What are you building for Creators? Let's help each other 🤝

I'm curious to see the projects IndieHackers are building to empower creators and see if we can help each other in any way.

I know how the journey as an IndieHacker can be hectic, so feel free to share your wins but also your concerns and the area you would need help with 😉

Also curious to see how projects from people in this Creator Economy community have evolved in the past couple of months (cc @sodux @CinematicStudio @prakrisang @Visiwig @daren). 🔥

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    I'm building a learning platform for coding course creators!
    CodingWolves https://www.codingwolves.io

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      Awesome, the landing page is 🔥🔥🔥

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    Just crossed $50k in about 14 months with craftsmancreative.co, so now am doing the work of scaling up the team, building systems, and removing the bottlenecks so we can take it to a seven-figure business in the next 6-12 months. exciting times ahead!

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    I'm building a writing community for creators/indie hackers, called Lifelog. My very first product with subscription revenue!

    Main challenge is in marketing/conversion. My goal this month is to find ONE reliable, sustainable distribution channel!

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    I’m working on a platform where indie hackers can share their tool/tech stack for others to see, whilst also discovering new tools to add to their stack.


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    Hi @EliotC We're building a freemium subscription platform for creators and their fans. We think that a key part of being an artist online is promoting your work and then monetizing it. Blur Social helps creators build free subscriptions along with paid subscriptions so they can promote their work, interact with fans, and then grow their paid subscribers.

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      100%, after the discoverability, the second most pressing problem for creators is the financial one!

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    I curates and summarized growth strategies to help creators and indie hackers grow their business over at GrowthHunt.co

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    John from Cinematic Studio: I'm in the middle of focusing my app towards Social media.

    Wins: pretty much zero.
    Losses: plenty.

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      I'm sure you're learning a lot throughout the process! Why do you want to focus your app on Social Media? Do you have a strategy on how to do that?

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        I'm sure you're learning a lot throughout the process!

        Sure, but what's the use?

        Why do you want to focus your app on Social Media?

        Because that's pretty much what everybody wants. And on social media you want stuff to grab attention fast -- I can do effects for that. And, your videos will be small, so a lot of problems on my end will just go away.

        Do you have a strategy on how to do that?

        I have a few ideas:

        1. Create tiktok videos with my dogs and apply some cool text effects on them (post on instagram as well)
        2. Create a "Does your video editor do this?" playlist where I'll feature stuff you can do insanely easy with my app
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          It seems like you're on the right track! I will surely follow your journey over the following months! 💪

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            Thanks, I hope so😁I can confirm : it's been a hectic ride, though :)

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    I'm in the middle of a pivot.

    2018 launched SVG Backgrounds
    2020 launched Visiwig.com to host mini-products (like SVGBG) under a single brand.
    2021 working to place entire focus on SVGBG

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      Awesome! If you need help from the community, don't hesitate to ask! 😉

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    @EliotC First, thanks for reaching out. I've actually gone back to the drawing board concerning the UX and some of the UI elements of the Funmetric project. The actual data and concept are fine, but the presentation needed an overhaul from the original concept.

    I've gotten a lot of feedback from uninterested and passionate users about the projects which has helped polish up things.

    I'm still in no rush to ship this now but have started to expand the Funmetric brand into other verticals. The first being Email and Newsletters with LetterSync (https://lettersync.com). I will be shipping that much quicker than Funmetric itself.

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      I love to hear you've got feedback from passionate users. You're definitely onto something! 😎

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    I am building a file-sharing app called https://twayobiz.com.

    Would appreciate some feedback

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      Hey, thanks for sharing with us. Some feedback: Lot of blank spaces on the landing page + not very clear what the benefits are from using your platform.

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        Thanks for your feedback.

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    Building a simple server health monitoring SaaS for developers at https://serverpigeon.staticmaker.com/

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      Keep up the good work! 🤟

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