January 26, 2020

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Indie Hackers is a community for people building profitable Internet businesses. The key word here is "community" — to get the most out of IH, you'll need to speak with and learn from other IHers. Don't be shy!

For starters, take a second to introduce yourself and share your goals in the comments below. 👈

Just say a few words about who you are and why you're here. What do you hope to accomplish or learn in 2020?

I encourage you to respond to others as well.

Dive into learning.

We've interviewed hundreds of successful indie hackers. I recommend starting by reading a few of their stories. It's a great way to get an overview of what's possible and the huge variety of paths that different people take.

(@csallen also puts out podcast episodes if reading isn't your thing.)

Every founder begins with a different level of knowledge, but learning never ends. It's good to do a little bit of reading upfront, but don't get stuck in a pure learning phase for too long and let that hold you back!

Next, get started!

Once you've got a little knowledge under your belt, the best way to learn is to do. And there's no better time to do than right now.

Check out our "Start" page page for a list of practical steps and articles that can help you on your way.

Not only will it help you get started, but it should also introduce you to some of the best parts of the Indie Hackers community.

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If you're ever feeling lost or confused, post in the Meta group or tag me (@rosiesherry) in any comment or post.

Don't forget to introduce yourself and share your goals below! 🤗

  1. 6

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm a mom in tech who's currently doing it all - but wants to do less by productizing what I know.

    My primary focus is product marketing, but I run a software consultancy (lionheartsw.com) with my husband (@dwlz) specializing in getting startups off the ground. The consulting has been great, but since becoming a parent I've realized that I need to work less, and optimize more - so 2020 is all about creating a more sustainable business model to knowledge share.

    I'm looking to expand my blog, start a podcast, and build an audience of people who want to build better products & startups (whether they're engineers or developers) - and ultimately monetize with a yet-to-be-determined product :)

    • Rachel Loewenherz
    1. 1

      👋 Hello from another mother :)

      We have a Productized Services group which might be helpful.

  2. 4

    Hey IndieHackers. I am a 'chemical engineer' by training, and employed as a process engineer for a large corporation. After listening to Naval's podcast the truth about the changing world dawned on me, and the only course of action to be seems to be in pursuing the path of a builder /entrepreneur. My portfolio is nil, and I have few useful skills in this area. My one asset has been my curiosity and commitment to learning. My goal is to experiment and iterate with some (dumb) ideas, and have fun along the way!

    1. 1

      Hey! That's my plan too. Best of luck to us!

    2. 1

      Naval is a huge inspiration to me as well! Glad to have you here as part of the community.

      What are some ideas that interest you or that you are passionate about?

    3. 1

      Experimenting and figuring out what works (for you) is key!

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    Hey Indie Hackers!! I'm a JavaScript Developer and football (soccer!) fan. I've partnered with a friend @rubengmurray to build and release a football data analysis platform that aims to level the playing in football betting by helping users find value bets :)

    The product was originally s side project by @rubengmurray and has been collecting data for a little over a year which has allowed us to validate that value can be found in betting markets using relatively easy to acquire and analyse data. We're now working to turn this into a subscription service.

    For me, our main goal is securing our first paying customer this year.

    We'll be sharing us much of our journey as we can on IH :)

    1. 1

      interesting :)

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    Hi Indie Hackers! I am a Software Developer that works with Oracle SQL/PL-SQL. I know enough web development to get in over my head. One thing I know nothing about is building phone apps. I am getting ready to start a Pizzeria in My home country and I would love some guidance as to what the best way to start would be. I am currently looking into the Google platform called Firebase. If you have any experience with it please reach out! Also reach out with alternatives.

    1. 1

      Hi, I'm an experienced Android native software engineer so I think I can help. Firebase is a great tool as for mobile development as is for web development. As every tool Firebase has it's pros and cons. Here is few.


      • Rapid development, you don't need to have much knowledge about backend development. Why I say much and not any? Because there is high possibility that you will use cloud functions but I'll write more about it in later text.

      • Out of the box solutions, similar to the thing above. You get everything you need out of the box including cloud messaging (for push notifications), 2 NoSql dbs, storage, authentication, analytics, hosting...

      • Mobile and Angular integration is great, it may be possible that it is well integrated with other frameworks but I've used only these

      • Backend development, if you need some custom backend features you can always write custom cloud functions that have bunch of triggers you can use. You can write it in JS or TS

      • Basic plan is free which often is enough for development phase

      • Good documentation


      • If it is badly designed it can be very pricey, be sure to read pricing and to learn how to properly design your app (from Firebase perspective)

      • NoSql way of db design usually needs some time to wrap your head around it if you're coming from relational world of db design

      • Realtime db filtering can be (at least) frustrating, but it's manageable. There are some progress in Firestore DB so it may be good to check it out before you start

      • Cloud functions doesn't let you use http triggers and third party requests unless you upgrade your account

      • Implementing cloud messaging can be a bit confusing

      So these are few but be free to ask me more if you need any help. Keep in mind these pros and cons are subjective, things that I have confronted in real life development so there may be some more thing that I'm not yet aware of. :)

      1. 1

        Love this community already!

        Thank you for your in-depth take on the Firebase tool. I will certainly think of you when I hit some roadblocks.

        1. 1

          No problem I'm glad to help, be free to reach me out at any time if you need anything else.

  5. 3

    Hi Indie Hackers.. I'm a Javascript developer from Philippines, currently working remotely. I want to be inspired and create something profitable this year.

    1. 1

      Hi my fellow Pinoy, I'm a Java developer from Phils too, I only do freelance but not really really really good at it but I'm currently part of an uprising company which is Unirises one of our project is already working you can try it out it is a social media po (https://www.unihub.com.ph/), we're young tbh around teens but we really A team that specializes social needs, technological advancement and development, which includes Social Media, Exchange Program, Virtual Private Network providing, Website Builder for the growing economy, giving the fairest performance for the society and business world.
      Im actually new on that uprising company but we are doing our best to keep the team alive for our goals.

      I'm also inspired by these people in Indie Hackers <3

      1. 1

        Hi @77nu_Null, your company's website builder is interesting :)

  6. 3

    Hey hackers! Glad to finally join the community, to learn and share what I know about startups, product management, and building a profitable outfit.

    I've been an indie maker for many years now, mainly focusing on one flag-ship SaaS product, but craving to start some new side-projects.

    I have a keen interest in backend services, web apps and performance, with .NET Core and Node.js being my frameworks of choice. I'm also excited about the whole no-code and low-code movement.

    My goal for this year is to polish our main product, and launch at-least one side-project.

    I also blog about technology and productivity at nilkanth.com.

    Looking forward to some share & care!

  7. 3

    Hi I'm Matt, I'm developing Yakety, a web builder I built, into a social network for small business and startups to promote themselves.

  8. 3

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm a UX Designer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Looking forward to learn from you and maybe collaborate :D

    I have one idea I'd like to share with you. Hope I can get feedback, or find someone who is interesting to do something with it!

  9. 2

    Hi Indie Hackers!

    I'm a non-engineer who has recently discovered the awesome power of #nocode tools (Webflow and Bubble especially).

    As a side project, I built trumpnotes.app in Webflow. Trumpnotes are yuuuge (6"x9"/18pt) satirical postcards about current events that you can customize however you wish. Pick a postcard, add a salutation and custom message, then address it to anyone (friends, family, politicians, etc.). Then we handle the printing and mailing.

    I'm looking to build an audience and looking for feedback. Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks!

    -John Miller

  10. 2

    Hey everybody!

    Long time lurker here, figured I should finally kick myself in the butt and start participating more actively. I've been freelancing and consulting as a frontend developer for ten years now, but always wanted to do something "more".

    So, 2020 is the year I start pruning my list of ideas, and start acting on some of them instead. Baby steps!

    1. 3

      Hey there, that sounds amazing!

    2. 2

      You got this @Nixstrom!

  11. 2

    Hi Indie Hackers, I've just got here! I work in audience growth strategy. I'm thinking of starting a consulting business and so would love to learn from you if you've already set out on your own for this! I've a spare day each week currently and thinking of starting with a substack newsletter to grow and focus my audience. I'd LOVE to hear from you and what you're doing right now

  12. 2

    Hello Indie Hackers! 👋
    I am a designer who has set his way to improve how freelancers and makers track their time. Last year I've launched Klokki the automatic time-tracking tool which starts tracking as soon as you start working (https://www.klokki.com). Because I am bootstrapping the whole thing, it's not easy but super fun. 🙂

    This year I want to share more about the journey, ship new features, and just getting the word out about Klokki. Therefore, I am also always trying to learn how to accomplish that. So if anyone has tips — happy to get all the suggestions you can share.

