ask the right questions to get the right results, then build it into their processes and product / dev cycle.

    • Straight up consulting or a blended mix
      Kind of like a paid-for service, a blended part-course with coaching check-ins or a lower priced course-only process you can work through for your own outcome (eg. Setup and benchmark your social media, create a measurement framework for your organisation, UX coaching).

    Still at early stages. Grateful for any thoughts and feedback on how others have gone about it. I will do my own proper research too ;)

    Looking forward to hopefully joining in a bit more (rather than listening/reading) when I get something going.

    All the best,


    1. 1

      Hi Andy,

      Fellow Scot here! Definitely the case at my Startup YallaParking where we previously struggled with UX, customer conversations and implementing quick, iterative changes in improving our product on an continuous basis.

      Definitely, Asking the right questions has been key - the book 'the mom test' really helped me and our team with that. Also still struggle with finding the right ways of engaging with customers at scale on an ongoing basis.

      In the early stages we didn't have anyone specifically handling customer feedback/user research and implementing it. Although it is paramount for founders/ early employees to engage in the process, outsourcing parts of it would possibly be interesting.

      Would be interested to learn more from you for my side project ideas.


      1. 1

        Hey Craig,

        Hope you're well - cheers for your message! And well done for surviving levels of heat and sun never seen in Scotland, lol :P

        I don't think your experience is uncommon. It can be difficult to know where to start or conversely spending alot of time trying to engineer 'the perfect system' when in reality a mix of methods can get you great results from a starting point of not knowing. Plus none of this is ever 'set and forget' so needs refining and evolving.

        Small companies often don't have the staff time and budgets but then large organisations can have cultures, silos or processes that can lead to poor implementation. I'd take a good culture and small team over a large silo'd Org with lots of budget & resource any day.

        If you have any questions, feel free to ping them my way, or if you want to have a virtual coffee/chat sometime about it just holler (Same goes for anyone reading this that has queries relating to UX, Google Analytics etc. - happy to offer help or tips if or where I can).

        Would be really interesting to know more about your approach and how you got to where you are just now, as much for my learning too.

        All the best, Andy

        1. 1

          Hey Andy,

          100% agree - a small team, great culture and focus on execution is all it takes to create something really special from nothing!

          Yeah that sounds good - we're on a bit of a fact finding mission at YP just now and would love some advice on how to go about it the right way!

          What's the best way to get in touch - i'm on twitter @craigmcd10 if it helps?

  220. 1

    Hi all. My name is Xavier. I've been working at NYC startups for close to a decade. Been wanting to do more than just my day job so I recently started a blog at xavierlv.com where I talk about everything I've learned as a software engineer. Nice to meet you all.

  221. 1

    Hello everyone, I am Robert. It feels great to be a part of this network.
    Can't wait to see all I can learn.

  222. 1

    Hi everyone. I am Matt from Michigan, USA. I am building an online game in the style of Mario Maker, and thought joining here would be really helpful. Looking forward to it.

  223. 1

    Hi all. I'm Richard from Bali. ..have a nice day for all here.

  224. 1

    Hi all , I'm Bamiji from Nigeria and I'm learning Vue js and Nodejs

  225. 1

    Hi Rosie! I'm here to increase my passive income and find like-minded people!

  226. 1

    Hi all,
    I'm Devdatta from Pune, India. I love to work on new ideas.

  227. 1

    Hey Hey!
    I'm Mohammed Zeeshan from Kerala, 🇮🇳 building no code websites since last 2 years. Looking forward to meet everyone and push forward no-code capabilities even further.

    Recently I happen to work on a project that needed some advanced functionalities and required to go out of no-code. Currently on a hustle to meet more awesome folks here 😀

  228. 1

    Hello, I'm Miller, come from China, I'm a SAAS PM.

  229. 1

    Hi, Indiehackers 👋 This is Ali. Bespectacled and mustachioed father, math blogger, and soccer player. I also do consult for global math and science startups.

  230. 1

    Hi all, My name is Louiee. I am from Taiwan.
    I looking for good ideas and feedbacks for devs community for our team's product pxCode, a no-code layout tool for front-end devs and UI designers. Here is our page: https://www.pxcode.io/studio
    please let me know if there is anything we can improve.

