June 28, 2020

Welcome, introduce yourself! (Week of Jun 28th)

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Rosie here -- the Indie Hackers community manager. Welcome! 👋

This short guide is meant to help you get the most out of Indie Hackers.

First, introduce yourself!

Indie Hackers is a community of people helping each other build profitable businesses and side projects. The key word here is "community." Don't be shy!

For starters, take a second to introduce yourself and share your goals in the comments below. 👇

Just say a few words about who you are, why you're here, and what you hope to accomplish or learn in 2020.

Take a moment to say hello to someone else as well!

Dive into learning.

We've interviewed hundreds of successful indie hackers. I recommend reading a few of their stories. It's a great way to get an overview of what's possible.

@csallen also puts out podcast episodes if reading isn't your thing!

Next, get started!

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Don't forget to introduce yourself and say hi to someone else below! 🤗

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    Hey! I'm Sara, an LA-based digital brand and content strategist and founder of SW Projects. I advise brands, publishers and influencers how to find, engage and grow devoted audiences across digital channels and turn their fans into brand obsessives.
    As a strategist, I have worked with clients like Bumble, the New York Times, National Geographic, Sony Pictures Television, Bustle, Playboy, Overheard, and several A-list celebrities. In my former life, I ran lifestyle partnerships at Facebook & Instagram and was an editor at The Huffington Post, Los Angeles magazine and other leading publications like People and The Economist before that.

    Right now, I'm focused on a project I started mid-April--a live weekly online show called The Digital Campfire Download-- where I interview the creatives and entrepreneurs behind the most kick-ass online communities today (I know, posting in the Community forum on IndieHackers about a community-focused show... so meta). The series is based on a piece I wrote in Feb for Harvard Business Review called "The Era of Anti-Social Social Media" about the move toward smaller more private online spaces and away from public facing social networks, esp. for younger audiences. Deets are here if you want to check out the series or suggest future guests! digitalcampfires.co/jointhenext

    I'm excited to join this community to learn from you all!

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    Hey IH community! I'm Austin. 👋

    I have worked at a few different startups, had some brief stints in VC, but have recently found myself drawn to the idea of bootstrapping my own software business. I've been listening to the IH podcast for about a year now.

    I've been kinda dragging my feet with creating an account and starting to build, but here I am! My goal is to launch something (bad, most likely 😅) on ProductHunt by the end of July.

    1. 2

      Hey Austin! Any particular problems you want to solve with your software business?

      1. 1

        Working on it! Not quite sure yet :)

    2. 1

      Sounds great! Do you already have something in mind?

      1. 1

        I've been thinking about just getting something out the door quickly, not too worried about creating a viable business at the moment.

        One quick project I've been thinking about is a new tab page to display my recently closed tabs. I often want to close Chrome but have 20 tabs I don't want to forget about, so I can't close Chrome anxiety-free.

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          I think this is a good start to get things going. Wish you all the best on your journey!

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    Hey there IndieHacker 👋 I'm Rich, a London based product-focused frontend engineer.

    Thought it was about time I joined the IH community after hearing many great things at @charlierward's Weekend Club.

    Around my day job at TransferWise, I'm hard at work building hellotimo.co. It puts your tasks and time tracking in one place. Filling the gap between the work you've done and your timesheet (or invoice)!

    I've been working on Timo for awhile now, and it's shaping up for a v2 launch... hoping to get that done and to share the experience with you all soon 💪

    Excited to be here!

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      Hi Rich, I just looked at your landing page and I really dig the design. Keep it up!

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    Hi everyone, my name is Rafael, I'm the CTO of an e-commerce platform in Brazil called Vnda.

    Lately, I'm thinking about building something and make it public (I have 3 things in mind). Anyways, I believe here is the place to learn and get the best advices!

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    My name is Nicolas, I live in Montreal.
    My project is an iPhone app to manage recommended place. It allows you to save restaurants, bars, etc. so you can find them any time you need them.

    It's already on the App Store, called WhereAndWhen, but there is still a lot of work to do.

    My next project is an app to manage a coin collection.


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    Hi everyone,
    I'm Ken, a software engineer from Belgium. Recently I've been working on a tool to create clothing mockup images. https://mockupmark.com
    I joined this community to get advice and learn how to take this project to the next level.
    My current goal is to launch Mockup Mark on Product Hunt before the end of July.

    1. 1

      From one Ken to another! Welcome

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    Hello @rosiesherry and everyone else! 👋 I'm Nate, with @natemakes as my user name. My story is just beginning.

    I read this interview from 3 years ago on Indie Hackers and it convinced me to join. I'm in my mid-30s, and the last time I did any side projects is now too long ago. But in my teenage years and early 20s I was funding myself through all kinds of side projects...and I want to get back that.

    I'm inspired by the stories here, the opportunities out there, and the ability for me to become an Indie Hacker. What a wonderful community. I hope I can contribute a bit and learn from everyone else. Looking forward to it! 🚀

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    Hi, I'm Marek. I'm a low-level software developer, I've been working on embedded systems for over a decade. I'm looking to change a field a bit and start developing other types of software.

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    Hey this is Greg,

    CEO & Founder of Cloudbuddies. Nice to meet you and be part of the community.

    Cloudbuddies vision is to provide a one-stop solution for Cloud adoption journey.
    We offer an innovative Cloud Consultancy approach as well as managed Cloud services.
    However , our Unique selling point , is our Multi-Cloud Deployment As A Service platform, Archie. Archie is your Cloudbuddy, who helps ANYONE from ANYWHERE, build their cloud in few simple steps at a push of a button. It supports your existing IT workforces to easily deploy: Cloud Landing Zones, Cloud Accounts, Cloud resources or even Full Applications stacks on their own without the need of cloud expertise.

    We will soon publish our MVP and I was looking for some advises and probably (surely) some beta testers. I will create a dedicated post in due time.
    Feel free to check our webiste: https://www.cloudbuddies.io

    1. 1

      Promising! Keep up the good work!

      1. 1

        Thanks for the motivation ! We will do our best ;)

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    Hey Folks! I am kamran from Mumbai, India. I have been in Digital field for the last 4 years. By digital i mean Graphics, web design & development. Currently I am doing Job as a graphic Designer and has also worked on various projects of websites and graphics. Lately i am into becoming more of developer specially in Javascript.

    My goal to be an Indie is to meet like minded people and make exciting projects where i can grow and vice versa.

    I hope i add some value to the community of Indie hackers Cheers!!.

    1. 1


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    Hey folks, here's Joeffrey from 🇫🇷

    I use to read the Indie Hackers interviews for a while ! And now I'm willing to contribute !

    On my work time, I build https://www.crystal.work/ to help teams to have a clear view of their work at first sight.

    On my time off, I love spend time in nature. Running, climbing, hiking and surfing are my specials.

    See you 👋

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    Hi, I'm Sebastian!

    I am Rotterdam-based business student and have previously worked for an e-commerce scale-up. I have acquired some great skills in marketing and product management so now I want to challenge myself and start my own online shop. I am currently researching and preparing for the launch of my first products.

    I joined this community to get advice and maybe even to provide advice to others.

    1. 1

      Hey Sebastian, what kind of products are you interested in?

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Manuel. I found out about Indie Hackers and immediately signed up. I'm hoping to launch my new web app Keepsy.app in the new future. Indie Hackers has a lot of resources and people who can help me so I'm hoping to learn a lot and successfully launch with at least more experience than before.

    Thanks Indie Hackers!

    1. 1

      Hey Manuel,
      I looked at your page and was wondering how the software knows that something has happened

      1. 1

        Hi @ju_moseby,

        I understand your question is related to a user dying and how does 9£.keepsy know someone has died. when you signup with a Keepsy.app account you have to setup a Buddy, normally a best friend, family or legal advisor like an attorney or lawyer.

        Once something happens to you, your Buddy can request access to you data. During this request
        Keepsy.app will contact you on several occasions. During this time you can block this user from accessing your data. If by that time you do now answer, your data will be unlocked and your Buddy will have access to your data.

        It doesnt end there, for your peace of mind you buddy will have access to your data for a period of time specified by you. After that time and for security reasons your Buddy will no longer have access to your data. Your account will close immediately and we will permanently close your Keepsy.app account and delete your data for ever.

        1. 1

          Oh that's really interesting. Thanks for taking a second

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    hello fellows out there!! Cey here, an up coming entrepreneur. looking forward to expand in business tech and other avenues that will make my business grow big with the use available platforms.

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    Hi everyone,

    Excited to have found this community. I'm an ex-Internet marketer, now getting into software. Looking for exciting and massive opportunities on this front.

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    Hello everybody, my name is Mo!

    I'm an Arab-American raised in Kuwait but currently living in Los Angeles, I just graduated in May with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and I have been working as the co-founder of a super-early stage startup that aims to catalyze government transparency through open dialogue and action through advocacy groups.

    After reading multiple stories about the consequences of young people blindly trading on the stock market, I noticed the need for there to be a platform where young investors are introduced to the idea of market research through not diluted, but refactored and modernized indicators and metrics that will allow them to understand why or why not to purchase a specific security. I've been constantly putting it off due to a flooded schedule or laziness but I've decided to type it out here in order to hold myself accountable and have a community to support me through it! I'm also available for any technical or business-related help as I've been through a bit of that in my main hustle!

    Stay safe, and happy hacking!

    -Mo <3

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    Hi there, I'm a software engineer working on a sideproject and looking to find the best way to launch my product and gather feedback. I was inspired by another user here to not wait until my project is done and just start with a landing page. Curious on peoples thoughts on this and also, besides twitter, linkedin, what are good places and approaches to sharing the launch of my project.


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    Hi @rosiesherry and community thanks for the welcome message, I am Israel I am from Mexico, I code on JS and PHP, I work for an American company and I have a side hustle creating my first web app service, I hope to have the first release of the service in a couple of months, we have been working hard to make it happen.

    Cheers you all.

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    Hi guys! I am Mayank from Bangalore, India :)

    I am working as a product engineer for an employee transportation startup. Well, no more because I resigned today. I am applying for jobs here and there but I also want to work on something.

    There are lots of amorphous ideas in my head about what to build and as of now I am thinking of building some kind of social media/micro-blogging app for people of a specific community to focus on something - very much like this site but the target audience is the rural Indian population.

    Comments and ideas are welcome!

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    Hi IH Community! I'm Von Reigor from the Philippines. :)

    I am a Philippine Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by profession who is currently working as an Audit Manager for one of the Big 4 Audit Firms. I have been part of the Assurance/Audit practice for almost 8 years now but my experience for a Sales/IT automation project in our Advisory Service line for an International Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Company has honed my interest in developing digital business concepts since then to date.

