March 8, 2020

Welcome, introduce yourself! (Week of Mar 8th)

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Rosie here -- the Indie Hackers community manager. Welcome! 👋

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First, introduce yourself!

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    Hi all!
    My name's David - I'm a full-stack developer - primarily using a serverless stack of aws cognito / dynamodb / lambdas (python) / s3 (react static site).

    I am currently working on a social enterprise startup aiming to get businesses to integrate charitable incentives into their conversion flows. - Think "I will plant a tree for every person that signs up". Hoping to further expand into consumer markets who are looking to contribute to social causes.

    I can always use design and copy feedback!

    I look forward to meeting people on this platform!

    1. 2

      I love this idea. LeaveMeAlone did this (tree planting) and I opted in for it.

      I don't like how the big companies do it, they make it feel dry and like it probably doesn't have real impact. I always worry that the end charity won't get the fair cut at the end too.

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    My name is Steven and I will graduate with my BS in information technology in 3 months. I have been mostly self taught as a programmer. This year I have set a goal to start working for myself and create websites for customers wanting to expand or improve their business.

  3. 4

    Hi Rosie! I am software engineering with 14 years of experience in software development. I joined this great community to learn and find a potential co-founder for my next startup. Thanks!

    1. 1

      Be sure to have a look at our Looking to Partner Up group, but also just try to get to know people. The forum is great for that as are local IH type meet ups.

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    hi my wife and myself owns 2 companies in singapore. we have decent income but end up we dont have time. We are here to seek partners as well as learning how to build a online business which dobt eat into our valuable time. thanks

    1. 1

      Nice! Fellow singaporean fam!

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    Hi Rosie, I'm a student up for some small project and some guidance from this platform.

  6. 4


    I'm a "starter" from Istanbul. I started my company 9 years ago, but it went out of business last year. Now I want to go back to basics and start over.

    1. 1

      Sorry to hear that about your business. I hope you can find a way through here to start up again.

      1. 1

        Thanks Rosie. I hope I'll find a way. Burnout and depression is real. People should talk about these aspects of entrepreneurship too.

        1. 1

          Yes, it's definitely not always easy. I went through my own burnout in my previous business.

          We also have a Self Care group to try to help talk about it too.

  7. 3

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Farida. I currently work as a registered nurse. I am an aspiring beautypreneur. My goal is to use all the knowledge I have acquired in healthcare and healthy living to translate that into the beauty industry. I am passionate about safe haircare for black women so my first purpose is to produce a 100% natural safe and sustainable hair care line for black women who wear their natural hair. I joined Indie hackers to find some inspiration in my journey and hope to inspire others along the way.

    1. 2

      oooo we should connect. Working in a similar space :)

      1. 2

        Absolutely Rita. I would love to connect with you. What works best for you?

        1. 1

          My email is [email protected]
          I think it'll be easier to connect there

    2. 1

      Hey Farida, My wife and I use to own a salon (she is still in the biz) for 20 years. I'm a developer, researching opportunities in healthcare. Maybe we can trade industry info!

  8. 3

    Loving what I'm seeing so far, you got a great community here. Happy to have stumbled in!

  9. 3

    Hi Rosie! I am a soon-to-be Electrical Engineering graduate. My Co-Founder and I have just launched our mobile application Prospre that generates meal plans for specific nutritional goals. I want to learn how we can increase our retention. I would love to learn about mobile analytics, and communicating with early adopters to help improve our product.

    1. 1

      Just checked it out. Nice work. I will start playing with it from now on.

      1. 1

        Hey ACGOFF, thanks for the compliment! So glad to have you checking it out. You can always reach me on here on IH if you have any feedback! I would love to hear about your experience with the product.

  10. 3

    Hi Rosie! I am a Software Developer and I am highly motivated to develop new innovative things.I always wanted to start my startup but I don't no where to start from and how to be successful and that is why I am here to learn from the community.

  11. 3

    Hi Rosie! I'm a freelance sports photographer based in Texas. My portfolio is online at My goal is to help teams, athletes, and brands craft meaningful stories through compelling visuals. I primarily shoot soccer, although I have experience shooting a variety of sports. I'm working on strategies to find new clients and outlets for my work, developing a stronger portfolio, and improving inbound marketing strategies. I can't wait to grow and learn as a part of this community! Any tips on where to start here for sports photography?

    1. 1

      Hey, looks cool. You might wish to connect with - she's in TX, too, and super-friendly. Feel free to mention my name if you reach out.

      1. 1

        Thanks so much for the suggestion, I'll definitely take a look!

    2. 1

      Oh, that's an interesting niche. Some great photos there too.

      Have you thought about creating stories around these? Or a newsletter-esque type approach?

      1. 1

        Thanks for taking a look! I've thought a bit about it as I have experience building emails in a variety of platforms, but I would love some suggestions about where you think this could go. I don't see many photographers combining photos and stories themselves, so maybe there is an opportunity to do a bi-weekly or monthly long-form email on an interesting topic related to an event I shot. I'm also toying around with the idea of starting a podcast about sports and using that to complement my sports photography (hosted on a different domain). Or I could host long-form stories on the website and begin sharing them on social media. I appreciate your advice!

  12. 2


    My name's Colin. Ex-startup CTO based in the UK. I'm looking for ideas and maybe someone to work on a side small startup with. Not looking to try and create the next Google :)

    Near London, but, ideally looking to be remote :)

    1. 1

      Hi Colin, would love to chat about your experience as a CTO in the UK Startup Space

    2. 1

      Hi Colin, I'm Brendan. Who knows, you may yet build the next tech giant! I'd love to be a part of it though.

  13. 2

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Louis, and I'm the owner and Content Success Manager at No Strings Content. We provide Blog Management, Content Marketing, and Content Creation services to help businesses establish, engage with, and expand their audiences.

    After dedicating some time to developing the site away from the bootstrapped version, I'm now focusing on marketing and scaling the business. I'm excited for what the future holds for NSC, as well as engaging with all of you!

    If you're interested in collaborating on some content, feel free to reach out at any time!

    I look forward to networking with all of you on the IndieHackers platform!

    1. 1

      Hey Louis - nice to see another blogger/content guy here. Your website looks great!

      1. 1

        Hey jas_hothi. Thanks! Hoping all is well on your end :)

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Ben and I'm a full stack software engineer primarily working on Laravel and React projects. In January 2018, I started a project called Sprint Boards ( which I had initially created as a small internal tool for my colleagues and friends to use, but it has since morphed into a product of its own!

    It's an online retrospective tool for Agile developers: for the less nerdy audience, it's a tool that software engineers use during their technical meetings. 🙂

    But despite that, I've learned from user feedback that some companies use it for other purposes too – such as gathering feedback or ideas from their employees, managing reminder lists and even as a simple project management tool. It can be used in a wide variety of meetings.

    Starting this project has been the best decision I have ever made: it has allowed me to follow my dream of working independently and running my own business. There is still a long way to go, but I am so thrilled with the progress over the past two years.

    Any feedback on Sprint Boards would be warmly welcome and greatly appreciated.


  15. 2

    Hii all
    My name's Shivam - I am a UI developer. I would like to share my knowledge with all I hope any buddy need my help, please tell me

  16. 2

    Hi Rosie,

    I'm excited to be apart of the community. My name is Colton. I'm a full-stack software developer. Rails is my stack of choice. I'm enjoying learning from @excid3 and being apart of his GoRails community as well. I left my job at the end of 2019 to chase my dream of starting my own business. I'm currently working as a freelance developer during the day and working on building my first SaaS product on nights and weekends. My goal is $2000 MRR by the end of 2020.

    1. 1

      Awesome @ko1ton 🤘Great to have you in the community! What's your SaaS?

      1. 1

        @excid3 I have a client that is needing a custom LMS that I think that I can re-sell to other companies in their industry. The client has agreed to help cover part of the initial development costs in exchange for a reduced monthly price once it's ready. Seems like a pretty good deal if I can actually get other companies to sign up.

        1. 1

          Great! Have any leads on other companies that might want it? I'd probably start trying to chat with them immediately and see if I can get them to help fund development early on as well.

  17. 2

    Hi! I'm new. My name is Milos. :) I'm part of a startup called Hummguide which is a travel marketplace app.
    Nice to meet you all.