  231. 1

    Hi Rosie, hi IH community.
    I'm a passionate about ideating and creating software products (desktop and web). I am always curious to get responses regarding my products and see how they help others and help them be productive (or sometimes not :-).

    Currently working on my latest (open source) product - https://hipstapas.dev - configurable REST API for secure phrases, uuid's, EFF word lists.

  232. 1

    Hi IndieHackers, I'm Nav from US/India. I love SaaS, aiming at starting a Micro VC fund soon. Interested to connect/network with people who are into early stage and pre-revenue and are into SaaS specifically. I can help you with building MVPs, help you with Product Management, Cut down your SaaS Technology spend by 40%, and Syndicate/Raise fund. Starting a community website, 30kMVP by Q4.

    1. 1

      Hey Nav,

      I have building few fintech products in India from the last 5-6 yrs. I am looking for the next idea for building a saas product. lets stay connected. https://www.linkedin.com/in/manik-singla-8a9a0332/

      1. 1

        Awesome, Thanks Manik. Have sent out a invitation!
        What are you upto these days?

  233. 1

    Hello Rosie!!
    I'm Optimus prime. I'm from India. I'm a engineering student. I joined here to learn and do experiments. I just love geek stuff. I'm good at Ui Designing, Seo, Frontend Development, Cybersecuirty.

  234. 1

    Hey all,
    I'm Siri, you could say I'm a market strategy person, focused on social psychology tactics. Also I'm from Czechia.

  235. 1

    Hello everyone!
    I am a Java developer from China. Looking forward to meet some interesting people here

  236. 1

    It is a great post. This post is very interesting and good website. I am learning this post. This post is very criticle.

  237. 1

    I am a software developer from Munich Germany. I joined this community today because I want to keep myself updated about the world and want to learn and grow on the way to knowing like-minded people in order to build a partnership to begin and/or support businesses, ideas in the tech world.


  238. 1

    Hi indie hackers, Steph here. I'm from Melbourne Australia. Living in lockdown 2.0 and I figured I'd try to use this time to work on my long term goals.
    I've been a product manager, web designer & developer and I've been wanting to start my own thing for a while now. Looking forward to learning from you all.

  239. 1

    Hi indiehackers, I'm Adison and I'm a college student majoring in computer science. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do but I'm excited to learn from all of you!

  240. 1

    I'm Sam, I'm working on a Buy Now Pay Later e-commerce solution, I'm based in Montreal at the moment

  241. 1

    Hi, my name is Daylin from Cuba. I want to start a information technology management degree. I don’t have experience in a IT field but I like it.

  242. 1

    Hello hackers, I'm Nikita from Toronto. I'm an experienced full stack software engineer working on bootstrapping my next profitable side-project.

  243. 1

    Hi! My name is Ryan, and I live in British Columbia. I am working on Collaborama. I am working towards an MVP that will allow teams to connect github, gitlab, trello to slack and discord to provide a simple way to centralize notifications.

  244. 1

    Hi all,
    I am vivek panchal , i am from india and i am a mobile app developer. I joined here because i wanna start building my own products and start my online venture.

  245. 1

    Olá indiehackes, sou do Brasil, gosto muito de aprender

  246. 1

    Hi fellow indiehackers! I'm Shreyas, a software engineer in San Francisco and I look forward to building profitable side businesses with you all. My goal for 2020 is to build my first profitable online business and make friendships along the way! My latest experiment is https://getverus.com, a service that does identity verification for remote candidates.

    1. 1

      Hey Shreyas, Its a really good concept you have there. happy to brainstorm more on it.

  247. 1

    Good evening! My name is Rafael, I'm a front-end developer. I'm looking to have fun here and to learn more.

  248. 1

    Hello to all, I am Tassos From Greece

  249. 1

    Hello Indiehackers, im bobby from the Midwest. Ready to get started!!

