March 27, 2019

We've collected, categorized and tagged 500+ email newsletters

Fabrizio Rinaldi @linuz90

There are countless amazing email newsletters, but not one single place to find them all. Me and @frankdilo are changing this with Unreadit Directory, a huge collection of hand-picked newsletters, organized and tagged according to their topics.

This took a lot of time to make but we're really happy about it, since we're big fans of great email newsletters and we didn't find any comprehensive catalog of them.


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    I love it! Do you mind if we use this data for our own projects???

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      Hey, how would you use the data? We’re totally open to this possibility and we’re considering making an API endpoint

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    Great idea and execution. Will share it!

    Have you included For The Interest newsletter ( Haven't seen it in your database and I really enjoy getting these weekly emails.


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      Thanks! You can use this form to submit any newsletter

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        Cool! Submitted :D

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    That's so cool. I just started to get interested in GETTING newsletters. 6 month ago, I perceived newsletters as just this unwanted advertisement spam from large cooperation.

    But, I realized there are really great resources of wonderful people out there. I will have a look at your directory. Curious what I will find.

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      Thanks a lot! I felt the exact same way lately and that's why we decided to create the directory.

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    Hey! Nice work. I dig it. The design is nice and it'as easy to use.

    I wonder, does my product,, qualify to be included there?

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      For sure! Feel free to submit here

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        Done. Thank you!

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    Great work! I wanted to do this sometime ago, but I just couldn't allocate the time for it.

    One other thing I wanted to include was measurable analytics for each of those newsletters.

    For example let's say one company sends out a newsletter to 500000 people, then the response like click-throughs, heatmap data, etc, would be stored in a database.

    Combining all this data together from hundreds of emails, you'll be able to understand analytically which types of Call-to-actions are the most conversion focused, the best email length rate that people tend to read, how long people spend on a single newsletter (IMO a very short while), the best colour combinations that should be used, the best click bait titles, and so much of statistical information that people would pay for.

    Even if you were to give free access to this data, you can easily upsell another of your services.

    I'd say, one way you can do this is by creating an analytics plugin for Wordpress that trades free access to the reports on your site, for users who install the plugin on theirs.

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      Thanks for the great feedback! I think it's unlikely to be able to get all this data, but it would definitely be very interesting and useful. I'll keep this in mind, cheers!

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    @linuz90 this is a great resource - I've been looking for something like this but was findin a lot of out of date directories! I'll have to submit my newsletter to the mix

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      Thanks a lot!