  18. 2

    Hello everyone, this is Jon from whatifi. By day, I run a visual effects company in Vancouver that creates digital magic for movies and TV projects. Evenings and weekends, we're taking some of the creative workflows and techniques from the exciting world of VFX and applying them to the boring and dry world of.... personal finance...

    No spreadsheets. No formulas. All visual.

    Whatifi sell my house and move to another city? Whatifi change careers, get a raise, start a family or take a year off? Whatifi inherit money? Whatifi can't make my budget cover my student loans?

    Think mind-mapping where people can create spider webs of decisions and options and visually connect them all together to visually build multiple financial scenarios and then run financial calculations through all of those unique threads. If-this-then-that....

    We're pretty far along. Going live in a few weeks. Looking to connect with other founders as we transition from ideas to reality. Expecting some lumps and bumps as we get feedback and try to build more traction.

    Two flavours to our product:

    One is a B2C version (this is the one we will be releasing first) for everyday people to build and share financial plans and scenarios with their family and friends -

    The second is a B2B2C product for Financial Advisors and Planners to use with their clients -

    Looking forward to learning more about how other folks are hacking their early phases.

  19. 2

    Hi New Friends!

    I'm Brett– I'm Director, Marketing & Sales for my best friend's startup, Marpipe :D

    He's the CTO, building a SaaS platform that tells you exactly which colors, copy, products, models, prices, etc. to use in your ads!!

    You can use our software to make 100s of ads at a time, auto-launch them all, then analyze creative data.

    I'm here b/c I'm currently transitioning from a enterprise sales role to a SaaS marketing role. What I need the most right now is to find all the reasons why someone might use our platform.

    For your feedback, I can offer you a seat to our 'invite-only' beta ;)

    We hope to launch in the next few months.

    Be Safe, Rich, & Loved,

    1. 1

      Wow that looks absolutly awesome. I wouldn't mind trying this when you launch it! :D
      Cheers, Elliot

      1. 1

        Hi Elliot,

        What's your email? I'll add you to the list :D

        Feel free to email me too: [email protected]

        Be Safe, Rich, & Loved,

  20. 2

    Hi all!

    My name is Aram, I am from Armenia, Yerevan. My main specialty is Molecular Physics but I am also a full stack developer. Additionally, I have been running a software development company, Fifth LLC, for 7 years in Yerevan.

    I am here to be part of the community where I can share my experience, get acquainted with people. Also, if somebody is in need of development services or wants to partner up and build something beautiful, feel free to contact me.

    I heard about indie hackers from my friend and I am excited to join this wonderful community.

  21. 2

    Hi Everyone!
    My name's Faizan- I am SEO & PPC Expert - I am a Computer Science Graduate working in Botsify as SEO Expert

  22. 2

    Hi, I'm Ngan. I am currently staying in Vietnam and starting to work on my own project which my partner and I are really passionate about. We are so far in the beginning stage of the project.
    We have a certain amount of time in management roles. The idea for our project came up during this working time since we started noticing some deep problems besides a manager's daily tasks. My current task is to study further about the managers' pains so we can see how our product can solve some of the current problems the managers are facing. I'm glad to join the community here. Thanks!

  23. 2

    Hello, Complete noob to laravel/vue but am starting the journey to create an app for a couple different projects. One is home management, helping busy parents manage their shopping better. Second is a hunting/fishing for where we live in Alaska. Looking to get something off the table during the 2020 year, even if small.
    Open to partners, or technical expertise as this process has been a steep learning curve. Excited to learn and hopefully make some money as well.

    Cheers All

  24. 2

    Hi all!

    I am Ansal, a software engineer, primarily focusing on web application development using Python & Javascript.

    Excited to be here and hoping to learn a lot from all of you!

  25. 2

    Hi all!

    My name is Jasmine Chen. I'm a private equity/hedge fund investor turned entrepreneur, creator of comprehensive cognitive training Capsule ( Our science-backed mental wellness and management soft-skills curriculum + training serves teams, companies, and soon, consumers.

    I'd love design and copy feedback, and as well, am in the midst of developing 2.0 of the product. I look forward to meeting inspirational founders and sharing tips and encouragement!

  26. 2

    Heyo 👋...20+ years experience as a founder\entrepreneur and engineer. Tons of experience with web, mobile, and enterprise products. Expertise in health & wellness, finance, music, and advocacy. For a bit more check out

    My greatest asset: I've made tons of mistakes. Fortunately, I've made a few good decisions too ;)

    Here to share ideas and learn from all of you!

    1. 2

      🍻I'll drink to that. Cheers to your very much under rated greatest assets!

  27. 2

    Hi Rosie! I am an Enterprise Architect and Technical Manager with 20 years of experience in IT. I designed large systems worth 15 million and developed by more than 50 developers. My day job is not that exciting, I am passionate about solving complex business problems with the latest technologies. I occasionally code to stay up to date with the latest technologies. I worked at CTO for a medical startup and I am currently exploring ideas to build SaaS platforms. During the idle time, I like bicycling and monitoring industry trends in technology

  28. 2

    Hi All, I'm Gab and I'm putting together some market tests on a business on industry research/market intelligence. If you're looking out to build something and create a sustainable business, you need to know which industries and the meaningful entry points. I'm very happy to help you with that using my software. I'm in early product ideation and appreciate any feedback on the landing page -
    Kind regards.

  29. 2

    Hi everyone! Yalçın here. I am a marketing analytics consultant at We help early stage products validate their business model and growth stage companies scale their paid ad spend. We recently launched a data integration tool that enables people to do better marketing attribution. I am interested in learning from the community and connect with data-driven marketing professionals.

    1. 1

      Hi Yalcin,

      Have you used Fake Doors + MVT for validation?

      My CEO recently wrote an article on this method:

      Let me know what you think :D

  30. 2

    Hey everyone 👋 Excited to join! Been a long-time lurker but haven't started posting until yesterday! I’m from Kazakhstan, went to NYU and now in Palo Alto, CA.

    I'm working on curating and writing content focused on how no/low code tools can improve and automate startup ops. Called it "Automagic" and kinda loving that : ) This branched off from some consulting work that I was doing on the same subject.

    I posted a more thourough introduction on the product's IH page here:

  31. 2

    Hi everyone, I'm Tom, I'm an attorney for a tech company and based in Washington D.C. Have been learning to code for several years, mainly Rails.

    Have been working on a project in the veterinary field.

    If any of that sounds interesting please reach out! Looking to meet/chat with likeminded folks.

  32. 2

    My name is Johnny. I am a struggling future entrepreneur trying to find a business to start. Please help in pointing me to the right direction. More about me here:

    1. 1

      Ask good, focused and specific questions and the community will come and help you.

  33. 2

    Hi, Freddie here.

    Currently work as a full-stack developer primarily using Node.js and React.

    I had some success with my own web business when I was younger and am looking to get back into this and start something again.

    Hoping to meet likeminded people both on and offline.

  34. 2

    Hey there! I'm Cristian and I'm a Java software architect, formerly a co-founder and technical director at a video streaming startup. Lately I've been working remotely on enterprise software projects doing code reviews and Java Spring back-end development. The enterprise software world is kinda boring so I'm looking to contribute to a more dynamic startup as I miss my own days of start-up-ing. I'm not at all good with sales and marketing so I would be eager to meet some founders who have those skills and I could do the coding.

    1. 1

      Hi Cristian!

      When looking for marketers and salespeople, imo, the #1 trait to look for is willingness to test and learn.

      Good luck!
      Brett from marpipe :D

  35. 2

    Hi! I'm Simone and I'm a full stack developer in Italy.
    I made a chrome extension called Sniperrr that allow you to snipe for cards on fifa ultimate team webapp. I would like to meet new people and ask for help to spread the word!

  36. 2

    Hey Everyone,
    My name is Alex, I am a jack of all trades. I code, I design, I do business development @ companies like IBM. I am fed up with corporate and am looking to start being a full creative!
    My first project is a daily hours tracker.
    I have tracked each and every hour for the last two years and have build a web app that links directly with google sheets so is server less and allows the user to own all their data! Tracking has helped me focus on what is important to me and highlighted where I waste time. Consequently, I focus more on triathlon and less on Reddit and Facebook than before!

    I would love to help any and everyone with design, product, or business!

    1. 1

      Sounds interesting, I hope you can share it with us when the time is right. Sounds like the productivity geeks would be keen to see that.

      I think I'll go on a run that I've been procrastinating now!

    2. 1

      Hi. Can I ask where you are based?

      1. 1

        Yeah sure - London. How about you?