    And the moonshot goal is to grow the team. 💫

    Happy to connect with everyone and help out as well.


  13. 2

    Hello I'm a Software developer looking to expand business in the community space. My aim is to curate a space where beginner developers can grow their skillsets at a rapid pace by adopting best developer practices. I'm in need of a UI/UX designer, Architecting our first collaboration app and possbly a course creator. In exchange I offer business experience, a team of full stack developers and idea validation for your own venture! Looking forward to connect!

  14. 2

    Hi. I am new around here. I love statistics and machine learning, python, simple and scalable solutions, descentralization and anarchy (as in organized communities substituting the need of centralized planning and regulations). I am not sure what I want exactly from this site, I have had lots of bad ideas for side projects and stuff, but I don't see myself doing any of them so far. Maybe looking for inspiration by looking at what you are doing. Office employee for now, until I find something better.

    1. 1

      The interviews and podcast are great for inspiration. 👍

  15. 2

    Hi Indie hackers. I'm a software developer from Cameroun trying to make passive income this year and further tips to build a full business while traveling world wide


  16. 2

    Thanks this was very helpful

  17. 2

    Hi Indie Hackers community. I am Kyle, a full-stack web developer. My goal for 2020 is to create several side projects to get good at churning out ideas and to create at least one project that generates income.

  18. 2

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm a first-time founder building Hedron Vision (https://hedronvision.com), and I'm excited to learn from this community!

  19. 2

    Hi! I’m game-designer, software engeneer and cofounder in small hardware business.
    And I want to make an online service for time planning to make people be productive by using Elon Musk technique ) There is a ton of similar projects launching every day, so not sure if it is wise move ) Project will be online in a week

  20. 2

    Hey Indie Hackers! I'm a full stack developer from Detroit (USA). After several years of running a studio and building cool stuff for other people, I'm switching gears to work on creating digital products and SaaS.

    I've got a side project in the works and I'm refining / validating a couple more ideas. Looking to learn from the wisdom of this community, and to hopefully contribute something in return!

    The Indie Hackers community has been a great source of inspiration to me over the past few months, and I'm looking forward to becoming a more active part of it!

    1. 2

      Hi Dylan, sounds really inspiring to me. Please feel free to contact me if you need support not only in tech area but also about different aspects of SaaS.

      1. 1

        Thank you Chirag!

  21. 2

    Hi Indie Hackers, I'm PrestaPay's CEO, happy to join this comunity.

    As money never sleeps, brains too :) so i have a lot of ideas and hope to help everyone needs to develope ideas.

  22. 2

    Hey IH, do glad i found this website.
    I m from Switzerland ( Not sweden ), love coding back and from,Node js and react fan.

    Currently working on a project,i m here to learn and have feedback from the community.
    I ve Seen you can post daily update do maybe this will help me beeing more consistant.

    Also really want to invest myself in a community and grow someting. Maybe i will fond some other IH from Switzerland ??


  23. 2

    Hi Everyone, I started developing in the year 2000 when I was in 8th grade, was passionate about computers so went ahead for a computer engineering degree. Have already spent 10 years working in the enterprise software industry, I want to start my own enterprise software company.

  24. 2

    Hi everyone, I'm a UX designer and climber from MN. I have built an MVP version of my app Route Climbing App. It helps climbers document and share route maps with each-other, this helps keep the walls interesting and helps them be better training tools.

    While this is a side project right now, I'd love for it to be a fully realized community and my main gig in the future. Thank you.

  25. 2

    My name is Luc (Luke), 38 yo. I'm a French of (soon) two kids and live near Paris.
    I had been working for 7 years as a teacher but I'm presently a CM and a part-time journalist for radio and papers.
    I'm fond of digital industry and I have a few ideas. In 2020 I intend to learn how to deal with them, which one I should choose and to start actualizing it. I'm very excited!

    1. 1

      Best of luck :)

  26. 2

    Hi there! I quit my job in December, and have 12 months of savings to hit 1000$ MRR. I am focusing on building a Micro SaaS in a niche that I can serve well. Some of the audiences that I know well are tech managers, travel agents and photographers.

    I just got done with a badly needed break and am starting to ship things soon!

  27. 2

    Hi I am a java/Angular developer. I have some ideas to make the game of cricket more interesting and help the administrators to run the game smartly. I am working with one of my friends on this idea for sometime now. I have honestly no clear cut ideas to go ahead from here...would like to take the community members help from here on.

  28. 2

    Hello Indie hackers, I'm a project manager of 3 years in the automation field, current working on MDM Solutions. I work park time for a vehicle inspection company servicing school buses in the greater metropolitan Atlanta area. I need help with gathering requirements , building a scaleable automation solution for this company to use.

  29. 2

    Hi Indie Hackers! I am a PHP Developer from Lahore, Pakistan. Looking forward to learn from you and maybe collaborate. I have one idea I'd like to share with you. Hope I can get feedback, or find someone who is interesting to do something with it!

  30. 2

    Hello World! I'm Alex, a Full Stack Engineer from México.

    My Goal is to have my own startup and have time to enjoy with the ones who i love and do the things i like.

    The first milestone will be release an MVP.

    I'll be sharing my progress here :D

  31. 2

    Hi everyone !!!!!,I am Nagaraj (A.K.A) fama. I am working in the blockchain domain from the past 3 years. In free time, I am working on my side product. Looking for multiple income streams. My goal is to build my own business. I am a great follower of Gary vee. I am here to build and know the communitiy, to get the positive motivation to create my business by looking at the positive people doing the great stuff.

  32. 2

    Hello Everyone. Just joined IH for support, ideas, partners ... on my internet business start-up. And I am not exactly tech...lol .

    1. 1

      Welcome. Not everyone here is super techy. What's your start up? Maybe our No-Code group would be of interest.

  33. 2

    Hello everyone, I am excited to have joined IH and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge as well as learning from the community. Currently, I am working on a few different projects and start ups. This year I want to build an app using node.js.

  34. 2

    Hi All, I am solution architect. Like traveling. Goal is ML startup in 2020. Excited to be here 🙂👍👏👏

  35. 2

    Hiya IH! I'm a data-focused full stack developer (and former computational biochemist). I've been working at startups for 6 years.

    I'm building Nudges IO, a quantified self app that lets individuals make data-driven decisions. My target audience is people with executive disorder issues, since I have PTSD and ADHD.

    1. Finds all your accounts (via password managers, emails, 3rd part sign-ins)

    2. Scrapes all of your data and can interact with those accounts as well (since I'm building on Puppeteer which runs headless chrome)

    3. Exports all your data

    I'm looking at a freemium model for revenue or charging other apps access to a users data elsewhere, to help personalize their UX. This would need to be with full user control.

  36. 2

    Greetings Indie Hackers! I am an experienced IT strategist, who helps organizations govern and use trustworthy data as an asset, and successfully survive digital transformation from monolithic on-premises applications to cloud/micro-services based solutions. I'm looking for knowledge and inspiration from you great thinkers and doers !

  37. 2

    I'd like to make $10,000 per month by creating beautiful Python code for people who need it, working remotely.

  38. 2

    Howdy out there, Indie Hackers, as a self-employed software developer, physicist and mathematician with an academic and R&D background in computer simulation and HPC, I want to refocus and grow my business. However, I'm feeling that maybe I need some more input from outside because currently I'm somewhat unsure about which direction to go.

    1. 2

      I think indie hackers can help.

      What needs re-focusing within your business?

      1. 1

        Well I find myself amidst a clash of civilizations.

        1. On the one hand, the (German) freelancer market with its resemblance of:
          -a- customer has already decided what language, framework, tool is to be used,
          -b- has a spare desk at his site,
          -c- needs a very special exactly fitting freelancer to be this missing piece in his recruiting puzzle NOW.

        2. On the other hand, ME,
          -a- having worked with >20 languages, >10 frameworks, >50 tools, you get the picture, however, NOT in exactly that combination the customer wants NOW,
          -b- because of a medical condition I need to work completely remote in my home office, it's not possible for me to sit all day long at a desk, so that keeps me out, too,
          -c- because of all of that I cannot present the ever-suspecting (German) customer with a smugly fitting list of VERY previously committed projects, so that he can see, that I did until Friday at the previous customer's site, what he wants me to do from Monday on at his site.

        So how am I ever supposed to overcome such obstacles? -- BTW am I the only one?

        1. 1

          From experience, whenever I ask myself 'am I the only one?' then the truth is that I'm not. It doesn't mean that finding a solution will be easy.

          I can only really work from home, but for other reasons.

