November 22, 2020

Welcome, introduce yourself! (Week of Nov 22nd)

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Rosie here -- the Indie Hackers community manager. Welcome! 👋

This short guide is meant to help you get the most out of Indie Hackers.

First, introduce yourself!

Indie Hackers is a community of people helping each other build profitable businesses and side projects. The key word here is "community." Don't be shy!

For starters, take a second to introduce yourself and share your goals in the comments below. 👇

Just say a few words about who you are, why you're here, and what you hope to accomplish or learn in 2020.

Take a moment to say hello to someone else as well!

Dive into learning.

We've interviewed hundreds of successful indie hackers. I recommend reading a few of their stories. It's a great way to get an overview of what's possible.

@csallen also puts out podcast episodes if reading isn't your thing!

Next, get started!

There's no time like the present. Check out the "Start Here" page for a list of practical steps and articles that can help you take action.

Not only will it help you get started, but it should also introduce you to some of the best parts of the Indie Hackers community.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! If you're ever feeling lost or confused, post in the Meta group or tag me (@rosiesherry) in any comment or post.

Don't forget to introduce yourself and say hi to someone else below! 🤗

  1. 7

    Hey 👋, Preet here. I'm a student from some university in India. I'm here to see others are building and hope to get some inspiration and start some project on my own, which will benefit the community as a whole.

  2. 6

    Hey everyone, I'm a developer born and raised in the Caribbean. So far, I have a few failures under my belt including burning through a seed investment and my life savings trying to launch a tech startup during the past 5 years or so. Recently I've made 5-figures from freelance business and I'm here to figure out how to earn recurring revenue from an online project.

  3. 4

    Hey everyone, I'm Ridhik, a Front-End developer from Kochi, India. I came across this website because I wanted to know what the meaning of 'indie hackers' was and now I'm in love with it.

  4. 3

    Hello everyone! 🍺
    Arnaud here, I'm software engineer working in the startup world. I'm currently working on a project called Keypup to help developers better organise team work. So might ask a few questions on how people get organised every day :)

    Beyond that I love discussing about technologies and will happily help others on their questions. I'm primarily on Ruby / Rails / React / GraphQL with a good grasp on AWS and GCP as well!

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    Hello all! I'm Stephane, French Australian Entrepreneur. Very happy to have joined the community - so many great stories and testimonials on here! I was lucky enough to send my previous (and first) tech startup to IPO on the London Stock Exchange. Now working on my second one ( , which is young (less than 1 year old) and dedicated to helping Software Developers.

    I'm here to see the trends, and frankly get some more inspiration from the community and all the great folks on here - and feedback from experts in the Developers domain too as much as possible!
    Don't hesitate to contact me for anything. Always happy to help if/where I can. Cheers.

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    Hi everyone. My name is Greg and I'm a civil engineer out of California. The past couple years I learned enough of the basics to build and launch a SAAS product this past year for lake managers. Hoping to take this company to the next level with some inspiration from IH. Looking forward to sharing my experience and growing as an entrepreneur.

    1. 1

      Sounds cool! I have a civil engineering background as well, interested to hear more about your experience at this intersection. Have a good thanksgiving!

      1. 1

        Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! Same to you. It is a very interesting intersection with many possibilities, but also many archaic rooted traditions.

    2. 1

      What size lakes?

      1. 1

        Hey power. I've worked with companies that manage half acre ponds up to 50 acre reservoirs.

        1. 1

          Got it. I used to live near the Great Lakes and there are CONSTANTLY issues with managing the lake. Might be an opportunity?

          1. 2

            Oh yea I can imagine what a challenge it is at that scale! I'll take a look at see what organizations are out there currently. That'd be a great opportunity. I appreciate it!

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    Hey 👋🏾, I'm Eswar. I'm thrilled to be part of this community. Thanks to everyone who came before for building IndieHackers out as well as cultivating this awesome community.

    In 2020, I've been working on Flow ( with two friends. Flow gives you workspaces within your browser. We use our browsers for so many aspects of our lives (work, side-projects, shopping, news, travel plans, etc) but there aren't many great tools to stay organized and avoid tab hoarding hell. It's why we built Flow - we want people to have more organization and less anxiety while using their browser.

    Check us out and shoot me an email at [email protected] if you ever want to chat digital-wellbeing!

    1. 1

      Hey Eswar, downloaded flow and excited to try it out!

    2. 1

      Hi Eswar, nice to meet you here! Flow seems like something I definitely need so thank you!

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    Hey all!

    Full stack developer currently working fulltime in the FinTech space. Of course in my spare time hacking away at side projects!

    Working through the final stages of launch for my first (solo) project and looking to get involved with the community!

    1. 1

      Hey what is a stack developer? I really have no idea but it sounds really interesting.

      1. 1

        Full stack developer - somewhat an overused term in software... But essentially it's someone who is comfortable across the entire software architecture ie. frontend development (mobile apps, websites etc) and backend (ie. servers and the logic for interacting with lots of data).

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    Craig Fisk in San Jose, CA. One of four co-founders writing an app for freelancer networking: Also, please help us with a name / logo survey:

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    Hello, my name is Brian! I'm a software engineer, working on building out some of my side projects in a way that hopefully makes them profitable.

  11. 3

    Hi I'm Gabriel. I've just recently released a new product. I'm here to learn more about building products and growth.

    1. 1

      What is your product?

  12. 3

    Hi Rosie - I’m here to learn about all things bootstrapping, and hoping to launch a few business ideas in 2021 with the help of the Indie Hackers community

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    I am Gogu from Netherlands.
    Currently looking to build and launch my own online startup.

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    Hi, I'm Rathes. I'm a fitness enthusiast. During the lockdowns in the past, I've been working on a small app that helped me to plan my workouts. Here to learn if and how I can make this available to anyone who this app might help.

  15. 3

    Hi all - glad to be a part of such an inspiring and encouraging community. Thanks to @csallen for building such a welcoming place.

    I'm an electrical engineer by training, but I've worked at a few startups along the way (highlights: Fitbit, Infarm) which has given me the opportunity to learn some basics across product management, machine learning, data science, marketing and operations.

    I'm looking forward to learning from the smart and talented people here, doing some fun and creative projects along the way and hopefully even taking some control over my lifestyle!

  16. 3

    Hey all - I'm Skylar Hinrichs, a scrum master by day, indiehacker/n00b developer by night.

    I've seen so many success stories and regularly follow people like Pieter Levels and others and frankly, I'm inspired and motivated to be able to build/launch an app that one day allows me to quit my day-job and go full-time on it.

    It's so refreshing to have found a like-minded community of people focused on helping and nurturing each other rather than the toxicity that exists in most corners of the internet.

    Pumped to be a part of this and proud of what you're all doing!

  17. 3

    Hi, I am Jaden and I am interested eCom, Financial markets and Digital marketing. I am trying to find a way to build an exciting career where I will get to use all of my interest.

    Bless Up!

  18. 3

    Hi everyone and greetings from Berlin! It's Peter from the digital inheritance service DGLegacy -, which allows people to protect their financial and digital assets and secure their families.
    Looking forward to get a lot of inspiration here, share learnings and experience with other people and grow together!
    Drop me a note for a 1 year free of charge premium usage of our digital inheritance service, DGLegacy (we operate globally).

  19. 3

    Hello! I'm Olof from Sweden and I'm here to learn from you about how to get the word out about my app Feeds (
    Working alone I also like to get in touch with other developers in a similar situation.

  20. 3

    Hello !!! I am Neeraj from New Delhi and building on some ideas in Energy As A Service space and looking for the tools to automate the processes and use the technology.

    1. 1

      Hi Neeraj, EAAS sounds interesting! what's it about?

  21. 3

    Hello everyone, my name is Fernando, I'm a web developer from México

  22. 3

    hello, My name is Mubeen Amanat, i',m a web developer, I am here to learn web related technologies

  23. 3

    Hello everyone, my name is Deka and I am from Indonesia. I am happy to find this website :)

  24. 3

    Hi Myself Priyab, Blogger, Planning to start a small project of my own soon and here to learn from lot of Indie Hackers

  25. 3

    Hello, Rosie! Thanks for the site! This is amazing.

