April 4, 2019

We've grown trial sign-ups from cold email 6X, following 7 simple steps

Becky Halls @beckyhalls


We love using simple cloud tools to get the job done effectively and it doesn’t get much simpler than Google Sheets and YAMM! Read on for the step by step guide to smash your B2B cold email conversions.

  1. Add prospect data to a Google Sheet.

  2. Create a hyper personalised image template for the cold outreach campaign.

  3. Set-up sales squeeze page to also show hyper personalised images and add pixel & metadata.

  4. Add hacked Pixel to email copy.

  5. Send out emails with YAMM.

  6. Upload hyper personalised images as product catalog in FB Ad Manager.

  7. Create Remarketing ad campaigns, using the hyper personalised image, to email recipients.

Here's the full breakdown, step-by-step guide to implement yourself:


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    Cool way of doing outbound emails.