We're building an SEO tool (that also helps the environment)- should it be a Chrome extension or a web app?

We're building an SEO tool called GrowthBar
growthmarketingpro.com/growthbar/ (Grow your business and plant a tree 🌱-- at no extra cost!) and we need some help...

It's already a super helpful Chrome extension with 2000+ downloads, but we also have a web app with a Keyword Tracker dashboard.

Which foot should we lead with when people sign up?
1- Lead with the Chrome extension and then people can discover the web app dashboard?
2- Lead with the web app and then ask people to download the Chrome extension?

Which is more sticky and enticing? We are concerned some people get turned off by chrome extensions?

Should our SEO tool be primarily a Chrome extension or a Web app?
  1. Chrome extension
  2. Web App
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    The direct URL in your post isn't working.

    There is a such a massive proliferation of SEO tools already, main question to ask I think, is why launch another one, what is your UVP?

    1. 2

      Ah thanks for pointing that out!

      And great question. My cofounder and I started a blog 3 years ago and grew it into the largest growth marketing blog on the internet and a 6-figure passive income machine. We've since helped hundreds of businesses grow via SEO and after years of using other SEO tools, we were frustrated by their clunky UI and how expensive they were, and how terrible reporting was. We decided to build our own that would deliver the most important data points we needed, when we needed them most -- while browsing the web, as well as the rank tracking dashboard of our dreams.

      Here's what's different about GrowthBar compared to other SEO tools:

      1- Most SEO tools overcomplicate SEO by providing endless tabs of data that most people don't know what to do with. I've been very successful with SEO many times over and I only use a few simple data points to make intelligent SEO decisions. There is no other tool that really simplifies the process in a way that is very prescriptive and easy to understand and follow -- this is what we're working towards.

      2- Most SEO tools that are actually good and worth using are really expensive, $99/mo+. GrowthBar is just as powerful, easier to use, and more affordable at $29/mo.

      3- Most SEO tools are quite dated looking & feeling. We're building the SEO tool for modern marketers. Something really enjoyable to use and see on your screen everyday.

      4- Our Chrome extension is actually amazing. There are other SEO chrome extensions out there that live on the SERP and are super ugly or provide the most random compilation of data. GrowthBar actually provides the most useful stats that you'll want to see if you're working on growing your business. What keywords are your competitors ranking for organically? Bidding on via Google ads? Are they running Facebook ads? Basically what is driving growth for other sites.

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