June 21, 2019

What are some features that you would like to see on IH?

Steveo @AContinuousHustle

Hey everyone, I would looking for a wishlist option to share with IH but could not find one - so I thought I would create it.

I’ll start :)

  • I would love the option for a check box to keep me logged in. It’s a pain to keep having to log in.
  • The option to login with username
  • A bookmark option. It would be great if we could bookmark certain posts to refer back to at a later time.
  • Rules to prevent spam. All users should read the rules upon signing up? Just an idea
  • Message option. Sometimes there are areas of your business that you need help with but don’t want to air out.
  • The ability to change your username

What are some features that you would like to see on IH?

  1. 3

    Instead of new features it would be great to see some speed increases. There really isn't a reason why IH should take as long to load as it does. The slow load times really take away from the experience. The quotes don't help either and are rather distracting.

  2. 1

    I'd love more sources of verified revenue, specifically Gumroad 😇🙏

  3. 1

    An ordered list of all the IHs products by revenue. Just something to inspire me that you can actually make money.

    1. 1

      Can't you already do this? Just go to the Products page and click Sort By Revenue: High to Low


  4. 1

    I would like the post views stats back..its helpful to know what type of subjects & content i post IHer's are interested in..helps keep my content fresh and relevant.
    The number of post views tells me that directly

    1. 1

      Yeah, this could definitely be helpful. The problem is with post views is that users gravitate towards those posts and possibly miss new content that’s just as good.

  5. 1

    i want to be able to comment on old threads when i create an account. i joined SPECIFICALLY for that purpose but it's prevented due to spam. i understand that. any established user should be allowed to "vet" a new user

    1. 1

      Love this idea...Like when you hit a certain number of points, you get access to additional features.

      1. 1

        i think you're being snarky, which isn't helpful. the point is i shouldn't HAVE to earn points to prove i'm not a spammer. someone, anyone, should just be able to say "oh he's obviously not a spammer", and let me in and have access to "additional features"

        1. 1

          Very true. You mentioned any established user should be allowed to vet new users...How do you become established?

          1. 1

            by having someone approve you

            1. 1

              Right but if I’m an “established” user, why would I approve someone that I don’t know or that has not contributed?

              1. 1

                The confirmed point of the block is to prevent spammers. I think it is relatively simple to tell person is not a spammer. For example I think that you can tell that I am not a spammer.

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