May 9, 2019

What are you currently trying to learn?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

And how (or where) are you going about learning?

Why share what we are learning?

  • Maybe you can connect with others learning about similar things.
  • Maybe you can discover some cool resources that others are learning from.
  • Maybe you will discover something you should be learning about!
  • Maybe it will inspire you to create an indie business

I'm currently trying to dive deeper into the whole world of indie hacking. I'm learning about all of you and trying to fill in gaps about my own business knowledge.


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    Going back and learning all things vanilla JavaScript, then on to React. Not for any business purposes other than wanting to bring my programming knowledge to more web based systems.

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    I am learning React right now after learning Js - Both in Udemy, excellent courses for low prices.
    Then I will learn about SEO and work on my side project.

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    Personally I have three big areas I need to level up on ASAP...

    • ... learning how to be a better podcast host (and how to run a podcast in general)
    • ... learning how to record and edit engaging, useful video content
    • ... learning how to be a better coach/teacher

    All three are difficult because there aren't really quantifiable metrics I can track to see if I'm improving or not :)

    Suggestions/links to good resources are very welcome!

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      I often ended up on Wistia for videos on how to make videos :) We use their service too over at Ministry of Testing.

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      What specifically are you interested in coaching and teaching areas?

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    I'm currently learning JavaScript and advanced SEO best practices. Downloaded a great JavaScript course on Udemy for $12 and am learning SEO on Coursera.

    But truthfully I'm actually overhauling SEO for one of my small business marketing clients as I learn how to do it. Learning WAY more that way than any video lesson could ever teach me!

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      These days I'm so put off the complexity of Google Analytics. I wonder if 'SEO people' ever use anything different?

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        Yep! Lots of resources:

        • Screaming Frog for crawling, sitemaps, and assisting with manual site audits
        • Ahrefs for keyword research
        • SEMRush and Moz for all-in-one solutions like keyword research, competitive analysis
        • Many more that I'm still learning about. One fun one is where it's basically just a compilation of recent/popular long-tale question-based queries that could inspire blog content, etc.
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          I do SEO as a day job and have for quite a while. There is a big move to datastudio ATM as whilst there's a bit of a learning curve in the beginning, it's a lot more practical.

          The above tool recommendations are solid in my view, there's an alternative for each them but I mostly use the above.

          Good luck

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    How to perform great customer interview for an early access SaaS app.

    I have done a few so far for, and I got good feedback so far. However I feel I could do them much better.

    I'm thinking I can prepare a list of questions to ask after and a list of actions they need to complete (sign up, create a website, change text, add an image, preview, publish, add cname).

    If any of you have resources for customer interview for startups that would be amazing.

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      I'd be interested to know how you are going about learning this? And if you've come across any useful resources?

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      Hi, Volkandkaya! "Lean Customer Development" is the book you're looking for! I highly recommend it

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    I really want to make the shift from web marketing to Dev so working through and portfolio building.

    If anyone is in London and is open to mentoring/tutoring I'm really keen to find someone

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    Hi there! With the idea to launch a SAAS product not too far in the future, I am doing two things:

    1. Learning the full MERN stack (for free) on
    2. Performing a ton of product discovery interviews to people in the niche I want to serve.

    I plan to do this for a couple of months until I have a deeper understanding of the problem space and then move forward with building a solution.

    Cheers! :)