          What's your ideal? Having a good constant flow of work? Does it have to be just you doing it? Is it something you can productize? What are you business ideas?

          It would probably be better to take this to a new discussion, tag me in it if you do :)

        2. 1

          This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

          1. 1

            Hi Philip, nice to online-meet you !! You are a Web Designer? Just doing HTML5, CSS3, jQuery (maybe plus Photoshop and friends), or does it go so far that you do Angular or React and friends, too? What about backend needs? What's your product if I may ask, hope it's not classified ?! Regards

            1. 1

              This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

              1. 1

                Hi, I'm Micha. So, you can't or don't want to find freelance contract work (anymore)? Despite you should have something to say about modern frontend and also backend technologies. However, your website (BTW thanks for the link) says "It works" (in its own words). Are you on your way to flesh out your website with resume stuff ("I do this, my background is that", etc.) or are you breeding on THE IDEA, and that's what this site shall be for? Do you have professional experience already? Regards, M.

                1. 1

                  This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

                  1. 1

                    Well, I'm here just for some days, too. I'm seeking to make new acquaintances with developers. I'm keen to see how they would see things, how they would experience working in tech, you know. BTW, space is getting tight here, isn't it? Next time I'll answer writing a new comment, say with a tag ABC1234, so you'll find it better with your CTRL-F. Regards, M.

  39. 2

    I don't currently have a specific project to run with, but I'm hoping that I will be able to find my path soon. I do software, mostly C# and Java, and have half a plan to create an Android app.
    At the moment aiming for POC and learning projects, more than a thriving business.

  40. 2

    I'm a computer science student. I'm from algeria i want to create a website for image recognition and learn more tricks in machine learning.

  41. 2

    Currently studying and would love to create sideline projects and applications with like-minded people

    Extremely interested in new ideas, always asking questions and willing to learn as well as share my knowledge and thoughts.

    Feeling excited to be a part of this community.

  42. 2

    I am developing a site for creating private journals fully encrypted and locked down by default currently getting ready to launch beta...

  43. 2

    I'm a AWS certified cloud solution architect and full stack developer having 10 years of experience in full stack development and cloud architecture. I am more passionate about technopreneurship.

  44. 2

    I'm an Engineering graduate having 15 years of experience in Supply chain, but I want to give wings to my passion for software development. Help me in going forward with the necessary skills which are must to have and get visibility and recognition. I'm determined to make it a great journey.

  45. 2

    Hi, I'm a full stack Javascript developer looking for more freedom to live my life. Currently at the idea stage.

  46. 2

    Hi. Nice to be here.

    I am an Java developer from India Currently working in Oman. I wish to learn from others who have started or are working on their ideas .

  47. 2

    Hi. Nice to be here.
    I am an Android developer from Kenya. I wish to learn from others who have started or are working on their ideas .

  48. 2

    I'm a Cisco Network Tech who needs to learn the new Cisco API and start a consulting business.

  49. 2

    I'm a developer from India, just joined a company, would like to have tips on how to start an Internet start up.

  50. 2

    I am a graphic designer from south west England. Have too many ideas about how to properly start my business model. Hope this community will help me decide which way I should go.

    1. 1

      I think many of us wish we could clone ourselves to help cater for all the ideas and things we'd like to do! :)

      1. 1

        Thanks rosiesherry. Looking forward to unravel my potential. This is such a great place to do so. Got inspired after first post I read. Awesome :)

  51. 2

    I am a software developer from China. I have 10 years experience in CRM system.
    I found this community today, it is awesome and I want to start my new career on it.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

  52. 1

    Hi people! This is Stela, based near Lisbon. My goal for 2020 is to be an indie hacker, meaning my new business DiTal is generating enough revenue! I'm launching my MVP in a few days, it's a talent platform for diverse talent for European tech companies and startups looking for diverse talent.

    For now, I'm building the product and interviewing users, and getting some good coverage from The Web summit in twitter! I would love to get your feedback and opinion, please check www.dital.tech

  53. 1

    Hey folks, I'm Nick Nish a software engineer based out of San Francisco, CA working for a company called Credit Karma. I've been a big Indie Hacker fan for years and I've primarily worked for startups until recently.

    My goal this year: Start a side hustle and get 1 customer. Just one. I care a lot more about building the skillset to make products rather than hitting a home run. I end up not starting or trashing a lot of in-progress projects and I want to focus on building and launching one to completion.

    I'd love to connect with other likeminded people who are building, making progress on, and launching their side hustles.

    Let's connect! Hit me up on Twitter https://twitter.com/@nickjnish or follow along my journey at https://nicknish.co.

  54. 1

    Highly open to understand on what direction I will be push to fellow

  55. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers!
    I am a software engineer from Indonesia. I currently work at a US based start up.
    My goal is to build and improve my side project.
    I currently have a blog and I have built a podcast before and failed.
    Excited to join the community!

  56. 1

    hi everyone, im Safi ,a web developer and i want to do a Saas 🙋‍♂️

  57. 1

    Hi everyone,

    I'm thrilled to hear today about this platform, as I was looking last week for a meet up to fulfil the purpose of connecting with people with the same passion. And bang here we go, I found it finally here!! :D

    My partner and I are at the start of our journey to realise our dream. We are working at the moment full time on developing and programming our idea and set up our StartUp.
    I'm a Front-End Developer, and he is a Full Stack Developer.

    We are looking here for inspiration and great thinkers. We will be more than happy to hear about your experiences of starting with your startups.

  58. 1

    I joined in Feb 2020

  59. 1

    I am an analytical thinker and a scientist working on my first startup project on providing health care services to empower even those without affordable health insurance to take responsibility of their health before they become unconscious and can't make decisions of their own.

  60. 1

    Hi. I am new here
    most of my career is big tech (samsung, intel, WD, netapp) working on "intra-preneural" new programs in big companies. I have the scars to prove it (another story for another day).
    now I am consulting and doing a startup involving services/platform, AI for logistics

  61. 1

    Hi my name is Victor Pinedo, am a web developer from Colombia. I want to learn to build awesome templates and website, and i hope share to you my skills.

    Really am excited!!

  62. 1

    Hi folks -- I'm a long time coder and musician, full-time single dad, and founder of a tech startup. I love building things that make people happy.

    One weekend, a few months ago, I built a web app (https://pitchy.ninja) to teach my kids to sing and develop their ears, and shared it with a small group of musician friends. I got a lot of great feedback, and continued to spend my weekends developing it. Today it has about 100 daily active users! :-)

    Anyhow, I'd love to get some advice and feedback on how to monetize something like this. My modest 2020 goal is to make $400/month in revenue from it. Not sure how reasonable (or not) it is, but I have some ideas that I want to explore.

    If anyone else finds this interesting -- I'd love to discuss.

  63. 1

    Hi, i am software engineer.
    i code and learn new technology stack daily
    looking for something great, which really matters

  64. 1

    Hi Rosie and IHers,
    I am getting inspired about stories of IHers on Hacker News and would like to register to become member here. Actually I have not planned to create any project yet. My wish in 2020 is to become a better developer.

  65. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers!

    I'm now an ex-CTO, finding my way back to building products that people want/love to use. Currently validating ideas, but open to suggestions...

  66. 1

    @rosiesherry I love building SAAS apps and DAPPS, I participated in 2 online hackathons and won 1st and 2nd prize for my first two DAPPS built. I am here to build learn about building communities and gain knowledge about growth hacking.

  67. 1

    Hi IHers! I'm a fullstack developer and 24 years old. I am constantly afraid of living paycheck to paycheck. I want to make a secondary income to live with some stability and pay off my debt.

    My plan is to write some articles and tutorials. Make a short book that will be useful for beginners in fullstack development and game development.
    I'm passionate about both of these topics and I can help beginners with my current skill level.

  68. 1

    Hello to the world that is Indie Hackers!
    I work a 9-5 that usually starts at 3pm - during my mornings I'm constantly exploring new and exciting creations made by others. A self-proclaimed patient of shiny object syndrome, I have close to 100 unfinished projects saved away for a rainy day. Over the years I've committed to a couple of really strong projects, and although they never came to proper fruition, I've never lost motivation to keep trying new things.

    I'm excited to jump in head first! See you there!

  69. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! During the day, I lead investments in tech and software businesses. I love learning about the customers, products, and growth strategies of all the companies I review and invest in.

    I'm working on an MVP of an SMS-native stenographer bot that makes collaboration in group chats fun & easy! I use no-code/low-code so I can get a prototype quickly to validate with users (and to train my bot). Hopefully, as I learn more about coding and chatbots, I can eventually create a more sustainable tech stack.