    Currently, I am co-founding a business concept with @CodeDotCare with the goal of enriching every socio-economic class of Philippine or Foreign citizens (especially those in the middle to lower income segments) to take part in their country's financial ecosystem by maximizing the use of their coin money in lieu of interests, gains and rewards. We are now embarking in a survey stage already but would still need some capacity revolving around mobile development. We still have other business concepts in mind that we wanted to push through as soon as the pandemic subsides.

    With that, we are currently looking for a co-founder who has an idea/experience with mobile development and the likes so that hopefully we can launch it very soon. Hoping for an insightful teaming in this community and cheers to everyone's success!

    Please feel free to comment to share your insights.

    On a personal note, I love to sing, cook food and write poems. Solo traveling is also my thing but not during this pandemic. haha

    Stay calm, safe and healthy. Thank you. :)

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    Hi Indie Hackers. I'm James. 👋

    Back in the early 00's I made a gaming website that launched my career as a software developer. Since then I've been a back-end software engineer for several fortune 500 financial companies.

    As I transition away from working a desk job I've been carving out time on nights and weekends to create apps that enhance my life (and hopefully yours, too). My first project is Nesteggly. It features free financial software that I've developed based on the years I've spent working in the financial advisory space.

    I'm thrilled to discover a community like this exists. I can't wait to get to know everyone and make even more life-enhancing apps.

    1. 1

      I took a look at Nesteggly, and it takes all the complicated math out of understanding retirement savings. If you ever need assistance in testing, I am an experienced QA and am willing to help.

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    Hey IH community! I'm Paresh.

    I am currently in my senior year pursuing engineering at BITS Pilani, India. I have interned in sales at Zomato, a rapidly growing Indian food-tech company in 2018 before it was a unicorn. Also, I've interned at the United Nations to scale their digital marketing efforts in the Asia Pacific region to increase brand awareness regarding online education.

    Currently, I, along with a couple of my friends are building Closer - If Instagram and Tinder had a baby. You can check it out on the playstore at http://bit.ly/becloser.

    Apart from my interest in consumer startups, I'm also curious to explore building software side projects which generate revenue.

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    Hi IH's! I'm Rong 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Currently working on a side project called Showwcase, our aim is to build the World's Most Optimised Network for Tech Workers. Why? Because platforms like LinkedIn just isn't great. (Check out the side project here: https://www.showwcase.com)

    Great fan of the community, been reading a bunch of things as an invisible user but now thought I could get some feedback and dialog going! Initially wanted to get into finance, then tried my run at becoming a chef, but then got into tech and coding, and I haven't looked back since!

    Looking forward to engaging!

    1. 1

      I like the look of your site. Keep up the good work!

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    Hello, I'm Briayan,
    I recently thinking in start my own tech business.

  25. 2

    Hi everyone 👋

    I'm a Swiss, SEA based Full Stack Engineer (LEMP, Laravel, Vue, WordPress etc.). I've been building products and making (lots of) money for other people for the past 20 years. I recently started building my own small sidekicks (have yet to launch one) and looking to make all this work with the help of this community's invaluable posts, feedbacks & members! 🤘

    1. 2

      Awesome, what kind of projects have you been building?

  26. 2

    just heard about IH and signed up straight away - look forward to learning more.

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    I am Samantha. I am passionate about baking and have a blog https://samstable2020.blogspot.com/?m=1 and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samstable.2020/

    I bake every weekend and through my experiences, I have deeply understood how much research and web surfing one has to do before one agrees on a baking recipe.

    I have combined my passions for baking and helping out others into one newsletter business. It's mainly a biweekly newsletter that sends you a curated list of news, articles, videos, and recipes related to baking broken down into baking categories.

    Very excited to join and learn from you guys. If you like it please subscribe here: http://subscribe.samsbakingnewsletter.com/

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    Hi everyone, I'm Neha from Chicago. I worked as a data engineer before quitting and working full-time on my idea. I launched a podcast in May, to highlight women's careers in STEM https://womendecode.com/category/podcast/

    Currently I am getting my platform - to help women in STEM fields grow in their career, ready to launch in August. I hope to get inspiration, advice and feedback from the IH community to grow after launching and give back to the community in any way I can.

    Excited to be here :)

  29. 1

    Excited to learn from and contribute to this community. Very energized and motivated to continue building SaaS (rule of 40).

  30. 1

    Amr here :) Tech Lead in Norway. Open for ideas and collaboration.
    Interested in Fintech, and banking.

  31. 1

    Hello, everyone!
    My name is Chris May, and I am working to empower people to learn the python programming language, enjoy its incredible ecosystem, and lead the life they want to live. I am doing this through the Python meetup I run in Richmond, Virginia (PyRVA) and by blogging and creating resources at https://everydaysuperpowers.dev.

    My goal is to create content and contribute to the community full-time. I plan on creating books, eBooks, PDFs, and courses to fund my family, and would love to add a membership component at some point.

  32. 1

    Scotsman living in southwest France via Norway and Switzerland. Entrepreneur specialising in custom website, eCommerce, Digital Marketing and specialised hosting.

  33. 1

    hey I am Jon and I am trying to create an app where i can get stock market data into the phone and then transfer it to my android watch.. if anyone is interested in this project lemme know thanks

  34. 1

    Here to learn from founders

  35. 1

    Good morning all! I’m an old guy for this group but still plenty of fire in the furnace. Spent 43 years running a portrait and commercial photography studio. Now it’s time to get out of the local mindset and find an adventure to bring to the world. I own a couple URLs with potential and need to figure out products to monetize. Glad to be part of such a dynamic group.

  36. 1

    Hey Indie Hackers!

    I'm Dave Roma: full stack web developer in NYC - my passion lies at the intersection of coding and online marketing.

    In 2018 I started a web dev studio focusing primarily on HubSpot CMS web development.

    During NYCs mandatory quarantine, I stayed inside for 3 months with headphone and coffee building a digital product: one of the first ever website Themes for HubSpot's CMS

    I'm joining Indie Hackers community to have a place where I can track my product development progress, engage with a community of like-minded hackers seeking to escape the Matrix, and to learn from, and share my learnings with, all of you.

    I look forward to embarking on this journey with the IH community.

  37. 1

    Hi @rosiesherry and all the other people out there! My name is Luuk and I'm from the Netherlands. Right now I'm running my own business building Wordpress websites for clients, but I'm looking for another way to build a business as I believe selling time is not the way to go in the long run...

    I've been a lurker for quite some time now and I wanted to get my hands dirty. That's why I signed up. I really look forward to learn from you all!

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    Hi everyone! I am Jan from Belgium and I am working on an apparel mockup generator (www.mockupmark.com) with my brother @kvdenden. As e-commerce is set to grow (especially print-on-demand) I hope that we can give store owners the ability to market their brands in a quick and intuitive way. Let me know what you think!

  39. 1

    Hi, I'm a PH based professional web developer that mainly uses Laravel but I'm also proficient with Javascript. I have experience building chatbots, basic microservices, web scraping and script automation. Currently I'm building simple mobile games using Unity C# and here to get inspired by like minded people.

  40. 1

    Hi IH community, my name is yacoub, a doctor in east africa and i have been learning coding during covid 19 lockdown, hoping for a career shift to digital health innovation. I also like storytelling, playing chess and paino.

  41. 1

    Hello there, I'm Martin from Slovakia.
    I'm a front end developer, working for an insurance company which is not that interesting.

    At the end of last year I started to work on a side project. I asked my GF what can I do to make her work easier so that she can spend more time with me. It was suppose to be this simple small app. It's getting bigger and bigger, and we hope we'll sell it to her employer, because it can save them a lot of money. I'm using Angular because that's what I'm most productive with. And I learned firebase because of it, and I love it.

    I hope I'll finish it in few months and then I would like to work on something else. I have few ideas but I'm also open to cooperation with someone who has knowledge from some domain and has idea but is not a programmer.

    I know of IH from your great podcasts, let me look around. If you want to talk to me, please do :)

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    I'm Dennis an Aussie living in Malaysia

    We're building an IoT network framework for developing countries at prices all small businesses can afford

    Focused on smallholder farmers in asia, Africa and south America

    www.allsense-iot.weebly.com and www.csr-done-differently.weebly.com

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    Namastey to all Indie Hackers!
    I'm Nikhil from India. I started off my professional journey as a software engineer and then moved into product management. In my free time, I sketch and paint to rejuvenate my mind.
    Right now I am working to sharpen my skills in all aspects and looking to help or get help from this community.
    Cheers \m/

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    Hey IndieHackers - I'm Mark, a Perth based business owner. I love hacking with novice friendly coding tools/API's and platforms. I'm continually looking at possibilities for innovation and disruption within my business domain (photobooks).

    As a result, I designed an app that can play audio clips related to specific images in a photobook, by use of image recognition. In the end, I had to outsource the coding, as it was way beyond my capability :-(
    Details of the app at bookplayar.com

    I'm keeping my eyes open for one or two local (Australian) flagship projects that could create some publicity buzz, before pushing ahead with the marketing. I have a couple of other initiatives in related areas that I'd love to make a reality, but I'm trying to stay focussed!

    Looking forward to getting inspired by others . . . . and contributing were I can.

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    Hi IH community! I am Vishal (Wish), a life science student who turned into an AI/ML researcher. I work with biology and chemistry data to predict certain properties of molecules. My project is about creating a data science platform for end-to-end management of ML models. I believe this is a perfect community to learn and share.

  46. 1

    Greetings to all! My name is Jack and I am working on an MVP / laumch of a PWA I call The 80/20 Power Grid. Currently written in Ionic. I am looking for help/ partners. Looking forward to learning how this community works. Feel free to ping me. Cordially, Jack

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    Hi, I'm a ranker from China. I have been working on SEO/SEM/PPC in e-commerce and search engine optimization. I am an amateur developer hobby. I have mastered the experience and skills in marketing and product management, so now I want to challenge myself and open my own online store to publish my products.
    I am very happy to join this community and learn from everyone!

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    Hi, I'm a ranker from China.
    I have been working on SEO/SEM/PPC in e-commerce and search engine optimization. I am an amateur developer hobby. I have mastered the experience and skills in marketing and product management, so now I want to challenge myself and open my own online store to publish my products.
    I am very happy to join this community and learn from everyone!

  49. 1

    I tried to be a trust fund baby, but in the spirit of failing quickly I put all hopes of easy street on the shelf. In the meantime, I have had a decent career as a software developer/engineer/architect/VP and consultant. I want to build a product-based business now and I plan on lurking around here soaking up and giving back as much as possible. If you made it this far in my greeting, I appreciate your time and hope it mildly entertaining getting to the end. :)

  50. 1

    Hello, my name is Jacky and I am from New York.

    I just recently graduated in May with bachelors in CS. I have a passion in playing games and inline skating. Despite spending 4-5 years in school, I still question myself everyday if I want to work at a company for a career or build games. I've been jumping in variety of fields like web, mobile, and data, hoping that one day it'll be something I can stick with and enjoy in long run, or as a career path.

