July 20, 2019

What am I doing wrong?

Darlington John Maduabuchi @darlington

I just launched my productized service, but have been struggling to get subscribers/customers. Am I getting anything wrong?

Please i need your feedback for my productized service. https://gidistack.com

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    In addition to what @vitabenes said, I'd also add that links if you are offering social media services, your own accounts should be a reflection of what you can offer. Instagram only has two posts. Twitter account doesn't exists. Plus there's a test blog post. These things won't inspire confidence in a customer.

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    Site copy insists that you're "world class experts" but it's unsubstantiated. In fact typos, and lots of little details tell a different story, although I'm unsure whether site visitors latch on these "inconsistencies" but I never underestimate people.

    To me it all felt a bit fake, vague, and I wouldn't register. Also, what is it supposed to mean "Valuable education -- newsletter education on MARKETING" if you are here asking for ... marketing help?? I'm sorry if this sounds harsh or anything, I'm really trying to help.

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    @darlington It's supposed to be hard. Realize this, take a deep breath, come up with a plan of attack to systematically get in front of the customer, and retain them when they show up. I recently heard LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman (The expert in Blitzscaling) say "Building a product is hard, but bringing in your first 100 customers is harder". So, you are not alone my friend. Good luck. One tip which I am also trying is : See if you are building for a niche, then it gets easy to find such niches in Social Media, you just have to find many more like them ...

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    "Expert technical support to help you get more clients"

    What is the pain you are solving?

    Is the pain point that a company lacks customers?

    Or do they have technical problems?

    Starting with a muddled message confuses people immediately.

    Also, despite my 100MB/s connection, the site seems slow to load.

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    hey @darlington I really like the design of your website and I actually like that it's clean however I'd echo a lot of the thoughts of other commenters (@OscarRyz @joshdance); the message is not clear. I have no idea what service you offer without having to dig deeper.

    Here are some actionable changes to 10x your site:

    1. You should create 10-20 "header" and "sub-header", narrow them down, and get people to vote on your top 5. The header should really capture the customer benefit in a few words on an actual customer pain-point.
    2. The images are far too generic. Spend some time browsing through unsplash to find ones that feel more authentic (don't forget to link back to them!)
    3. Given you only have two testimonials, why don't you turn them into case studies so you really give prospective clients a feel for what you're doing.

    re whether it's a service people would pay for: the top 5 boxes/services on the features page - my host offers those for free within the £3/month package. Then, you're mixing technical know-how with web design with social media posting (marketing) as the rest of your services.

    I think you really need to narrow down one service that 1. people actually want and 2. that you can excel at. Then think about how you can succinctly relay that message to aim at an actual customer pain point.

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    You headline is "Expert technical support to help you get more clients"

    Shouldn't you mention Wordpress in there? Seems like that is your main offering.

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    You say struggling to get customer, So how you can get anthony abah and desmond irogue as customer? Their testimonial shown on your landing page. I don't know rick

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      Yeah... Those were my initial testing customers before publicly productizing my service

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    The message is not clear. I read the whole page and I still don't know what is the offering.

    What I get is, if I have a wordpress site... and get your service, it will get "better" but I don't know how.

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      Yeah, the copy is amateur. "When you sign up for our plans, our world-class team who would help you care for your website and teach you how to stand out online for a flat fee" Wut?

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    Hey @darlington!

    I just went through your website and it looks clean... Maybe a bit too clean actually.

    You don't present yourself while your service is really person.

    IMO in a service such as yours, trust is very important.

    I would expect to see your face, your background, previous work and many testimonials.

    When you say that your productised a service, is it something you first tested with your existing clients? How did they react? Have you asked them what they think about your website?

    Where are you advertising your page?

    Are you also selling your services through upwork or fiverr ?

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    A couple things (may or may not be actually applicable):

    • Title - The creative team behind successful professional services. - doesn't tell me much. Lead with a benefit. Something like "Expert technical and creative support to help you get more clients"
    • The benefit tiles should be larger and more prominent, and also fewer. Sometimes 3 is better than 8.
    • Bigger CTA buttons.
    • The overall emphasis seem to be on "us", "our team", "our services" when it should be about the business owner. What are their biggest fears and how do you address them?

    I'd also recommend the book Storybrand by Donald Miller.

    Hope that helps.

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      Do you think the services I offer are good enough to get clients?

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        I don't know, probably. You could make that clearer on the page ("we'll help you decrease downtime", "help you get X more visits") and also make clearer what you offer.

        Is it: 1) technical support, 2) website content creation / maintenance, 3) Social media management?

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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