Newsletter Crew October 14, 2020

What are the best newsletters you're subscribed to?

Courtland Allen @csallen

What are your favorite newsletters as indie hackers?

List them below, and explain to us the value you get out of being a subscriber. Is it helpful? Fun? Informative? Motivation? Etc. Why should people subscribe?

P.S. Don't list your own newsletter, but feel free to tag other indie hackers and list theirs if you're truly a subscriber.

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    Interesting insights, high quality content.

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      I forgot -- I also read Marketing Examples by @harrydry - sent not that frequently, but always interesting.

  2. 7 is the only newsletter I open without fail even though I've never purchased a domains they've featured. FOMO is what makes it so effective. is also awesome. I love how so much information is distilled into such few words.

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      Ungrabbed.. Thanks for the pointer!

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    Big fan of Margins by Ranjan Roy and Can Duruk. Nice that it kinda deals with the intersection of business and technology.

    This story about pizza arbitrage was a classic.

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      Upvoting Margins. Love their writing style, and their content is always unique.

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    Heard about (Product Byte) from Reddit. I think they are new (at least that's what the post said), but I read the one on the site and it looked interesting.

    Also, it's the only newsletter I've ran across thus far until this list - thanks everyone. :D

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    I subscribed to, and This help me a lot on how I can improve Love to check others!

  6. 3 newsletter is what I used when growing my authority/affiliate marketing sites.

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    The one i am looking forward to the most each week is Brain Food from Farnam Street. If you don't know it, check it out!

    "Brain Food is a free, weekly email, that sharpens your mind and keeps you learning. It’s full of unique and timeless ideas for the conduct of life and business."

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      Good one - was going to suggest.

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    I subscribed to Morning Brew about a month ago, it's been incredible to get all the news in this sort of summary. Highly recommended!

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      really? I never got value from it. Just seems like a thinly veiled attempt to collect emails and monetize users.

      1. 3

        I truly enjoy it. As I don't read the news, I like their approach to a summary of the most important things in the world. They do focus on stocks and investing as well, which I follow. Also, I do prefer a newsletter over a website for this type of stuff and they send one out each day. I guess this depends on what type of news you follow. For my taste, what they write is actually useful for me to know.

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    Great topic, Exploding Topics is one of my faves:

    1. 1

      Thanks for the shoutout Tom 🙌

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    TLDR - - Perfect mix and summary of tech, science and coding. Always amazed by all cool science stuff thats happening. Short and sweet + a good way to stay updated about topics that otherwise might be missed!

    Monday musings - - A bit more indepth topics, mostly about writing but also a bunch of other random topics. Once a week, always a good read.

    React Newsletter - - coding stuff, i need more of these ones. Fun and informative about new stuff in the world of react and related stuff.

    Finally I have to shoutout @FalakDigital for his Indieletters - - This is a must read. so much value. marketing in all shape and sizes

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      Thank you for mentioning Indie letters

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        You're welcome. Keep producing the high-quality content :D

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    Marketing Examples and Exploding Topics. 💥

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      Appreciate the shoutout Teodora 😊

      1. 1

        Hey! Nice to know you, I didn't know who was behind Exploding Topics :)

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    I maintain a list of my favorite tech and creator newsletters, which contains a couple dozen entries with notes on the value I get.

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    Ben Thompsons Stratechery and Matt Levines Money Stuff.

    I think Stratechery is just the best source of analysis on what's going on in the tech industry and Money Stuff is basically the same but for finance. Ben now releases an audio version of the newsletter as well which is great and he has another (paid) show called Dithering with Daring Fireball author John Gruber, which I also find informative.

    1. 1

      Love money stuff. It's super funny

  14. 2

    I would like to say TheSlice by @TheWonderingZall.

    I was able to launch my growth strategies database at within a day because I discovered (a no code tool) on the newsletter!

  15. 1 - tech trend insights and general really insightful commentary on other unrelated random topics. Always has timely updates on what is happening right now in a insightful ways - way deeper than just “did you see this” more “you see this, here is the history and way it matters, this is how it relates to other things going on, and this is what it could mean” - similar to The Diff, but maybe more broad / interconnected ideas spanning multiple trends in the tech space. Think of him as maybe more of a growing holistic tech trend commentary and insights. - more general life focused, but free, around self development and taking ideas from others to make yourself a more holistically value-added person.

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    Bryan @ Growth Tools actually feels like cheating. His newsletter is aimed at course creators, coaches, and consultants and I regularly lift his ideas and copy. Highly recommend.

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    You know what I want...a platform that helps me discover newsletters. Substack can do this for newsletters on their platform, but there are many that are not. Something like product hunt/your stack for newsletters would be really cool!

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    Monday Musing from @david_perell
    The Medley from @nateliason
    Looseleaf Cannon by @lukecannon727 :)

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    I like Pitchbook news gives you an break down of Deals and Whose buying up who, as well as market analysis.

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    They post great content on topics related to design!

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    Personally, I am a big fan of the hustle. Love the work they are doing there. I have a referral link here for those interested - They also have another part called trends (as @mdfk mentioned) which is great for getting major and high quality insights from important people across business areas (I am on the free trial but really considering spending some money on it).

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    HackerNews Newsletter is a personal fave that curates links that made frontpage on HN on a weekly basis.

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    We have some exclusive discounts for some of the premium newsletters mentioned in this thread

    I very much enjoy Lenny's Newsletter (

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    Justin Jackson's newsletter from @mijustin is a must-read for indie hackers. It's got valuable insight and actionable advice for people trying to start their own thing.

    My favorite part of his newsletter is that he doesn't spam your inbox with bs content just to keep a consistent schedule. I think I signed up like 5 months ago and have only gotten a handful of emails, each one making me think, "Wow, I never thought of it like that."

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      +1 for this and their technology news.

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    I'm a big fan of Quartz Daily Brief ( I find them to be less politically-emotional. And a great round up of international news, not just stuck in the US-centric bubble.

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