  26. 2

    Hey there, I'm Lucy - an early-stage startup marketer. I've worked in startups for nearly ten years, in recruitment tech, learning, and prop tech.

    I feel a lot of the info out there is very founder-centric - IMO - so I decided to create a resource for those early employees who join a startup with an emphasis on marketing. Because it's VERY different to other marketing roles.

    You can read more here:

    I'm looking forward joining the community, and learning from you all.

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    Ahoy everyone, Aleks here!

    Ex Microsoftie, now making an edu product in the basement with my 9yo daughter. I've never been a part of any community, so I decided to give it a try.

  28. 2

    Hello everyone, I'm Deepika from Hong Kong. after working in corporate world on and off in different roles (and briefly in a failed start-up), I quit my job last month to work on my own. Still figuring out that part. Joining this fabulous community to stay strong and help others while I learn myself. I have various interests around physical, mental and financial health but overarching theme has always been to help others lead a life they want.

    Happy to be on this ride with you all!

  29. 2

    Hi, I'm Mike. I'm currently a Full-Stack web dev student at Lambda School. I'm here to get inspiration for side projects and meet some cool people!

    I am interested in working at companies that support online entrepreneurship like Stripe, Shopify, and WordPress - and I figure there's no better way to market my skills than to learn to be an entrepreneur online first-hand.

    PS I'm a big fan of Nassim Taleb's books and I thought I'd share this post I found by @chr15m that convinced me I was in the right place here on Indie Hackers:

  30. 2

    Hello everyone, I am John Form USA, I am a coffee expert/barista here. Its my passion. And to promote my passion I also write a blog named :

  31. 2

    Hi, Deepak here. I have a digital Saas product. I am here to learn best way to promote my sales using social media and otherwise. Would be great to learn from others experiences.

  32. 2

    Hello everyone, I'm a social entrepreneur and behavioral scientist from Tunisia. I'm here to see what others are working on, and try to support them in any possible way. I have knowledge of behavioral economics, product experimentation, sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.

    Happy to be a part of such an inspiring community :)

  33. 2

    Hello there 👋 My name is Cica, I'm a marketing manager from France. I'm excited to join the Indie Hackers Community! I'm part of Keypup, an online cross-data app for developers ( ). I look forward to learning from this community and sharing my experience.

  34. 2

    Hi! I'm Rachel, a web developer from Ann Arbor, MI. I love to knit and most of my side projects are web-based knitting tools (not counting my indie knitwear design business).

    In 2021, I'm starting an exciting project around sewing patterns and community with a few friends that's larger-scale than anything I've worked on on the side before. I'm hoping to build it with an eye to monetization from the start. I'm hopeful this community will be a great resource. 😄

  35. 2

    Hey @rosiesherry thanks for the intro.

    Hey everyone, my name is Nathan. I'm a content marketer and copywriter based in Nigeria. Wanna connect with founders creating dope products and businesses.

  36. 2

    Hello Indie Hackers, I'm a post founder that bootstrapped a business and recently sold it. I have been stewing on an idea for a SAAS B2B business for the manufacturing industry and just learned about Indie Hacker. Looking to find possible technical partners for collaboration.

  37. 2

    Hey all! My name is Igor. I’m a product designer from Los Angeles. Currently building

    Here to learn about other experiences and finally get myself out to ask for an advice or two. I’m not really a socialized person, but trying! ;-)

  38. 2

    Hi - found this website through twitter post. Looking to connect with software professionals to collaborate. Moving excel + word workflow to SaaS offering for risk professionals

  39. 2

    I’ve built a platform for mountain bikers, hikers, and trail runners to check & report conditions of trails around the St. Louis area called Trekko: check in, trek out! Just released to Android/iOS in July: ...I’ll be looking for help as we scale out to new regions/activities & look for partners (trail orgs, bike parks, etc.) for and enterprise tier. Excited to be on indie hackers!

  40. 2

    Hi ☺️ I'm hoping to find beta testers for our app SafeNow which aims to improve the personal safety of all of us and am really looking forward to getting feedback from this community. If you want to check it out have a look here:

  41. 2

    Hey! 👋

    Matt here, author and director of Mobile Videomaking.

    Me and my colleagues have just launched our brand new online course on how to make professional videos with your smartphone: filmmaking essentials, kit recommendations, useful apps, exclusive discounts and downloads, editing both on smartphone and computer, as well as how to create specific videos like travel, promotional, real estate, and studio shots => check it out here

    So far we're having a great time on the AppSumo marketplace - it's validation first of all, but other than that it's a super convenient way to market our product without any expense in advertising (which is otherwise considerable) and nonetheless get results!

    It's also an amazing community to be part of, the members we get through AppSumo are high quality clients like entrepreneurs looking to boost their business, which is important for our Facebook community => (, as well as to inspire other members.

    We're also discovering all the other deals and products here. There's some great stuff!

  42. 2

    Hey all,

    My name is Ben and I launched a project called Oco. Oco lets you fund projects that fight climate change to protect the world we love. Here is the site:

    The project is a fully a side passion project, but has great vibes with lots of people lending a hand. If you are interested in helping. Head to my account and message me through Twitter.

    Always open to chat! Cheers:

    1. 1

      Nice initiative and best of luck on your projects....

  43. 2

    Hi all,

    Attorney-Hacker here. Looking to build a couple of side projects for the legal profession. One niche SaaS, the other educational games. Will most likely just lurk and learn.

  44. 2

    Hi i’m Laurence. i’ve been working on an idea, a made to measure fashion marketplace and in the future, manufacturing on and off for about 2 years now. I’ve found my first customer and refined the idea and now i am looking for someone to help me with the development

  45. 2

    Hi! I’m a developer and my name is Khan. I’m a student going for computer engineering and I’m building OpenBudget along the way!

    1. 1

      Hi Khan are you able to design websites?

      1. 1

        I don't really design them, I'm a developer so I do the creating!

  46. 2

    Hello, I am a full stack developer and wadted to learn from everyone here. Really excited to join this community! :)

  47. 2

    Hello, I'm a software engineer, wanted to meet and get inspired by all indieHackers community members. I wanted to start building some ideas buzzing in my head as side projects and hopefully makes them profitable.

  48. 2

    Hey! Chris here :)
    I’m currently trying to figure out how to turn a feature into a product. My MVP exists in a Jupiter notebook and will hopefully learn Flask or Django to bring it to the world! Looking forward to meeting some people here or even a co-founder/collaborator.

  49. 2

    Hi name is "Derick A. Chong" I'm from Aruba, and I just got to programming and I'm just trying out new things

  50. 2


    I am Sri, came to known about this website recently. I am software engineer with 7 years of experience and I know few things about DevOps, python, PowerShell, AWS and Azure wanted to learn more more new things. other than IT I am very much interested in photography, hiking and running.

  51. 2

    Hi I'm Jay and I've been a long time lurker here, but never created an account. I'm a software engineer with 10+ years experience so I know a thing or two about coding :) Other than that, I'm passionate about the cloud, music, and fitness. Not necessarily in that order!

  52. 2

    Hi, my name is Stan. I have been involved with holistic healing for over 20 years. I am here to add valuable content to interested parties who are looking for an alternative medicine view to answers of the mind, body and spirit.

  53. 2

    Hello, Mary here from CaaSocio, we do help SaaS businesses to scale by doing leadgen, copy services and even growth hacking. Also, we have partners of developers, QAs, community builder, whatever you in growing your SaaS.

  54. 2

    Hi I'm Austin, Im looking to grow my personal brand as a software engineer. My goal is to help inspire others.

  55. 2

    Hi I'm Alsajjad, i am a webdeveloper with no work experience in development. My goal is to start work in 2021.

  56. 2

    Hi, I am Leonardo. I currently work in automation. Fluent in Python with expertise on analytics and machine learning.
    I am looking for cool projects to work on!

  57. 2

    Hi! I'm Kevin. I'm looking to build my own product and plan out a successful launch for it.

  58. 2

    Hi! I'm UI/UX Designer form Riga, Latvia. Came to figure out some stuff.

  59. 2

    I'm a student at one of universities in Surabaya, Indonesia. i'm being here because i wanna looking for knowledge and inspiration

  60. 2

    Hi Rosiesherry, I'm Jeffred. By day I'm working in covid testing, by night I'm building an ecommerce store. Started back in July 2020 and here to learn from others.