        1. 1

          Just outside London in buckinghamshire. Be good to connect and have a chat at some point. I'm working on something that may be of interest to you.

  37. 2

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Andreas, and I'm a cognitive behavioral therapist who also loves to code. For the past six months, I have been developing an app called Sleepedy aimed at helping people who struggle with sleep.

    1. 1

      I could use this so badly. Please succeed!!

  38. 1


    My name is Mashia - I am a first time Founder@knoME & Scrum Master.

    The goal of the knoME software is to strengthen the relationship between managers and employees. The truth is the way you feel about the company you work for is directly related to your relationship with your manager. We know that leadership & management training is lacking and we want to make it easier for managers to help you.

    In 2020 the goal is to get 2-3 customers, iterate on the software, develop a sales pipeline, and get a developer to either join our team or help us develop.

  39. 1

    Hi Rosie
    My name is Yongho. I'm a self-taught programmer and a solo founder as others in this platform. I've also often listened indie hacker podcasts and got new thinking, indirect valuable experiences and perspectives from others. I appreciate that. I've been working on my project for a year and launched my program three months ago. The results so far is bad. But I will continuously work on this project by iterating, learning, and evolving. I look forward to learning from others and simultaneously sharing something I know in this web site.

  40. 1

    Hi my name is Ibra ,I'm a computer science student , hopefully next year I'll graduete.
    I've always wanted to do thing on my own start a side business etc.. hope to learn a lot from this community to accomplish my Goals!!!

  41. 1

    I'm Cal and I'm a newbie at all this! But I'm keen to learn as much as my 59yo brain will let me!

  42. 1

    Hey folks, my name is Clark and I'm an iOS developer who knows enough about other stacks to get into trouble :)

    Over the past few years, I've built a water polo stats app as a free V1. You can find some info about it here:

    Since it launched a little more than a year ago, I've gotten some great feedback and a modest following from various teams across the world.

    More recently, I brought on a partner and we're working together to make a V2 product.

    While I have a lot of experience on the technical side of product development, I'm still quite new at the marketing and monetization side of things. Hoping to learn more about that.

  43. 1

    My name is Ankit. I have completed my masters in data science and data analytics, have been working as a data engineer for the year and most recently started working as a data scientist. I'm looking to engage with people here and contribute as well.

  44. 1

    I am Nnenna. Please I will like to learn more on web development and connect with professionals

  45. 1

    Hey all! I've recently gotten psyched up by the Indie Hacker movement and I want in. Over the next year I plan to build and release a number of products and services, starting this month!

    They say "if your dreams don't scare you, you're not dreaming big enough" - and I'm terrified. I hope get to know some of you soon. Cheers!

  46. 1

    I'm Brendan, your regular developer. I build Web applications using Node.js, Vue.js and Firebase services & Mobile applications using Java/Kotlin (Android) or Flutter.

    I'm a freelancer, but I'd love to get a remote job, connect and work with other brilliant minds. Community is really everything!!

  47. 1

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Abhishek, I am currently working as a Software Developer. I want to find a partner to work on a Saas Product. I am also very eager to try out the digital nomad lifestyle.

    Looking forward to connecting with you guys! :)

  48. 1

    Hello everybody
    I am camilo and I work as a school teacher, I want to start my own business designing technological products for houses and businesses but i failed enourmously, maybe you can help with idea of how to achieve success or how to fix what im website is and im trying to get a new one with similar but cheaper products, well thanks again for your friendship and comments

  49. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Swaraj a sophomore year student completing my bachelor's in computer science and engineering.

    I have experience coding in Python, JS, C and C++. I have made some projects using Django (framework in python for web development), HTML5 and CSS3. Currently I am focusing on improving my front end development skills.

    I look forward to interact with other coders on this platform, learn from them and even work on projects with other users so that I can improve and utilise my skills at the same time.

  50. 1

    Hey everyone!

    My name's Nic, a UK based software developer with a habit of trying a little bit of everything.

    I've recently started freelancing again in order to buy myself the time and flexibility needed to start something new and exciting!

    Really looking forward to being an active part of the community and not just a passive observer.

  51. 1

    Hello everyone!
    I'm Parth Patel a student and an entrepreneur. I'm currently building web software in the hospitality industry.

    I'm not a developer but I work with team who helps me to build it.

  52. 1

    Hi there!
    My name is Gaizka, I'm a Software Engineer from Spain and have an idea for a stats-based game/entertainment site that I want to build. Lots of things yet to be defined, lots of (mostly front-end) technologies to get more familiar with/better at and lots of ideas that won't stop coming to my head.
    Looking forward to getting some insight on how you solved some of the issues that I'm facing now and might be facing in the future.

  53. 1

    My name is Iurii and I'm a mobile developer. Now we are building an app for travelers. Stay tunned

  54. 1

    Hi all!
    My name is Panos and I am a jack of all trades in software and platform engineering.
    I am currently working for clients in finance while on my spare time I try to contribute in open source projects and my own video game.
    At the same time I plan to do some video podcast series around my take of efficient platform engineering.

    Thank you for having me. It feels great to be part of this community already.

  55. 1


    I'm a full python/react developer working working with my wife to build a platform for analysis of real estate in Sweden. I found a lot of interesting posts here at indiehackers and looking forward to more interesting reads.

    Keep up the good work everyone!


  56. 1

    Hello Hackers,

    my name is Philipp and I am based in Germany. I have long been fascinated by the idea of indie hacking and the four hour work week. Now I want to take a deep dive and explore that space.
    I'm a programmer but I lack business skills ;)

  57. 1

    Hi All,

    My name's Jack and I do mostly DevOps SRE type work. I specialize in process improvement/automation, operations automation, maintaining high availability, and infrastructure tuning to get the best utilization possible.

    I'm currently looking for ways to get out of my 9-5 and welcome all ideas and partnerships. I love solving problems of scale and automation.

    I look forward to meeting with people and helping solve problems!

  58. 1

    My name is Victor and I’m an aspiring full stack developer that’s here to get inspired.

  59. 1

    Hi All,
    This is Anup. I am here to gain insights into the current trends of ideas in the market. Also looking here to validate some business ideas that I have.
    Looking to find some like minded people who could help Co-found what I intend to startup.

  60. 1

    Hi. My name is Kagiso. I'm an entrepreneur looking to launch an online presence for my business, and looking to learn all I can so it succeeds.

  61. 1

    HI all. I am Awais, Love the new ideas and try to implement them. Starting a new venture as weight doctors. This is a service helps who have tried diet and exercise and failed to achieve their goals . We will help them with approved medications to reach a healthy weight. . Can you please help me promote it .

  62. 1

    Hi! My name is Harrison and I've been a security and privacy consultant for a number of years working for large organisations. I see so much security for businesses but not enough for individuals and have set out to create a tool to make people more secure.

    Currently iterating a new version of my launched product that shows people where their data is around the world and alerts them if they've been hacked!

    Building this alongside having a full time business, family and bills so keen to connect with other people in a similar position!

  63. 1

    Hi. I'm Ken and I am a full-stack developer and devops engineer. I always have a few ideas kicking around and am here primarily to soak up information about product/market fit so I can see where to focus. Also possibly to meet anyone else with a project that looks interesting who may need some help.

  64. 1

    hi everyone.

    i've mostly worked as a sysadmin in the past & have learned what i need to along the way, what i've needed when i need it (in also other areas aside *nix administration and such, originally educated/trained in biology & chemistry) - mostly python, in that regard, which i've come to like a lot.

    but my interests have slightly shifted and extended over the last 3-4 years, with the seeming paradigm shifts and changes in trends -- p2p crypto-networks of shared record-keeping organized around common protocols, as a general and really powerful concept which generalizes way beyond just financial applications or rogue money vehicles, for one. particularly attracted to the interdisciplinary nature of it all, the experimentally heuristic approaches required (of putting together unique methods and tools which borrow from diverse and disparate fields, disciplines and areas) and how that can function as a sort of revelation, the process of discovery.

    so, i've also taken up learning some javascript in the last ~year and currently focused mostly on Rust (which, unlike C/C++ back in the day, i'm growing to very much appreciate and develop a liking for). i have a few ideas/projects of mine which i very slowly crystallize, tinker with and work on, but all of those while supposedly hypothetically valuable as such are not per se associated with them being monetized or making much (if any) profit for me or anybody else (financially speaking). i dig and look for inspiration and ideas in all kinds of places, including things like history and mythology, philosophy and languages (etymology, construction of meaning, etc.) - concepts, things, constructions and assemblages which could/may be re-purposed elsewhere and elsehow from the past into the present or future. (history, as they say, doesn't repeat, but rhymes.)

    i guess overall, generally, in very brief, that's about it. :)

    glad to have come across this place.

