Developers August 1, 2020

What are some of your strategies/tips to brush up on frontend design skills fast?


What are some good tips to brush up on skills to come up with a decently presentable site? I already am pretty familiar with React/Redux, it's the UI/UX css part that I am not proficient at. Thanks

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    Getting better at design is a slow, steady process that takes months and years.

    If improving at design is one of your top goals, then I say go for it. You probably want to take a course or two + design as many websites as possible in order to improve the fastest.

    However, if you're more concerned with building and launching something great, and becoming a better designer yourself isn't really and end goal for you, then imo you should outsource it. Find existing templates online, or hire a designer to work with, or maybe do a trade with a designer where you agree to write some code to help them out if they'll do your design.

    Generally, outsourcing things to experts not only produces better quality work, but it gets done in WAY less time than you could do it.

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    Well, have you checked

    It's neat.

    Otherwise, I will recommend you replicate other designs, but with your touch.

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    Thank you for all the advice everyone. I will definitely check out as well the other links/resources posted here one by one

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    I would learn a framework like bootstrap.js and build the site. You can also buy a template from them and see how other designers use it. I find it is always the best way to learn quickly.

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    Not being good a UI/UX is actually a good thing: try to make it as simple and usable as you can. Don't worry about fancy animations or over-the-top graphics. Simple text, good contrast, good font size is all you need.

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    For good UI design skills check out the tips at:

    For good CSS, keep in mind that everyone struggles with it. There’s always some trick that you haven’t learned yet that is slightly better. It’s an ongoing learning process.

    But anyway in 2020, your CSS layouts should heavily use Grid and Flexbox, so spend some time reading guides for both of those. Both are extremely flexible and powerful. This recent article gives a little taste of what they can do:

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    Try for nicely designed components. You’ll find some pretty good UI/UX there. Also look at dribbble for design inspiration. But don’t blindly trust the amazing animations on dribbble too. In most cases those UX are nowhere user friendly.