  61. 2

    Hi, I'm Indrek from Indonesia. Here to learn about tech and bussiness. Hopefully ends up this 2020 with joyful.

  62. 2

    Hi, I'm Riziq from Indonesia. I've heard about this site a lot. I'm happy I can join here :D

  63. 1

    Hey Rosie and IndieHacker community - I am Godwin, from Seattle. I am the co-founder of Vive ( and along with @corrinab, we are building a digital assistant for realtors and clients. We hope to streamline collaboration across all parties in a real estate transaction and make realtors insanely productive. We are bootstrapped, building with a small set of beta customers and plan to monetize in a SaaS model.

    Excited to be here, learn from and contribute to the community.

    Cheers, Godwin

  64. 1

    Hi guys, I hope you all are doing well !
    I am Walid from France, I'm an IT engineer and I work for companies as a freelancer.
    My goal is to build an online project in order to earn recurring revenue. Then I will be able to dedicate my entire time to a startup project. If I can help with something do not hesitate to let me know 😌

  65. 1

    Hello. I'm Eric, recently turned 45. Started a blog site, but looking to partner with someone for some projects on the side, or do some stuff on my own. Been in the tech industry for 20 years

  66. 1

    Hi. My name is Casper. I am currently an it infrastructure specialist at a big corporation, but I have been trying to build a side business for at least 3 years now, but I have not managed to push anything to market yet because I doubt my every idea until the point that I switch to another more exciting idea. I have sporadically worked on many different ideas mostly programming ideas and I am currently finishing an education in software engineering.
    I hope I can find like minded people here and get a product launched in a short time.

  67. 1

    I'm from INDIA, a Business Intelligence professional. I've been doing a side project for a long time now (4+ years) . It is It took too long as I was the sole dev and had to learn everything from scratch. Hoping to get some idea on how to take it forward or start on something new.

  68. 1

    Hello y'all! I'm a dev from south america. Trying to balance life, work and dreams

  69. 1

    Hi, This is Saggit from Yuba City, CA
    I am a software engineer and interested in collaborating & start few projects !!

  70. 1

    If you need a verified hacker who is not only is reliable but also willing to provide proof before any payments are made then contact  Webroothacker @ gmail com or whatsapp +19172750978, feel free to refer him to your friends as well, you should get better deals just like me, please say Jackie sent you, thanks guys.

  71. 1

    Hi Everyone,
    I am wahab and currently working as a software development lead with much focus on management side. I have started side by side as a C# developer using .net core . Lets hope I will be able to get myself up and running soon.

  72. 1

    Hi everyone! My name is Dr Tatiana Kukova. I am a Social Psychologist of Entrepreneurship with a PhD from Aston Business School, UK. I am the author of 'The Entrepreneur’s Identity Standard: What entrepreneurs think about themselves and how it influences their entrepreneurial actions.' My book solves the psychological problem of how tech startup entrepreneurs deal with strategic decision-making processes in their ventures based on how they see themselves.

  73. 1

    Hi! I’m a long time lurker working on my first SaaS project ( as a nocode founder and love seeing how this community works together and offers inspiration. Looking forward to contributing and paying it forward.

  74. 1

    Hey everyone,

    I'm Akmal. I'm QC engineer by day and part-time developed by night. I hope I able to get some inspiration, advice and many more from joining this community. I am still quite new in the software development world.

  75. 1

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  76. 1

    Hi everyone,

    So happy to have found this community. I just discovered it through a podcast with Courtland Allan. I am a designer and entrepreneur looking to join a community of other builders and for tips and inspiration as I work on my next project. I have previously concept founded and co-founded a SaaS company that I worked on for four years but am no longer a part of. I am currently trying to figure out how to build partnerships, projects, business collaborations in a healthy, fair and transparent way. Exploring slicing the pie method and the like. Interested in stories where and how people made co-founding work.

  77. 1

    Hi, thanks for the guide. I do data analysis for life science industry. Wanted to make my own full project for a while. Maybe Indie hackers will be a trigger for me to do that.
    Cheers guys.

  78. 1

    Mark here, from Wisconsin. Only joined because another member posted about the guy that wrote "flat pyramid" and a book about how to get a job in 30 days as an immigrant. His name is George E. This guy is a huge scammer, and recently robbed the needy of vital food supplies when he to a contract r Covid relief food distribution...but apparently in reality sold it at profit.

  79. 1

    Hello there! I'm a 52 y.o farm kid with ZERO tech savvy. I only joined because I saw a post by one of your members and really wanted to respond.

  80. 1

    Hi Sachit here. I am based in Sydney, Australia. I am a full stack developer and I have recently started my own software development agency. Looking forward to learn a lot from here and share what I know.

  81. 1

    Hey, I'm from india, A student of CSE

  82. 1

    Hey everyone! 👋 Happy to be part of this amazing community! I'm a filmmaker and photographer from the Philippines. I create websites in my spare time (but I'm terrible at it) and sometimes geek out on productivity apps—I'm a Notion Ambassador too. I'm currently working as a video editor for mental health companies. Lately, I've been spending more time studying code and web development, so there's that. I'm here to really get some more inspiration from the community. I hope I get to meet some nice people here.

  83. 1

    This is fallenwood, a software engineer from China, with some experience of website development. Happy to join this community to learn from you all.

  84. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm an advertising lawyer in Los Angeles focusing on ecommerce and social media marketing issues. I'm here to see what issues others are facing so I can better help my clients.

  85. 1

    hi - 31/male/python guy from Boston looking to take an idea to the next level. Looking to innovate and build.

  86. 1

    Hi Everyone, My name is Kalide and I'm joining indie hackers to surround myself with people who love bringing their ideas to life. I'm working on a creating an e-commerce site so being on this site will help me see how other founders succeeded and what mistakes they made and learned from

  87. 1

    Hello! I'm Dhony and I'm learning how to develop web applications to eventually create a SaaS.

  88. 1

    Hello fellow developers, I'm in aspiring developer out of the Detroit Metro area. I have no expertise in anything, but put my all in everything I do. I hope to contribute as often as possible.

  89. 1

    Hey there everyone. I'm Jeff. Long time ad agency employee turned growth marketer for a start up. Thinking about putting together my own project on the side. Here to learn and contribute.

  90. 1

    Hi there, I'm a non-technical co-founder with an idea that needs the right technical co-founder to bring it to market. I'm here to help find someone who can help me develop my idea and found a company.

  91. 1

    Howdy from Dallas! I go by Rap. I make most of my $$ from consulting and training developers, but that's not why I'm here. I'm a good developer and an underwhelming marketer and sales dude. So I have a track record of creating some cool products that have done nothing. Maybe listening to your story will help me to figure out some of the things I'm doing wrong.

  92. 1

    Hello 👋🏽 my name is Arjun Srivastava. I've recently launched my app on the iOS App Store, called Goodsend. I'm based out of Chicago, IL. I came here after watching Courtland Allen's interview on the 'This week in startups' podcast. I was really interested in his mindset and learning more about this community, so here I am. Excited to be here and to learn from and get to know fellow founders!

  93. 1

    Hello, I'm a student at ubc who's been skimming through also trading bots. Just looking for cool side projects

  94. 1

    Hello all, I am Sohail, hailing from the south of England, I am across Indie hackers as a suggestion from a friend, I am a full time senior developer who has traversed multiple industries to work on many great products and ideas.

    I am in search of a new side project to feed my hunger for hacking away at something in the wee hours of the morning.

  95. 1


    I'm Fee and i'm looking for a technical co-founder (CTO) to build a deep tech company powered by computer vision AI & body recognition in the digital space. I have full e2e experience in SAAS, ecommerce, digital transformation, infrastructure and global logistics. I have delivered 38 ideas into projects through to operational excellence for the worlds biggest brands such as P&G, Honda, Nintendo, Mercedes, Nestle, Singapore Airlines and many more.
    I have also ideated and delivered a computer vision AI for my employer that's now generating millions in revenue.
    Other skills I have include; pitching, client and stakeholder management, resource and budget management, risk management, operations management and a leadership award.