  65. 1

    Hey, Gian here 👋🏻

    Totally love this idea & can't wait to share experiences w/ all of you :)
    The side-project I'm currently working on is all about:
    making foreign friends - exchanging languages - discussing opinions w/ voting + comments system

    If you're working on something similar feel free to connect on here or twitter (@_gian1618)


  66. 1

    Hey guys!!!

  67. 1

    Hi I'm Simon! Lets say a newcomer has no money but does have 6 months to self study to become an ecommerce expert.

    Apart from work on actual projects, how would you suggest they learn?

    eg- learn SEO, ads, targeting, research analytics, logistics etc

    Appreciate any suggestions. For those who self studied, how did you do it?

    ps - no pitches, paid courses or DMs!

  68. 1


    I'm Martin
    I own and operate a number of South-East Asian online dating sites
    I'm just poking around here first lol

  69. 1

    Hi all,
    My name is Saugandh - I'm a Frontend developer - moving towards full-stack mostly with Javascript.

    I am currently working on creating a startup related to e-sports. I am looking forward to meet new people and learn from their experiences on how to run a successful startup.

  70. 1

    Hey this is kiran here I'm a student of btech 2nd year.....Joined the group to explore or learn something new from you guys to develope websites using Python django will feel good if I do help this page...Thanking😊

  71. 1

    Hey @rosiesherry & IH! I just joined this week and IH has been awesome.

    I'm an engineer by training, a product manager by trade, and designer at heart. In my spare time, I'm an Indie Hacker and hack on various personal projects.

    One of my projects has become surprisingly useful in my daily life. I thought I'd open it up, build it as a SaaS app, and join IH to build it in public with the community here. So far, I've shared a v1 for the landing page and gotten ridiculously awesome feedback.

    Absolutely love it here, and look forward to connecting with other Indie Hackers!

  72. 1

    Hi, my name is Shoaib. I am an eCommerce marketer specialising in Amazon. I help brands grow and launch their products on Amazon. I am currently building a productised service to help eCom entrepreneurs grow their businesses on Amazon and build a sustainable brand beyond Amazon. Looking forward to engaging with the Indie community

  73. 1

    Hey Rosie!

    I'm Nick and I've been working as a laser engineer for about 5 years. I've had a huge change of heart and now I'm diving into stack development. My goal is to build a product that will allow students and young professionals to visually decipher the job market and to better understand where they want to set there sights.
    My motivation is that I was told for years before uni that we needed more engineers, then after university I was told many different things. I don't want people to be blind sighted when we are talking about life avenues and huge university costs.

    Excited to be on the ride :)

  74. 1

    My name is Greg - I recently graduated college with a degree in computer science. I decided that I work to work on a side project that can be useful for many users.

    I'm currently working on a transportation service startup aiming to provide a ride sharing service to colleges and universities. I'm excited to meet great people and learn from others.

  75. 1

    Hi Rosie! I am software engineering with 14 years of experience in software development & Project Management. I joined this great community to learn and find a potential co-founder for my next startup. Thanks

  76. 1

    Hello! I'm Jas.

    I'm a little bit different, in that I'm not a dev, but it's cool to see there are a few other non-techies here lately, too.

    I've been blogging about various stuff, but in particular about being an introvert since 2015. I currently run INF Club, an online home for INFP and INFJ personality-types.

    It's lovely to be checking back into this community, and one that's so nicely curated by Rosie & the IH team :)

  77. 1

    Hi Everyone! My name is Igor and i'm a product manager. Nice place!

  78. 1

    Hey, my name is Matt, I'm an internet marketer, SEO by trade mostly specializing in travel... Have a productized service agency and a couple of affiliate sites.

    The dream is to build some form of SaaS or subscription model business this year (2020) :)

    Here to connect with other entrepreneurs, digital nomads, geek out with like-minded people and get fresh ideas.

  79. 1

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Federico and I am Co-founder at La Hackería - a coding/product development bootcamp based in different awesome locations throughout Latin America (although we are starting in Mexico). I've been working alongside @Bearrooks for a couple months now to bring a top-quality, low-cost alternative to bootcamps in the U.S. & Canada.
    We've just started this project and are very excited about becoming Indiehackers ourselves :)

    We know Coronavirus has everyone avoiding travel, but we are looking to host our first 12-week Web Development Immersive in Mérida, Yucatán starting in September. So we're hopeful that we can get our course on the road by then!

    We want to bring top coding talent to teach the course, in a really beautiful and fun location that's perfect for decompressing on the down-time at around 1/2 the cost of U.S. alternatives. We'll be funding this course (taking students and people who purchase live-stream sessions and videos) through kickstarter, and launching our campaign in May!

    In the meantime, we'd love some feedback from the community on our website.
    Things we need feedback on: Is the concept clear? Is it compelling? What would you change design-wise about the site?
    Any and all comments are appreciated!

    We're also looking for amazing folks to come and teach the fullstack web development course!

    If living in Mérida (1 hr from caribbean beaches, cenotes, in a beautiful walkable city) sounds like something you'd like to do and you have both industry and teaching experience, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here, apply directly, or send an email to

    [email protected]

    Thanks for welcoming us into the community!

  80. 1

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Dev, I'm currently pursuing in computer science. I wanted to join an online community to get to know about latest trends, ideas, startup stories etc. So I joined Indie hackers and I'm pretty excited!!!

  81. 1

    I am Ab. I am new to software development, although I did do some C++ programming in past jobs and at university. I want to get back into programming and thus currently learning R and Python - which I intend to use on ML, DL and NN projects. I work full time in banking as a quant and won't to improve my coding skills for both my day job and also independent projects.


  82. 1

    Hi all!!
    My name is Satya - I'm a computer researcher - use machine learning to solve problems in chatbots.

    I see a lot of problems around that I am not able to spend time to solve because of heavy duty job.

    I want to go far in creating a business and looking for diverse-minded people to work with.

  83. 1

    My name is Richard.

    I work with a platform that helps mobile app developers increase revenue and user LTV by reducing their exposure to app install fraud to virtually zero.

    We then recover almost all of the money for our clients.

    I am in this to help people and earn a nice living along the way.

    The challenge is that most people that I approach literally tell me that they don't care about this issue even though they know it is costing them tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

    Did I miss a meeting or wake-up in an alternate universe where this kind of money does not matter?

    I do not get it and would like to know if I am just reaching the wrong people or what.

    Thanks in advance, and please no cheap shots!

  84. 1

    Hi all, I'm Yuichiro (@tuttieee) from Japan, working as a software developer.

    I'm currently developing an online Markdown note-taking app as my side project.
    I began this project to solve my own problem - I usually create a lot of "" files both on my local env for my own use and on the company's Wiki to publish my plans to colleagues, but the documents get messy soon and the task info has to be synchronized with Google Calendar, GitHub, etc by hand.
    I wanted a Markdown editor in which I can write down my tasks as lists with checkboxes and the task lists are automatically synchronized with other tools... of course with good writing experience.

    While it's still under development, I started to think it will be great if I make it open to the world in addition to my own personal use and if it will become a business.

    I'm looking forward to getting some feedbacks and finding insights to grow the product on this platform :)

    My product "Tasquet":

  85. 1

    Hi all ! My name's Madhab- I am a Full stack developer- primarily working on React on rails . I joined the great community to learn and gain some knowledge which will help me to grow in this technology world .

  86. 1

    Hi all!

    My name's Okta. I want to learn more about UX and UI design. I'm taking an internship for about 6 month in a Design Studio that located at my hometown. My goal is to learn skills that related to UX & UI so I could take part to make better products that solved the problems. Feel free to have a talk with me. Let's catch up and I'll brew you coffee :)

  87. 1

    Hi all,

    It's a pleasure to come out of the shadows and more actively join this community!

    My name is Leon, and I'm a developer and researcher that works in the intersection of computer audio and machine learning, but I am generally interested in developing projects with languages such as Python, C++ and Javascript.

