Developers October 21, 2020

What are you building and what challenges are you facing?

Samir @samir

Trying to learn more about the complex technical challenges people might face. What are you building and what is the biggest technical challenge you are facing?

  1. Project
  2. Biggest technical challenge
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    I’m building a web app that helps people master Python fundamentals using the science of spaced repetition.

    The tech side of things pretty straightforward though so far. It’s mostly been CRUD work up to this point.

    Biggest challenge right now is UI/UX. I’m really trying hard to create a delightful and addicting experience.

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      UI/UX is always tough for me as well. I usually try to get inspiration from other applications in the same relative space. Doesn't always turn out how I want but helps me get started. Hope that helps!

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        For sure! That's pretty much how I go about it as well :)

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