April 20, 2019

What are some ways to rank high for a specific keyword in Google?


I am targeting a particular keyword where the monthly search volume is around 20,000. My aim is to rank first for that keyword. What are some steps I should take to achieve the top rank for a particular keyword?

Are there any indie-hackers who are expert with SEO and can guide me?

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    It really depends on the resources that you have at your disposable + the competitiveness of the keyword that you're trying to rank for.

    Without knowing the answers to either of these, here's what I'd suggest:

    Create an information resource that's relevant or related to your keyword. This could be:

    • A pillar page
    • An infographic
    • Useful statistics
    • An in-depth guide that is much better than anything on else on the web

    Then, start building links to this.

    You can do this by:

    • Guest posting (if you want to scale this, you can hire/pay freelance writer's to produce content at scale).
    • Outreach with your guest posts to get links to your keywords + make sure that all of your anchor text (link text) is not the same.
    • Editorial link building: Let's say, for example, you've created a useful information resource about a topic that is relevant in the news right now, you can contact reporter's, that in turn, may link to your resource.
    • Broken link building: Find broken links around your topic(s) and outreach to them. There are all kinds of software that you can use for this.

    Important: Make sure the links are of quality, ie. the domain rank (DR) / domain authority (DA) + web traffic + are not spammy sites (research PBN's to find out more info on this).

    Hope that helps!

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    -be the best answer to that keyword

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      1: Define best?
      2: For backlinks, what is the best way to do it organically.

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        For organic backlinks, you'll have to produce high-quality content or content that has unique information, for example, a "statistic or unique research" gives people a reason to link to you.

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