What are you currently working on? 💡

What are you currently working on?

Drop the links below 👇

I will start with mine.

I am writing an SEO Guide for SaaS Marketers & Founders.

Done with the initial chapter & now moving on towards the main stuff. You can follow me on Twitter


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    I'm working on Pingr - uptime monitoring service

    Right now making it possible to send SMS notifications without Twilio integration, so that users don't mess with it themselves

    1. 2

      Wondering if this is something I could potentially use for approximated.app instead of building out monitoring myself.

      Does it have an API and could I customize the notifications per monitor? My use case would be to monitor any virtual hosts created by approximated and any arbitrary URL for higher priced plans.

      1. 3

        I've built it so that every monitor can have its own notification channels. e.g., you can set it up this way:

        site A:

        site B:

        So it's customizable. Thought I haven't yet done bulk actions which is inconvenient (but I can set everything manually in the database)

        Regarding API, well, it's not public, thought I've built the app with json API. Meaning that technically you can use it, but I don't guarantee that API calls won't change, that's why it's not public. Maybe I should prioritize this too

        1. 2

          A limited API to CRUD monitors, secured by an API key, would be plenty for my use case. As long as I could set the notifications channel to my users email/sms instead of my own, which it looks like yours does.

          1. 2

            I've sent you a message on Twitter :)

    2. 2

      Looks great. Nice landing page too

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    HI everyone. After 10 years of making iOS apps, I'm giving web and NoCode tools a try. Am currently working on https://strively.io - a personal growth tracker. As you work on personal goals, you grow a virtual garden. Just finished the MVP on Friday and am looking for beta testers. If you're interested in giving it a try, drop me a note or just give it a try at https://go.strively.io

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    Hi all, I'm working on https://log.fm, where people will be able to find and follow the podcasters they want.

    The goal is to create custom RSS feeds that you can subscribe to (and add to your favorite podcast player) to be able to listen to all the podcast episodes your favorite podcast people have guest appearances on.

    Say you are a big fan of the Ben and Derrick from the Art of Product podcast (https://artofproductpodcast.com), you will be able to see the list of all the other shows they have been guests on and follow along with their stories.

    Even follow your favorite authors, like Paul Jarvis (author of Company of One) and listen to all the podcast episodes he has done as part of his book launches (or building fathom analytics)

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    DripDrop! A fully functional, funny, and fun rip-off of TikTok. Just another social video app, but the first to claim we add absolutely no value to your life.

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    Just launched the first version of my browser extension: tabExtend(https://tabextend.com) 🥳. So right now Im working on and trying to learn everything about marketing, growth and SEO. Do you have a release date in mind for your SEO guide?

    1. 1

      Yes, around Feb end to Mid March.

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    Working on viewscreen.io (not live yet).

    Building, hosting and maintaining your team's own internal admin interface for your app's backend is costly and time consuming.

    Instead create your admin site using viewscreen.io with our simple to use API and get back to delivering value to your customers.

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    I'm currently working on https://twimark.io

    🚀 Power up your Twitter Bookmarks

    🔖 Organize your tweets by tagging them with labels.
    🧵 Convert threads into articles.

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    I’m working on my proptech/ fintech Saas. I hope to soft launch and start converting my subs of the free “pre-beta” app to paid subs.
    Fingers crossed. A lot of work in the near future!

    Site: https://www.moneyweighted.com/

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    I'm working on Fiddy - a weekly leaderboard of the best new indie hacker side projects. I've actually just started to pay more attention to SEO/Marketing - any advice would be very welcome.

    1. 1

      Your site is not secured. Having a proper SSL Certificate is very crucial for SEO.

      Next, I see that your submissions are not on Google. There are only 8 pages on Google. Also, Try to Optimize the submissions by having Title & Meta Desc.

      Use Sitemap.xml file for better crawling & indexation.

      I am very confident that my SaaS SEO guide will be very helpful to you.

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    As usual on https://pagemtr.com :) This week I've implemented a free trial plan. Next week gonna work on ui and ux.

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    This weekend decided to toss out https://nineties.io/ still playing around with it - but been a fun project to start learning webflow.

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    Hey @tejas3732, working on lowfruits.io and, as you, I strongly believe in the power of SEO :) Just signed up to your waitlist.

    Concerning, lowfruits.io, it helps finding the untapped keywords, the ones where weak websites are already ranking in the top search results.

    1. 2

      This tool is nice ;)

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    I am working on wickedtemplates.com

    Tonight I will be building:

    • the customers pages, testimonails....
    • keep working on the new template
    • Then I will put ad a banner on blocks.wickedtemplates.com

    a lot...

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    I'm working on juggler.dev - A/B testing service.

    Currently having issues with chrome extension for my tool: making some improvements and having some negotiations with support cause original published version were declined :/

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    Finishing up the new product page for Doka Image Editor (currently still showing the old one) hope it’s done by the end of the week. 😅

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    growing a newsletter for community managers: https://communityweekly.co

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    Hi, I'm working on Growrilla - the iOS and iPadOS app to count anything and everything.

    I'm currently trying to figure out how I should grow this and who exactly my customers are.

  18. 2

    I just finished affiliate list a few days ago. It is a lis of high paying SAAS affiliate programs with detailed information about commission structure and niche https://gumroad.com/l/affiliatelist

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    Always working away at www.podserve.fm. Perpetually marketing and adding new features.