    If you have experience in bots and productivity apps, let's connect! I'm also excited to hear about your projects and bounce ideas where helpful.

  70. 1

    Hi everyone, my name is Jeff. I've gone from idea to idea from years, never getting much further than trying to validate and test the waters. I finally found something people seem to want, and at the same time is something I want to build for myself. I am pursuing this to its fullest now with a team of a few engineers and myself.

  71. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I've had this tab open for close to a year (!) and finally today decided I should just sign up with the goal of committing to making something in the next 9 months.

    I ride that fine line between being blessed vs. cursed by being curious about many things. A natural consequence of this is having several ideas (in other words, too many) that are all over the place, with the added rub of rarely being as interested in domains where I've already tread (career-wise this has been in the world of design). Anyway, in the next two months, I am hoping to narrow my focus down to one idea.

    Some things I've been casually exploring: a literacy-building chatbot for kids; a product to help people have deeper conversations; a matchmaking job placement service for people who are pivoting into new careers; a real world hidden object puzzle game; and finding more effective and scalable ways to teach design.

  72. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm a software engineer who is trying to branch out of the engineering/technical world and try out different things.

    Recently, I have gotten involved with fashion and was able to enter the Merch by Amazon platform. I have some shirts and designs that are currently live and would love to expand to more outlets and see if people are interested in my message.

    My brand is maybeprobably and I am hoping that it will be: witty, fresh and minimal clothing.

    I am looking forward to meeting others who are on the same journey and can hopefully share some success stories.

  73. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm a solo developer, who likes well coding and creating software. Currently I focus on pureple an iOS fashion app with couple thousand active users, I am trying to monetize the audience currently. A lot of my competitors failed(some got big investments) I am going lean.

  74. 1

    Hi! I'm a writer and entrepreneur. I'm currently working on starting a clothing company with a friend of mine. It's called Together Apparel and it aims to promote cultural awareness and global togetherness through clothing (shoptogetherapparel.com). My current goal is to grow the business and continue to develop the ways it can accomplish its purpose.

  75. 1

    Hey Indie Hackers! My name’s Robin and I’m from London. I’m a portrait photographer by day, Indie hacker by night. Right now I’m focused on creating my first online course.

    For 2020 I’m committed to building and launching a profitable, location independent business and implementing strategies shared by Nathan Barry, Pieter Levels and Andrew Henderson.

    I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and meeting like-minded people.

  76. 1

    Hello, world! My name is Punia and I used to be an investor at a venture capital fund out in San Francisco.

    Now I'm focused on building products - so far focused on the consumer tech space. Launched two so far in the consumer fintech and social space that didn't really gain any traction. Have two more consumer tech launches in the pipeline that I'm excited to see the result of.

    Also interested in any SaaS opportunities, just haven't had the time to explore them.

  77. 1

    Hi IndieHackers. I'm a self taught software developer currently working on my first relatively large application. After graduation I immediately started an e-commerce business. It failed after about a year (COGS too high - not enough money to build the product in bulk and lower the cost), but during the development of that project I realized I love coding. I wasn't doing much, just HTML, CSS and JS but I felt that spark and knew that's what I wanted to do all the time.

    From there I started learning everything I could. I watched dozens of tutorials, read any article I could find, and built as many small little applications using JS as I could. From there I was able to secure a job as a front end developer and managed to go more towards back end technologies over the course of a year.

    What I learned throughout this process was how daunting learning to code can be for someone just starting out. I was fortunate that I am too stubborn to give up, but I can totally see why many others would give up after a short attempt. This made me realize I want to help others overcome this bump in the road that deters so many, so I started building an application to help others learn to code. It is similar to others that currently exist, but I think my experience of knowing nothing to now knowing a bit helps me write the content in a much more understandable way. I work on this project after work and on weekends, but am hoping to be done within a month.

    I'm also realizing that I need to learn balance. I work at an AI/ML company, and so I'm constantly filled with ideas for services/products that I think could be helpful and I want to build. I'm trying to figure out how to give one project enough attention to get it off the ground and rolling but also investigate and try out other ideas I think could be cool.

    Hoping to learn a bit from everyone on IH :)

  78. 1

    Hi IHer! I'm a startup enthusiast and currently adding one to my sleeve. I and my co-founder is building MyShowroom (https://myshowroomapp.com) a location-based product visibility mobile app that makes people product and services visible to online users closest to them in their vicinity. I'm here to learn how to make it a market fit product.

  79. 1

    Hey Indie Hackers. I am a MBA Data Analysis and International student in the US. I am living in the Boston (Massachusetts) area. My background is in technical support, but have a little knowledge on business.

    I went for IT school focused on Business Management in Brazil, and then I am trying to focus on more programming and analytical side for my MBA. I have always wanted to have my own business, but I didn't get there yet.

    I know that programming skills are the top most needed skills in the US, so I am trying to find a sponsor for a working VISA. I still have a few steps to climb, and that is why I am here.

    I want to learn PYTHON and SQL, but I don't know where to start. I hope this community help me to develop it.

    • Luthero Filho
  80. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I am a software developer I am working on an application to create blogs (https://www.dmyblog.co) and a password manager (https://wwwencryptedbox.co), and I'm excited to learn from this community!

  81. 1

    Hi Everyone! So excited to be here. Just started to learn to code with the sole purpose of possessing skills that'll enable me build incredibly useful stuff in the world.
    I've taken to brainstorming ideas for 30 mins every morning. I have set a goal for myself to be proficient enough with my coding skills to build 12 startups in 12 months starting October this year. Seems impossible but I'm going for it anyway.
    I know I have so much to learn and I absolutely can't wait to soak up all the knowledge I can from you.
    And please, feel free to hold me accountable to all of the above.
    I am more than open to all the help and mentoring I can get.
    Thanks everyone.

  82. 1

    Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm a software developer and I sometimes I hate meetings at work.

    Is there anyone here who also has mixed feelings with meetings at work?

    And that's why I'm here. I'm going to develop a product that helps people prepare and run useful meetings.

    If anyone is interested in the topic, let's talk :)

  83. 1


    I am a Software engineer, working full-time as Mobile Application Developer.

    I am here to keep my self motivated about my goals. My primary goal is to earn 27 million dollars in next 5 years. The only possible way right now in my mind is to have a success venture.

    I'll start small. And make it big.

    1. 1

      Hi! Interesting goal... very specific too. May I ask, why that no?

      1. 1

        Hi @CheekyRugo,
        My dream expenses or you can say my dream luxury lifestyle would require 55000$/month and 20000$/month will go for charity, in total 75000$/month. I am currently 25 years old and after 30 I want to explore whatever I want, without having any desire for more money. That is why 27 million dollars :)
        Avg life is 60 years in my surroundings.

        1. 1

          Wow! The level of Clarity is truly inspiring. I am wholeheartedly rooting for you. I pray that all your dreams come true.

          1. 1

            Thank you :)

  84. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm an engineer with special interest in Geo-Spatial data analysis, python. I am quick learner, looking to learn and growth.

  85. 1

    Hi IH :) I'm a freelance software developer focusing on mobile products. I am getting a comfortable career out of freelancing, but I'd like to also build my own product and a business around it. Looking around for some ideas, maybe partnering up?

  86. 1

    Hi IHers

    I joined IH in search of looking for like minded people in tech & entrepreneurship. I am currently a Mobile Developer transitioning myself to Data Science and Machine Learning. I am excited about all leading tech such as AI, ML ,DL , Self Driving car, Blockchain & the list goes on. I am a curious mind dream to build a billion dollar startup. I have plunged in past but failed due to xyz reasons. I am to take next plunge in startup very soon. 2020 is going to my skill transitioning year and i am big fan of Nvidia , i want to work there once before i do my startup. So this year is completely focused on skill transitioning in AI , preparing for Nvidia, in continuation with side hustle for my startup dream.


  87. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers. I am a tech enthusiast doing marketing stuff, software advice. My primary focus is product marketing, I am working in a software development firm who helps entrepreneurs to build their crypto startups.

    happy to be here.

  88. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers !!!

    I am a fullstack JS developer in existential 29yo CRISIS! I am also a digital nomad from 1 year now, I think I don't really find myself yet WIP, but I find this community it's maybe the beginning of something amazing for me. I am looking to make a new project, share experiences and help some people on the way if I can! Talk soooooooon

  89. 1

    Hi I am full stack developer who works for financial company. But currently I am developing Safety & Health Saas Product and I am looking for developers to join my startup. If you are interested in building next product let me know. My stack is .Net Core, Angular and Docker. But it's microservices I am open for any python or Java Developer too. If you keen let me know and let's build some crazy software which can save people's life.