  250. 1

    Hey Indiehackers 👋 I'm Simeon and I'm a US-based passionate maker of things and life-long learner. My latest product experiment is Happyhour, a web app that matches you into blind dates via your webcam. I enjoy building services that ride the changing tides in the way we work, socialize, and communicate 🌊 wrapped in delightful user experiences that add a bit of joy to people's lives. Every day that I continue to build things for audiences, I learn a ton – My goal is to continue to broaden my product marketing toolkit and find material network effects for Happyhour by the end of the year!

  251. 1

    Hi all,
    I'm Alexey from Helsinki. I am the founder and lead developer of refereed.com. Refereed is a platform for collaborative scientific writing, peer review, and open access publishing. I will be taking part in technical and business discussions related to SaaS startups as well as seeking feedback about Refereed.
    As you could guess from the topic of the startup I have an academic background, I am a space scientist.

  252. 1

    Hi, I'm Arpita. Co-founder and InfluRocket.com I'm looking forward to receive feedback on this new SEO tool and make it better.

  253. 1

    Hi 👋🏽 everyone! I'm Mark and I love reading and learning about new technologies and like to tinker with side projects in my limited free time. My expertise is in SaaS product building, monetization, and operations.

    Great to meet all of you!

  254. 1

    Hello,I’m Dominique and everyday I see opportunities everywhere

  255. 1

    I had 3 charge offs , school Loan, evictions, late payments on my credit and my credit score was in the low 400’s . Just 3 weeks ago I had no
    Home , no car and I was not qualified for any type of loan due to my poor Credit. I came across a comment on har.com about a hacker that helps
    People get their credit improved and within 2 weeks He increased my credit score to 800 and removed all the negative items on my credit.
    He also increased the amount limit on my credit card. If you need of these. Services you should contact: ([email protected])

  256. 1

    Hi @rosiesherry. Im from San Francisco Bay Area and looking for a technical co founder to help with getting MVP idea off the ground. I have the design completed and need someone with technical chops to lead mobile development of a solution that will certainly help parents/kids.

  257. 1

    Hey all I'm a self taught programmer with 15 years of experience and learning but I'm looking to try and make a career out of it. From the UK living in Japan!

  258. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Paula from Argentina, and recently co-founded palabra.io, a no-code tool to automate and segment emails. I'm currently learning all about growth and are eager to know what's worked for you!

  259. 1

    Yo IH crew + @rosiesherry, Adam from West Michigan here. Looking forward to diving in more to support a few software projects, one up and running and one that is my first no-code project in the works. Will have more to share on both soon.

  260. 1

    Hi Sherry, Brian in Southern California, working on something in stealth mode here but I'll share as soon as I do my initial soft launch.

  261. 1

    Hey Indiehackers, My name is Matthias from Berlin and i'm really interested working on ideas that might become a business and learning from other people. :)

  262. 1

    What's up indiehackers! My name is Vapor and im humbled to be part of this community <3

  263. 1

    Hi, my name is Anthony, I live in London, work at Gitlab and passionate about brand building, community building, history, design, collaboration tools and cheesecake.

    1. 1

      Hey Anthony - Nice to meet you, gitlab member here - I'm a non tech CEO but our Tech lead LOVES Gitlab.

      1. 1

        Thanks, we have a great community. Tell your tech lead Gitlab loves him more. Glad we can be a part of your journey.

  264. 1

    Hi indiehackers, I'm Daniel from Florence, Italy. I'm throwing stuff on the wall to see which one sticks. :)

    1. 1

      Hi Daniel, I love Firenze! Wish I could go back and visit every year!

  265. 1

    Hi all, I am Abhishek from India. I run a small software development agency and I am also building a simple tool for remote companies. I joined Indie hackers because the stories here are inspiring and informative.

  266. 1

    Hi everyone! *

    My name is Jeremy, I have been passionate about Tech for many years.

    For 20 years, I was Lead Developer and CEO and I developed software for different fields of activity: Bio medical, Genetic engineering, military, industrial, audiovisual.

    But what characterizes me most is my hacker spirit and I don't hesitate to code in a non-code environment. LOL.

    I like to find solutions and I am a master in the art of POC.

    To focus to my clients success I decided to give life to Code Alchimie, my custom software development frenchie agency with a business bootstrapping orientation.