    In my own time I invest my disposable income in deep tech companies on the stock market and my portfolio is at 159% profit which is about 150% higher than the hedge funds managed by the big 4 therefore I understand business strategy and what makes a valuable company for the market and also to investors, these skills will help me build a scalable, globally impactful company.

    Please reach out if you have the right technical skills and also ambition and commitment to creating your own startup. I have a few ideas, however, I want to pick the final idea with my co-founder whilst also exploring their ideas if they have any.
    I am currently based in the UK which is my co founder preference, however, I'm happy to explore a remote partnership.

  96. 1

    Hi there 👋
    My name is Graham and I am a self-taught software engineer 💻
    I love building cool products to help people solve real world issues and seeing what others are building! 👷‍♂️

  97. 1

    Hi everyone. My name is Justice, I'm a self-taught programmer from the United States. I have some experience running my own projects into the ground, and a'couple that were somewhat successful. Since I've learned programming I have a hard time imagining entrepreneurship without it. I'm really excited to have stumbled across this community, and wish I would have found this years ago!

  98. 1

    Hey everyone! 👋 I'm Miro, self taught software engineer currently working as a full time full stack developer. I'm looking forward to level up my online presence as a developer.
    Furthermore I am trying to create some site projects.

    Looking forward to learn from you all and share my own story!

    1. 1

      Hey Miro, I looking for some help getting my app running with Hatchbox/DigitalOcean setup.

  99. 1

    Hi! I'm Justas from Lithuania.
    I'm product designer/counsultant for startups. I'm in the process of launching 3 new services:
    Idea validation sprint; Product launch sprint, Product growth sprint.
    Each of them is 2 weeks long. Perhaps, someone would like to validate, launch or boost their startup. Let's talk :)

  100. 1

    At Nerdy Charmer, we teach you how to look inside yourself and find the fully-formed, fully-confident you

  101. 1

    Hey, I'm Abhi
    I work for a Big Tech as an Engineer and love building stuff. I want to learn to build something that other people may like to use.

  102. 1

    Hi there 👋 I'm a cuban front end developer & designer based in italy.
    Hope to find here a place to improve.

  103. 1

    Thank you Rosie! I’d love to learn about success stories!

  104. 1

    Hi this is CSK. Here with a goal to make $10,000/month to quit job.

    Look forward to figure it out with this awesome community.

    1. 1

      How are you going about the process?

  105. 1

    Hey all, my name is Vlad. Excited to be joining this community. I started working on a new side project that I am passionate about and I am planning on launching it sometime in December.

    On a side note, @csallen @TeamIH, "Join Us" button on a front page doesn't seems to be working. Only "Sign Up" button works.

  106. 1

    Hey all, I'm Ivan, an editor at the Business of Business, an online publication focusing on business news. I'm always interested in hearing about the startup/tech communities — feel free to reach out!

  107. 1

    I’m Anton, Russian/Israeli software developer. I’ve decided to chase my dream once again and decided to start a company to help me and others to lose weight - Looking for inspiration and trying to learn on others mistakes.

  108. 1

    Hey everyone, I am Disha and have joined IH to engage with the Dev Community and understand their perspective about extensions ecosystem. Currently a part of Microsoft Edge Extensions team. I will be happy to connect and know your thoughts about same.

  109. 1

    Hi I'm a student from Nigeria and I joined this platform to get inspired and educated and perhaps start my own venture in the future

  110. 1

    Hey guys. My name is Jerome and I'm a solo founder based in Amsterdam working on a retail-tech solution. I outsourced my MVP but now starting to look for full time team members that can take over. Hope to chat with you guys soon!

  111. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Ribhu, an ML freelancer. I've been lurking on here for a few months now and feel its time for me to actually start building something. I want to start a community for discussing ethics in AI and how people can apply it in their products and services. Looking forward to sharing my experience and feel free to reach out.

  112. 1

    Heyho, I'm Wolfram. I had a few runs already, having built and sold a cloud architecture diagramming tool called and started a realtime data platform called deepstreamHub for which we've raised an initial VC round. I also dabbled a bit in open source, having created and Before seeing the light of entrepreneurship I built trading tech for investment banks. I'm currently working on a new project, a realtime geo-spatial processing platform - but still super early days. I'm here to feel inspired and motivated whilst working from my living room in the pandemic.

  113. 1

    Merci pour l'article. Sur , vous pouvez télécharger des sonneries entièrement gratuitement. Sonneries gratuites mises à jour quotidiennement pour les utilisateurs.

  114. 1

    Hey hackers. My name is Yakubu Yusuf AKA yytambaya. I'm joining to get inspired, learn, help and be successful as a developer. Love to connect. Welcome all

  115. 1

    Hello! Mindaugas here from Aichom - we are building smartwatch solutions for people with dementia, their families and caregivers. Starting with the AppleWatch app, we are now developing a few additional features before the launch. Looking forward to discuss possible solutions, get some feedback and also contribute to this community.

  116. 1

    Hey, I am Jermy, I am an app developer, I am here to meet new people like me and share and and learn new things. Due to pandemic, many people lose there business and jobs. I can help them to start up with new business. Helping Many people across the world already. I am new here, hope to connect more people and have good time with them.

  117. 1

    Hey everyone, nice to meet yah all!

    I am Roy from China. Working on a project called HeyForm, the MVP is developed and I am looking to launch it properly.

    Would like to learn from you guys and grow my insights and experience on products.

  118. 1

    Thank you @rosiesherry and it's great to be here with everyone! I'm a 6x founder, developer turned product manager turned marketer (growth). I love all things startup, and have spent more time scaling bootstrapped companies then funded, though have had wins and epic failures under both models. Currently CPO at and Founder at Growth University. I'm always down to talk growth.

  119. 1

    Hey all, Randy here. I'm a writer and future founder based out of NYC. During the day I develop socks and packaging for Bombas. At night, I write about how entrepreneurs use emerging technology to start, scale, and market their businesses via

    Last year, I published a book on the intersection of entrepreneurship and childhood bullying. My findings were pretty incredible.
    Looking forward to connecting with the rest of the community! Love meeting to new people so feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat!

  120. 1

    Hi! I’m Will, currently working for a startup as a software engineer. I’ve lost the spark I once had with side-projects. I’m hoping to find that spark again within this community 😊

  121. 1

    thanks for the help! Excited to get plugged in!

  122. 1

    Hi everyone! Canadian novice developer here. I've been involved in a couple projects, and I'm now focusing on developing a social community for a specific audience. I've heard great things about Indie Hackers and I'm interested to see what the community is about.

  123. 1

    Finally a startup culture that doesn't totally turn me off at first sight!
    I'm stoked to be part of it. Now if I can just turn one of these ideas into a real thing...

  124. 1

    @rosiesherry Thanks for the welcome! I am excited to dive in, learn a lot, and get to know the community!

    I am still figuring out what to do in the next stage of my career, ideally starting with something on the side. I am an aspiring angel investor, an LP with @jasoncalacanis, a technologist, and overall someone who loves to see how tech is improving and transforming lives around the world.

  125. 1

    🖖 Hey everyone, I’ve joined to read all the interesting topics and information indiehackers has to offer. I’m also excited to make some new friends, provide feedback and learn amongst the rest. I hope you’re all staying safe. Speak soon

  126. 1

    Hi I'm Augis. I'm Full-Stack developer and 3D enthusiast working on some side passion (solo) projects. I've just recently developed a 3D web app (beta) and released a pre-launch landing page (If you want to check it: I’m here to learn about how to launch my product and looking to get involved with the community.

  127. 1

    Hey, DJ here. I am a product management professional from India. I am here to learn from the community members and hope to contribute too.

  128. 1

    Hello, I’m a solo developer from San Diego, California. I heard about Indie Hackers on a podcast.

  129. 1

    Hey everybody, My name is Sergey I was born and raised in Russia, I'm a software developer with more than 4+ years of experience. 4 months ago we started our startup for building native mobile apps just in the browser for people without any tech background. ( I hope that I can share my experience on building startups and could learn something from community :)

  130. 1

    Hey all, I'm Mike. I work as a one man digital marketing agency. Was self taught while working on my first biz. I've worked in the start up world with a prediction app I co-founded named Called it!. We got VC funding, hugely invaluable learnings but didn't get past the seed. Aside from work stuff, I'm a huge movie guy and a golf fanatic.