  90. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers,
    I am a full-time Solution Architect working in a very reputed US-based firm. I am a dad of 6 years old little princes who also loves coding and a husband.

    I love programming and automation. I love to build a home automation systems, Alexa Apps, Raspberry Pi projects. I am an expert in Java and AWS.

    Besides tech, I am fond of Photography, Guitar Playing, Piano Playing, Singing, Travelling.

    I am looking forward to meeting learn from the amazing pool of talented people here and looking forward to participating in building cool stuff.


  91. 1

    Hey there Hackers! I am a full-stack developer trying to a break from regular day jobs and make a fair income for the work I do and I can do. It took almost a lifetime having been doing the same for the most part but wholeheartedly appreciate how much I have learnt through the journey. It is a new technology almost every day and I am glad I could still keep the pace up with the booming.
    I am new here and I am pretty excited and inspired seeing so many people, different people in one place trying to do wonderful things. Very hopeful and really looking forward to making something out of this.


  92. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers! My name is Tom. I am located in Berlin, Germany.

    I worked in Finance and in several small to mid-size StartUps as Entrepreneur in Residence. Right now I am focused on learning Software Engineering (currently WebApplications).

    I am open to new projects to learn and built meaningful tech-products.

    Also if you visit Berlin, feel free to reach out to me for a coffee or tips ;-)

    1. 2


    2. 1

      Hi Tom.... Berlin huh? I'm planning on moving there ASAP. I here it's a great place for tech startups. I hope I love it there. The choice is between Berlin and Amsterdam.

      1. 1

        Yeah check out The Factory in Berlin https://factoryberlin.com/
        I am a member. This is an awesome community with many opportunities.

  93. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers, I'm a full stack developer and I love being able to come up with an idea and implement it!

    My main project is Price Guard (priceguard.com.au) which is an eBay repricing platform. It's quite a successful side business, my goal is to grow it to my full time business. So I've joined Indie Hackers after listening to the podcast, to meet like minded people!

  94. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I am a mom who has been in tech for the last two years. Previously, I was in the healthcare industry for 7 years. I am a trained project manager and javascript and sql developer. I am now pursuing a project dear to my heart and am looking to meet like-minded start-up developers to collaborate with.

  95. 1

    Hi Indie hackers! I am a Denver based, remote JavaScript Developer interested in many different areas and would love to team up with someone to create something with meaningful impact.

    Current idea is centered around creating a platform of learning/games for children that are ad-free as well as free of all personally identifying data. It drives me absolutely crazy to see one of my kids having to close out of adds or click out of subscription upgrade pop-ups because they want to get back to what they were doing with the limited amount of time they are allowed to have a screen.

  96. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm running a company in Poland which focus on business process automation.  I'm also an open-source software fan looking for inspiration and ways to start new things :)

  97. 1

    Hi Rosie! I'm joining Indie Hackers because I've built a desktop app and now that I've built it, I want to figure out how to market it. I know what you are going to say, I probably should have approach this the other way around, but I didn't!

    1. 1

      Haha, well, you're not the only one who has done that!

      So much so that I wrote this - https://www.indiehackers.com/post/youve-launched-now-what-366c9eef02

      1. 2

        Haha yeah, luckily It’s not my first rodeo and this time I’m mentally prepared for the trough of sorrow and I’ve got a plan 🙂

  98. 1

    I'm an experienced freelance frontend developer from Stuttgart, Germany. I mainly work in different teams on bigger projects for clients, but would love to quit this for my own idea (which is still to be found). My main interest in this platform is to join forces with "someone" to build "something".

    1. 1

      Hi! With you on the "yet to be found" train. Best of luck to us.

      1. 1

        What is your main expertise?

        1. 1

          Just now starting to learn python. I know I want to build stuff people will love and find very useful but yet to hit on an idea I find exciting.
          Have you heard of James Altucher? Read his post on "How to be the Luckiest man alive". Currently on the 8th day of his 10 ideas exercise ( I'm doing 20). I do not plan on stopping until I hit on a very good idea and even then.
          I guess for now my expertise is tenacity, faith and enthusiasm ☺

  99. 1

    I'm Ken, the founder of TrialJar.com

    You already know that growing a business takes time, dedication and hard work. It also requires easy access to business tools and software that can help with marketing, building websites, invoicing, contracts, lead generation, live chat, paid ads optimization – and much more. Unfortunately, accessing all these tools can be confusing and costly, especially for startups. That’s where TrailJar comes in…

    Trialjar has partnered with popular tech companies to offer businesses, freelancers and agencies the chance to trial business tools without cost. If you own a business and want to try proven tools without paying a cent, TrialJar is for you. Our partners’ products are handed over to you for up to 12 months for free, enough time for you to decide whether their tools are helping you scale your business and getting you results.

  100. 1

    Hi Rosie, Thanks for the warm welcome. I am looking forward to get the most out of this community and contribute to IH in whatever way I can.
    I am looking for some ideas to build microservices over Django and get them posted

  101. 1

    Hi. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself.

    I have over 20?years of marketing experience, most specifically on the creative side as a copywriter.

    I joined this community to connect with entrepreneurs and coders, share knowledge and explore ways to turn some of my own ideas into profitable venture.

    1. 1

      Hi! I've been thinking of starting a copywriting side-hustle gig but I wouldn't even know where to start. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thank you.

      1. 1

        I'd be happy to. If you provide a bit more background and context I can give you a more focused answer.

        What is your experience and skill level with copywriting?
        Are there any particular areas or challenges you're struggling with?
        What are your specific goals, long term and short term?
        Is there a particular type of copywriting you specialize in?

        1. 1

          Thank you so much for replying. I'm only just starting. I'm currently reading "Boron letters" and "Oglivy". I'm also devouring YouTube videos and blogs on the subject when I'm not coding (learning python presently).
          It feels like I might know enough to be of value to someone but at the same time I feel I should learn a while longer. I suspect there's some fear there and I need to break out of it and put myself out there but I don't know where to start.
          I'm really passionate about health and fitness and would like to write for businesses in that niche. But again, beginner with zero portfolio so I just keep going back to videos and books instead of applying as I'm learning.
          Any help to break me out of this cycle would be much appreciated.
          Thank you.

          1. 1

            I'd say start writing. Just like with sports, music, or craft really, practice is the fastest way to get better.

            It's also a good way start building samples. It's not uncommon to find spec work on beginner's portfolios. You want to be upfront that it's not published work, so you don't mislead potential clients. You won't benefit from the social proof of a published piece, but it will demonstrate your ability.

            Try to get experienced copywriters to provide feedback so you can identify areas can could be improved.

            When you're ready to start pitching paying clients, focus on the value you provide. Copywriting is a service, the value is what that service will do for them, such as improve conversion rates, increase revenue, etc. Look for specific problems to solve.

            Best of luck.

            1. 1

              Thank you! I know this but somehow hearing someone say it to me directly is finally waking me up.
              I'm going to start today even though I feel very "unready" and I'll let you know how it goes.
              Once again, merci beaucoup.

  102. 1

    Hey fellow hackers! Currently,I am a software developer. I am good at backend(Python/Golang) but plan to learn the front end aspects as well. I have two product ideas which I want to build this year to add value to other people's lives and earn some money as well.
    Any tips on the front end side is greatly appreciated.
    P.S. This website is dope.

    1. 1

      I agree

  103. 1

    Hey Rosie! I really appreciate the sense of community for people who want to build and succeed. I am so fascinated by the idea that Indie Hacker seems to fulfill and I am excited to see what this platform has to offer as well as bring something to the table myself. I would like to give a brief (#VeryBrief) background of myself being someone who manages the sales and project management of about $800,000 in residential contracting per year. If there is a space on Indie Hacker you think I would really enjoy I would be very interested. Thanks for the introduction and I look forward to contributions and hopefully contributing myself.


  104. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers!
    I am a front end engineer focusing on Hybrid Apps development using web technologies.
    I work at finance company in Jakarta, leading a team of awesome engineers. We do Web and Mobile development even beyond that.
    I do not own IT background to begin my career as a software developer. I want to start a channel, platform, blog, and gather people who wants to jump into software development without having IT background to begin with. I would like to share my experience going through the ups and down of learning by yourself.

  105. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers. I am currently a software developer student and bass player from Budapest, Hungary. This year I would like to learn more about web development and start teaching.

  106. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I am currently a research assistant at a college in Asia, and I'm trying to achieve some financial security by developing a product. I don't have any specific product in mind so any suggestion would be awesome!

    I am currently trying to teach myself how to code android and iOS by watching videos on udemy and udacity.