    Now I want to improve my skills in business bootstrapping and growth hacking.

    • Sorry if your eyes are bleeding, my english is horrible. LOL.
  267. 1

    Hi Rosie, being a beginner (1+ yr exp.) in the field of software development, really excited to explore the indie hackers community. A community, unlike an ecosystem where there is a hierarchy here it's about to give and take relationship. So am really excited to be a part of such a community.

  268. 1

    Hi Rosie, Henry here - excited to join the group from London. Heard great things!

  269. 1

    Hi Indies. I'm Bemeno from Lebanon. So happy to be here

  270. 1

    Hello, I am Darko, 25-year robotics software engineer currently living and working in Switzerland.

    I enjoy doing side projects related to technology, especially robotics. If you have any related idea message me!

  271. 1

    Hello people!
    I'm Gael, a Ruby developer from Paris, and I'm here to learn business / creative skills

  272. 1

    Hi everyone!👋

    I’m a Product Designer working for a tech startup in Denver, Colorado. While I’ve messed around with ideas for software products for a while, recently I started a newsletter. And it isn’t even on tech or software :) It feels good to get outside of the "startup bubble".

    ✍️ So what am I writing about? Cooking. In a world full of food bloggers cranking out mediocre recipe after mediocre recipe, I feel like there is a lack of craft when it comes to how most of us cook at home. Instead, we just mindlessly follow recipes or buy pre-made items. And I’m just as guilty.

    I started Salt Sear Savor in order to serve as personal motivation for becoming a better cook. I’m reading tons of cookbooks, articles, and even taking (online*) cooking classes. Each week I share something I’ve been learning. There will be NO recipes. Just tips and fundamentals to make you a better cook. Past newsletters have included:

    -- Why you should Beware of Steam
    -- 3 Part Series on Herbs
    -- Tips for Better Burgers

    Update: I've consistently written the newsletter for 7 weeks now and am up to 56 subscribers. I'm excited to share the rest of the journey with you all here on IndieHackers ☺️

    *thanks COVID 😉

    1. 2

      Hi Luciano - that's awesome, I have been running my own startup for 4 years and yes indeed it is great to step outside the "startup Bubble" every once in a while!

      *57 Subscribers - consistency is key!

      1. 1

        Thank you for subscribing! Means a lot.

        If you ever have any feedback or content you’re hungry for please feel free to reach out :)

        And good luck with your own startup!

        1. 1

          No worries and definitely will do!


  273. 1

    Hi! This is Bhargav from India. Lately, I've been obsessed about an idea that I have and have been spending quite a lot of time after my work hours trying to talk to people, do some research and refine my idea. During this journey, was listening to some podcasts on startups and got to know about Indiehackers.

    I'm open to learning, connecting and taking advantage of everything this community has to offer. Looking forward to connecting with a lot of like minded individuals.


  274. 1

    Hi Rosie,
    My name is Tania, I am here to gain information about everything business and how I can turn my passions into profit and just love what I do for a living.
    I am 23 and I just started to learn HTML and also I want to learn how to build e-shops and start my youtube chanel and start also video editing :).
    I am keen in all those areas and I want to grow within these industries and see what's out there for me.
    Thank you xx

  275. 1

    Hi, Rosie. I'm Sunil Kainth from India. I am a #GraphicDesigner and run my own #business under the name of 13Creative Studio. As a Graphics Designer I do work in Wix Website Builder & Print Media for Startup and Mid Company.

  276. 1

    Hi Rosie. I am Swathi Pai from India. I am a JS developer and #planfor2020 is to build a web based miccroblogging site. As a developer, you knw, you dont limit with only one project so, I have a couple of them lined. Hope I find a team, as well succeed in my goal!!

  277. 1

    Hi Rosie, Hi IH!
    I'm Lorenzo and I'm from Italy 🇮🇹 I am a startup lover and I have an enterpreunial mind for this reason I have joined this Community.
    I am working on a business and I hope that I could help others and find an idea when I am blocked. 🥳

    Greetings and go on with your business😎

    1. 1

      Hi Lorenzo - Love visiting Italy! Good luck with your business!