    I stumbled on IH a couple times and just listened to Courtland's interview on This Week in Startups, which lead me back here. The content here is really exceptional from an entrepreneur's standpoint. I'm currently working on a new startup in the fintech world. It's super early. I'm at the requirements gathering stage.

    Hoping to be able to learn and contribute where I can.

  131. 1

    Hi, I'm Lauren! I've just started a nocode product building course with @LaunchMBA. I'm having a really great time meeting other builders and collaborating on projects - and just discovered Indie Hackers as another place to continue doing this.

  132. 1

    Hey everyone 👋🏼, Rebeca here, I’m a product analyst in Peru and currently working in digital b2b products for companies at a bank. I’m here to learn from all of you 💪🏻 and to receive feedback for my first offline project which is related to arts and clothing 🎨

  133. 1

    Hey, Kaan here. I'm founder of Hackquarters and I love side projects and hacking processes. I'm revamping Hackquarters as whole and looking forward inspirations to design future startup programs.

  134. 1

    Hi folks, Nicolas here 🥰. I'm a French guy building a startup with 2 friends from Germany and Portugal. We help other GenZ entrepreneurs get started with their business ideas. We've build an helpful community, provide some methodology and inspiration, and help founders save a lot of $$$$ on a bunch of tools like, Airtable, Invision, SendGrid, AWS etc. due to our exclusive partnerships. We believe it shouldn'be that hard to build business ideas if you have a limited budget 🙃(

  135. 1

    Hey 👋, I’m Dennis from The Netherlands.

    For the last couple of years me and a friend are trying to find the right approach for our product, a service oriented platform to help selling and promoting (with a suite of modular tools ready to be tailored to your needs combined with personal support). It took multiple iterations (and a couple of rebuilds) but we are finally beginning to understand what the value is we’re offering.

    Looking forward to learn and share with this community to make it a success!

  136. 1

    Hey everyone,

    I'm an SEO geek who also designs websites (yes I know there's a few of us out there). I'm just about to launch my first newsletter, also for SEO geeks who want to know what SEO Stacks the top players are using.

    We all love a bit of "gear talk" right :)

    Looking forward to contributing and getting to know the IndieHacker community!


  137. 1

    Hello, Renee is here. I'm working for an IT company making project management tools.

  138. 1

    Hi, I am Troy from China as a technical support in a Scrum team.:)

  139. 1

    Hey guys, nice to meet you. I'm Vladimir - a digital marketer, residing in Moscow, Russia for now.

    A few weeks ago me and a friend of mine came up with idea of the web app that would make life of Facebook marketers easier. We've decided to give it a try and build our first product.

    I am very happy to join this community. After listening to IH podcasts for a while, it's time to give back, haha

  140. 1

    Hey 👋 I’m Viren, I’m the Founder of Attentioun, a ‘meaningful’ social content platform for thoughtful consumers to get a unique interactive experience around great content with writers and friends. Based out of India 🇮🇳, with a goal to help creators earn a living in multiple ways. I’m here to chat with Creators, understand more about them, learn about viable models, and more. ♥️

  141. 1

    Hi everyone,

    This is Bosky and I started PMDojo ( this year as a community as well as lead a 10 week Product Accelerator for Aspiring and New Product Managers and Side Hustlers. I came to know of this community today while talking with someone and really looking forward to connect, learn and share.

    Would love to connect with with anyone who is looking to break into product or side hustlers how might need support and help in their hustles. Entrepreneurship and building products is what I absolutely love - its been something I have done for over 20 years and cant think of anything else that I would want to do :)


  142. 1

    Hello everyone, my name is Narayana, I'm a Java developer from India

  143. 1

    Hey hackers, I am a full-stack web developer looking to build up a profitable freelance business and explore some different SaaS ideas. Goal is to gain better financial freedom so I can spend time solving some difficult and fun problems. Currently building Wordpress websites for a day job and jamstack sites with Gatsby in my free time.

    I look forward to learning, growing, and connecting with some of you.

    • Kyle
  144. 1

    Hii, I am building company that makes job marketable and engaging across social media. Looking to connect with other founders.

  145. 1

    Hi this is Naem-bi, Im located in Seattle and work full-time as software engineer at FAANG. Looking forward to learn a lot from this community and hope I can help others in the future.

  146. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm vanilla, a developer from China. I'm here to learn more about building products and growth.

  147. 1

    Hello! My name is Graham. I’m building a bitcoin company. I’m a first time founder so really looking to learn all I can here. I’m also in search of a cofounder, so if there’s a relevant spot for that here please let me know. Thanks and I look forward to hanging out here.

  148. 1

    G'day 👋, I'm Finn. I own a small ecommerce business in Australia and I write a weekly newsletter. I'm here to learn how to leverage my side hustles into booming businesses.

  149. 1

    Hi there! I’m Vlad, an iOS developer, designer and marketer from St. Petersburg, Russia. I’m here to find people like me — enthusiasts who are passionate about creating IT products. I had experience in game dev, made some several mobile games. Now I’m focused on web and mobile products.

  150. 1

    Hey, I love making apps. Started my own company weBOTS and wanna have fun, simple. See ya ✌️

  151. 1

    Hey guys! I'm Brady. I'm a full-stack developer and I love coding. I've been coding since I was 12 and always spend my nights working on side projects. I am currently working on a browser extension/app for managing and sharing links and bookmarks.

  152. 1

    Hi I'm Michael. I'm a full time Android Engineer in the United States. I have a lot of interest in automation, so I'm exploring different product ideas for a mobile app in that space!

  153. 1

    I am turning 45 in a few months. I have a nice ERP consulting business and I have done well. I am looking to start something up again and work on some residual income streams in the next 12-24 months. No pressure!

  154. 1

    Hi Daithi here, long term podcast listener and have set myself a goal to create a small online business over the next 12 months. I love learning from others and would love to help people out in any way I can.

  155. 1

    Hi Preet, Ridz and Rosie

  156. 1

    Good morning from Los Angeles! I’m here to start a online herbal boutique that sells herbs, teas, and essential oils that aid in reducing bad cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. My family history is the story behind the business and is dedicated to my mom and dad who worked jobs they had to and died of illnesses they couldn’t afford. My Monthly goal is 15k gross beginning January 2021. I just heard Courtland Allen on Jason’s podcast speak about financial freedom and knew I had to take action today.

  157. 1

    Hi, My name is Michael. I am in the app business more than 6 years.Keep learning every day! Discovered this community after reading report "Which Acquisition Channels do
    Consistently Work for Founders" written by Darko, founder of Start reading this community a week ago and have found a lot of good ideas and advises!

  158. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Antonio from Macedonia. I am happy to become part of this community. I am learning how to bootstrap businesses and writing about my journey on

  159. 1

    Hey everyone, Jonny here. Looking forward to getting more involved in this community as I've been a silent user for a while now.

    My background is in SEO, but I've a keen interest in market validation where I'm the co-founder for Validation.Run ( A lot of entrepreneurs out there have this "idea" and start building a product without any idea if there is market demand for it. With Validation.Run our goal is to help entrepreneurs measure the demand for their next big idea and learn the best way to reach their audience.

    Looking forward to sharing our own startup story on here.

    Have a look at the site, let me know if you want to chat validation or if SEO is more your thing, I'm cool with that too :)

  160. 1

    Hi everyone 👋. I'm Bob - and the founder of Invincible ( We help kids with chronic health conditions become superheroes. Our mobile app connects kids to the skills and people they need at every step of their care journey.

    I quit my grown-up job (nearly!) 2 years ago and went all-in. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in college, so in many ways I'm just building the things I wish I had so kids can avoid the challenges I faced and just be kids.

    My goal is to get to $10K MRR by August 1 2021. Pre-pandemic, schools were our biggest channel, so getting to this number will prove we have a business and give me options on how to grow (ok, also provides enough income to move out of my parent's house 🤷‍♂️).

  161. 1

    Hi Rosie i'm a writer looking to come learn more from other people and industry

  162. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Bharathkumar, I'm happy to be part of this community , come to learn about startups and build a one.

