May 14, 2019

Went from 0 to 25 sign ups in a day! (It only took over 2 years to get here)

Shane @shanehoban

I posted Survais to Product Hunt on Friday... but literally nothing came of it. It didn't get any traction and I was stumped, feeling a bit down about the whole thing really. I did kind of rush it, and had no plan whatsoever so I do realise it was my fault.

However.... Yesterday morning I started getting some email alerts (I set up a personal email to me when a new user signs up to Survais), they were coming in every 30mins to 1 hour, sometimes even just minutes apart.

So I jumped on my little dashboard to see what was going on, and low and behold, the admins over at PH were after cleaning up my submission and reposting it (as I said, it was rushed originally).

It reached #2 at one point during the day but ended #3, which I am elated about. Got a lot of feedback and squashed a lot of bugs yesterday as a result. The signups were coming through even until this morning around 07:30!!

It was such a relief, I just had to share it with someone. I know that a PH submission is a short lived burst but if I hope I can leverage some of these users to help improve and grow Survais.

Anyhow, thanks for reading, just wanted to share an amazing day I had. It is just so hard to grow your SaaS as a bootstrapper, and I know sometimes you just need a little motivational boost to keep you going.

Don't give up!

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    Congrats! I love how you use your own product on the website. One little piece of feedback, in your plans, it took me a good 45 seconds to understand what is the difference between them. You might want to make it more clear.

    Good luck!

    PS I was searching for NPS tool for my day job and a lot of them are super expensive or very limited. I eventually settled for with their free tier, but I feel like there is a hole in the market for this. Should be a short sprint away for your technology. Food for thought.

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      Thanks Sergey, that is something I'll take on board, much appreciated!

      Apprecaite the additional info too!

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    Congrats Shane! Inspiring. Hopefully the new traction will help keep you motivated. The Survais website looks nooice 👌

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      Thanks Jonathan, that means a lot!!

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    2 Years!? Your persistence is so amazing!!

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      Hah! Yeah it has been over 2 years since I started on Survais.

      In saying that, I have gone through phases on/off with it. After the second rewrite it has seen much more consistency. From the start of the last rewrite to now has been around 6-7 months, and the blog has been updated recording stuff for the past 3 months or so.

      I've done a few side projects in the past, but never had such persistence. It's because I actually needed a product like Survais, and once I developed and used it - realised how valuable it actually is!