We've spent +$500 000 & finally productized a marketing agency. Feedback welcome + early access granted

For the last 10 years as one of the biggest marketing agency in CEE we've been working with top brands to help them draft & execute digital marketing strategy.

As you all know service business can be challenging (to say it politely). After many ups & downs and spending +500 000 we've productized marketing agency.

We made a Saas product that recommends most effective marketing tactics based on one’s business data. This way you can easily draft digital marketing strategy & manage your sales funnels effectively.

Now I want to give a tool in your hand - so that you can be the first ones who can enjoy early access, try it, crush it & share with us your feedback.

---> Check it out here: https://stg-digitalfirst.develtio.dev/sign-in
---> also see the demo: https://www.loom.com/share/bbdf48bf3c9c4ca494465e1c387edc92

Any comments appreciate! If you need any help or want to discuss a certain features - I am here to help :)

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    Surprisingly, this looks cool!
    It seems you have a long way ahead, but it could end up as a really cool app.
    Anyway, once you have some tactics in, please let me know - I'd definitely like to try it!

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      Hi @johnt2021 we have already developed v1.0 of the platform - would you like to test it? We can jump on a quick call to discuss your feedback - in exchange we'll be glad to give you 2 weeks of highest pricing package for free :)

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        Hi @Hillarion,
        This sounds pretty cool! I only have a small request: I'm finishing up my product for a launch (22nd of Nov), so until then, I'm more than busy.

        I'd love to jump on a call, and test your product -- it is possible to do it afterwards? (basically, 23Nov onwards). Same goes for a quick call - I can definitely do it on the 23rd of Nov.

        1. 1

          @johnt2021 All right! I'll send you a message today on IH and we can speak later this week :)

          Edit: I wasn't able to do that via IH - would you drop me a short msg on [email protected]? Will be more than glad!

    2. 1

      Hi @johnt2021 - thanks for sharing your thoughts! Definitely there's a lot to add and we try our best to make backlog shorter everyday :)

      Have you tried to access "all tactics" tab? This is a place where we put tougher all of the tactics we have right now. Maybe you'll find something cool there!

      Is there anything we should put more focus on during further development stage?

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    tbh I was expecting something like a appvswebsite.com that would act as a lead magnet for your agency but this is promising! I've worked in a couple of marketing agencies in the past and it's always great to see them turning the expertise into scalable products. Looking forward!

    1. 2

      @akhilmk thanks for sharing your feedback! I will keep you up to date with status of the product :)

      1. 1

        @akhilmk as above - would you like to try our platform next week? :)

        1. 1

          yes, would like to give it a go!

          👉 [email protected]

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