    The most recent thing I built was a webscraper of properties on to help me find a house to buy, and an ongoing project I have (for fun) is to build an open source poker AI -

    I'm looking for a cofounder - see my post in the Looking to Partner Up - and generally want to be a bit more open with my actions to make myself more accountable. Here are some links on me:


    Website is here (a bit empty at the moment):


    Feel free to reach out to me here, LinkedIn or at leonfedden [at] gmail [dot] com.

  88. 1

    Hi everyone!

    I have just started my business. I am looking to contribute to ambitious communities and get inspired!

  89. 1

    a newbie here. A career change. Never thought I would ever be interested in coding. A friend of mine said to give it a shot. Since my first <h1> I feel in love. I love learning and reading about the dev of programs. I just want to keep on learning and loving.

  90. 1

    Hi everybody!

    I am Jordan art director of a recent startup concerning augmented reality filters.

    We believe that augmented reality could be as big as the web. That's why we help brands and agencies to integrate augmented reality inside their social medias account using filters, by taking care of all the technical part that can be painful for them.

    Indie hacker is a really great community, people helping people and that's all we need nowadays!

    Thanks for all and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just to say hello and share your experiences :)

  91. 1

    Hi Rosie,. I hope to hear and be heard from you and the community . I'm spending more time in Python Scripting and Raspberry Pi. Thanks again

  92. 1

    Hello, my name's Ilham, i'm student and freelance developer, primarily working with NodeJS for my few project, sometimes use laravel too.

    I joined this community to learn and maybe to find new idea and inspiring. Thanks!

  93. 1

    Howdy, my name is Max, and I run a little live stream called EntrepreNerd!

    I experiment with small-form business and build side projects in front of an audience to make entrepreneurship, on an indie scale, more accessible.

    I'm currently working on growing my audience from LinkedIn (about 7,500) to other platforms, and finding startup sponsors so I can eventually sustain myself full time with it! (Just got my first one for 100/month a couple days ago!!!)

    I also run a profitable event group in Pittsburgh for investable tech startup founders, called Moss Generation!

  94. 1

    Hi everyone! Jess here -- designer x developer. I recently launch - a place to browse free workouts (and remain to stay free) for everyone.
    I'm passionate about building products that are design-first so I spend a lot of time tinkering on the visual/css/animations side + creating value for customers on their first use.

    This community has given me great tips on launching/marketing my product so I'm looking forward to getting to know each one of you :)

  95. 1

    HI, Rosie.
    I'm a data analyst in the Banking sektor. (python, sql)

    I look forward to meet new Interesting people on this platform.

  96. 1

    My name is lekan. i am a backend developer (django). Hope u are all doing great.
    i am working on an environmental project which help tackle improper dispose of waste in my country and i hope it will help the world.
    Also, i think i need help about my career. 😓
    Thanks. looking forward to meet great minds

  97. 1

    Hi I'm a software engineer currently working in a startup. I'm looking to learn from others and maybe contribute and eventually start our own thing.
    I specialize in front end development, but can also write server-side code as well.

  98. 1

    I’m Brad the founder of WELD, (Wellbeing, Exercise, Lifestyle, Diet) which is a fitness platform that focusses on bringing a one-to-one, group and user generated group training platform to the everyday person, that benefits health professionals, users and small gyms/studios. I’m a cancer survivor that wanted to change how accessible health and fitness are.

  99. 1

    Hello my name is Víctor Villalobos "i'm a Full Stack Developer and DevOps" my favorite stack is: Django/Postgresql/VueJs/Docker/K8S, and my favorite cloud provider is GCloud.

    I'm working to build an analytics platform as alternative a Google Analytics, using machine learning to detect/prevent attacks to site, respecting users privacy.

    I hope receive some feedback in a future beta versions of my product and meeting interesting people in this platform.

  100. 1

    Hi there!

    I'm Matt, a final year Internet Design student at university. I've created - the platform to get social about the projects you're working on for my final university project (scary, yet exciting!).

    I've joined IH to try and get some initial users and advice for Luupro as I've just reached Open Beta! Any kind of feedback will help me before full release!

    Buzzing to be part of the community!

  101. 1

    Thank you. Am glad to be part of this great hoping to learn alot from the members.

  102. 1

    Hi all!
    My name is Bilal and I am a Software Engineer and Entrepreneur who is running a high tech services startup from last two years. I am facing challenges in growing my startup because of my limited marketing and sales skills. I am looking for someone with marketing/sales expertise who can join us and we can grow together. Furthermore I want to learn sales and marketing by myself.

  103. 1

    Hi all!

    Can't believe i've only just found this place! It looks awesome.

    I've had a side project for a year (no code messenger bot to help with language learning - rather like a private tuition bot) anyway, i want to spend more time on this and also focus on building out a productised service thing based on the skills i've learn't.

    I'll be looking for all the help i can get for sure.

    Caio for now

  104. 1

    Hey! I'm one of the co-founders of Rejuvia- a premium, boutique hemp extract brand! Check us out at!

  105. 1

    Hello i'm Paul, from London UK!

    Creative teams have a unique problem. After 10 years working as a freelancer and product designer in a ton of studios I noticed high employee turnover, constantly changing work and project/client cycles make it really hard to keep the consistent company culture needed for successful businesses and happy teams.

    I started to think about what successful teams had in common and tried to build a product that can help. gives creative teams a space for culture to thrive and Leaders the insights and tools it needs to cultivate that culture.

  106. 1

    My name is kundan bora I am game a developer. I make games for android with my own game engine.
    I am currently working on multiplayer game.
    I started my career with web developer then I changed my path to (solo) game development and I learned one thing from game development that it needs daily motivation to complete your game so I am here .


  107. 1

    Hello EveryOne,
    My name is Kelani Tolulope, I am a Fullstack Dev.
    I will love to learn more from this platform

  108. 1

    My name is JP. I am currently working on It is basically a search engine allowing students to find research supervisors for an Internship, a Master, a PhD or a Postdoc.
    Was it easy for you or your friends to find relevant research supervisors?
    I look forward to learn from indie hackers!

  109. 1

    Hello everyone:)
    My name is Dmitriy, I'm CEO of small with some development back and strong management skills.
    For now we develop some number of projects, and I have ideas of apps to be developed, but don't have an idea, where to search for investors.
    Also I have 2 apps, where clients are just disappeared and I think it will be good to sell this apps. The main aim is to build own product and make it uniq in AR sphere

  110. 1

    Hello everyone! My name is Haider. I am teacher by profession. I joined this community to find some potential online business ideas.

  111. 1

    Hey everyone!

    👋🏻 I'm James. I'm a self-employed full-stack developer and product manager.

    I've struggled with trying to find the best way to understand if I'm on the right track with my expenses, investments, savings, and tax planning throughout the year. So, I've been working on validating our problem and solution with others in the same boat.. the basic concept is being able to take advantage of being self-employed, not just keep track of your expenses --

    I'd love any feedback! Excited to engage!

  112. 1

    Hi All,

    I'm Senthil, working as a Lead Business Analyst in a Bank.

    For many years now, I've not progressed from the Idea stage and remained only as a dreamer, primarily due to my lack of coding skills. Now that there are many no-code options available to build anything we can imagine, I'm hopeful that I finally can give life to my Ideas and test it out.

    My goal is to learn from this amazing community as much as possible and provide help wherever I can

  113. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Daniel, an entrepreneur and photographer living in West London, Originally from Leeds.. Leeds Leeds. I've been working on an idea for the acting industry, found a co-founder in January who is very connected to that world and just as excited as me to swap complacency for technology.

    We need a developer to come onboard and help us build the MVP as part of the team. Helpful if you live in London BUT, Jason, the other co-founder is in Ireland for now.

    So far we have:

    • Business plan
    • Deck
    • Mindmap
    • XD Prototype

    Any questions or just wanna say hi, I'm here.

    Thanks and I'm looking forward to getting into IH!

  114. 1

    Sup Err'body,

    My name is Matt, full- stack dev. Currently dabbling heavily in the JavaScript side of things (React, Angular, Node.js) Work full time as a dev and do side projects in the evening. Just had my first kid which is also one of my greatest inventions.

    In 2020 I'm hoping to get my side project in Medical Orders off the ground as well as build my online food ordering site for another company I order food from. All projects are mainly to learn and have fun but if they make something then that would be cool as well.

    Super keen to connect with you all.

    Keep it real.

  115. 1

    Hi there, I am Vincent, wannabe or growing 🌱 indie hacker.