    Frankly, I haven't gotten any work experience in the tech industry, but I had a few past internships in doing office work. It's been though trying to land my first dev job during this pandemic. So this summer, I've been pushing myself to learn more web development and reviewing Algos/DS, just to stay productive as possible. I have this lingering feeling that I want to spend more time in exploring game development, but I feel that I won't be able to get anywhere with it or have a slim chance of earning income.

    I've been thinking that I should try incorporating my web dev skills and my passion for games together. I recently decided that for a short-term goal, I should try making a personal game blog site to share my thoughts/guides on games that I would be playing. I haven't gotten the entrepreneurial sight of this just yet though. After making my game blog, I was also thinking of connecting it to my personal website.

    I don't really have friends to talk/collab with on dev stuff. I just happened to stumble upon this community and was really curious. I look forward to any responses, comments, ideas, or feedback. Thanks for reading!

  51. 1

    Hi, I am SL.
    I am from the UK and am seeking to engage in building my own revenue flow from home!

  52. 1

    Ah the time has come! Finally we meet! I have heard much about you! Much about you.

    Yes, yes you reading this right now. I think it's safe to say your reputation precedes you…a bright mind, with hot startup ideas, and mind-blowing insight. Word has spread across the land and so I understand the importance of this meeting. The honor is mine. It is great to be here with you!

    Although you and I do not have the pleasure of shaking hands in this post-Covid world, let me say that, as I can see from here, your choice in computer is mighty fine! A well chosen tool fit for an entrepreneurial adventure and digital insight. A tool that will keep your growth hacking sharp and to take your business to new heights. Well done. Well done.

    I will keep this brief as I know there are many ideas brewing in your mind, many people for you to help here and in other areas of the world. I’m aware that your insights are in high demand yes? But of course they are.

    While it is just a humble request, I do hope that from time-to-time, you might comment or contribute to a post of mine? Naturally only when you see fit of course. The wild adventure of entrepreneurship calls your name, and I know that you valiantly answer the call.

    As perhaps my name has not reached your parts yet, allow me to introduce myself. I am Cahill (sounds like K Hill). Cahill Camden. While I don’t want to bore you with details of my own adventures here on our first meeting, please do feel free to ask me about growth marketing if you’d like? I have helped a number of companies grow quite quickly over the years and have ventured into a number of areas of tech, e-commerce, and even the Wild West of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

    If you’re ever interested in my own projects, I’m keeping busy on a few at the moment. I’m about to publish a book series (starting with the first of the series naturally, called Decoding Digital: What Is Cryptocurrency). I am also launching a fin-tech startup for e-commerce entrepreneurs to predict their product performance, before spending anything on inventory. I think perhaps you have ventured into this arena before? And finally I'm working on a productivity app to help you build agendas and time your virtual calls. Yes, I know, you’re more than familiar with the virtual realities of Zoom and Skype. And I’d agree, it is quite the changing world we're living through.

    Ah but alas, I understand you must run, and our time together here is running out. I know, just a quick meeting between you and I to get acquainted.

    Again, the honor is mine.

    Until we meet again, best of luck on your entrepreneurial adventure. And as you already know, in the land of the unknown, a world of opportunity awaits!


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    Hey Indie hackers! Here is Riccardo a Lisbon based Data Analyst working on a SaaS analytics platform with focus on short rental businesses.

    My idea is to productize custom report that were developed for clients. First milestone I am working on is to create a very simple MVP (in the cloud?), test with some possible clients and later on develop the product. At the moment I am working with the low code platform Wappler.

    I am excited to see here so many people with great ideas and a lot of energy! Looking forward to getting some tips and inspiration while helping others!

  54. 1

    Hello! I'm a Denver-based full stack dev. I have an unconventional background in engineering - went to school for it, changed majors, worked in politics for a few years, got back into engineering, self-taught Ruby on Rails, and now I work at a large corporation full time and do freelance development on the side. I'm currently involved in one of the most exciting projects I've ever worked on, building an interactive browser game for a start up, and I am scheming on making it my full time thing eventually, or taking lessons learned here and starting my own business.

  55. 1

    Hey! I'm Rajilesh, a software enthusiast and founder of Soance. Right now I'm focused on building a product that helps people's day to day life.

    I've been in web and mobile development service industry for more than 10 years but now I want to start my own venture by learning from you all.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rajilesh Panoli

  56. 1

    Hello everyone, Mike P here!

    I'm currently employed full-time, have a solo consulting business (https://fractionconsulting.co) that I am bootstrapping, and looking to make my first SaaS product (which is where I will need the most help). It will be in the cybersecurity & regulatory compliance space.

    I am not a software developer, but I know the basics of web development (HTML, CSS, and JS which let me make the website above) and am looking for a low-code solution to make an MVP for a SaaS product idea.

    Glad to join this community and am looking forward to learning from everyone!

  57. 1

    Hi there! I am Helen, Founder of You, Me and Happiness and Natural Biohacking [using own body] Specialist, South Africa born and raised, been a nomad for the last 20 yrs, now living in Portugal. My passion lies with Entrepreneurs - We all get frustrated and pissed off when we have Blocks preventing us from moving forward and the longer it takes , the worse we feel and the longer we are not making money in our business...Mindset training takes super long and that's why I am using a skill I have honed over time, called DNA upgrade, where I remove blocks remotely in 15 min. This builds on the findings of Dr Bruce Lipton [Father of Epigenetics] and I am currently working on a research paper as well, exciting times. I have always got on well with Engineers & Systematic thinkers and am excited to make good friends on this platform and learn from others. It has been super tough to grow my business, yet it is also the best thing I could ever do, meeting so many interesting people... I love life and seeing people Happy :-). Check out https://youmeandhappiness.com if you want to learn more. Feedback welcome - Ciao Ciao!

  58. 1

    Hi Rosie

    I do believe in the phrase, 'from nothing to something'.
    To be honest I came here because of a video by someone on tiktok, telling me how I can make a thousand dollars easily.
    Even though I don't have any idea /ideas, I do believe through this platform I will surely make more than a thousand dollars a month. It's all because of the care you have shown even to most shy and reserved me.

    I am looking forward to being someone who has become something from nothing.

    Thank you so much



  59. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Lorenzo, an Italian university student, currently enrolled in the final year of a Master's degree in industrial engineering. I've always been passionate about entrepreneurship, programming, and Internet marketing.

    I've decided since March to delve deeper into the world of cloud computing and web development. The web app I'm currently working on is called FluentGenie (https://fluentgenie.app/), whose purpose is to help people master a foreign language through immersion in content (books, articles, videos...) made in that language.

    Really excited to join the Indie Hackers community and share ideas!

  60. 1

    Hey everyone, i'm Robert. I'm building out a social network where people can share their financial goals and encourage their friends on their goals. It's still very early days, but I've already developed some of the basic features. I've still got a day job, so this is being done on the side (like I image many others in the indie hackers community is doing).

  61. 1

    Hi, I'm Ren! A software engineer from the United States, but I have been working and living in Helsinki, Finland for the past two years. I'm currently working as a course creator / platform developer for a University here. I mainly specialize in Web and App development, but my childhood desire has always been Game Development.

    Outside of work, I typically have a number of side projects I'm trying to work through and also live-stream the development. Unfortunately, this has been pretty slow going.

    I've seen Indiehackers pop-up numerous times on my Twitter feed and decided to join this community to stay motivated to finish my projects and grow them

  62. 1

    Hi! I'm Filippo, I'm Italian and here to learn. I'm trying to get something going working on my own. I have to find something to focus all my efforts on, as I tend to be scattered and interested in too many things at the same time.
    Thanks for the great site!

  63. 1

    Hi All, I'm Eli, a Tutor/Trainer, Educator, online clothing store owner, tech lover and foodie based in Melbourne. I have a large passion for helping young people, and businesses learn and grow through education and/or technology towards. Although, I am still pretty early in my career and new to the start-up space I am extremely excited to learn, collaborate and grow in this space with a community.

    Currently, I am working on scaling Alchemy Story (www.alchemystory.com, as the SEO, is not very good at the moment) and a passion project almost on my own. I am very excited about working on a SaaS-based project that I believe will be a game-changer, however, as a non technically founder it's a bit hard to get it off the ground and running as I am a bit apprehensive to invest all in due with the current Covid-19 context. Although I feel that now (COVID-19) is a great time to launch for the business model, I'm just lacking the expertise and resources to bootstrap everything myself within a reasonable timeframe.

    Any advice or resources you could point me to would be incredibly helpful, on finding a technical fonder and navigating this space to launch a SaaS startup from the idea stage to commercially operating with paying customer and being well funded.

    Essential its a product that will create more jobs in X2C. PM or contact me if want to learn more.

    Keen to hear from you all!


  64. 1

    Hello world! 👋

    I'm Franco, a 19-year-old Computer Science student and Entrepreneur from Argentina.
    I aspire to build exciting startups and businesses in the future!

    Currently working on my first "production-ready" project, Letternews.
    It's an app to improve the newsletter ecosystem, by giving readers a more comfortable way to read and find newsletters! Gonna write a post about it soon.

    Reading success (and failure) stories on IndieHackers and other websites inspired me to get out of the personal projects loop and start working towards something for the world!

    Hope to have a great time here, and wish all of you an amazing day!

  65. 1

    Hi there. I'm Breno, a Brazilian technical writer, and web dev enthusiast. I've been working with content in the tech industry for three years now (after almost ten years in the traditional communication market), and that's where I want to be and create new stuff.

    I've just started a paid newsletter called Tech Scribe (techscribe.substack.com/welcome). My goal for 2020 is to consistently grow the number of subscribers (at least the free ones, initially). By the end of next year, I'd like to have 1,000 paid subscribers.

    I'm not sure how hard that will be in a niche market like mine. I don't know if enough people are willing to pay for a newsletter about writing in the tech industry. But this is what I like to do and to talk about, so I guess it's worth a serious try.

  66. 1

    I'm Satinder Singh, a WordPress plugin developer from India and co-founder of CoolPlugins.net

    We have released many free and premium WordPress plugins and around 70K+ active websites are currently using our WP plugins.

    I'm here on Indie Hackers to learn more and share my experience about WP products.

  67. 1

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you 👋
    My name is Ashar, I'm from Indonesia and currently working as product designer. I've been learning code for the last few years. I love to create something simple with design and code in my spare time.
    I found out about Indie Hackers from my friend.
    I'm excited to be part of this community and learn something new from here.

  68. 1

    Hello everyone! Mustafa here 👋

    I am currently building Supportify (https://getsupportify.com/). We outsource customer support for your business with flexible plans & simple pricing. We have VC funded clients. I am currently building a full fledged website on webflow for the business.

    I have previously worked at Techstars, Jumia & Tick.

    Excited to join the community!

