We've built a no-code subscription management tool for SaaS start-ups launching with Stripe

I'd love any and all feedback on our landing page speaking to this. We're really trying to emphasize speed to market for new SaaS products and being able to add a self-checkout experience for subscriptions to your website without involving a developer. www.outseta.com/stripe

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    There's definitely a market for that. Stripe is complicated AF!
    In my case ( https://cancuntour.app ) I ended paying 50 bucks for a dev in India, through UpWork, to do the Stripe integration in my website ( https://cancuntour.app/pago )

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      Happy to hear it! Our goal is to make is so stupid easy that even a non-technical founder can add a subscription check-out experience to their website in minutes.

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    Seems like a very useful tool to set up Stripe payment quickly. I might try it out in my next project!

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      Awesome! I'm happy to chat anytime if I can answer any questions. This is a pretty good overview of how we can help you save time launching new subscription products: https://www.outseta.com/posts/how-we-launched-a-new-saas-start-up-50-faster-using-outseta.

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    Outseta definitely interests me; setting up billing isn’t the worst ever but it’s one more thing

    The one thing I couldn’t seem to find details on is how the Product Registration and Authentication feature works. Perhaps each feature listed on the Pricing page could link to relevant docs?

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      You hit the nail on the head @calebmpeterson—the basic premise of Outseta is we cut down on all the "one more things" that come along with launching a start-up SaaS company. In addition to the core CRM, billing, and customer messaging tool that we offer this page outlines some of the other scaffolding that we offer to SaaS businesses so they don't need to build it: https://www.outseta.com/saas-scaffolding.

      Great feedback regarding the product registration and authentication features—I agree that this isn't clear enough in our marketing materials. In short, we offer Javascript widgets that that you can use for authentication and to add a self-checkout experience for subscriptions to your website. You can see this in use on the pricing page of our own website if you select any of the plans, or here's technical documentation on how this works specifically: https://go.outseta.com/support/kb#/articles/8vW5OQ4P/how-to-integrate-outseta-s-sign-up-and-login-widget-with-your-website.

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        That’s what I was looking for! Thank you.

        Maybe I’m missing this detail in the docs but how would I check the authorization on a request to my own API from my frontend which is using Outseta widgets to ensure it’s from a logged in user on a paid plan?

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          Hey @calebmpeterson! Here's how authenticate users and make sure they're on a paid plan (or showed the correct plan in general).

          Authentication Workflow (for developers)

          1. The user enters email address/password into the authentication widget

          2. If successfully authenticated, Outseta will redirect the user to the specified Authentication callback URL passing a JWT token containing the user's information (email, first name, last name, subscription/plan ids, etc.) in an access_token querystring parameter

          -This JWT token can be verified with a public key that Outseta provides to you. --The public key can be found at SETTINGS>>WIDGETS>>AUTHENTICATION.
          After verifying the JWT token your website can consider this user as being authenticated.
          -A great resource to use for JWT tokens is JWT.IO. On that site you can find a utility that allows you to see the contents of the token as well as libraries in different languages that allow you to verify the token.

          Please let me know if this is the information you need. If not, feel free to email [email protected] and our development team will be able to answer any technical questions that you have. Thanks so much!


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            Thank you so much for explaining @GeoffRoberts!

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