  107. 1

    Hello IH! I'm an avionics engineer running an IoT startup. Looking forward to interacting with the community to discuss some great ideas!

  108. 1

    Hi all! I'm Kezie, maker of stories, monsters, and designs with personality (@SaysKez most places around the web). I'm an experience designer and final year interaction design student.

    I love designing narrative-driven experiences and quirky side projects (most recently #12in12: 12 side projects in 12 months). With every project, I enjoy sharing my learnings (and failings) in the open to hopefully inspire others starting out in their careers or trying new things.

    My goal this year is to keep working on what I love, injecting more fun into my projects, and getting back to sharing as I work, rather than after the fact, so I'm joining Indie Hackers to help keep myself accountable and learn how to launch and grow side projects into fully fledged products. Looking forward to getting involved in the community!

    This year project-wise my focus is entirely on The Arcadia Report (arcadiareport.com): an immersive murder mystery experience that transforms your city into an escape room. It combines a lot of firsts for me so if you have experience in game design, mobile development, or just love mysteries and want to follow along, don't hesitate to reach out. It's all much appreciated.

  109. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm excited to join your community. I've been in the software business for quite a while. Started in ERP for government contractors.

    My husband and I built, grew and sold a SaaS company a year back (myschoolanywhere.com).
    That app was stared when I volunteered at our son's school in kindergarten. Yes, I'm a PTA mom :). Looking to launch a new app this year.

    My skills are primarily in the Product Management space: design, UI, customers service and sales.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone and contributing to the community.

  110. 1

    HEY, I'M BEL

    Was introduced to programing and coding, by a family member, a couple months ago and now i'm hooked. still busy learning. can't waiti to start putting the skills i'm learning to use

  111. 1

    Hi Rosie, so cool to join you (thanks Twitter!)
    Looking forward to learn more about the IH community

    Cheers from a Greek guy out of Paris, France !

  112. 1

    Hi IndieHackers! I'm an Android native software engineer with experience in web development (Spring Boot, Express.js, Angular 2+), serverless using Firebase, databases (MySql, MongoDB), WordPress website building etc. (If you want to know more about my tech stack be free to ask)

    I'm also interested in entrepreneurship, founded software for event management but it's still in beta and me and my team are still gathering user requirements and wrapping it around our idea. Until now I've read The Lean Startup and The Mom Test and I would appreciate any suggestions you may have of what to read next.

    I'm here to get inspired, motivated, iterate on ideas, help others and get help myself and maybe make some partnership. :)

    Currently I'm based in Novi Sad, Serbia but soon I will move to Dortmund, Germany.

    Everyone have a great day! :)

  113. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers!

    I'm a business management student looking to explore the world of tech and start ups. I am currently on my placement year with University at a large recruitment agency and have recently started to focus on start up organisations.

    I'm looking to learn as much about them as possible, as much for my own personal interest as well as my future goals to start my own company.

    I've always toyed with the idea of starting my own podcast, blog or anything related and feel this is the perfect place to get started.

  114. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers, I am SaaS product marketeer and no-code enthusiast (@DronaHQ). I have used no code tools to build and integrate my marketing function and make it smooth and productive.

    Looking forward to learning and feedback on community building, product marketing.

  115. 1

    Hi everyone,
    I'm a designer and would love to be a part of any product which interests me. 🖖

  116. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm a Software developer turned Entrepreneur trying to lift my startup off the ground. Currently working on ideas in EdTech space. Also have an interest in Finance and just the sheer complexity of products, human emotions and bots involved in it.

    Happy to be a part of this community. Looking forward to learn, contribute and succeed!

  117. 1

    Hello Indie hackers!!! I am a regular guy tired of doing interviews and don't get hired, but I want to use my knowledge, and skills to help others in the cybersecurity field.

    my primary focus is building not a traditional cybersecurity startup. I want to sell value through highly professional services. I have in mind to run offensive security research and red teaming services to make a safer world.

  118. 1

    Hi there, I am a software developer with a lot of ideas, and also ADD person :) I am trying to develop thing that will impact the world in a good way, also curious about the consciousness. I know that I need to start small and first of all pay my bills :D so I am here to learn to do small things and accomplish big things with that small things

  119. 1

    I am Web security Auditor from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I wish to learn from others who have started or are working on their ideas.

  120. 1

    Hey Indie Hackers. I'm the CPO for Macanta, a CRM as unique as your business. Macanta allows business owners to create a CRM tailored to their business, without the risk or cost of custom development.

    We have set a launch date for 24 February 2020, so all focus is on that right now.

  121. 1

    I am a software developer and an architect interested in startups.

  122. 1

    Hey. I am a software engineer. I have worked with react, java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, etc. technologies. I want to write regularly on my blog (https://www.wget.blog). I also want to start building some side business in the near future.

  123. 1

    Hi, Indie Hackers! I am a DBA looking to move into app development using AWS. Besides being a DBA, I also have a background in both Entertainment and Theatre.

    My first project will build from my passion for the arts and will be a sentiment data app that will perform analysis on tweets. An end-user will be able to create a campaign that will follow hashtags and keywords during a set time. This app will great for non-profit, performing arts, and/or small entrainment companies that cannot afford that type of analysis.

    Looking forward to being part of the group!

  124. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers, My name is Sharik and I'm a software developer.

    I'm here because It's been a decade since I wanted to build products but i'm stuck in thinking part unable to move to action part (I did at some point and faced losses). Looking forward to get inspired by indie hackers and build and share something valuable in the community.

    I've some ideas, willing to share with indie hackers to hear others thoughts and get motivated and inspired.

    Thank you.

  125. 1

    Hi Rosie,

    I am a Software Engineer and live in the Bay Area SF. I joined the community to get and give feedback on product ideas. I'm always brainstorming. I enjoy walks in the morning, hiking, and working out.

  126. 1

    Namaste IH ! I am a Full Stack Developer working in Munich, Germany. And I am looking forward to learn how to think like a Entrepreneur and begin your journey to your dreamland.

    So my goal for now is to read about different products, go through the list of podcasts.

    And anybody need helps in some Web Development, please feel free to ping me.

  127. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I am an indie entrepreneur who just moved to NYC from France. Looking to connect with likeminded entrepreneurs in New York to talk about the next adventure.

    My areas of expertise cover product sourcing, marketing, SEO, as well programming.

  128. 1

    Hi Guys! I am a parent from Cape Town who currently working in Supply Chain Management,but i am looking for a career change from Supply Chain to Full Stack Developer! My Goals for 2020 is to make a career change from Supply Chain to a Full Stack Web Developer :) and also to build Web Sites/Web Applications to improve people's lives around the world!!! If there are any full stack developers out there will appreciate some help aswell as useful tips!!!

  129. 1

    Hi IH, I've been a lurker for some time now and finally decided to join :)
    I'm a software engineer working working from Dublin, and I've also had a couple of side projects over the last couple of years. I want to learn from other members and maybe help others not repeat some of my mistakes :)

  130. 1

    Hi my fellow Indie Hackers, I'm a Software developer from Philippines, I only do freelance but not really really really good at it but I'm currently part of an uprising company which is Unirises one of our project is already working you can try it out it is a social media (https://www.unihub.com.ph/), we're young to be honest around teens but we are really a team that specializes social needs, technological advancement and development, which includes Social Media, Exchange Program, Virtual Private Network providing, Website Builder for the growing economy, giving the fairest performance for the society and business world.

    Im actually new on that uprising company but we are doing our best to keep the team alive for our goals.

    I'm also want to be inspired by these people in Indie Hackers <3

  131. 1

    Can you add one new feature to your platform? Polls? Similar to Twitter

    1. 1

      It's on the roadmap! It's been there for a while, alongside other basic features like bookmarking, direct messages, etc. Ideally I'll get to it this quarter, but if not, definitely this year. 🤞

    2. 1

      Thanks for the suggestion. It's on the todo list, not sure how far down though!

  132. 1

    Hi everyone! My name is Artur and I'm frontend engineer for over 10 years. Last 4 years I spent working with Angular framework and I joined indie hackers because I can't imagine myself in 5-10 years doing exactly the same as I'm doing now ;) meaning working full-time. I want to use my knowledge to build profitable business and I'll come with more details soon. Good to see you all hear :)

  133. 1

    Hello hello 😊

    I have been running App and Flow, a startup-friendly development studio, since 2015 and decided that 2020 would be my "side project" year!

    I've been interested in the Indie Hackers movement for a while, so I am very excited to start work on my first side project - To be named. Recently, I have been catching up on React, NodeJS and GraphQL best practices to kick off my project on a solid foundation. I am looking to initialize the project on the first week of February. Excited to share my progress with the community.