  69. 1

    Hey Rosie, I’m Sam a web developer, digital marketer and small business owner living in NJ. I’ve released an app recently that helps people find vegan restaurants in their area called Jersey Vegan. Looking to connect with business owners looking for digital marketing or web development! Thanks!

  70. 1

    Hey all, I'm JD - and I just discovered IH! I am an engineering alumni of a few startups and currently working in the Bay Area at a post-IPO company. I'm focusing in growth engineering currently with a passion for creating great user experiences from data. I am currently missing the excitement of working with bright people in a small group solving hard problems quickly and intelligently. I am dreaming of founding or joining the next big company, possibly in ag-tech! I got really into /r/spacebuckets once upon a time - and even developed a prototype of near-ir camera.

    My expertise and interests are broad, but my need to solve problems is acute. I'm currently in the discovery phase of a problem that I can help solve. I'm looking for motivated and open-minded folks to get started today.

    Happy to provide tech consultation pro-bono or give product feedback on SaaS products which I am fairly familiar. I strive to be a valued member of the community!

  71. 1

    Hey Folks , I'm Deepak and I'm a Mobile QA and I look forward to some interesting ideas and people and want to learn from this community and I'm looking forward to it.

  72. 1

    Greetings from sunny Canggu Bali!

    My name is John. By profession, I am a content creator and research focused on helping Bitcoin businesses produce high-quality articles and newsletters.

    You can find out more about my content business here:

    Recently, I have been focused on increasing my technical skills (i.e. coding, building websites, data analysis studies etc.) with the goal of eventually launching products.

    I am fortunate enough to have the liberty to work anywhere and I have been living in Canggu this year.

    Canggu is filled full of innovators with online businesses of every shape and size.

    Been surrounded by such innovators has accelerated my learning and I am looking forward to engaging more with the Indie Hackers community as I progress.

    I am also active on Twitter :-)

  73. 1

    Hey everyone I'm Bruce, a software developer from the from the UK. I have been a developer for 3+ years and want to find some like minded people with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to put their skills to use. I am new to indy hackers and I'm excited to see what Indy Hackers is about.

    See my work:

  74. 1

    Hey everyone, my name's Joey!

    I'm a San Francisco based maker passionate about environmental issues!

    Right now I'm focusing on developing a drone accessory that can help restore ecosystems after they've been impacted by natural disasters.

    My goal here's to link up with like minded people who will help me launch my first product.

    I'm excited to join this community and can't wait to meet you guys!

  75. 1

    This Russian hacker ALBERT VADIM literally saved my image from being tarnished. My nudes would have been all over the net if he had not helped me hack over 3 cellphones belonging to some blackmailers who had pictures and videos of me and kept asking for money. I am more than grateful and I have to drop his contact. You can reach him on EMAIL- Vadimwebhack@gmail,com WHATSAPP +17025301177

    Albert just helped a friend of mine fix her credit and boost her scores which is what amazed me the most. I won't say more, contact him for more info.

  76. 1


    My name is Nicolas Krafft. I am a former executive at one of the largest beauty/cosmetics companies in the world and I am on my way towards building something new of my own. I am currently in New York City but have lived in Paris and Switzerland (where I was born).

    I am here to learn as much as I can from all of you and pass along any knowledge or advice I can.

    1. 1

      Glad you joined us here on IH! Interesting background. Do you have any ideas that you'd like to pursue?

  77. 1

    Hi, my name is Anna. I'm from Portugal and I work for a cybersecurity company. I'm also learning to code and I'm very curious about technology, especially artificial intelligence. Thanks for welcoming me in the community!

  78. 1

    hello my name is siquan, but you can call me will. I don't have have a startup or business, maybe in the future i will own one. But for now I'm on here to write articles for startups. I'm still new to it, so I only get paid for what people think i should get paid atm. but honestly writing is nice hobby of mine, so i won't disappoint. Please shoot me a message if you have anything for me to write, and I can get on it right away.

  79. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Aditya, a ML engineer based in Toronto. I've previously worked as a software engineer at a large company & a startup. I really enjoyed listening to the Indie Hackers podcasts; there is so much to learn from this incredible community!

  80. 1

    Hi, my name is Fernando and I'm a fullstack developer based in Brasil. After 6 months listening to the indie hackers podcast I felt the urge to create my own product. Right now I'm finishing my mechanical engineering university while I work as software engineer to a tech consultancy company. In 2020 I want to improve my prototyping skills and understand how does it work to launch a product.

  81. 1

    I am Robert, founder of online bookkeeping firm. I am here to explore and learn some thing out of my field. I am planning to build something with a blend of accounts and IT. Thanks

  82. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Quan, a Tokyo-based web developer, working at a startup. I've been building web apps for almost 10 years but have never actually built anything for myself. Hopefully, I will get some inspiration by joining the community.

  83. 1

    Hi everyone , this is dipayan from India .. I am a doctor by profession and developer by passion. Currently I am running a teleconsultation app .. though it got some traction , somehow I feel that I am missing my purpose and looking to pivot to something more impactful. My purpose of being here is to find some inspiration and share some ideas here.

  84. 1

    Hello! I'm Seb [24m], I'm located in germany and I started my entrepreneural journey last year by starting my freelance software business. Business runs quite good, but I want to create something that makes more sense for me and creates long term income (instead of trading time 4 money)
    Currently I'm looking for problems to solve with a SaaS solution.

    I'm excited to connect with like minded people, I'm happy to be here for some exchange!

    Feel free to contact me :) have a great day!

  85. 1

    Hello, my name is Nara. I started learning app programming few months ago and have some background in electronic so my plan is to make some business out of these. I have read few posts here and found lot of really good stuff, so I'll see you around.

  86. 1

    Hello! my name is Fuad Shayeb and i am a 19 year old Computer Science student. Ive been trying to create a side hustle for a very long time but nothing has worked out. Most courses or whatever need a lot of money to join them and currently i am making nothing. Thought this website could help me get some ideas and reach my goals.

  87. 1


    I'm Rohit, Community Manager for Oropocket, a universal investment platform built on the blockchain. The idea is to bring financial sovreignty and freedom to people by enabling them to choose from various fractional investment instruments.

    I had joined this community to learn and grow with fellow tribe members.

    Thanks once again to the community.


  88. 1

    Hi, the community looks great! I’m from Australian and currently building a content website,

  89. 1

    hey guys am brand new here. thanks fpr welcoming me in the community. I am still learning code and programing so any healp will be useful thanks a lot

  90. 1

    Hi, I am Marshal, from India, a college student, studying electrical engineering here, in a reputed college. But, also I have interest in coding. I had computer science subject in my higher secondary school. I got to learn about this community in a youtube video, and came here to join, without a second thought. I always want to be a tech entrepreneur. Beside my studying I am planning to start a online based business model. So, I am working on myself, learning new things to became able to actually launch a new start up. I am here to learn something new and helpful for my future plan.

  91. 1

    Hey, I’m Aaron I’m here to program myself about coding

  92. 1

    USA Network's new TV drama, QUEEN OF THE SOUTH, tells the story of Teresa
    Mendoza who is forced to seek refuge in America after her drug-dealing

    <a href="https://thequeen.su/">The Queen Full Episodes</a>

  93. 1

    Hey IH! My name is Han.

    During this pandemic, I've been wearing disposable blue masks made of non-woven fabric. Wearing them is not too big of a hassle considering how it affects our lives but when I had to wear them for more than 30min, the string earloop did irritate the back of my ears and I felt guilty throwing them away after only using once. I did some search and my girlfriend gave me this reusable mask made of copper-infused fabric from South Korea. It felt so comfortable against my skin and the earloop didn't irritate the back of my ears at all. I found the factory of this mask in Korea and my goal is to start selling them online along with the pocket sanitizer.

    As we all are, I'm getting really tired of this COVID situation and people not wearing masks. 2020 has been really stressful for all of us and we need science, creativity, and problem-solving skills more than ever. I am in the process of creating a brand that embodies this mantra and made a landing page to get some feedback from the community. Once I have some feedback I will iterate on the product and will be launching the e-commerce site before the fall (October).

    Please check out my landing page and let us know if there is anything that you want on your facemask. https://www.get-bazinga.com/


  94. 1

    I am a Software professional and actively working on Android and ios applications.
    I have acquired some coding skills and language knowledge, so now I want to challenge
    myself and start my own startup and build some good applications I am currently preparing and working for
    the launch of my first Applications.

    I joined this community to get advice, get help and to help others.

  95. 1

    Hi, my name is Obi and I recently launched a new newsletter called “Headway” (https://headway.substack.com ) -  a free weekly newsletter delivering a modern treatise of the human condition, sparking intellectual curiosity for a community of innovators addressing significant issues crucial to society. Hoping to share content on here, get your feedback and add value where I can :-)

  96. 1

    My name is Monica, I work in the software department. I love this page because I can find real inspirations from various areas, finance, technology, marketing, etc.

  97. 1

    Hello for everyone,
    im iladis from Algeria, i am working now as a software department responsible on tech company, i am here to take a risk and try another way to improve my life and release all my little and big dreams, so i want at first to create a startup and see...
    thanks for indiehackers.com to give as such a nice platform with nice community that will surely help us to try to accomplish and release our dreams.

  98. 1

    Hi, Jacob here, Business IT consultant based outside DC. I love learning new hacks. I've weaved around the finance world. From banking to risk, and compliance. Lately, I'm more interested in technology, and how it interface with finance.

  99. 1

    Hey, I'm Andrew, I'm working on Monilo (monilo.io), an app that rewards you for saving money through a monthly lottery. I previously founded a company so this is my 2nd go at it! My current goal is 1k waitlist, launched app with a few hundred beta testers.

  100. 1

    Hey IH!

    I’m Jason, a NYC based software engineer with 14 years of experience, mostly in startups. Really looking to get involved with something early stage where I can deliver a lot of value while also being able to spend more time with my latest favorite programming language: Elixir. Excited to hear what everyone is working on!

  101. 1

    Howdy! I'm Connor, a designer in California. I've been working for tech companies for a long time but recently left my job at the beginning of March to bootstrap a new company with my friend... perfect timing!

    We've spent the last few months doing customer development, building, and pre-sales for our product Rewatch and we recently closed on our first annual contract for a few thousand seats. It's a start!

    Currently, I'm focused on reaching more potential customers. One tactic we're trying is by providing value with a free app called Remote that helps folks running all-hands presentations that want to use a single slide deck. Remote gives the presenters the ability to control the slides from anywhere. We're seeing good feedback so far and hope to convert that into more sales conversations soon.

    Anyway! I'm here to learn and stay positive. Thanks!

  102. 1

    Hello, I am a software developer who likes to create web apps that help foster communities. I created a web app named musical countries (url: https://app.musicalcountries.co/explore) where you can share and find folk music from all countries of the world. There are many people that are interested in folk music or discovering new music, however, I have struggled to create a community that keeps going back/using the web app.

