May 4, 2019

What are the pros and cons of targeting shopify vs woocommerce shop owners?

Julien Klepatch @jklepatch

I am considering building a tool for ecommerce website. Have lots of experience with woocommerce, little with shopify. Common wisdom would be to target woocommerce. But I wonder about market dynamics, relative size of market, and maybe other factors that could be relevant.

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    I know Shopify has an app marketplace that is frequently used. That should lower the CAC.

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    To answer part of my own questions, this article provides some interesting stats about market size of woocommerce vs shopify (22 vs 18pct of market):

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      Despite WooCommerce having a larger market share, I think Shopify is a lot bigger when it comes to e-commerce sites that are actually making money.

      Don't underestimate the increased Willingness-To-Purchase from site owners that are already paying a small amount to have their solution hosted.

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        These are 2 very good points, thank you!