  163. 1

    Yo! I am former Java developer turned product guy. I have been working on decentralised identity and personal data tech for the last 5 years. I am keen on building privacy centric solutions that also transform customer experience. Currently (slowly) bootstrapping my product development from paid consulting gigs, and looking to meet folks interested in helping, advising or joining forces. Also, happy to help others wherever I can as always.

  164. 1

    Hi, I'm Riadh and I'm a software developer and architect based in the US. I I'm thinking of starting products on the side and I want to learn from this community members experiences. I will also share my journey. Thanks!

  165. 1

    Aloha everyone, my name is Sommer and I live on a working Avocado farm in San Diego. I own a few companies mostly related to the alcohol beverage industry of which I have spent my career. If anyone needs help importing, creating their own brand or managing a liquor brand I would happily help. Hoping to head home to Hawaii sometime soon so trying to create a venture that would help facilitate that.

  166. 1

    Hello! I am new to IH - trying to get more involved in the community as I build my product ( in public. Looking to learn from others.

  167. 1

    Moin ;) I am a "professional" Software Developer from Lübeck, Germany. I am working in IT since 1989, I have worked as Admin, DevOp and Full Stack Developer. I basically turned my hobby (hacking on my VIC-20) into a career.
    I am looking forward to learning new things and getting new insights here :)

  168. 1

    Hey! My name's Rich. I'm an interaction designer previously at IDEO and right now working on generative stuff for an electric vehicle company.
    I've spent a lot of my career/studies hacking prototypes together and playing with tech and keen to have a crack at making some #realproducts for #realproblems.

  169. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Guru, a MERN Stack developer from Hyderabad, India. Thanks to everyone who came before for building IndieHackers out as well as cultivating this awesome community

  170. 1

    Hi All, I'm Balint. I am working on a platform where like-minded people can have meaningful conversations with each other. I believe these conversations are one of the best way to learn. I'm eager to see what others are working on and how can I might help.

  171. 1

    Hey, Guilherme here. Just checking around and getting to know this community, and looking forward to engaging in a positive and productive way!

  172. 1

    Hey Everyone! My name is Blanka and I am from Hungary. I am the digital marketing specialist for a new SEO SaaS startup called Polkadot Tiger. Super excited to be here and be a part of this community :)

  173. 1

    Hi indiehackers! Im Jose from Spain, I'm currently working with two friends on a project relating solar panels and we will love to be part of these community. Dont hesitate to contact us if you want to save the enviroment!

  174. 1

    Hey everyone, I’m Jason Riedel I am the Co-Founder and CTO @ I’ve been reading and listening to Indiehackers for a few months and plan on creating some online courses and possible side projects. Please follow me on Twitter or connect LinkedIn to keep in touch.

  175. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to learn and grow. I'm inspired by all the Indie Hackers here! I've been working in technical sales for enterprise SaaS companies for the past several years. I was a developer and product manager earlier in my career and looking to dust off those skills and build something cool and useful!

  176. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm Calix, and I'm a 15 y/o product engineer based in Silicon Valley. I'm currently building, the ultimate social productivity app. Thrilled to be here!

  177. 1

    Hi all! Ivo here. I'm passionate about technology and its ability to drive positive change among people, corporations, governments, and countries.

    So happy to engage with this wonderful community, hoping to get helpful insights on how to build a strong online presence/business.

  178. 1

    Hey Dele here, Currently a student in the UK. Excited to be part of the community and accelerate my learning in entrepreneurship.

  179. 1

    Hi all! I am Jeff. I create products 🧑‍💻and music 👨‍🎤. Based in Singapore, but originally from the US. Here to engage in the community and help in whatever way I can. 🙌

  180. 1

    Hey 🥳 my names Tim, from New Zealand. I’m here to learn what’s getting in the way of people’s success and explore whether anyone is interested in learning more about mental skills for entrepreneurs. I am super driven to support driven people to do great things - the world’s full of problems - and we need communities like IndieHackers to not only thrive but build a community that genuinely solves problems! My startup is focused on building mental gyms for ambitious people and companies and my hope is I’ll learn as much from everyone here as you might be able to learn from me. Thanks and I look forward to the conversations to come! 🏄‍♂️

  181. 1

    Hi Rosie, Tim here. I'm a designer working in Webflow, prior to that I designed and coded sites of all different scopes for 10 years.

    I live in Hobart, Tasmania down on what's known as "The Apple Isle" (The little island off the bottom of Australian mainland).

    I joined Indiehackers as I am 100% reliant on volatile client services revenue and it has left me exposed in the past. I want to learn how to use my skills to diversify into 'Product' revenue.

    Besides that, I'm an avid Kitesurfer, diver, fisherman and love playing Australian Rules football (AFL)!

    Would love to have a chat to anyone, anytime!

  182. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm excited to be here! I am a graphic designer from Canada. I love creating illustrations and recently decided that I want to put more time into it and make it my full-time gig.

    I also love designing mobile apps, and I just did the artwork for this app (, if you want to take a look.

    I can't wait to start learning and sharing with all of you through this great platform!

  183. 1

    Hi all, I work as a backend dev by day but have been trying to hone my full stack skills. My first published project is which just went live today. It is a simple bookmark manager to make opening and saving bookmarks even easier!

  184. 1

    Hey! I’m Haywood, from Hong Kong. Excited to exchange ideas & pragmatic tips with the community!

  185. 1

    Hello, I'm Michael A Fuselier and since I was laid off in late March 2020, I've decided to turn a startup I'd been working on, into a reality. Learn more about my company at my site;

  186. 1

    Hey I'm Robbie from New York. I used to trade financial contracts, and am now an aspiring Indiehacker! I'm looking forward to engaging and learning with the community. Currently working on a site to help you make investing decisions at

  187. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Abdel a junior python developper from France. I want to build a saas, It's basically an email client for asset managers companies (it can be extended to other sectors). Feel free to share your thoughts about this idea.

    Many thanks 😊

  188. 1

    Hey All! Here from Toronto. Have been silently lurking for a while seeing all the amazing things you guys have been building. I recently launched a newsletter and wanted to talk about my wins / learnings here and "build in public" as you all encourage!

  189. 1

    Hey, name is Justin Matthews and first day here. Heard a lot of good things so let’s see how this goes.

    1. 1

      Currently working on a social media party game called Utter. You can play remotely, you can play in person, but most importantly play today here

  190. 1

    Hello. I'm Josh. Have been doing digital strategy, marketing and customer experience for over a decade. Looking for inspiration, to learn and to help out fellow indie entrepreneurs.

  191. 1

    Hello, MJ here. I'm so happy to be part of this. I'll trying to build a web app to help real estate professionals to do asset valuations. I'm currently building my prototype in Shiny R. Let me know if you are also happen to work in the Real Estate business or if you just want to chat

  192. 1

    Hello Party People!

    I am Jeet, working in SaaS from last 10 years and finally have everything that I want to start working towards building my Saas platform. Would love to meet like minded people

  193. 1

    Hey, CodeMonk here. I am building a platform for Top Developers to find remote gigs. Its targeted to curate difficult to find developers e.g. R Developers, Scala, Go, Blockchain, Dart, etc. Would like the community to sign up to and provide me with feedback

  194. 1

    Hi everyone, I am Amos from Nairobi, was brought here by ALi Adbaal from his YouTube video on how he built a million dollar business, I was really inspired and since i have always wanted to start a delivery business for Nairobi i decided to join. I hope i will get to learn more and get the motivation to jump-start the business. Thanks in advance.

  195. 1

    Software engineer built Yahoo News for 16 years, Engineering Productivity at Splunk. Contributor to AntennaPod on Github

  196. 1

    👋🏼 Hi, I'm Chris! I'm a product manager and engineering from Oakland, Ca. I've been following Indie Hackers for a while and decided to finally join in. Excited to dive in!

  197. 1

    Hey everyone 👋 I'm Nikhil and I'm a Content Marketer.

    Just built as a fan of Fast and wanted to share it with the IH community!

  198. 1

    Hey Community! US-Based Indie Hacker here. Background in both business and developer functions.

    Looking to build a product generating enough MRR to pay off some student loans so I can take more risk in my career.

    Why Indie Hackers:
    I believe in the power of community to grow. I'm here to brainstorm and/or join a team. I have a product I am building in my free time (all in pre-beta).