    For the past 10 years, I have been working at various startups as an employee or freelancer. At heart, I am a JavaScript developer (Node.js/JavaScript/React). In the last 4 years, I was at, I joined when we were 10 and left when they were 350+. This was really THE startup experience I was looking for.

    At Algolia I wrote most of the JavaScript opensource libraries like:

    When I moved back to my home town and started working remotely for Algolia, I started a fully remote support team spread on 4 time zones. I was the manager here.

    Last September I quit Algolia because I wanted to start my own products.

    My goal for 2020 is to release the first one: a scheduling tool for support teams and engineering teams. The goal of this tool is to provide an easy way to spread support slots to whole engineering teams. When you want all your engineers to provide support, you have to have a tool that eases the process of assigning, booking and reminding of support slots.

    At Algolia we built an internal tool to solve this issue. My product is the rewrite of this internal tool as a SAAS application.

    See ya!

  116. 1

    Hi all!
    My name is Dmitriy is CTO/full-stack dev focused in iOS/Android.
    Now im working in DigitalNomads company based in Russia, Siberia) also looking for some networking and im open for any discussions)

  117. 1

    Hi. My name is Bridget. I am a nutritionist (BSc. Human Nutrition ). I want to work on an idea but unfortunately it is only viable in a first world country so I’m trying to move currently. Hope to learn from the community here.

  118. 1

    Hello to everyone! A friend of mine and i my self we‘re working on a solution for local hardware production. Organized via MaaS. We‘re serial entrapraneurs and enthusiasts but no devolopers. We wonna make local production happen again, thats why we are searching for other people want to join us

  119. 1

    hi everyone - Stelios here; currently going through the YC program with our startup (SaaS marketplace) and I'm here to learn, meet and listen to stories of people that are in the trenches and building interesting products!

  120. 1

    Hey everyone,

    The name is Jason from Melbourne, Australia. I am a dual citizen of both South Africa & Australia with citizenship in both countries, Why is this relevant? Well my main aim currently is to open the markets between the two countries. I've recently delved into the process of importing a unique distilled non - alcoholic Gin based spirit infused with indigenous flora of South Africa, it's called Abstinence Spirits. I just wanted to find out your guys opinion on a non - alcoholic drink considering wise drinking movement has become ever more increasingly influential on todays society with drink driving related crimes going up and up each year. Thank you.

  121. 1

    Hi Rosie

    Thanks for doing this and giving back. I'm on an adventure and stopping by to let you know your included! In a quest to learn I'm focused on content sources and see this as a good vehicle. Drive on and don't crash it!

  122. 1

    Hello! I'm Ryan, and I'm figuring out how to promote and grow and iOS app. I've been part of several successful ventures before but this is my first time going solo. It's always amazing to fully realize how much you relied on your teammates in the past. For me, that's largely marketing. Looking forward to learning from this community - thanks @RikNieu for the post that caught my eye.

    My background is in everything from backend engineering and web development to user experience and product strategy. Currently doing iOS for the first time and loving it.

    Series ( is the app I'm creating - it's off to a good start with a small but dedicated community. My goal is to grow it into a sustainable business for myself, and, if I'm lucky, a small team.

  123. 1

    Hi Rosie and community,

    I am a software engineer with over 10 years of experience. With the years I have seen how bad ideas with a lot of funding are alive making a decent profit, while in the other good ideas with no funding take a lot of time to take-off.

    I am here looking for Spanish community interested in partnering for, a site looking to demystify the immigration information and prevent scams.

    I wish great success to all of the members of this forum.

  124. 1

    Hi Folks, I'm Paul - a fullstack developer currently working on - a browser support tool that works out what device your customer is using and performs diagnostics before sending you a request. I'm working on adding page screenshot support at the moment to show exactly where the problem is. The whole app is bootstrapped just by me atm.

    Looking for feedback and to meeting people here, I haven't launched on PH or anything yet, so whether you guys think the product is ready for that would be useful feedback for me.

  125. 1

    Hi Suki is here . I am a cs student aiming to be a web developer . I joined Indie Hackers community in search of projects, like minded people and inspiration.

  126. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Joel. Here to learn more about building a product and starting a company. Also, looking to meet potential technical co-founders to build something with. A goal for 2020 is to create something simple get around 50-100 users using it. More about me here -

  127. 1

    Hi, I am a software engineer at a tech company, trying to explore side projects that will eventually keep me going. :)

  128. 1

    Hii! I am a UX Designer and I'm looking for partners to collaborate with and make valuable digital products. Looking forward to exploring this platform!

  129. 1

    Hello! My name is Kristine and I work in the digital marketing space at Truly Inc. I'm currently working on launching a membership site that helps people market their brand and product. I'm looking for assistance in creating a good user experience and keeping members engaged.

    We already launched some products at Any feedback is appreciated! I'm happy to help others as well.

  130. 1

    Hi all. I am Boyan, I am working as Graphic Artist at Final Frontier Games, but in the meanwhile I am building two small side projects for which I really hope that I will find the guidance and feedback here on IH in order to accomplish what I have set as target.

    Cheers to all of you!

  131. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Jero! I've started a full-service digital agency. I'm here to connect and learn from other startup owners and growth-focused individuals while providing any value that I can.

  132. 1

    I am Mohamed, I want to become a full-stack web developer and I am learning every day to achieve my goal

  133. 1

    Hi, My name is Uzair and i am looking for a co-founder with app development experience.
    I am from Lahore, Pakistan and i've done Master's in Computer Science ins Feb 2019, I have been in Sales and Marketing for more than 6 years, I usually work remotely from Pakistan for companies in US. I also have hands on experience in (IT Hardware and Software) Government contracting with General services Administration, Department of Defense and other Federal Agencies.

  134. 1

    Hi all,
    My name is Austin and I'm a full-stack dev.

    Currently trying out different technologies (namely Elixir) and trying to apply my learning to any ideas I have throughout the process. Recently, I've been conceptualizing an application that will centralize applicant/potential employer communication.

    Looking for any feedback on that idea as well as feedback throughout the development process.

    I look forward to discussing and collaborating!

  135. 1

    Hi, my name is Shashank Agarwal. I recently quit my job at amazon and working full time now on my app . It’s an A.I. based personalized article reading app. Here to interact with the community and to learn.

  136. 1

    Hello everyone! I'm a physician in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. However, I'm an entrepreneur at heart.

    I'm working on a side project to help people boost their creativity and divergent thinking.

  137. 1

    Hello, beautiful people|, my name is Fathiya.
    I'm the founder of she wins mastermind a community for female entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate, I also host a podcast about business and entrepreneurship called She wins - the online business podcast. My husband referred me to this community and i can't wait to connect with all of you!

    PS. Thank you for the welcome Rosie :)

  138. 1

    Hi, I am Chris from Taiwan, I am the founder of pxCode service. Our team focus on how to turn design files into web code in 10 times faster with the same quality of visual slicing. We want to focus on visual design to code and let our customers can spare more time to focus on more valuable things. I am eager to get any suggestion or feedbacks. Please feel free to leave messages to me if any suggestions on, our service portal. nice to meet you all. :-)

  139. 1

    Hello, fellow Indie Hackers!

    My name is Miye. My background is in physical therapy and has started an online exam prep service - Therapy Exam Prep! I'm looking to expand my entrepreneurship by starting another online business and experience in a different field. I have other ideas related to the healthcare industry as well but my goal for this 2020 year is to venture outside of my comfort zone.

  140. 1

    Hey, my name is Martin Lasek. I'm a passionate full-stack engineer working on building my own agency. I use Swift to build iOS Apps as well as Websites and APIs (server-side swift!). I love sharing my journey on Youtube and Instagram and enjoy writing tutorials on Medium as well. My goal with sharing my journey is to inspire and help others starting their developer journey :)!

  141. 1

    Hi everyone,

    my name is Behdad and I am actually a data analyst. However, end of 2019 I quit my job to travel and focus on my own business. I taught programming myself and here we go:
    I've recently started my project "page91" and launched the iOS app. page91 helps Spanish language learners to improve their Spanish by reading news articles.

    I launched that product because I myself am currently learning Spanish and the app helps me a lot :D

    I am here to get feedback on my app and to get tips how to grow :)

  142. 1

    Hi everyone, Samir here, I'm originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently living in London, UK. I changed my career from lawyer to technology and I'm into tech and entrepreneurship. I recenlty closed down my first startup (failed, i.e. learned a lot). I am running and growing cleaning service startup in the UK as of right now.