    I am looking for advice on how to grow a community around the web app and market it so more people learn about it.

  103. 1

    I'm CS PhD from a top school in the US. Interested in cybersecurity, kernel, containers, virtualization.

  104. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Jeremy. I've always been passionate about startups, was previously a Venture for America Fellow at an Uber-for-Babysitting company called Juggle, and now am the founder of Knit LLC, a startup-focused software consulting company specializing in mobile and web apps.

    From my time working with Juggle, a company of four moms, I realized that there were a lot of founders out there who faced the challenge of navigating the development process. So I founded Knit with one of my best friends, and we are trying to differentiate ourselves by making a priority to educate our clients in technology fluency while we build and bring their initial products to market.

    Outside of startups, I'm a passionate musician, board-gamer, and rock climber.

    Excited to be a part of this community!

  105. 1

    Hey, I'm Julian. I used to be a professional Volleyball player in Ibiza, Spain.
    I've always been a side hustler; from building Wordpress websites for small businesses to building a text message marketing system for a gym. The latter project definitely taught me a lot about programming and gave me some confidence with my backend development skills.
    My goal is to create a product that I can use to connect people with products, people or businesses they love.

  106. 1

    Hi, I'm Ben!

    I used to lead an engineering department for about 10 product teams (>100 people), worked for several large customers such as Shell, Audi or BCG.

    Decided to build up my brand, and offer consulting and product development services (benjaminmichel.co.uk). I also run a weekly video podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD6c6ovvOaLFgp_Q6nMMPDQ

    I am passionate about technology and people, helping companies improve their engineering cultures and getting them to succeed in building successful products.

    Ultimately I want to help as many businesses as possible, and I hope this community will help me achieve this through learnings and meeting people.

  107. 1

    Hey there! I'm Anna based out of San Francisco.

    I'm an engineer turned market analyst - turned - program manager now looking to move to the world of product management with the blend of skills I've built in my journey to-date. My goal is to network, learn, and share knowledge to build something great!

  108. 1

    Hi, I'm Dylan. I'm an entrepreneurial minded software engineer looking to set myself up to start my own profitable business or side hustle in the next couple years. Looking for guidance and mentorship in this pursuit!

  109. 1

    Hey Indies! I am Haja. Had my first failed startup (clezer.com) and decided to learn to code afterward. Its far from being an easy journey, but how cool (and to rewarding) it is when you are able to give life (at least the MVP) to what you have in mind? Without paying tones of money for someone else to do it for you 😎? Since then I am on a experimentations mode, sharpening my tech skills along the way ... lets see where all of this bring me. What for sure is that I find lots of inspirations (and motivations) in this community. Hope I will be able to give back some day. My humble twitter handle is here https://twitter.com/haja_andriam Not very active lately but preparing some announcement soon 🚀

  110. 1

    Hey! I'm Bhaskar, an India based developer. I develop apps using Elm, React, NodeJS, Postgres.

    Over the last few months I've been working on my social media automation side project which I'll be launching in a few weeks.

    I'm 19 and have been doing business since my school days.

  111. 1

    Im a Toronto-based amateur developer. I work professionally in film and television, and for the past few years have been using some long-dormant programming knowledge to build my own microcontroller-based electronics and software tools to assist with my work.
    I have recently decided to make an effort to turn some of these software tools into completed products to help others in the film production business.
    I’ve heard a lot about this community, and looking forward to diving in!

  112. 1

    Hey! I'm Varun, Product Designer from Motherland India. I love all things Product and Design. Especially the early and bad ones to pen down my thoughts on how to make it better. Getting ready to start my own thing soon :)

    Excited to be part of this community and learn from all of you.

  113. 1

    Hi everyone, I am super new to the whole maker community. I have been working as a dev for a long time, but last year decided it's time to build a SaaS business. :) It was fun so far but now I got to the point to launch and I realised, I don't know much about launching products, marketing, etc. So I am here to learn.
    My product is called Yuzu Metrix. It's a unique twist on the whole influencer marketing analytics & reporting idea. I want to empower influencers to get more work while helping the agencies and brands to navigate this crazy and often fake world.
    Yuzu Metrix (https://yuzumetrix.com) is used by influencers to create end of campaign reports which they submit to their clients. The reports can be collected into campaigns to get an overview of ROI and reach.
    As I said, I am here to learn. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to chat. Also, thank you for Indie Hackers for creating this community. :)

  114. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm Max from Germany.

    I currently work as a part time software engineer developing enterprise applications for the construction industry.

    After I began to work remotely a few months ago, I started a new project - a team communication app aimed at fully remote teams.

    Working on releasing my MVP this month.

    Happy to join this community!

  115. 1

    Hi this is Oceania. I am a researcher assistant and looking for people who can help completing survey online.

  116. 1

    Hey my name is Sab Khasanov and I'm from Uzbekistan (most people probably have no idea where that is) - I'm the founder of Pixsellz - a digital goodies team where we make UI/UX Kits for developers and designers. I'm here to share my ideas and latest trends of design and how psychology is directly related to design (go figure)! In addition I would love to get some feedback from professionals on this platform regarding my work. I hope this platform will serve as a two-way road for myself and the community. Looking forward to learning a tonne from this place!

  117. 1

    Hi all, my name is Daniel. I currently lead growth efforts at Joyworks.io. Our SaaS products, https://funneljoy.com (a sales funnel builder with numerous features you'd fall in love with), and https://pixeljoyapp.com (a URL shortening, branding, and tracking tool) help marketers and online entrepreneurs do marketing better.

    Really happy to be here!

  118. 1

    My credit increased from 473 to 795 within 2 weeks , my Experian : 795 , Equifax : 793 ,, Trans union : 790 and He increased my fico score to 800.
    He removed the negatives on my credit like evictions, late payments, school loans / debts etc. I just got approved for a loan and bought
    My dream car. I really want to thank cyber crawler for helping me with this service. You can also contact ( HACK . CYBERCRAWLER @ GMAIL dot COM ) OR CALL (786) 567 3330

  119. 1

    A dress designer from the University of Management and Technology, I am running an online business deemasfashion.com . Consistency and innovation are my objectives that motivate and encourages me to observe, analyze and by inventing, contribute my skills to the artistic society. But to refresh my mind and bombard it with ideas, I love to write and share my thoughts when I am not in deeply in the mood of painting, playing badminton or taking my doggo for a walk.

  120. 1

    Hello everyone,
    Really happy to join here.
    Actually I m worker of this company really happy to say here.

  121. 1

    Hey! I'm Gino, a developer, and founder based in the Netherlands (Rotterdam). I co-founded shipright.co, a tool to collect and prioritize product feedback.

    Before Shipright, I created products for other companies through a design/dev shop I started with friends from uni. We decided to "pivot our agency into a SaaS company"... That was super hard 🤯, but it kinda worked out and I learned a ton in the process.

    Goal - Learn and share experiences/ideas. I'm now learning about community building, Indie Hackers seemed like a great example.

    I might be able to help if you're stuck in the idea phase or you struggle to decide which idea/project to pursue. Happy to connect!

  122. 1

    Hey guys!

    I am Alex, German dude with an affinity to SW side projects.
    My hope is to learn here a lot about marketing and growth since I have already two side projects:

    Thank you! I am happy to join and excited learn :)


  123. 1

    hey! im daniel. i live and study in hungary and i recently got the interest in ecomerce and digital marketing and im hoping this will be a good platform to get ideas and grow myself in every aspect

  124. 1

    Hi! I'm Diana, a marketing practician, and enthusiast always willing to learn new things. Very interested in technology (that's because of my husband aka android senior developer). Currently looking for development and seeking for a job. Yeap, COVID left me without a job after 4 years working for the same start-up.

  125. 1

    Heyy i had a business idea for a software product and needed guidance getting it started

  126. 1

    Hi, I'm Ken, a software test engineer based in Los Angeles, California. Since 2012, I have worked full-time in QA across several industries, including wireless telecom, situational awareness, small business marketing and finance, testing everything from a 4G-LTE RF certification tool to a mobile alerting app for first responders and nurses. Currently I work for Warner Bros. and am helping them automate hundreds of tests for a new company-wide CMS they are building. In the near future, I want to transition into development, using my testing experience to build meaningful things of high quality and performance.

    I discovered the IndieHackers podcast and site through Code Drip, a YouTube dev channel, and I look forward to connect with all of you. If anyone needs help with testing (functional, performance, visual), I'm happy to help!

  127. 1

    Hi All, I am Eric. I have worked in the technology field for a quite bit of time. My background ranges from application programming, full-stack web development, DevOps, and managing development teams.

    I recently left a startup in a leadership role to focus on my own business. After running a consulting business for a while, I am looking for some inspiration to build Saas based products as side projects as well as helping people with interesting projects

    Hoping to meet like-minded people and get inspiration on product ideas and turn them into reality. Also looking to collaborate with others to learn and help each other.

  128. 1

    Hey - I'm Ante, Founder and CEO of cloudux.io - I've been designing and building our platform for almost a year now and getting ready to launch with our first b2b customer. We raised pre-seed funding last year, and are also gearing up to raise a Seed round later this year! Looking to connect and build relationships with other founders and technologists here.

  129. 1

    Hi all,

    My name is Scott and I live in Denver, Colorado. My background is technical and I am experienced in backend, web-frontend, and data-engineering stacks. Most recently, I was an engineering manager for a team of 4. I left my job earlier this year with the goal of building something that matters. Before I can do that though, I would like to integrate into the community and meet potential business partners.

    I believe the best way to know if you're personally compatible with someone is to just start working on something together. So if you have a small project in mind, let's hack on it and see if we click! Bonus points if you live in Colorado!

  130. 1

    Hi. I am yash.
    I working as a developer for 8 years. Recently I started building a mobile app. I am here for some product ideas, learn about branding, marketing and dev tips

  131. 1

    Hey Rosie Sherry my name is Sphelele Mbatha from South Africa at the age of 23 I'm interested in doing good product of selling things like hoodies and t-shirt both for Winter and Summer wear also willing to learn from others, from what they know and willing to take any guidance and advices cause I can't accomplish anything all by myself. It is my wish to take a first step and learn more cause it been so hard to do everything by myself like going for material, tailor and also printing I think here it will make things easy for me and I'm certain sure there is so much I will will from everyone thank you 💯🤞❤️

  132. 1

    Hey Y'all! I'm Joseph, San Antonio based architect/designer and content creator for a few small brands. I am passionate about architecture and design, videography and starting/working through new ideas. If I'm not starting a business, I'd love to help someone push theirs.

    Right now I'm focused on leveraging the small audience I have and hoping to launch either some type of product or service based on my architectural background. I'm still new to IH and not sure what step to take next but it's good to see people being kept accountable for their goals!

