Community Building March 25, 2020

We're hosting a 2 day virtual summit all about community building!

Mac Reddin @TeaGuns

Super excited to announce the virtual Community Chat Summit, a truly virtual event about community building and management! June 3rd and 4th.

🛫 No travel required
🌍 Participate from anywhere
☕️ Learn in your pajamas!

This isn't going to be your typical 'webinar' event. We're emulating much of what you'd get at an in-person event:

🥇 Presentations and talks from incredible people in the community world, including Erica Kuhl, Jesse Middleton, Charlie Ward, Blake Ethridge, Shelley Sessoms, and IH's very own @rosiesherry!
🔥 Fireside chats
📚 Breakouts and workshops
👋 1:1 video networking
🎉 and an after party!

Early bird tickets are available through the 28th, and we'll be donating 20% of all ticket sales to WHO's COVID-19 Fund!


  1. 1

    @TeaGuns - this is awesome, about to sign up!

    How can I contribute to maximizing your effort? Keen to extend a conversation and discover opportunities on

  2. 1

    This sounds awesome! I signed up and already can't wait :)

  3. 1

    Just signed up @TeaGuns. I've been wanting to build a community for quite some time, but am not entirely sure how to go about it, so... thanks for posting this at the right time in my life :)

    1. 1

      P.S. that website is INSANEly beautiful.

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