  143. 1

    Hi, entrepreneur from Paris. I'm currently working a Saas project. I'm here to get launch & growth tips :)

  144. 1

    Hi, I'm a student building a mobile app startup aiming to provide a college based anonymous social network

  145. 1

    Hi everyone.
    My name is Stephane. I'm a student in my 3rd year of BSc. IT from Accra, Ghana.

    I've a bit knowledgeable in Laravel, Reactjs/Next.js(current focus). I contribute to open whenever can, check GitHub with same username.

    This year, I plan to release my first product that's aiming to help solve some problems students like myself face. Currently under the desk as I await a new laptop that'll arrive by May(current one has crashed beyond repairs last November).

    That's all for the intro.
    Sorry for the long intro.

  146. 1

    Hi, I created and I am in the launch phase (if it is one).
    In a nutshell, we ensure professionals have a way to connect and learn from each other, through mentorship.

    Our offering is based on 2 products,

    • Our marketplace, enables any professional to connect in a mentoring setting. We handle everything from vetting to meetings. (payments, note-taking, next steps....). Based on your career this is why I connected with you as you would be a perfect mentor and share your expertise with others.

    • An enterprise platform, which enables organizations, to mix and match their employees and solve ongoing issues (onboarding, high turnover, deficient process...)
      The benefits are :

    • For employees: greater communication, better knowledge acquisition/transmission...

    • For employers: Higher productivity and retention as you are magnifying your DNA and mission.

    And many other benefits, as each time you create emulation between people there is a positive outcome. Especially within a turnkey framework like APY.

    Hit me up if you have any tech questions / want to know more / want to talk with someone who did a lot of mistakes!

  147. 1

    Hey Rosie,

    I'm a developer and have a edtech event registration saas. Sales and marketing are my biggest challenges.


  148. 1

    Hello! My name is Andreea and I am a Growth Hacking Executive for Lumio, Your Intelligent Wealth Mentor. Really excited to see what Indie Hackers has to offer. Looking forward to helping each other grow! 🚀

  149. 1

    Hey Rosie! I've been an (relatively unsuccessful) indie hacker since 2006, back when the Business of Software forum was a thing. After selling a business and doing some full time employee gigs, I've decided to go back to pursuing an indie hacker project.

    Back in 2006 I built a CRM in Ruby on Rails v0.9. One of the advantages of choosing Rails was fast development, one of the downsides was that things changed rapidly, being 1x dev was hard to keep up! Yesterday I broke out the old code that's stuck on Rails v2.3 and have decided to copy over the code bit by bit to a Rails v6 project.

    Back in the day I had sold this software to one training company. I netted around $7,500 which seemed like a lot at the time. I could never effectively scale it, or decide on a target market (turns out CRM means things to sales teams, who'd have thought?). The software totally transformed the business of our first customer and enabled them to scale. I think that's a good reason to bring it back.

    This restart is a journey I've started many times, but never reached the goal. Back then I was working crazy hours and ended up burning out. Hopefully this time, I can successfully bring it back and help training companies everywhere be more awesome!

  150. 1

    My name is Abdirizak mohamed
    I am a university student persuing undergraduate degree in Software engineering..My goal is to learn have more coding skills and make successful projects

  151. 1

    Hi I am Pete Preston from Aberdeen in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. O have been tasked to make my church and charities in the community digital. It’s not a paid job, more like a legacy project. So I am here to learn tips and tricks to power the community. And possibly build a community app that brings all the charities together instead of them battling each other.

  152. 1

    Hi, I'm Elliot :)

    Still a student but with 2 companies, one for e-commerce, courses and side projects (such as a bet predictor comparator) and another called Edusign (, which is a startup that aims to digitize attendance sheets, in french and soon other languages.
    I'm only 21 but working hard to achieve my goals, create value, learn and enjoy myself while at it.

    My coding skills are quite poor (html, css and some js), but I always work with smart coders to help me. However, if you want to have a discussion about marketing, I'm your guy.

    I'm here because I want to share my progress on my side projects to get feedback and get better. But also to help if I can!

    My new side project is a text checker for Facebook Ads that will help marketers estimate the value of their text for better ads performance.

    Don't hesitate to connect with me if you want to talk :D


  153. 1

    Hi, I recently have learned how to code html, html5, css, and css3. I'm about to start javascript but I wanted to start a few side projects first with just css, and html. I have a huge idea for a project. It's a service based app. Many already exist like it. It's just my idea has the best ideas in it. No single company has implemented all of these ideas simply because lack of user use. You see since I actually run a maid service, I know exactly what it needs to be the best flawless system. I used to run a maid service and used zenmaid. This program wasn't the greatest at first. I worked with Amar, the owner and over the course of 4 months, I helped get all the bugs out, and gave him many amazing ideas that greatly improved the system. He lunched an updated app with my new ideas. It was a high success. This is when the Zenmaid brand became as strong as it did. I saw it for what it was. With a solid brand name, Zenmaid. The ideas I gave Amor were only the beginning. I had so many more great ideas to add in, I finally stopped feeding them to him in Hope's of learning to code and make them happen for myself. I have now started coding and are ready to start my first few side projects, to get a better feel for it, and keep learning more. I am going to build an empire with this new app. I came here to team up with a partner to make this happen. I actually run a maid service currently, and know exactly what needs to be implemented into the software to make it work. I also have actually drew this out already and have it down on paper. This was before I could code, so it's not coded at all yet. Just wrote in English. I know this can be a success, I've already launched the idea to app development company, and they all wanted to start the project. I didn't think it would be build the way I wanted it unless I coded it myself with an experienced partner

  154. 1

    Hi Rosie, I’m a stay-at-home mom . I’m a new Web-developer and I’d like opportunities to practise with a team of women. I flow better with women like me because I’m a bit of an introvert. I believe everyone has a natural disposition. I’d like to work on JavaScript front and back end. Vanilla JS, Node/Expressjs, Electronjs, Reactjs,ReactNative, PHP, Sql, Python, C#, and Java.

  155. 1

    Hi Rosie, thanks for the intro to indie hackers. I am looking forward to share and learn. My background is in Aerospace Engineering, but I love software. I am not software developer yet, but I would love to become one. I have a few ideas in mind, maybe here I can find some help to bring them to live!

  156. 1

    Hi, full time employee, working on getting an MVP startup project off the ground and running within the next few months.

  157. 1

    What's up Rosie & IH!

    I'm Ian, and during the day I'm the CTO at a startup in Nashville, TN. I also run a small software consultancy, helping startups write, deploy, and refactor their products. I'm a lifelong programmer, web developer, etc - but I've always relied on project-based and hourly retainer work to build my income. I've spent the last 7 years building products for other people, now it's time to take the skills and go to work!

    Excited to meet and encourage you all - 2020 is our year!

  158. 1

    Hello Rosie! I'm a full time learner that have found these forums to be very helful and knowledge rewarding. I have a few projects that I'm working on related to curated marketplaces and bite size learning and heavily interested in no-code tools. If I look wisely I'm sure I will find what I'm looking for in here, no doubt!

  159. 1

    Hi, I'm Farhan. A web, mobile developer and a beginner in competitive programming. A second-year computer science student from Africa. Happy to find this community

  160. 1

    Hello Guys!

    My name is Podgy (Pod-Gee). I'm a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer. I'm looking to build a few automated online businesses that generate at least 10k per month. I addition find a way to bring my creative art to life and profitable.

  161. 1

    Hi everybody! My name is Othmane, i am a fullstack developer for about 7 months now.
    With my friend, we are interested in Calligraphy so we came up with the idea of turning conversations on WhatsApp, iMessage etc... to real letters you can send through the post.
    You send us a screenshot of the conversation, and we take care of the rest. We think it could be a very thoughtful gift you can give to someone you had a beautiful conversation with. I am still new to side projects, but it's so addictive once you start! And that's why i joined this community, so i can learn and maybe help others in the future !

  162. 1

    Hi Rosie, I am Abhi, working a 12 hr shift in a finance company.I missed a chance to get the kind of education I wanted because the system honestly did not exist at the time in small towns of India .I wish to learn how to start my own initiative in education.I wish to create a virtual education system where young people without proper guidance can develop a sense of direction in choosing what they want to study and assess their future prospects in their field of interest.
    I don't know how to start but I have deep interest in learning things from different streams and I wish to share that zeal for knowledge through my initiative.