  133. 1

    Hi IndieHackers!
    I'm Don, co-founder of Ladder, a mental wellness assistant powered by data. I'm currently building a startup that aims to empower people with more self-efficacy and advocacy for mental health.

    We've actually JUST launched and I would appreciate any feedback you guys have. Our team is obsessed with feedback and welcome all!

    Check us out at https://myladder.health/

    Excited to join this community!

  134. 1

    Hello! I'm Arjun, an engineering leader & past startup founder. I'm currently working in Santa Monica in education tech, but have a burning desire to bring something new into the world to call my own. I don't have anything formal planned, but I'd like to build a tool or service I would personally use and hope others do too!

    Here's my most recent idea and problem posted right here on indie hackers (made before this introduction ha)


  135. 1

    Hi IH Community! My name is T.J., and I’m a software engineer based in Seattle.

    My goal is to improve the developer experience through education, software tools and storytelling. As more people from all walks of life continue to enter the world of software development it is becoming important to address the status quo of the software development industry as it misses the expectations of work that is rewarding, meaningful, healthy and ethical.

    As a professional of 10+ years, I’ve made a career as a highly collaborative DevOps practitioner. I have been tasked with building processes and tools to make organizations work together effectively and scale sustainably. This was accomplished by communicating directly with the people in positions of high friction to identify sources of pain from their organizations and advocating with management to support strategies and tactics that benefit both workers and business goals.

    My primary goal is to stop fearing judgement and join a community of other content creators while I learn how to be successful as a software blogger for DevOps and Development Experience topics. Additionally, I am also focused on my Rust-based open-source side project OrbitalCI.

  136. 1

    Hi, I'm Rajesh from Brisbane. I'm a software professional wanting to build my own ML project. Wanted to get a first hand experience of building a product from ground up and running. Not so concerned about the end state. But i do have a clear vision of what I will be building.

    I hope this forum will help me in getting valuable advice, collaboration with like minded peers etc.

  137. 1

    Hey, I am Felipe and I am based in Quito-Ecuador. It's good to meet everyone!
    We are a team of 4 called Tribaly and we are building an AR Game. I lived in San Francisco, London and lots of other places and I am now based in my home town Quito. Come to visit sometime :)

  138. 1

    Hey, I'm Metana. An engineer by training and currently working at my start-up full time - Fuudnet Technology Ltd - as the founder/CEO.

    We build and market digital and technology products in industries of interest.

    Our flagship product is called Fuudzie - a market place bringing the food value chain into one platform for both suppliers and buyers.

    I hope to connect with everyone and learn as much as I can from this community as well as contribute too.

    Excited already.

  139. 1


    I've been following Rosie on Twitter and then thought 'Hey ho, I'm an indiehacker, and community builder, and I should join Indie Hackers'.

    I'm here to learn how to build an online community around The Lifefulness Project. My expertise is around building in-person community, so while there's a lot of similarities there are also big differences.

    My goal is to create products and services that enable people to build soulful company cultures and joyful local communities. I'd love to get help and support, and give help and support.

    Best, S

  140. 1

    Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm from Haiti but raised in Florida and I just moved to San Francisco last year. I'm a Software Engineer currently transitioning to product management to complement my technical skills. My professional career has thus far been in the b2b and finance space Bloomberg, JP Morgan, Lockheed Martin, Ubiquity Wave, but I love to build consumer products. Some fun projects I've worked on is https://mycurlbot.com and https://apps.apple.com/us/app/outventure/id1473453733. I'm starting my master in computer science at Georgia Tech later this year.

    Right now I'm starting a company that takes the work out of finding and booking awesome things to do with friends: boat cruises, jet skiiing, cabin trips etc. I'm inspired by this community of builders and makers and can't wait to be apart of the community!

  141. 1

    Hi, I am a web developer in Sydney, and I'm trying to build my own products. Nice to meet everyone!

  142. 1

    Hi, I'm Gaurang, based in London! I am a Software Developer and an entrepreneur, having worked on diverse technology like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and most recently HR Tech. I am the CEO and Co-founder of https://indorse.io, and our most recent product is Metamorph, a tool which you can use to conduct pulse surveys for the software developers in your team.

    I am excited to join Indie Hackers to get more involved in the community and also to get tips and advise on growing a SaaS product as we continue on our own journey at Indorse!

  143. 1

    Hi all,

    I'm Victoriia. Living in Ukraine.
    Working as a lead generation at a software web and mobile development company https://os-system.com/
    Want to share with you guys with our posts, read your stories, and grow together in a professional sphere.

  144. 1

    Hello world!
    My name is Vladimir, I’m 27 years old. I'm an information security specialist. I have been working on my ARKNet project for the last two years. It’s a platform for secure private communication between a team of employees, clients and partners. During this time, I wrote a software package for the ARKNet server, client servers, and user applications – everything by my own; and now the platform is finally ready for the first users.

    Here’s a website:

    Now I’m looking for like-minded people, who share my interests in creating and developing decentralized and fault-tolerant business tools. I developed ARKNet by myself, that’s why any help for further development of the platform will be highly appreciated!

  145. 1

    Hi I am Hugo, a currently London based software developer and growth hacker.

  146. 1

    Hey, I’m Alistair!

    I’m 21 from Nottinghamshire, UK and currently working as a Full Stack Developer. I’ve recently started my own company and I am developing a web application called ‘Project Fitness’ with the aim of providing personal training and fitness advice and workouts to people interested in health and fitness.

    Looking forward to seeing what projects other people have been up to and hopefully learning something new!

  147. 1

    Hi, IH community

    My name is Sagar and I am a Frontend Developer from India.

    I am here to learn about how to become independent in my profession. A Digital Nomad.

  148. 1

    I'm a software developer from India.
    I'm here to learn about starting a business.

  149. 1

    Hi! I'm Bookoff (it's my nickname), I live in Russia.

    I quit my job a few days ago. I have worked as a product analyst at 3 game developer companies for 5 years. Analyzing data with Python, SQL, and other similar tools was my key competencies.

    Right now, my goal is to create mobile applications for billions of people.

    I already have my own app in AppStore, but user audience is very very very small. I also have two more ideas for the next applications.

    I think this community will help me to stay motivated, and I will be helpful for somebody here.


  150. 1

    Hi, I'm Phong. I am a developer from Vietnam. I have a plan starting a Youtube channel about programming tutorial. This is my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXykqt3V2-9bYXKWZRcH0rA. I like experimenting new tools and creating funny projects so that I create this channel to share the process I create projects.

  151. 1

    Hi I am Riz,

    I am an aspiring social media influencer. I love to work with other startups, businesses and brilliant individuals. I document my journey and success stories of mine and others in video format, podcast and articles to share, collaborate and build a better community! I would love to start my own recruitment, consulting and marketing company. It is still in the beginning phases and would love some feedback from the Indie hackers community. I also specialize in Digital Makrketing, having studied at the number 1 University in Australia, and many certificates in Digital marketing I can also help improve your marteking strategy in the online and off-line platforms as well. In addition, I would like to meet, learn from and collaborate with this brilliant community.

  152. 1

    Hello there, I am Javin Paul, a Java programmer, and blogger. I share my thoughts on HTTP://javarevisited.blogspot.com and HTTP://java67.com, I have been writing Java articles since 2010. Thx

  153. 1


    I am Mohsin. I am co-founder & CTO of an Ed-Tech startup. For the first 5 years of my career, I worked with early stage and mid-sized startups, before I decided to build my own stuff. While working in my last job, created a healthcare startup that got acquired, giving me a chance to go full time. That is when my co-founder and I collaborated and built our 1st product. Since then, him & I have built 5 different products over the past decade:

    • social platform for discussions & debate around current affairs (shut down because couldn't scale it beyond a point)
    • AI Bot for music recommendation based on user's mood (acquired),
    • Blockchain based youtube alternative (shut down)
    • Second screen engagement platform for TV viewers (dormant after a decent revenue and DAU run)
    • Handwritten answers evaluation & online assessment platform for school & colleges (pre-series A and growing)

    Recently, I have started building a few more side projects and am focussing on improving my skills, beyond technology, needed to take off a SaaS product. Most of the products/projects are working on, are focussed more around creating a robust framework to start from an idea and take it to a substantial DAU. Revenue would be a plus obviously, but not really the point of focus.

    Hoping to learn & grow here, seek help and help others in whatever capacity I can.

  154. 1

    Hi I’m A.J. and I’m here because I want to learn coding, think coding is fun and exciting, have some coding ideas, and I wanna learn to build a small online community of support

  155. 1

    Hey! My name is James, I'm from Sydney Australia and I run a digital agency of 8. I'm a mathematician/computer scientist by nature and a creative/designer by nurture. Being focused solely on designing beautiful/functional things, I've lived a world with rose-coloured glasses in the early years of my career - now I'm ready to learn what it takes to GROW a business exponentially. Look forward to learning and contributing to the community.

  156. 1

    Holla! My name is Winifred, I'm a Nigerian, based in Lagos, Nigeria. Currently I'm a digital marketing manager of a consulting firm and a baby shop.

    I'm skilled at graphic designer and natural writer.

    Thank you for setting this age.


  157. 1

    Hello! I'm Diana from Brooklyn :)

    I have 10+ years working in business development at media / tech / adtech companies (Outbrain, Opinary) where I partnered and led deal negotiations with large media co's (CNN, NBC, Conde Nast, etc).

    Earlier this year I decided to take a different path and took over running a small SaaS business focused on Google Ad optimization called Fiuti.com, which focuses on single keyword ad groups (skags). It's been a fun learning curve and I still have a lot to learn about how to scale a SaaS. Would love to find partnership opportunities and/or advice on how to grow it out.

    Also looking to work on additional businesses in growth capacity or take them over full via acquisition.

    Please reach out and say hi :)

  158. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Itai from Israel!
    I'm a Python/Flutter developer who's currently studying Industrial Engineering in hopes to become a Machine Learning beast (well I'm a data enthusiast - so that's no brainier). And right now I want to start working on a SaaS idea I have relating to basketball... so hopefully I'll start developing that by the end of this year!

  159. 1

    Hey y'all! I'm Stefan.

    Up until recently, I was a senior software engineer at a large tech company called Atlassian. I left because I was burnt out on the bureaucracy and communication hurdles that come with development in a large company.

    I've decided to take a step back for a while and do my own thing. For now, I'm working through a list of project ideas and documenting my process along the way via dev blog: https://stefanwithaneff.com

  160. 1

    Hey IH!

    I'm V. I'm a Product Designer and have been working for 5+ Years in different startups building apps and products. In the midst of COVID-19 and due to a general interest to be independent, I have recently switched to a full-time freelance career for the first time in my life.
    I dropped out of college when I was 18 and started working till now, and this is kinda the scariest decision so far. But, I am sure I can spend my time more on the things I can build and take on more interesting projects as a freelancer.

