June 12, 2019

What Are Some Good Landing Pages that Are Using Carrd?

Vez Onn @vez1132

I love the simplicity of Carrd and would like to update my service based business website but I'm having a hard time finding the creativity needed to build a one-pager. Are there any good examples out there?

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      Thanks. This helps a lot.

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    @ajlkn want to show us some good examples?

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    My landing page with carrd https://www.linuxjobs.io/

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      Might want to make the email box more visible.

      Also there are so many job sites. I would add a section about what makes you different. (I think I have seen linux job boards before)

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    You can judge whether it's good or not, I have two sites there atm:

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      Thanks @rosiesherry they look good. I'm actually looking for examples that have more content and flow. I want to be able to have potential clients read about the service I provide and contact me should there be an interest.

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        @vez1132 I too am looking for examples of this...haven't seen any good full content landing pages yet built using card