Ideas and Validation October 15, 2020

What about niche job boards?

NKTZNL @N1ketas

👉 The idea

I recently started working on a niche job board specialized in remote programming jobs. Remote jobs are becoming a reality and the coding niche (of remote niche) is one of the largest.

👉 The problem

As you know, there are a lot of remote job board (,, and a lot more). Where is the problem? Too much job boards to surf, a lot of time wasted and a lot of difficult on finding great remote jobs.

👉 The solution (maybe?)

A job board specialized in remote programming jobs where anyone can search for remote job filtered for programming language (Eg. Javascript, Perl, Python...). Where is the difference? The difference is that I will only list hand-pick the best jobs from 60+ job boards.

This allow users to have a clean job board with high quality and well paid remote jobs.

That's obviously my vision but, what do you think?

Thank for your time if you decide to give feedbacks :)

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    You will still run into the problem that 80% of jobs, even remote ones, are filled internally or via networking. They aren’t posted to job boards or even advertised at all.

    If you could blowup the ATS monopoly...that would be a hell of a problem to solve! 👍

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      True, but IMHO not at all. If a company is searching for a new developer remotely, it could be great to promote the job to the right personas. Ghost, Coinbase end also Facebook are promoting on external websites. That's because a job board has more visibility than the Facebook career page for example. More visibilty means more candidates and more candidates means more probability to find the right dev.

      Or not?

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        I don’t disagree, but if only 20% of jobs are posted at all, including a corporation’s own job board, then when you separate the wheat from the chaff, the pool of available positions becomes that much smaller, while the niche crowd becomes that much larger due to the hyper focus.

        I don’t see how it solves a problem, but the potential is there to create an even bigger problem.

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          Thank you! Appreciated you feedback :)

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