  199. 1

    Hi there! My name is Harris and I created WeBase [1] to help anyone enjoy the power of building applications without needing to write code! Looking forward to engaging with the community here!


  200. 1

    Hey there! I heard Courtland on This Week in Startups and his approach to business is very similar to my own. My co-founder and I started our company Meanwhile Design and Engineering after landing our first contract as we wrapped up our final years of school.

    We help folks prototype their product ideas (ranging from appliances to furniture) and are also working on putting out our own products to sell from our site. In March we started work on a mask to help reopen music venues after they closed across the world as a result of COVID-19. You can check it out if you’re interested at

    Super happy to find indie hackers and hope to connect. Woo!

  201. 1

    Hi Everyone , Ariel from New York here ! I am a Teacher & Executive Assistant and happy to be here :)

  202. 1

    Hi, I'm Alfie, my friends and I are developing different kinds of apps and websites. I am sure that our ideas will help many people after implementation. Maybe we can find like-minded people here

  203. 1

    Hey hey I'm Alex! I came across the indiehacker podcast recently and became a fan. I mainly make python-based internal tools for startups and small businesses, but I enjoy hacking technologies together. I look forward to learning and making!

  204. 1

    Hey Rosie! Ali here, a cofounder of Our goal is to make video conferencing feel natural and social - just like a real live event! I have heard great things about this community and would love to take part!

  205. 1

    Hi everyone here. I am new here and I am into internet and affiliate marketing.I want to contribute my experience to help the community here

  206. 1

    New here and glad to be a part of an inspiring community. I’m a software engineer with 5+ years experience. I created TastyIgniter, open source online food ordering system. I joined to get some feedback, inspiration and to learn from experienced and talented community members.

  207. 1

    Hi there! My name is Daniel. I'm a Canadian entrepreneur building a startup in the fintech space. I'm joining the community to learn from others about the journey that is to build a business.

  208. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Jack. I'm the founder of a couple of DTC companies, both in the personal care category. One is and the other one will be launched in Q1-21.

  209. 1

    Hey all, I'm Brian - a software engineer by trade living in Long Island, New York. I joined as a recommendation from a friend to get some feedback on an Open Source project I'm working on. Hope to give and get some good in the near future!

  210. 1

    Hay guys!
    I'm nate from Indonesia,
    im a software engineer (Fullstack), need more partnership and knowledge about programing and code. Hopefully can find partner here , glad to be here, thanks!

  211. 1

    Hi everyone, Im Dion a Front-End Developer from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I'm here to figouring out for my side project ideas.

  212. 1

    hello, I'm here to learn all about create products and growth.

  213. 1

    Hi, I'm Haruna, a designer/founder from Nigeria. I've always been a fan of IH from a distance, now here to stan, learn, collaborate, and launch.

  214. 1

    I am an Internet OG (OldGuy). Experienced in a number of areas and always looking to learn more. Heard Courtland on TWiSt podcast and wanted to join. I ran and sold an early Internet business and have worked with a high growth company (bootstrapped) for the past 8 years. We are always making sure we are exposing ourselves to companies and services that can help our growth.

  215. 1

    Hi Rosie, I am Sharat and Digital Marketer and trying learn coding searching in google reached here.

  216. 1

    Hi, I'm Favour. I haven't really built anything of note but I hope that'd change as I see people build and scale awesome stuff!

  217. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Manish , a undergrad student at Chandigarh University. I'm here to learn about development and get idea from my own project.

  218. 1

    Hello, Everyone! I am Akshaya. from Tamilnadu,India.

  219. 1

    Hi everyone. I'm Andrew from the UK. I just launched my first ever product in October and looking to learn from all the experienced founders on this site how to make it a success.

  220. 1

    Hi, I love the stories that are shared here. A lot to learn from!

  221. 1

    Hello everyone, I'm Oan, a full-stack developer from The Netherlands and Belgium.
    I'm really interested in setting up a SaaS side-business, which hopefully grows into a full-time passion.

  222. 1

    Hi! Konstantinos from Amsterdam here. I'm currently building, world's first peer to peer mentoring platform. I look forward to sharing progress and ideas on IndieHackers :).

  223. 1

    Hi ! I’m Mel and I’m from Melbourne 🇦🇺. I’m a Ux designer and graphic designer who recently graduated from my degree. I also happen to be great at public speaking, copywriting and marketing. Looking out for productive cofounders from unique backgrounds with the same drive and motivation I have to just...get s*** done. Maybe we could work on a project together ? Let me know :) ✌🏽

  224. 1

    Hey Everyone, Anurag this side. I am Entrepreneur in business helping other founders via At the same time, building few in-house products in various domains (Food, Grocery, Home services, Delivery management etc).

    Really looking forward to learn and help everyone.

    Anurag Jain

  225. 1

    Hi, I am Chris, Bubble web developer from Berlin. At the moment, my goal is to build a no code academy in Germany. I am curious to see how people build software, when they develop it in their mother tongue instead of a foreign language. It's kind of a shame, that Germany has built some of the best products in the world (Porsche 911 GT3 RS), but the software sucks. I am certain, those meetings to fine-tune and perfect a 911 transmission everyone has the right language and fidelity to collaborate. This is hard to do, when you have to translate to different languages, ways of thinking, etc.

    Graphical programming allows for the first time in the world to try this out. And therefore I am building a small academy online to teach people how to think software and Bubble.

  226. 1

    Hey, Basu here. I have a MCA degree from NIT Calicut, India. I am a full time Java Developer at ADP India.

  227. 1

    Thanks Rosie, happy to be here :) Looking forward to meeting awesome people and products.

  228. 1

    Hello I'm David. I'm a founder of a new social news / social games site. I'm here to learn, grow, and contribute when I can. Nice to meet you all.

  229. 1

    Hi there,

    I’m Rob. Have been a developer working on start ups for over 10 years. Here for some inspiration to start my own

  230. 1

    Hello everyone,
    Wilford here. I'm prospective full-stack java developer, hoping to launch my first startup mid 2021. I'm here on IH to engage with tech-startup builders and learn 1/2 things on building a tech-startup as a solo cofounder.

  231. 1

    Hi! I’m a wannabe no code founder who also wants to learn to code :)

  232. 1

    Hi! I am Sumedh from India. I am a co-founder at Byteseq which is a software startup in Pune. I am here to connect with people who are ready to collaborate and help the community. So let's connect and bounce some ideas off each other.

  233. 1

    Hi IH Community!

    Chris here from LiberateStudio ( I'm hoping to connect with likeminded entrepreneurs in the health and meditation space. A blend of physical movement, mindfulness practice, and community, Liberate is the wellness studio that that will leave you feeling lighter. Come ask me questions and check out one of our online classes!

  234. 1

    Hey Rosie and co!
    Half way through the fresh "This Week in Startups" podcast with Founder Courtland Allen and was stoked to discover this community exists.
    I have many ideas for products (often see them turning into successful businesses years later), but not always the know-how/confidence to execute the start-up successfully. Really looking forward to exploring this site and getting inspired by the community's efforts and super grateful for the transparency so we can really see what goes on behind the doors to make this kind of magic real in the world.


  235. 1

    Hi I'm Alan! Me and my friends started a cloud platform based in Singapore! Want to connect with more developers and learn more into this space so we can develop a product worthy of your use! Do connect with me if you want to test out our product.

  236. 1

    Hi, I'm Ezaz. An indie lurker and aspiring indie hacker. I'm not a coder but pinning my hopes on the no code movement to build my first product!

    1. 1

      I only just heard of the "no code" concept and have to admit that got me over the line to taking action and signing up here to learn more about the whole indie hacker movement!
      Good luck with it Ezaz!

      1. 1

        :) thank you! Posting here must really be a good omen. I thought of an idea and plan to start building it tonight!

        I'm in the security industry and sometimes there's shortages or guards for last minute requests. I'm thinking of a marketplace type model where companies can list their guards' availability and other companies can book them for a flat hourly rate.

        Have you looked into any no-code platforms that would work for such a product?

  237. 1

    Hi I'm Erik. Working on an idea for voice over actors. Hoping to find a technical partner to push it along.

  238. 1

    Hey there, I'm Seb. 😎 I'm getting started with sound design, field recording and having some fun playing with synths. Starting a side project in parallel to that called Happy to be on here and be part of the community!

