What are some subscription services that have changed the way you think?

I've just learned about a subscription toothbrush service and I'm absolutely floored that people pay for such a thing. What are some subscription services that have changed the way you think?

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    I subscribe and saved to ruffles cheddar potato chips. It’s a decent price and my kid eats the same lunch daily so it works out great. Less cognitive overhead for all of us.

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      May I ask how much harder your life would be without that service?

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        Not that much. But it’s the little things.

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          I think this perspective has a lot to do with what I'm working on. My current issue being that I don't have the perspective that you do so I'm not able to meet a real need at the moment.

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    Curious to hear why a toothbrush service changed how you think. Is it because the price point is low, or that you don't considering replacing brushes much of an inconvenience?

    For me, I was originally blown away by the concept of StitchFix when my wife started to get it many moons ago. The whole idea of paying a premium to simply receive the box, and then being able to use what you paid as a discount on the items you're keeping is genius. Even if people don't buy any clothes you're still making money?? Unsure if that's still how they do it, but that's how it was back in the day.

    More recently, the Fab Fit Fun box has been showing up in the house regularly and I've been blown away by the (at least how it's perceived by us) value of the box. A lot of the subscription box services out there are pretty much sending out free samples for a premium, and the FFF box has actually had some higher quality full size / priced items. Really just has me wondering what their angle is, other than the more expensive items are last year's model or whatever and it's still effectively a discount product.

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      Thanks for the quick response.

      It has changed my thinking forever because it proves that people will pay anything for anything. I'm not the type of person who would subscribe to such a service, so there's no way I would've ever carried out such an idea, but it's mind blowing for me because it highlights a very specific kind of lazy that I was just unaware of. I hope to tap that lazy market in the very near future.

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        LOL yeah, it's really not my thing either. Have tried to automate a few purchases in the past (eye glass wipes, Soylent, other snacks that are in regular rotation) and it's never really stuck. Usually falls apart the moment I run out and end up at the store. Defeats the purpose for me.

        Heck, I still love going to the grocery store! What's funny about the grocery store these days is that I feel like there's just as many Instacart and HEB curbside people shopping the shelves as there are people doing the shopping themselves.

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