    Have a great day!

  134. 1

    Hey indie hackers! I'm Roshan, I'm a software developer that has always been passionate about emerging technology and using software to break down barriers that exist in the world. I founded a student-run blockchain club at my university and now I'm working on exposing more people to learning about cryptocurrency and decentralized finance that cuts down the need for third parties.

    I'm working on KoinStreet, a learning and investing platform for digital assets. (https://www.koinstreet.com/) We enable this through interactive games you can have fun playing while also leveling up your knowledge of the future of finance at your fingertips.

    I'm looking to help more people who would like to participate in cryptocurrency or other future finance platforms but has been overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.

    Excited to share our journey with you all on IH :)

  135. 1

    Hi Rosie, I'm an on technical solopreneur. Looking forward to learning from everyone here and eventually contributing to others.

  136. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm starting a blog about fighting anxiety. I'm blogging from Colombia but I'm from the US. Learning a lot as I go about blogging and internet marketing and I hope to learn even more here.

  137. 1

    Learning to code: Entrepreneur at heart. Ideas for days!

  138. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers, I'm a Software/Devops Engineer from Morocco.
    I'm obsessed with Self working, and Entrepreneurship.

  139. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers. I'm a frontend developer from India, I am a newbie blogger at https://practicalfrontend.com/ I am here to learn and grow as a developer. My goal is to turn my profitable blog this year.

    1. 1

      I was not able to access your blog. It says there is a "database connection issue" you may want to check on this. Good luck with your blog.

  140. 1

    Hi Hackers. Computer Engineer here! I am working on a fitness app, and I will open a startup soon after obtaining my Master's degree.

    I am here to join and share my ideas with a community of like-minded people in the startup world. Do not hesitate to contact me.


    Sandro Maglione

    1. 2

      Fitness Apps are a crowded space - are you going for a certain niche that you’ll do better than anyone else or that isn’t addressed?

      1. 1

        I am an athlete myself, I have tried a lot of the applications in the market, but I always left after some days because of a series of problems that I believe all apps share. I then found that many people that I know and many people in some online communities that I am part of have the same problems.

        That is my starting point, trying to address these problems, make something valuable and simple from the beginning, and iterate.
        I have also a deal with a friend of mine who is opening a gym. We plan to launch together and support our mutual growth. He provides professional expertise to the app content, and I hope this will make the advice and workouts of the app recognized as professionally valuable for our target users.

        What do you think? Is this a good starting point? Any ideas or suggestions?

  141. 1

    Hi Everyone ,

    I've recently started developing a platform for gaming data, but I lack the knowledge on how to accomplish this. So I hope I can get a lot of resources on IH to get me going in the right direction.

    My journey has just begun and I already feel overwhelmed by the things I need to know. Though not a quitter I tend to explore too much. This leaves me being (quite often) a do-it-all.
    So my main objective for this year is to finally finish one thing, so I can proceed to the next.


  142. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers! I'm happy to join the community!
    I'm Jennifer, co-founder at Naker.io, allowing to build 3D interactive webcontent in few clicks #nocode (background websites, forms and stories) with the purpose to make the web cool again.

    We're looking to get more feedback, build a community sharing the same values and purpose. And of course looking forward as well to get inspired by others 🙂

  143. 1

    I am Sumit, I am a Software Engineer having 6+ years of experience. I worked in many startups.
    I have experience with different technologies like PHP(mainly Laravel), Android, NodeJS as backend, Angular 8 and ReactJS as a frontend. I learn ReactJS just a month ago and I really liked it. I used different databases like MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, and Neo4j graph database and have good knowledge of AWS servers. After learning so many things and building products for some else I though to start building something that I want to build for myself.

    While working I found many startups need the right candidate at the beginning but because of small team size and founder has many responsibilities to handle founder get distracted and can not filter the right candidates So I am planning to build an application that can help a small company to find the right candidate. The basic concept is to help the founder from posting job vacancy to interviewing to joining. I already started working on it and have completed many modules and hope to launch it soon.

    I joined the Indie Hacker because I want to become IndieHacker. To earn a side income from my side project and to keep my work progressive to learn how to launch a product, get feedback on my product and to know if my idea is really useful or not. I hope to learn lots of things from you guys.

    Thank you.

  144. 1

    Hello IHers! Very happy to get to know this community. Right now I have an idea and mission to create a new way for people to remember the best quotes and notes they make on a regular basis and remember them along the way.

    I'm currently working on my other startup related to social impact and volunteering, but I'm always wanting to learn more and more. Happy to talk with anyone who wants to have a quick chat or a deep conversation about metrics, hypothesis and any other startup related topics. :)

  145. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers. I'm a full stack JavaScript developer who has been so inspired by the people in this community and looking to build something great this year. I have a side project I'm working on, and I hope to get advice and feedback from the community to make it profitable.

  146. 1

    Hi! My name is Alex and I'm software developer.

    I'm looking for partners for my project :)

  147. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! i'm a software developer from Morocco, currently trying to build my own company. i want to find some ideas and also help to build some ideas if there is a room fo it

  148. 1

    hey, hi. thank you so much for building Indie Hacker.

    I am self-employed IT engineer who worked for ten years on doing freelance work for other companies as a developer, project-manager, analyst and auditor.

    I refocused my business one year ago to build my first products. The feedback from the first paying customers is from positive to enthusiastic but I struggle to reach / attract new customers.

    I'm feeling overwhelmed by marketing and online marketing seems arcane to me. I hope to improve, I really enjoyed listening to the first happy customers.

    1. 1

      You're not alone in this. Growth and marketing is probably the most discussed challenge. Browsing the Growth group may provide you some initial guidance.

  149. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! Just joined after watching a video by aaron jack of code drip.

    I quit my 6 figure project management job in biotech to learn full stack engineering and create some cool projects.

    My original goal was to get a full stack job but now I am tempted to expand my bootstrap startup instead I have been running for three years to more products. My startup website is jimmysoftllc.com.

    Any advice is welcomed


  150. 1

    Hi hackers,

    I am a self-employed app developer from last 4 years. Four years ago I wanted to learn app development, so I started learning Android development and launched an app called VLC Mobile Remote to control VLC Medial player on PC and Mac. After completing the app I just shared it on couple of forums with a demo video. Now the app has been downloaded more than 2 million times and Android over 100k times on iOS. And the important thing is, I have been living off from its' revenue.

    In the last four years I launched the VLC Mobile Remote for Android and iOS, then pivoted the same app to control whole PC & Mac. Now you can control not just VLC but Mouse, Keyboard, Netflix, Prime, YouTube and lot of other apps in PC & Mac from my app.

    Currently I am looking to increase the app revenue but I don't exactly know how to do it, so I'm here to learn from others and see how will it go :)

    So once again, hi everyone :)

  151. 1

    I'm looking for ways to help generate and maintain the motivation to turn my hobbies into actual positive impact. Seeing all these dedicated people and awesome ideas on IndieHackers seems like a good first step in that direction.
    Current goals are publishing a music album, setting up a blog about art in video games and traditional fine art and create at least one game prototype. Beyond these things I like languages, data science and physics and wouldn't mind programming a couple lines of code in python.
    Happy to be here!

  152. 1

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a developer from Portugal with a passion for internet businesses.

    I'm the owner of a very small company focused in web development and I want to increase my skills essentially in AI.

    I believe I'll learn a lot and give my contribute to some ideas!

  153. 1

    Hello world. I am a newbie Python developer and currently have interest in starting a software as a service cloud business and quantitative/algorithmic trading using artificial intelligence. Presently exploring and trying to learn saas infrastructure like containerization, Openshift, Kubernetes, Prometheus operator.

  154. 1

    I am a product designer with a strong emphasis on user experience and ease of use and more than ten years of relevant experience.

    I ♥ what I do, which is working in a profession that is never static and gives lots of opportunities to be creative. I worked across Europe in various business sectors, including financial services, public sector and retail.

    I am keen to hear from dynamic and forward-thinking people who will provide me with the tools and environment to excel.

  155. 1

    ahoxus.org is our life's project: a regenerative culture movement, of sorts.

    last year i've got to live for 3 months in tamera campus, the biggest self sustainable (don't confuse with "sustained") community in portugal, and probably the biggest in the world which brings topics of love and sex into politics.

    and now, on my almost 40 years of life, i know for sure i'll need to live in such a place. with a few crucial differences, such as around cost, communication and science.

    so me and a few partners are working (with very different kinds of partnership) towards finding or funding one aligned with our needs... and, fort that, we need to first figure out exactly what they are!

    in any case, we're looking for
    , above all. slowly.

    can you kindly go to the website, read it and tell us exactly what you could (or couldn't) understand? we're constantly
    trying to improve!