    My brother is starting his dental practice this Monday and I built this for him www.reviewiply.com. I can't wait to see how it works and how effective it is at getting him Google reviews. I would love to figure out a marketing strategy for it. Hopefully the first case study is good and I can start with that.

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    Working on https://www.centipenny.com
    It is a micropayment processor. Currently trying to find guinea pigs err customers willing to give us a try as an ad revenue replacement or pay-per-article option to an existing subscription paywall. Micropayments pay MUCH better than ads. We also support in-game/in-app payments and work as a fast checkout solution for low cost digital products.

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    I'm working on crashcatch.com. A crash and error reporting service for software, mobile and web developers. I'm currently working on putting a release together as hoping to open sign ups for private beta access over the next few days

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    I'm working on https://lunatask.app which is a task manager, habit tracker and pomodoro timer (aka personal productivity app). I'm preparing the next big release working mainly on Github Integration, Windows Support and Public API.

    1. 1

      Hey Mike, just wanted to drop you a note that I would absolutely pay for this if it was available as a web app so I can access it across all my devices.

      1. 1

        Hey ansario, thanks for our kind words! I'll keep that in mind, at moment I'm leaning more towards creating builds for each platform, of course it's more work, but I believe it might pay off eventually having a native mobile experience. Feel free to follow Lunatask here on IH for updates https://www.indiehackers.com/product/lunatask

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    I'm working on approximated.app, which is a saas service that lets you easily create and manage routing for domains and subdomains with free automatic SSL. It'll also monitor any URL for you and notify you if it's down or SSL is going to expire soon.

    So if for instance you have an app, and you'd like to allow your users to have their own subdomains or to connect a custom domain of their own, it lets you do that in one API call.

    In technical-speak, it's reverse proxy as a service with a really easy API, and web GUI so that non-technical team members can route domains/subdomains easily too.

    I needed it for my own freelance work and other projects that I'd like to build and I couldn't find anywhere else that offers this below an enterprise level.

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    I'm building Nodewood, a JavaScript SaaS starter kit designed to save you weeks or months of time when building your next web app. I soft-launched into open beta a couple weeks ago, and I'm working on cleaning up the marketing site for a more formal launch in the coming week or so. Any feedback would be appreciated!

    I'm also co-host of The Modest Product Podcast where Steven Abadie and I are chronicling our startup journey. We only have about half a dozen episodes out, but we're aiming to release an episode a week, even if they're pretty short, just to kind of capture where we're at in the journey over the full length of it.

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    Been writing on my blog: https://pythonhowtoprogram.com to help build an audience. One thing I try to do for my site is that I make sure everything can be cut and paste so that you can get your answer and get back to your project as quickly as possible..

    1. 1

      So your product is to educate the audience on improving python?

      1. 1

        not quite - I'm also working on a web framework for python developers, but I'm creating the blog in parallel as I learn python and to build an audience from that. I can then launch the web framework to the same audience

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    Hey Tejas,

    I'm new to the community but I'm currently developing https://www.cryptotrak.io/ - A real-time crypto portfolio tracker. The project is in beta stage so we are currently only supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

    1. 1

      Wow, this is such a great product. Love Crypto

      1. 2

        Thanks! We have some big updates planned so stay tuned.

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    I'm working on making asset creation for brands a whole lot easier with Baseline. Right now I'm trying to put the finishing touches on a designer tool to create instagram posts with one click. The last 20% is so slow!!

  28. 2

    I've reworked most of https://midnight.pub to make it as simple as possible, and accessible from gemini.

  29. 2

    I'm writing a huge book about software development concepts. Part 1/12 is almost done; 1100 pages to go ;-)


    1. 1

      Wow. That's a lot of pages. Best of luck :)

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    I'm working on FameFramework - A newsletter on how to build fame for you or your product.

    In the early stages of curating content and deciding on an article format.

  31. 2

    Current side project I'm working on is https://churchcpafirms.com to help connect churches with accountants. Getting my first signup is the main goal right now.

    1. 2

      Great. Actually, my SEO for SaaS guide might just help you get organic sign-ups.

      Watch out ;)

  32. 2

    Hi Tejas,
    great idea!
    I recently published a free Laravel + Next.js Starter Kit. Maybe I'll be able to integrate some of the technical aspects of your guide :)

    1. 1

      That's nice. Yes, one of the IH users told me that he wanted SEO for SPAs. So I have decided to include SEO for SPAs as bonus material.

      You will definitely get value out of it.

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    I am working on an app focusing on improving the user experience of donors to charities, or one app for all charitable giving, with social & gamified components, with tax, payment, and paperwork automatically taken care of. No website to share yet but should arrive soon!

  34. 1

    I am working on https://wonop.com

    Specifically, I am working on the next version which will be rolled out today and contains a lot of bug fixes.

  35. 1

    I am working on platform called KaTang.io - Free Social Media Marketing

    KaTang is an end-to-end content marketing platform that facilitates co-branded content curation, aggregation, and distribution, all for free.

    We just launched 1st january. We are hoping to keep the platform completely free even the unlimited scheduling to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Some features include:

    1. Co-Branding on any content
    2. Content Library
    3. Lead Capture
    4. Social Media Scheduling
    5. Bulk Export of Leads
    6. Editorial calander

    The platform works very well on desktop we are working on releasing the mobile version very soon.


    Thank You.

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