    This is my personal website: https://www.madebyv.xyz


  161. 1

    Hi - I'm Shannon and have my own soulful online marketing agency. My primary focus is building Online dream client/customer experiences and launching courses/products/services Online for those that want to market themselves differently.

    I'm talking about entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, healing, personal development, and coaching space.

    I have over 13 years of experience, working with a lot of the mover and shakers in Online Marketing.

    My goal is to create one to many products/courses to help people create Online dream client/customer experience and launch their courses/products/services. Instead of primarily working for clients as a consultant, I want to venture out and coach/teach. I'm almost finished with my Soulful Marketing & Launch Planner program. My goal is to finish it this week. It's an upsell to my optin page.

    If you need help with building your audience online and getting conversions with launches and customer experiences, then reach out to me here. I'd love to help you!

  162. 1

    Hi Community! I am Zeba Parkar from Atlanta, USA.
    I am an engineer by training, and have been working as a full-time entrepreneur for the last couple of years. I am mostly a physical products person and have been dedicating most of my time in building a company around custom fit shoes designed based on the shape of your foot. I currently started a software side project (www.plantswapper.com) building a web application to help plant enthusiasts share, sell and showcase their plant collection. I learning from this community and also helping out with anything I can.

  163. 1

    Hey everyone, my name is Sam. I run two companies right now...not by choice.

    I've boostrapped Snapbar (www.snapbar.com) for the past 8 years with my brother. We were, until 3 months ago, a busy event services company that specialized in photo and video booth products and technology.

    COVID-19 derailed the events industry, though, and about 99% of that business with it.

    We went from #473 on the Inc 5000 list last year to barely surviving this one. We grew Snapbar from $0 in 2012 to 3.1 million in 2019. We were on track to have a pretty fabulous 2020.

    Anyway, in March, we had to change most of what we were doing. We had a full-time team of 18 and no revenue coming in. In fact, we were bleeding cash because of all the event refunds we owed that were cancelling more than 30 days out.

    So, on March 11th we had an idea to pivot and we launched a new site on March 18th called Keep Your City Smiling (www.keepyourcitysmiling.com). It's a gift box company that supports small businesses in cities around the US.

    Within the first 3 months of KYCS we got to 500k in revenue. It's been a wild ride so far.

    At the same time, Snapbar has been working on trying to stay relevant and about a month ago we launched a new photo booth product we call Virtual Booth which is growing steadily.

    Good to be here. Excited to learn. I'm a big fan of bootstrapping. While independence and freedom are big parts of my attraction to it, I also love the creative, hiring, and strategic constraints it puts on people and companies.


  164. 1

    Hi all! I am the founder of a mobility start-up in Latin America, we raised our first US$100,000 before the virus, and now we are waiting until things come back to normal (it's a shared service). In the meanwhile I am launching a second start-up, this time focused on retail. I am happy that I found this community! Best!

  165. 1

    Hi there! I'm Camila. Excited to be a part of this ambitious and driven community :)

    I just graduated in Computer Science and will soon be moving to DC mid-pandemic. I really enjoyed working on startup ideas and digital platforms in college and want to continue to do so.

    My current side project is a visual analysis of MLB batters' strengths and weaknesses to help inform pitchers on how/what to pitch for any given player. We're hoping to launch sometime in August!
    Not sure what side project I'll pick up afterwards but that's part of the fun.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all and seeing what we can build together!

  166. 1

    Hi all! I'm Arutyun. Based in London, UK.

    I recently finished my PhD in Aerospace materials and have started work at a Strategy & Innovation consultancy. Looking to work with start-ups and VCs so I'm here to listen, learn and collaborate :). Drop me a message if you want to bounce an idea or looking for help on anything and everything.

    Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in 2020!

  167. 1

    Hi all, I'm Davidson.

    I'm a long time "one man band" filmmaker (www.bigfootage.net) and have been learning Python in the past year or so. I am now trying to finish my first SAAS product - an audio / video transcription, SRT, and title generation service. At this point, I have a decent understanding of Python (and several working scripts!) but getting those programs online in the form of 100% usable "apps" is totally new for me (currently on the Flask + Heroku part of my journey). I'm very DIY-minded and have really enjoyed the challenge of this whole process. I'm a big fan of the Indie Hackers podcast, which has been a great source of information and inspiration, and am excited to finally participate in the community.


  168. 1

    Heya everyone.

    Im Anesh Pillay, Im an entrepreneur and spiritual motivational coach.

    Im very happy to get started in this community and I promise to bring value different forms.

    Hope we can work and grow together connect wit me if you want I will gladly say hey.

  169. 1

    Hello Rosie! This is Nkatha Jackim from Mombasa, Kenya.I am new continuing with a course with Udemy and we are continue with coding we have done our first landing page and i would learn more from this community as i would like to start a project for my startup business.I will be glad if i could get a helping hard.Thank you.

  170. 1

    Hi everybody! Fernando here, from Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦. Excited to join the community and learn from everybody.

    I'm launching a productized service and community on https://mindfold.co/ - aimed at marketing team leaders who want to use mental models to optimize their work.

    Hope everyone's having a great start to the week!

  171. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Klara and I'm happy to be a part of this community :) Feel free to Dm me if you want to chat.

    1. 1

      Hey klara

  172. 1

    Hello IH! I'm Konstantine.

    I have worked in several digital companies and startups over the years. Currently, I am working at Contentful as an SEO.

    My goal is to learn more about the ins and outs of SEO, get good at JavaScript and see what side projects I can get started on. By joining IH I am hoping to share my own insights, as well insights from professionals I know, on anything interesting to the community. I am excited to be part of this community :)

    I also hope to eventually get started on my own side projects!

  173. 1

    Hey Indy Hackers, I'm happy to have found this community! I love listening, reading, meeting passionate people of any fields.

    After YEARS of trying to complete, or at least start, a side project, I've accomplished It yesterday! A web app for a friend. An herbarium built with Angular and Firebase.

    After A LOT of failures and A LOT of errors and stress, finally I manager to finish something for fun, something usefull for someone.

    This personal win gave me a lot of energy. I can finish something, wow, beyond my job as junior full stavo developer.

    Now I want more. I'm searching for something fun to do, some field to master!

    I want to take my time, some weeks maybe, searching, reading, listening, thinking, askying me the right questions with one goal: to find a passion.

    Have a great day.

  174. 1

    Hi everyone! I’m Rafael. I have a degree in Materials Engineering and now I'm starting my second degree, in Data Science. I had a 'one man' company from 2014 to 2020, which went really well until the pandemics started. I'm really excited with the Data Science universe and, for now, what I want is to connect with people here and to be able to work in the DS field soon. Because I love math, coding and statistics. I'm really looking forward to meet some great people here! :)

  175. 1

    Hey, I'm Alex. 👋 I actually work on my own projects, such as science data learning, Artifficial Intelligence and Machine Learning. If someone wants to know, YES, I work at Google as a software engineer for the past 10 years.

    My goal is to make a machine learning app, like a learning videogame, where the computer must understand and learn how to play.

    I hope we all have a great time! Thank you for reading my comment!

  176. 1

    Hi IH! I'm Jens. I bootstrapped my SaaS company Benchmarking Alliance (http://www.benchmarkingalliance.com/) into a profitable business, left daily operations in 2017 to join a VC firm but my dream was always to somehow make a living from "knowledge". Will be looking for ways to do so - could be through hacking, teaching, investing in EdTech companies or otherwise.

  177. 1

    Was searching for solutions to automate a couple of workflows and landed here. The no-code community and side projects are amazing.

  178. 1

    Hello indiehackers community! I’m Adam . To keep it short am looking for an opportunity to invest, partner, license, franchise a concept/idea/business that has already been tried and tested to the UK/Gulf Market . Comment away please, thank you.

  179. 1

    Hi! I'm Gina.

    I've always been drawn to the Indie Hacker-lifestyle but haven't been able to commit to any particular project. I struggle with feeling like I need to understand the nitty-gritty of getting a website up-and-going so that I'm not dependent on finding a technical co-founder/external vendors and can reuse those skills for future websites. But then the flip side is I don't think it's the best use of my time to focus on those things. I can understand how to build apps conceptually and at a high-level technical design but not enough to start coding, find hosting, etc. Would love to talk to anyone that either 1) decided to teach themselves how to code and be self-sufficient or 2) found a co-founder or funded external development.

    Some topics/possible business ideas that have interested me is content around Product Management, software around advocacy amplification, and vendor/consultancy rating site (Yelp for Big Consulting Companies).

    I'm a B2B Product Manager based in Seattle by day and always love to talk to more people about the problems they're trying to solve. Drop me a note!

  180. 1

    Hi all,

    I just discovered this website off a google search for "Ways to share your side project", and immediately registered on hitting the land page. It looks like an amazing group, doing exactly the kind of stuff I'm interested in. I'm excited to learn more!

    I like putting together side projects for different things I'm interested in. My general approach is to come up with an idea, build a website in react, a service to back it in python, and then try to share it with people.

    I'm interested in machine learning, writing, podcasts, YouTube, and web development. I've made a few minor websites, written a couple medium posts, and have a small YouTube channel. Eager to do much more in the future!

  181. 1

    Hi everyone!
    I'm Juan, I'm a software developer. I was looking for ideas to start a side project and I just arrived here, you guys seem to be a cool community :D

  182. 1


    My name is Ben and I run a website over at https://www.fantasyfootballdatapros.com where we use coding and data science to win at Fantasy Football.

    I currently have released one product - a course on how to apply Python and Machine Learning to Fantasy Football. The course has been a success so far and I'm ready to move on to bigger things with the site. Over the next couple months, leading up to Fantasy Football drafts in August, I plan on releasing a couple more products including a subscription-based analytics portal that leverages several Machine Learning algorithms to help users make data-informed Fantasy Football picks.

  183. 1

    Hello IHackers 👋 I hope you are doing well. I am AK

    I am a non-technical founder currently working on a side project revolving around summarizing and organizing video content. I am looking for technical co-founder who could help me in building an MVP and test out the idea!

    I am based out of Iowa and work as a product owner at a startup called BarnTalk. Its like Nest for the livestock industry.

    If you are interested in learning more about BarnTalk or my side project, connect with me on LinkedIn @ annamalai-kathirkamanathan. I am down to zoom over a cup of coffee 😀

    Thanks @rosiesherry for helping me out!

  184. 1

    👋 Hey there indiehackers!
    🚀 I am a Toronto-based science fiction set designer in the TV industry (Star Trek, The Expanse).
    🌉 I first discovered XR at TechCrunch Disrupt in SF about 4 years ago and have been hooked on VR (especially TiltBrush) ever since.
    🧠 I am deeply interested in the intersection of VR and psychology, especially storytelling and mental wellbeing. In September I'll be retiring from film to start research at the University of Waterloo, looking at the cognitive neuroscience of spatial thinking.
    🏰Funnelling all my prior experience and the results of my research into my long term side project, Palace Path. A virtual space for real life personal transformation. (palacepath.com)
    Will eventually need a technical co-founder but am currently learning C# to build some semblance of an MVP on my own.