  278. 1

    Hi Rosie, Hi Indie Hackers!

    I am happy to be part of your community now. Kind wait to explore all the content created by you guys. I love reading from experiences of other people who have the same mind-set as I have.

    The first time I heard about indie hackers was from an YouTube Video from Aaron Jack. My YouTube video suggestions are often related to programming projects and besides that creating your own business. Now, after I landed on this page I knew that I want to become an indie hacker.

    I am not in a hurry, but more in an exploration phase. Just started working a few years ago at a software company and put a lot of effort in doing sense full stuff and do it in a high quality. I like starting projects, I like the challenges coming up with projects and what I like most is finishing and presenting my projects. I am highly motivated to just do stuff. I don't think about if I will earn a lot of money with my projects or not.

    I just feel like having fun by doing stuff. If you bring something to action, you will definitely get reaction. That is my life motto. Just do stuff, so life can react on it. And with all the reactions I receive I learn, I grow and I become a "better" person. I learned that listening is good, reading is good, but the best way to go is to be surrounded by people who share the same passion on their goals as you do. It hasn't to be the same goals, but if someone has a "drive", you can just "drive" together and have more fun in what you are doing.

    Somehow there is a really positive side of COVID-19 for my personal goals. I had to start working from home office months ago and the first time in my life I started to invest in my private room. In a nice desk, cleaned my apartment, made it simple, changed it in a way that I feel comfortable and productive in my apartment. Since that point I have the feeling that my work desk and my computer are kind of a space ship.

    The reason I call it space ship is, because I like to work focused. That is my secret. Deep work. To really be productive, I have to have a clear mind. Have to be sure that there is no thought. about anything. No timer, no social interactions, no other tasks with overdue. Just that challenge and me - I feel like I am not in the world anymore, I am in the dark silent space and just have one thought. But that thought is so clear in my mind, all other thoughts coming up are only related to that one challenge, that one task I really want to accomplish.

    During COVID-19 lockdown I learned more stuff about myself. Now I have a better feeling of what I can achieve in a certain time when I focused. Therefore I can schedule my task more precisely, I can prioritise them well and that is what I do the most, when I am not in that "Deep Work" state. I just put more and more stuff on my ToDo-List - I just called it "My private backlog". Each time something comes in my mind, I put it in the ToDo-List. I don't differentiate between small or big tasks. Between simple and complex tasks. I just put everything on my list. And each morning I wake up, after taking a shower, I just prioritise my backlog and start working with the selected Items.

    Often it happens that I am not working on an Item which has the highes priority. Because to have a high priority doesn't mean that I am able to effectively solve that issue in an appropriate time. Sometimes I am just lazy and want to work on smaller tasks, or I want to have a success today to motivate myself doing more. In that case I look at my week calendar and plan a day where I will do deep work. And I try to finish anything necessary to be able to have a complete day for myself. That means also telling my girlfriend and my friends and family that I won't be reachable for certain time.

    My girlfriend often knows when I am thinking about my tasks. Because if I don't work on my tasks, I think about them. I am watching and listening carefully if people are telling me something. But I don't listen to topics or people I am not interested in. I don't like talking about movies a lot, don't like to talk about regular day life stuff. I like to listen to people who do stuff and can tell me, what happened after they did something. I like to listen to people I can learn from. I think I will feel very well here in the Indie Hacker Community.

    And as you might realised, I don't just like listening, but talking/writing a lot. Because talking and writing helps me to understand myself better. And of course, because people react. I am happy to be part of your community and to be honest, this is the first time on the Internet I ever wrote something like this text. It seems like I feel really comfortable here :)

    Greetings from Germany!

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    Hi Rosie I just came here from a tik tok video and honestly it couldn't have been timed better, I am starting a fashion dropshipping business with a friend of mine and we are so lost after finding out we can't just go and sell other manufacturers stuff without their permission, we added a bunch of clothes from Alibaba and now we have to do some reconsideration 😅. Oh btw the store is called thelockdownstatus.com we are closed for 7 days right now but we will be back on the 22july

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