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Make the community a better place

Indie Hackers is for connecting with like-minded people who want to build profitable online businesses.

To get the most out of the community, try helping to make it a better place. You can do that by starting and participating in interesting discussions.

If you start by giving, the community is designed to reward you in return.

How to start discussions

Head over to the home page and click the "New Post" button.

If there's something on your mind that you think will get people talking, simply type it out. The shorter the better. It helps if you ask a clear question in the title, or if you express your opinion.

Alternatively, if you read something elsewhere on the internet, you can start a discussion around that, too. Try submitting it as a link post. Indie hackers love discovering interesting new articles.

Good luck!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you need help submitting your first link post or starting your first discussion, let me know in the comments below.

Otherwise, I'm excited to see you the forum! Feel free to introduce yourself to everyone below. 🤗

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    Thank you for the invite code! Working on my first project together with @cilvic, excited to share progress and see what others are up to.

  2. 1

    Thanks @jones_spencera for the invite code. This community sounds too good to be true. Can't wait to discover more. I am working on a supply chain traceability and authentication app concept.

  3. 1

    Looking forward to it ~ !

  4. 1

    I'm happy to join the community this week!

  5. 1

    Thanks so much for the warm reception. Will definitely help to make it a better community

  6. 1

    Super happy to be here! Thanks for the invite code :) I am co-founder of an open-source project and I am looking forward to learn a lot of new stuff here

  7. 1

    Thx. Excited to be here. Starting out, no, continuing with life as a entrepreneur, but looking into the crypto space.

  8. 1

    Thrilled to be here and looking forward to connecting with others! :) I'm a psychiatrist / self-taught coder working on a couple of projects in the health tech space, a little more information on me available on https://rahul.net.au

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    I am building a listing app for specialty retail stores (Supreme, Dover Street Market, Bode, etc) starting in NYC. We will provide our shoppers with exclusive access to deals, flash sells, and secret events. Using geofencing as users walk around the city they will be notified when a store is close by for them to shop.

  10. 1

    Thanks for having me here guyz,
    I'm Viktor, an entrepreneur and business owner
    Looking forward to us😄

  11. 1

    I'm super excited to be a part of this community! I've been writing code for almost 20 years, building web apps for other companies but I'm finally ready to build something of my own. I've embedded myself in a community of customers I'd like to serve, I have a validated idea and started the prototype.

    I'm looking for guidance, encouragement and some like-minded people to take this journey with.

  12. 1

    I need to know how do i set up my cloud accounts separate for my private accounts. I want to make it easy to apply for credits.

  13. 1

    Hi! It's fun being here.

  14. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers,
    Really happy to join this community, just recently got my invite, but was following you daily for a while now, love the content!

    I am pretty new maker, few years was learning how to code / full time doing it, and the recent year started creating my own first app, and diving deeper into a lot more topics - design, data, growth.

    Looking forward to seeing all the cool things you are creating, and also sharing some myself! Let's gooo!

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