Productivity June 2, 2020

What and how do you automate or outsource?

Yassine Zeriouh @yassineze

Creating a product sometimes involves a lot of work that you don't want to do. Work that you wish you could automate or outsource. Accounting, taxes, support, some marketing tasks, telephone...

What do you guys use to automate your business and what do you outsource? How do you do that and how much time did it save you?

Looking forward to get some insights! 🤓

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    Hi, surprisingly to me, I just read an article with tips on what and how to outsource.
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    Good luck!

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    I'm in B2B, so I'll speak from that context:

    Back office tasks like accounting, tax prep and accounts receivable are good candidates to outsource once you've got some initial customers and revenue.

    Core front office things like sales, marketing and product development you probably won't ever want to outsource, because they need to be core competencies of your business if you're going to succeed.

    As a rule, if one of the core front office tasks scares you, that's probably the one you should focus most of your attention on doing (or finding a cofounder can do it).

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    I am automating listings verification by using image recognition. if the output confidence is above 6.0 I just publish automatically. below that, I am verifying by myself so I save some time too