October 21, 2019

What app do you receive the most notifications from?

Benji Dodgson @Benjid

Did you know that notifications on average are a 20 min distraction?

I am working on a feature designed to help with this but thought it would be interesting to see everyone’s input.

Both Apple and Android have time well spent features under their settings. Note the app name and amount of notifications in a given week you receive.

Thanks in advance!

  1. 3

    For me it's

    1. Whatsapp (32)
    2. Calendars (9)
    3. Streaks (6)
    4. Headspace (3)

    Although I have to mention that some of them are delivered silently.

    Curious to hear more about your feature. For which product?

    My goal is also to deliver as few notifications as possible because of the same fact you mentioned. Besides keeping users calm while they have to focus on something more important - their work!

    1. 2

      It’s for a communication platform I am working on. The feature allows the sender to decide whether the message they are sending is urgent or not.

  2. 1

    Messages app - 47 notifications

    1. 1

      If it could make notifications be silent for messages or not showing up at all, that would be cool too!

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