  156. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm a tech lead working in a startup developing IA conversational agent for contact center. I'm also working on a side project to offer cheap flights from friday evening to sunday evening. I started this project a few weeks ago, handled to grow the subscribers list to 2,000 persons and I now think about how to monetize the product. I think that Indie Hackers can help with that, and I hope that I would be able to teach what I've learnt sofar in order to help other Indie Hackers :)

  157. 1

    Heya Hackers! I am a product manager / product designer from Germany. I also have loads of experience in project management, marketing and building up things from the ground. Very exited to see what will happen here :)

  158. 1

    Hey Indie Hackers, I am a C# developer and my goal is to know more about databases how to structure them and all so that i can built better apps, i have an application in mind that i feel requires a solid Database layout, hope i can get feedback or someone who is willing to do the database side and i create the API's that will be connecting to that.

  159. 1

    I am Tatenda, a recent IT graduate from Zimbabwe. My dream is to become a successful entrepreneur and build yet another multi million dollar business in Africa. At 23 years old what I need is a mentor, someone to guide my decisions and also benefit what they can from me.

  160. 1

    Hi Guys, currently we are building a startup in the Netherlands. We made a brainscan and have our first MVP. Now we try to get some traction in the B2B market. We facing some challenges, but in the end we are making progress.

    I'm glad to show my knowledge and I will help where I can.

    Cheers & speak to you soon guys!

  161. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I work in Identity & Access Management, im looking to move into the Dev world and start creating my own apps. I have always worked on more of the IT Admin and design side rather than the Dev. So im learning Web Dev, Javascript, Python etc. I have a few app ideas, and plan on spending my spare time for the next few months working on them :)

  162. 1

    Hey Indie Hackers, I'm a fullstack developer from Turkey, And I have many projects to discuss, and maybe collaborate to your projects, get collaborated to mine, etc. I hope we can get along and create interesting things that the people around need more than anything in their lives.

  163. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm a product designer who has just picked up JavaScript and I'm excited to dive into things like React and Framer. I'm really looking forward to connecting with people who just love building digital products. ✌️

  164. 1

    Hi everyone,

    I am a Software Engineering Manager, working on my first side project, and hoping I could monetize it , work on more side projects, and possibly make a living from this at some point.

    My current fun project: https://www.handstandquest.com/

    My goal is to build an app that users would return to on a regular basis. I plan to release it to the iPhone App Store by end of March 2020 at the latest.

  165. 1

    Hi everyone. I am a .NET developer using Xamarin to build mobile apps.

    My latest startup idea is building a platform for quickly assembling a mobile app for small to medium-sized businesses. The MVP is a tool that would allow you to assembly an app by selecting features you want in your app, searching documents, creation of crud forms, and security.

    Based on the MVP requirements I have the following goals:

    • Multi-tenant identity as a service that can authenticate and authorize a tenant user to use a feature.
    • Service for creating crud forms
    • Search documents

    The current MVP feature set is based on talking to potential clients wanting apps. If there are other features that would make the MVP more fundable, I would love to hear about them. I also would love to get feedback in general about my idea.

  166. 1

    Hey, everyone! I'm a serial entrepreneur and web developer with 10+ years experience. I'm currently working on growing moveBuddha.com, the best resource in the world for folks who want to understand their options for moving long distance and get connected with fantastic movers.

    We've been at it for five years and we're growing like crazy. I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for us.

    I'm looking forward to connecting with other Indie Hackers and want to make myself available to others who have technical questions about creating and scaling great software and digital products.

    Please don't hesitate to reach out!

    1. 1

      Hi Jason..I would appreciate if you could assist me with my web development journey

  167. 1

    I am Sree Chintala, CEO/Co-Founder of Clocr.com, bootstrapped startup specializing in providing an online tool that focuses on 'Legacy Planning for digital assets'.
    My goal this year to to secure 2000 paid customers in 2020.

  168. 1

    Hi everyone!
    I am the growh lead of Pickwin, a peer to peer pool betting platform with pick'em format. I look forward to share stories, experiences and knowledge with the community as well as learn from you.

  169. 1

    Hi guys, nice to e-meet you.
    Looking forward to get inspired and share a bit of my own experiences in Digital Marketing for over 12 years.

    Some of my personal scope of activities:
    Mobile Marketing
    Web Projects
    Affiliate- and Publisher Marketing
    Product Owner of Top Apps iOS and Android
    TV Marketing and Advertising
    Print and Teletext Projects ;-)
    Payment Services

    Looking for some smart business partner (co-founder, tech part) in Hamburg/Northern Germany as well.


  170. 1

    Hey guys! I am happy to find such community as IH. Knowledge sharing with like-minded people is crucial for success no matter the scale. I am frontend developer with expertise in Vue, React and a few other frontend and backend technologies. I still don't have any side project I work on, but I will definitely start building something. Hoping IH community will help me gather the know-how needed to start. Also, I'm available for any help needed or possible collaboration.

  171. 1

    Hey folks, excited to join IH and looking to share my experience as well as gather valuable feedback from the community in order to build better products

  172. 1

    Hello lovely people, I am very much excited to join IH. Looking forward to share my ideas and learnings . Currently I have not yet started on my ideas but would like to share some of them and discuss about future possibilities and open for collaboration with others as well on their ideas.

  173. 1

    Hi folks! I'm a non-techie who has always wanted to start my own business. One of my biggest challenges is coming up with ideas. This year I want to build a side project that earns at least $500/month in MRR. I'm looking forward to learning from this community!

  174. 1

    Hey people, I'm currently in the start-up ecosystem as a full-stack engineer but that is only until I either find the right idea or moment to break into the market as a founder or as a digital nomad.
    Meanwhile, I gather experience as a programmer, currently working with React and Python in micro-services, as well as networking and learn in one of the richest and most fast-paced environments for start-ups in Brazil (I also do freelance on the side as well, for the nomad bit).
    Thank you for your attention and let's work together!

  175. 1

    Hi, I'm a developer, primarily front end but well rounded with backend and DBs. I'm joining to network with other devs who have that entrepreneurial spirit and to learn from others. I have a project I started but need to get back onto it. I find it hard to want to code after a full day of coding at work.

  176. 1

    Hey guys. I have been coding for a long time now and I have launched two startups seeing them both through to successful businesses. I am now looking for new inspiration and happy to chat about whatever makes sense.

  177. 1

    Hello everyone, in my day job I am a game developer. I wish to be connected with the community and maybe learn something in the process.

  178. 1

    Started a lot of side projects in the past. Some turned into companies but a lot I never finish. My hope is that joining IH will help with that. My IH will be projects I do next to my day job as a freelancer for now. Someday it would be nice to sustain on my own projects again.

  179. 1

    Hello! I'm happy to have joined IH. I hope to learn interesting stuff and share what I might know. I'm not a very presentation guy, but well, I'm here to learn!

  180. 1

    Hi everyone, my name is Gulaid, happy to join you in IH, I wish i would learn from here things that matter to become good businessman. Thanks.

  181. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers, I'm aspiring product developer and proudly sharing and learning from this amazing community. Currently, I work on app which help people to meet by physical location . I will continue to share my journey with community as I progress. Thanks.

  182. 1

    Hi, This is MSZ, I have just joined this site and looking forward to share and get some knowledge from here. I am a web developer but as a long gap I have forgot the coding / some of it but now again started it and hoping that if I have some confusion then someone from this site will clear it. :)
    Currently I have started from C# console and need some tips like what type of starter project I have to create to get my basic strong.

  183. 1

    Hi, my name is Don. I've been a software developer for almost 10 years now. First as a hobby building iPhone apps and later professionally as a backend developer. Now working as a freelancer and building my own products in my spare time.

  184. 1

    Hey everyone,

    I've been a long time admirer on the Indie Hackers movement having listened to the podcast for a few years now and I recently spoke at the inaugural IH Belfast event about the bootstrapped startup I co-founded.

    As this startup required more time and effort than I could give, I have decided with a heavy heart to step away. I plan on taking a couple of months to recharge and then I'm going to get on the IH bangwagon, full throttle!

    My near term goal is a change in lifestyle where my revenue doesn't rely on full-time client work.

  185. 1

    Hi friends! I'm joining this community to learn what it really takes to ship a product. I started a web app before, but it was too ambitious. I'm looking for a more achievable side project, potentially involving Japanese, as I am studying the language. Good luck folks!

  186. 1

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