  239. 1

    Hi Everyone 👋 Ollie here. I've just stepped into the product world and am keen to join the IH community :D I'm also working on a side gig at the moment, so am looking for info nuggets that could help out!

  240. 1

    Hey I'm David, a fourth year in university. Job hunt is going rough so I figured it would be a good opportunity/excuse to focus on things out side the job hunt like personal projects to potentially be self-employed right from the get go. Hope to learn a lot and maybe eventually help others with my own advice and wealth of knowledge :)

  241. 1

    Hi! I'm Ray. I'm a student, I want to create some own project (games, app, websites), but need an inspiration. Want learning new things!

  242. 1

    Hey folks! Came here from /r/startups where several "on man SaaS" discussions resulted in someone suggesting that this community was a great place to learn & discuss.

    I've recently been laid off and decided to take this opportunity to pour my efforts into a SaaS product I've been dreaming up for years, and recently found points of validation from potential customers. I'll be building a B2B that helps digital creatives (animation, visual effects, product design) teams manage files & workflows more effectively. I have strong domain knowledge, having been a development supervisor at a large animation house, so I'm mostly here to learn about bootstrap strategies, web technologies to get to launch faster and most importantly, business/product practices for success!

  243. 1

    Hey it’s Viju here .. I am budding entrepreneur in process of creating a Edtech company n a gig freelancers marketplace.. looking to collaborate n be part of your journey. Based out of Bangalore India . Open to connect and collaborate.

  244. 1

    Hey Chris here. I've worked in a variety of saas companies and have been continuously frustrated by how time consuming it can be to create quick surveys, specifically to share in email. I'm working on building a super simple survey creator designed to get actually useful insights.

    I can't wait to meet and learn from everyone here. I'm specifically interested in learning how to get from 0 - 10 users who care about and feel ownership of the product.

  245. 1

    I'm a computer science student interested in pursuing projects. I'm hoping a community like this can motivate me to keep working.

  246. 1

    Hello I'm Manqoba

  247. 1

    Hello! I'm amazed to see the community on live and all the products people are building and launching! Congratulations to all!!

    I'm a creative -architect and photographer- and on doing my first steps on the tech field as a maker and entrepreneur.

    Today I launched my first digital product, a weekly spreadsheet tracker for your personal finances, hope I could help somebody as much as I did it to me!

  248. 1

    Hi all 🖖,

    I'm Matt and currently building a website to help the community around the SEO topic.

    The goal is to help SEOs save time and avoid searching 10 looong minutes an old Google tweet about Hreflangs to include in their presentations.



  249. 1

    Hey everyone, my name is Ryan. I currently work as an SWE for a well-known marketing company, but I'm looking to try my hand at entrepreneurship. Really looking forward to getting involved in a community, since going alone will be a challenge. Wish me luck!

  250. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Rares and I love doing new things and meet ambitious and hard-working people. I recently launched a new project and I am here to receive feedback and meet people that grew their startup and find inspirational stories. 🚀

  251. 1

    Hi everyone! My name is Tayson and I'm an iOS developer. I quit my job in June to take a break and work on some side projects. I'm currently working on a budget app for iOS and I'm hoping being more active on IH as well as trying to build in public will motivate me to finish.

  252. 1

    Im an independent engineer trading hours for dollars on the regular. Im an absolute Dynamo at data steaming real-time events, and like JJ used to say; "Im Dyn-O-mite!!". You can get to know me at im out here figuring it all out just like everybody else.

  253. 1

    Hi all, my names Mike. I'm an UX Designer and recently launched the iOS App called "Widgify" which allows you to add personalized widgets to you home screens.

  254. 1
    • An experienced web developer from China.
    • Working on Electron and Nestjs recently.
    • Would love to make friends, make things together and meet DIVERSITY in life.
    • Also an fresh starter on writings here at
    • BTW, English level qualified, not some random English learner XD.
    • Guys, you can use markdown here!
    1. 1

      Hi I'm Mandla from South Africa I'm an Entrepreneur and would love to see your web design skills and other software talents you have if you don't mind me building a bridge you seem a resourceful person

  255. 1

    Hello, I'm Gwen from the midwest, looking to launch a medical app for those who want to loose weight. I am hoping to connect with medical experts to create the best weightloss app in the world.

  256. 1

    Hi all, I'm a one man show running a consumer SAAS company (would rather not say the name). Officially launched in May of 2020 and am now just under 5K MRR. Hoping to get to 10K MRR by May of 2021.

    I've worked hard to streamline my engineering efforts as much as possible so that a single person can manage a large scale distributed system. I'm happy to share tips about how I did this.

  257. 1

    Hi, Ilham here, I am from Indonesia. I am front-end developer. I am here to see others develop their products and learn how to kick start successfull project.

  258. 1

    Hey, Bikash here. I am currently enrolled in an accelerator program working on building a SaaS product that solves a tiny but critical need of SMB's in India. I am currently looking for someone with a technical background in building SaaS products and joining me on the exciting journey of building a startup from scratch.

  259. 1

    Hi there,
    My name is Keisha and I am wanting a bot set up so that they can trade the stock market for me.

  260. 1

    Hi everyone 😀... I'm Dino. I just spent the past year learning Vue and Javascript while developing a PWA. I finally have it uploaded and working. What a great experience it was ⚒️🥺😏😖🤨😩🙂😭😵🤯 🤕! I can't wait to develop it further and start a second project.

  261. 1

    Hey IH.
    Finally decided that I needed to dedicate more of my time to build things remote and online. I've been a vivid listener to the podcast through long time now, my time have been spent on doing things for entrepreneurial ecosystem in Denmark.
    Now is the time to take a lot of learnings and network into building more products and taking the time to explore them and develop over time.
    Still undecided on what project to dedicate time on, so right now I'm still exploring. While there is a high risk of me spending time on multiple side hustles to establish which one is worthy of spending more time on. Time will tell.
    Super happy to be part of the community. Looking forward to connect. :)

  262. 1

    Hi, everyone!

    I'm Aaron and I just launched a new product that helps companies build chat into their products.

    I'd love to meet the IndieHackers community to learn more about building startups, share my experiences, and hopefully get some feedback. :)

    Happy to chat anytime.

  263. 1

    Hi guys am Dayo and am building a business analytics company, committed to making business of all sizes make better decisions.

  264. 1

    Hello! Wonderful to be here, I have been hearing and thinking about Indie Hackers forever now, but felt like a bit of a fraud! I finally 'officially' launched (aka, told people about) my solo made app (I'm a mobile engineer, but like many of you I have now tried my hand at backend, servers, marketing, design etc etc etc) built on flutter. The app helps you to countdown to events for yourself or friends and family, and store the contact details you need to be able to message them or send a gift. It's called 'Birthday Countdown by Parade' (iOS and Android) in case any of you want to take a look. But I'm really here for knowledge sharing, moral support and a bit of an antidote to the loneliness of solo building in 2020. Looking forward to it!

  265. 1

    Hi! Been fan of IndieHackers for some time now, thanks for sharing so much quality content :)

    We're, a tiny product design studio about to introduce some products of our own. Excited to be here!

  266. 1

    Sam from India, awesome community, looking to learn lots and share my experiences too!

  267. 1

    Hello, I'm Bennett! I'm always building side projects after work and would love to monetize my passion. I'm a big fan of open source and I'm really interested in the open movement. I'm so glad I found IndieHackers and I'm keen to become a part of the community!

  268. 1

    Hi Indiehackers! Siraj here. I'm a freelance Web developer working on web development / designing / Blogging. Good to be here. Working on a SaaS product . To be ready in a few months.

  269. 1

    Hey, names Dominick. I’m here to brainstorm and find some inspiration. Would also partner with someone with a good idea, I excel in marketing and sales.

  270. 1

    Hello, I'm Aaron.

    I'm building a webscraping project using python and some other tools. I'll need some help making decisions on how to store the data and how to visualize it, as well as building an audience, and determining how to generate revenue. Looking forward to sharing my experience and learning from others

  271. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 days ago.

  272. 1

    This comment was deleted 6 days ago.

  273. 1

    This comment was deleted 7 days ago.

  274. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 days ago.

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