What are the best growth hack techniques you have tried for your Saas based startup?

Lets discuss on this thread and learn together!

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    For my newsletter (The Side Hustler) I used a simple Twitter trick to get people to follow: I would find a competitor newsletter, find people who followed that competitor, go to their profile and ♥️ the latest tweet. I would maybe do this for 100-150 people every day and get ~50 profile views and ~ 10-20 new followers

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      Could also hire a VA (if there is a positive ROI on building your Twitter following)

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      @catalinionescu Thats a good tip. I am also starting with twitter now and will definitely try your suggestion.

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      Great tip, thanks! So that's 10-20 new followers every day?

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        Roughly speaking, yes. It's a daunting task though (unless you spend the time to build a script using the Twitter API) so I have up after a week

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          Makes sense. Thanks for the info!

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    For LiveCaller I take companies (SimilarTech and other tools) who use my competitors.

    • Find those companies on Linkedin

    • Find decision maker on Linkedin (CEO, Head of....)

    • Like their latest comment

    • Send invitation & message.

    All these are done automatically with help of Integromat, PhantomBooster, growth-hacking and tools like this.

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      @ngabu That is a great suggestion. Thanks!
      Would be happy to connect with you offline and chat.

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          Request sent. Lets connect there!

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