  185. 1

    Hello IHackers! I'm currently part of a successful startup that raised a couple of rounds of angel and VC capital and going strong. I've some ideas that I'm reviewing for market viability, but do not have time to implement any time soon. Anyway, looking forward to some great interactions with you all.

  186. 1

    Hi IHers, I'm Javier.

    I've always worked in private sector and now building a product as a side project called HTTP Sink, like RequestBin in its V1 but design from the ground to serve as an API mockup and integration hub with other APIs.

    I've been here in IH for a while using my personal account, now using an account with the app domain. Baby steps.


  187. 1

    hi i'm eyan

  188. 1

    Hello indiehackers community! I’m Julian Castillo 👋 . I to keep it short am looking for an opportunity for a unicorn business and cofounders. Comment away please, thank you.

  189. 1

    Hi everyone!

    Anas here. I'm a developer who love to build beautiful and useful stuff.
    I'm interested in different and various topics going from productivity to nba, or recyclable materials. I try to read, learn and practice as much as I can, even-though it's never enough!

    My goal is to work 100% on my projects.

    1. 1

      Great! What are your products?

  190. 1

    Hi I'm Eduardo, software developer from Colombia 🇨🇴

    I have been coding for a few years now. Been working on the payments industry in LATAM.

    I want to build something for my own.

    Sometimes I get some ideas then I think that everything is already built in, coming up with good ideas is kind of hard.
    Looking for some inspiration on IH. Looking good so far 😊

  191. 1

    Hi, I'm David, a frontend developer looking for exciting new opportunities

  192. 1

    Hi there! 👋

    I’m Marta and I’m a Product Manager from Spain who loves the little bits of IH’s twitter. I’m now thinking about a new side project related to remote user research/discovery for Spanish-speakers PMs & designers.

    See you around!

  193. 1

    Hey y’all - long time lurker, first time poster here. We’ve been through a real journey over the last 8 years, growing the Burner app from 0 to north of $10m in app store revenue. I’ve always enjoyed being of help to others on a similar journey and am looking to do more. I would be especially happy to help any under-represented founders, or those considering VC vs non-VC paths.

  194. 1

    Olá comunidade, eu sou Alex
    Eu entendo de computadores mas não entendo nada de programação, espero aqui me aprofundar bem em criar apps para ter uma renda futuramente.
    Uma boa sorte a todos

  195. 1

    Hi everyone!

    I'm an entrepreneur from Portugal with more than 15 years experience working with NET Core and Xamarin for building great applications! Built the software for one of the biggest portuguese delivery food company with web and mobile apps and courier delivery real time tracking and so on.

    Currently looking for ideas and people who can get me into the right track for building our product/service!

  196. 1

    Hi everyone
    Up to now I have worked with dozens of tech-entrepreneurs and helped them stand out in their category. Also the host of a podcast(Value Inspiration) with the purpose to share compelling stories about the value we can unlock when tech & people blend in the right way.
    That inspired me to publish a book about that this year (The Remarkable Effect) in which I dig deep into the question: What's the secret behind the software companies we keep talking about. That became a framework of 10 different traits. I am now part of an early stage startup - and that drove me to become part of Indie Hackers.

  197. 1

    Hey hi community I am Pranay, a student and presently learning web application development . I here to learn new things and meet new people in my programming journey

  198. 1

    Hey everyone. When can I call myself an Indie Hacker? I'm an experienced dev but I've never launched my own product. That's my aim right now. Hopefully I can contribute to this community on my journey.

  199. 1

    Having started a couple of businesses, I'm passionate about helping others with great ideas succeed as well as learning from them! Mistakes are expensive and soul destroying whereas getting it right is amazing! So good luck to you all! Oh, and I'm Paul and after 20 years of working in tech firms, this is my second business which is non-tech. Hi all!

  200. 1

    Hi, I'm Hasan!

    I've been working in the Product Owner role for the past 2 years within companies looking to take digital products to the market. On the side, I am a Wordpress Developer and I build websites as a freelancing gig. Very recently I have co-founded a business which aims to provide freelancers and business owners outside of the US and UK with access to Stripe & PayPal.

    Looking forward to being part of this wonderful community!

  201. 1

    Hello, I'm Keira!

    I have spent the last few weeks designing my website and will be launching it officially today! I specialise in creating hand-drawn digital illustrations of people's pets so please check out my website at www.khpetprints.com and let me know what you think!

    My goal is to enhance my marketing on google, facebook and instagram so any advice would be much appreciated.

  202. 1


    I am co-founding my first business in the web-development market. Our ideas and execution set us apart from anything available. We stand on the shoulders of giants so to speak and we want to give back when we can.

    I'm looking forward to the launch of our platform but with every day that passes a new set of problems and their solutions come to mind, and the launch date seems to be further away for that reason.

    I am here to learn if I can, help if I can, keep myself motivated and maybe talk to like-minded individuals before and after we manage to launch and get our first batch of customers.

  203. 1

    Hi I am Joachim.

    I am experienced software developer from the Netherlands.
    I've been working mostly in the creative digital content creation industry accept for a short stint working at a large-scale research facility for over a decade.
    I've gone to be freelancer about two and half years ago working on project basis and have also been working on my own business ideas.

    My main focus now is the "holly triangle" of Deep Learning, Computer Graphics & Computer Vision. Got lots of large very ambitious ideas. However I might be very good on development and product design & strategy. I certainly not that experienced when it comes to business & customer strategy, growth & development, marketing, sales and all these other more soft skill type of things.

    Goal for this year is to get one of those ideas of mine into a proper business that hopefully can sustain itself and organically grow over time.

  204. 1

    Hey guys 😀

    I'm an Internet Marketer with a ton of experience in growing client-based businesses to six-figures quickly. I primarily use Sales Funnels & Facebook Ads to bring in 50-90 leads/booked calls per month for client based businesses, expert entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants & course creators.

    Huge marketing nerd, I study marketing, copywriting, funnels & conversions non-stop!

    My big goal is to currently take my own client business to 7-figures by the end of 2020. Look forward to connecting with all you indie hackers and exchange ideas on how to grow businesses profitably!

    1. 1

      Hey arnav

  205. 1

    Hey All,

    I am a senior engineer with experience to build massive scale (500K QPS) & highly critical microservices, many mobile apps/sites etc. Apart from work, I love pursuing innovative ideas and technologies. I recently quit my job to start working for myself.

    I am here to learn how to build my own profitable business in 2020 and collaborate with people who share the same passion.

  206. 1

    Hey Guys! My name is Greg.

    I'm an programming enthusiast, who is really interested in starting his own business. As of now, I'm working as a Quality Analyst at a local multinational company, which I enjoy, but I feel like it's not enough for me, and I want to work on my dreams, not someone else's. However, it has given me the oppurtunity to learn a lot of things, and get paid in the process, so I am more than grateful.
    As for technical skills, I have been using mainly Python for the past two years, but I have also learned Java. My main intererst right now, is web development, and right now, I am focusing on learning about Django and Angular.
    The two things I enjoy the most are learning new things, and teaching. In the past year or so, I've had lots of different ideas, but I feel like teaching is something I want to focus on the most in the long run. However, to be a good teacher, I need real life experience, so I'm currently trying to start doing some freelance work, as well as teaching.
    My ultimate goal is to provide useful educational content on youtube, as well as launching an educational site (This site would be in hungarian, as it is my mother tongue), where I would teach programming. Making some money off of this is something I want, but is not the primary goal.

  207. 1


    I am a senior technology enthusiast, here to explore more ideas and how this community works and to learn something from here to start my entrepreneurial journey.

  208. 1

    Hi All,
    My name's Chris and I've just completed the launch of my app, Magic Reader 2 (https://www.magicreader.mobi) - an app to teach kids how to read English through phonics. It was a bit of a slog so I thought I'd look on line to find support and fellow travellers on the startup journey.

    I'm from the UK but currently based in Beijing. I've been building up my coding skills over the last year and a half and am now pretty decent, especially in Swift (IoS). I'm looking forward to carrying out more projects in the future, so looking forward to meeting and chatting with likeminded people. :) Take care for now.

  209. 1

    Hey Rosie, I'm David Herbert, a newbie coder who wants to master the art of programming and build awesome things. I give up on things pretty easily which is why am joining communities that might help me stay focused until I achieve my goal and ambitions.

  210. 1

    Hey IH community ! I’m Azeem

    I need some suggestions for earning online

  211. 1

    Hello, awesome people! I'm Subham. I'm working as a full-stack developer and really enjoy development. I have 3 years of experience working for an MNC and now I'm working at a startup developing a SaaS platform. I work with Meteor JS and AWS.

    I was looking out for some interesting work on Upwork. If anyone wants me to complement/synergies their skills and build something, it would be fun.

    I'm interested in finance, reading books, playing the guitar, and solving puzzles.

    1. 1

      Hey fellow reader, what's your favorite book?

      1. 1

        I recently read Sapiens and that is an awesome one. Others are 12 against the gods, Zero to One an Made in America ( Sam Walton ).

  212. 1

    Hi IndieHacker community!

    I am Amogh, spent 8+ years in tech as a Product manager, and have launched 2 startups previously.

    Currently I am building GlobalHome - Marketplace for discovering pre-vetted International Properties.
    This month, we launched it for Non-resident Indians (NRIs) who are looking to buy properties in India

    Goal for 2020 is to launch and validate in two markets - India (residential properties for NRIs) and Mexico (vacation homes for US residents)

    Looking for feedback on GlobalHome, and connecting with growth hackers and prop-tech partners.

  213. 1

    Hi all! Joe here. I currently work as a developer advocate at my day job. I joined IH because I want to write an ebook and launch content products. Looking forward to meeting other content creators!

    1. 1

      That's really cool, what kind of content products?

      1. 1

        Mostly ebooks, PDFs, and bundles (with video content). Kinda like what you see offered from Recfactoring UI or other groups selling tiers (like a book at the lowest bundle and then videos plus the book at the highest tier). We'll see though!

        1. 1

          Oh so gumroad type products?
          I hadn't heard of refactoring ui until now. Thanks, I've been looking for a way to actually learn to make a good UI

          1. 1

            Yeah more or less! Here's another example (fellow IH @swyx) https://www.learninpublic.org/

            Oh awesome. I'm glad to hear that!

            1. 1

              Sweet, definitely an interesting business model

  214. 1

    It's time! I'm Josh, long time lurker, first time poster. Lets do this!!!

  215. 1

    Hi, This is Ganesh. I am a corporate strategist and hoping to learn about this exciting area and hopefully contribute in time.

  216. 1

    Good one

  217. 1

    Hello, I am an aspiring computer science student trying to find some projects to work on

  218. 1

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