  163. 1

    Hi Rosie. I'm a 41-year-old from the UK. I started programming almost 4 years ago with the intention of getting good enough to create my own ideas. I feel that I have reached that point now, and this year I will be exploring one of those ideas. It is based on learning using memory techniques that I have found personally useful.
    Thanks for having me.

  164. 1

    Hi Rosie
    I am Preeti- a full stack developer(react/redux/node.js).Currently working on a market network and looking for potential partners

  165. 1

    Hi all!
    Robson here from Inboarding, a new way to create an inclusive workplace. We developed a platform (HRTech) that automates the onboarding of new hires with an inclusive perspective, helping companies to create a culture of belonging generating more innovation, productivity and results.
    We are focused on Europe and Latin America and I hope to connect, share and learn with the community here.

    Robson Mafra

  166. 1

    Hey, everyone! I'm Rita.

    Growing up with a Japanese mom and an African-American dad, to say taking care of my hair was hard would be an understatement! I spent most of my time experimenting and trying new products in order to nourish and manage my hair. And I realized having curly hair is expensive, overwhelming, and down-right complicated.

    So like any good Millennial, I hacked my hair! Using my computer science background, I spent countless hours scraping data from all the big beauty stores to determine what makes a great hair product. After analyzing one million reviews (yes, one million!), I noticed that people with the same curl type have different experiences with the same product. Mind blown! It turns out, rather than curl type, the porosity and density of someone’s hair is a better indicator of whether a product will work for them.

    That’s why I created Full Reign. I wanted to make the products I couldn’t find: high-quality, sleek and stylish and great for your curls, your wallet and the planet.

    I'd love to hear your feedback and reactions.

  167. 1

    Hi all,

    My name is Hessel - I recently graduated and am working at a software dev freelancing company I co-founded. I am also an aspiring maker, with a couple of side projects in the pipeline.

    Looking forward to being part of this community!

  168. 1

    Hey Everyone!
    My name is Uri. I am the co-founder of Salut. We launched about a week ago on PH. Salut is trying to fix the chaos of group chats. Think "Slack for your social life".

    I would love to get some initial feedback on the product from the community and of course advice on growing the user base. You can download the app on Google Play and the App Store. Learn more at:

    1. 1

      I'm going to try this ahah. Thanks for sharing!

  169. 1

    Hello everyone, my name is Bob and I am what I guess you would call and aspiring full stack developer in transition. I got my start with C#/.NET (I hate to admit WinForms) and MySQL.
    Now, after a deep internal struggle, my stack is
    ME(R/V)N with a dual-puropse M, (MySQL and MongoDB). I'm on the fence between React and Vue at the moment and it's so incredibly frustrating. But I know for sure that I love Node and Express. .NET and C# Will always hold a special place in my heart and I especially love database development and SQL.

    I owned a collection agency for the past decade and I sold it this past November to pursue automation full-time. I'm working on building my new company and I'm working with my brother on building his company. I live in an area that is .NET heavy And it makes it very hard to network with modern JS framework developers. I've been searching for a larger sense of community and I'm hoping this could be it.

  170. 1

    Hi @rosiesherry and all,

    My name is Wojtek, I am a co-founder at This is the second SaaS that I've built while being a surgeon. After a successful launch and growing it to a decent level I left my job as a doctor and focused on RocketLink.

    Right now we are hiring and scaling our project.

    I am looking forward to engaging with the IH community, sharing my experience and learning from others.

    I love spending time with my wife, son, cat, and a dog. My hobbies are aviation, coding (PHP, C, C#), IoT, 3D printing, and much more ;-).

    Great to be here!

  171. 1

    Hi Rosie, I am a developer, iOS for 6 years, full-stack for 1 year, I tried a couple of different projects, but none of them worked, just hitting the wall again and again. However, this doesn't stop me from trying.
    I am now working on a VPN product, I am lost on my way to be profitable.
    Also, I am building an App that can record phone calls.
    Maybe I should simplify side projects and make my priority first.

  172. 1

    Hi Everyone,
    I am Jesse Nord and can say this entrepreneurship path is both fun but scary. After working with large enterprises and small businesses on security and compliance, I've decided to take that experience and start helping small to medium sized businesses. Most entrepreneurs know their space as far as product or their service is concerned. The bigger issue is knowing how to safely grow into markets (EU, California, etc.) while complying with regulations. This is my area of expertise and I'd like to help those who can't afford to pay the large consulting company fees.

    My thought is to take this knowledge and create courses with templates and forms with walk-throughs.

    Looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you.

  173. 1

    Hey all,
    I am from Singapore, and currently doing my first internship as a software engineer. I have less than a year of experience in software engineering and hope I can find some inspiration for my next project here and earn some side income.

  174. 1

    Hi, everybody
    I'm tuhin. I am willing to learn the top secrets of online money making.

  175. 1

    I'm a PHP/JS developer looking to start my own product on the side.

    I have a few different ideas that I'm trying to work through to see what sticks, but I really need to learn the marketing side of things.

  176. 1

    Hi all!

    I'm Tammy with business background (a MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management + one side business experience), i'm here to seek technical partners/co-founders to bring ideas to life! I'm keen to discuss my thoughts/brainstorm together. I can work on side project 15-20 hours a week. I'm a person with can do attitude and an advocate on fail quick fail cheap, so if we are doing things together, we will test the market and pivot the idea really quickly. Join me for a successful journey guys!



  177. 1

    Hi everyone !
    I've joined this group through a recommendation from a friend.
    Here to look into ideas and also get validation for some of my ideas. Currently it's a half baked one, will post soon I've something concrete to put up.
    Thanks @rosiesherry , for sharing the nice post above and @csallen for putting this community together.
    I am learning flutter, would love to work on bringing this community on mobile app.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. 1

      Congrats Lud1161 on taking the first step forward. Wishing you the best of luck. Always good to talk with others about your ideas to see what catches with people

  178. 1


    I am Max, a software developer, husband, father and life student.

    I mainly do the typical .NET stack for my 9-5 but try everything else outside that. My challenges inspire me to find solutions with software always trying to look beyond obstacles.

    I look forward to doing something new and share it with the community.

  179. 1

    Hi everybody,
    I'm a structural engineer who after 9 years decided to quit an office job. I love outdoor sports, was a professional swimmer and to do all the stuff I want, I need to be independent, the best way is to have own online business. That's why I'm here, keen to learn, to find out how digital world works, to talk to similar people. I have many ideas, I don't know where to start. This platform looks like a good place, thank you.

  180. 1

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Otto, and I'm currently nomading with my cofounder/friend/partner-in-crime as we build our bootstrapped SaaS business. I keep coming across great content from Indie Hackers so decided to join.

    Looking forward to being part of the community and continue learning from you all!

  181. 1

    Hi guys,
    I am a fundraising advisors for Tech startup CEOs in Europe. I spend a lot of my waking time working on pitch decks to convince investors to get on board with entrepreneurs.

    Hence, I started working on that pitch deck repository called so other entrepreneurs can get inspired and learn from each other.

    Always happy to get some feedback since I am just getting started. If you want to share your fundraising story, do not hesitate to get in touch !

    Cheers !

  182. 1

    Hi people!

    I'm John Carvalho. I'm full-stack developer from Brazil and I've been worked with Python, NodeJS, React, React Native, PHP with Laravel for years as a developer. My primary cloud provider is AWS.

    I'm working on a web product that allow people to make better retrospectives using theirs devices. I also work on a joke app that allow people to have fun with their friends.

    My interests are in working in digital products like SaaS products that can generate a passive stream of money.

  183. 1

    Hello Rosie,

    I'm a programmer.
    My favourite language is Java
    I would like to buy an electric piano and get fit

  184. 1

    Hi! I am a 15-year-old programmer who wants to solve a problem and build a start-up upon it. I am here to be part of a community and collab. My aim in 2020 is to build a successful web startup.

  185. 1

    Hi there, my name is Fabio, originally from Brazil but in Denmark. And a parent :)

    I've worked for many years in product management, had a bunch of side projects/products but never got too serious or the discipline to turn them into actual businesses.

    I joined here to get a boost from the community, get my sh** together and learn from others how they do and keep up many of the amazing products I see here and keep hearing about in many other places.

    I'd love to help people in the beginning, learn a bit of areas I'm weak at and then venture out on my own.


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      It's hard to not start another thing, isn't it? :)

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