What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Standing in here for @marvindanig 😇

It is time to set a goal for this week.

What are you going to build by the coming weekend? Drum it up aloud in the comments and share your dream projects below.

Drum it up aloud in the comments and share your projects below.

  1. 8

    Building MicroSaasIdea - Just got the domain this week.

    • Validated this without even having a domain
    • Used the simplest stack - Substack & Gumroad
    • Writing code is much easier than writing newsletters
    • A lot of efforts in researching for each post
    • Currently at $250 MRR (validated without having a domain)

    Primarily for full stack developers and marketers with decent technical knowledge who want to build small micro saas niche ideas

    Just had a quick chat with @yaroslawbagriy on this today and got some good suggestions. For starters, his NewsletterCrew is the best for Newsletter community.

    This would have been long dead if not for @Wyeem constant support. Thankyou for your help and suggestions.

    1. 2

      Thank you for building this! I've been hooked the last couple days. Great content on a wide range of topics.

    2. 2

      Really happy to see the growth of MicroSaaSIdea! This is THE newsletter to subscribe; the value it provides is amazing! I so much look forward to reading it every week and I am gradually finding back the motivation to restart coding....your newsletter is definitely helping in a major way! Thank you so much.

    3. 2

      I love your website. Thanks for inspiration.

      1. 1

        Thankyou!! I should still do a better job by removing some overloaded text but its okay for now as I am experimenting the landing page.

    4. 2

      This is awesome. I remember reading your original Airtable post when it came out. Just signed up. Hit me with the free content and convince me to be a paying subscriber 😉

      1. 2

        Sure, All my paid subscribers are super happy so far :)

  2. 6

    Launching the next version of Divjoy on Product Hunt on Thursday!

    Adds Material UI integration, dark mode support, an interactive dashboard component, better docs, roadmap, and a bunch of small improvements. Next 3 days are going to be a push to wrap everything up 🙃

    1. 2

      That's exciting, I was just on Divjoy the other day and was excited to see the framework options so that it isn't relying on Firebase integration (maybe it's always been this way but those options were new to me).
      Probably a better question in a support email but I'm wondering if you choose NextJs and Other database, where does the API live? Is it in Nexts /api routes or is it a separate API endpoint? Also would it be terribly difficult if I wanted to rip out the UI Kit and use Tailwind or roll my own instead?

      Either way great work I'm excited to follow Divjoys developments and I'll probably be a customer sooner or later.

      1. 1

        Thank you! If you pick Next + Other DB then it will utilize Next API endpoints and give you endpoints for each DB action (create user, update user, delete, etc). In those endpoints you can then connect to your DB of choice.

        I actually have a fair amount of users using Tailwind UI. Best thing to do is export with a full Bootstrap template so you can see how components hook into auth and the rest of the logic, add your Tailwind config, then start swapping out the UI for your own. Takes some work, but should still be a net win over rolling everything yourself.

    2. 2

      Good Luck! What is you PH Account?

        1. 2

          Thanks! Count me in for a conversation 🤙🏽

          1. 1

            Awesome, really appreciate that!

  3. 4

    As a whole team we are trying to build, and launch, a company in a day - daunting!

    The idea is to understand our customers more, who are small and micro SaaS founders, and to experience their pain points directly in a (very) sped up time period...

    I have chosen to create a CSR platform for small businesses, which will probably begin its existence as a handbook in Notion so I can test the idea...wish me luck!

    It all starts here: https://www.notion.so/businesscanbebetter/Welcome-f5dc0f26c0d44fac99cf80377dd63f50

  4. 4

    Gathering everything up before launching Gabzzle this Wednesday!

    1. 2

      This is great. Blog post social media cover images have always given me trouble. Mostly because I tend not to include images in my writing (a big sin, I know). Looking forward to the launch!

      1. 1

        Thank you! Looking forward to it too 😬

    2. 2

      Best of luck. Landing page looks great 👏

      1. 1

        Thank you Joel! 🤞

    3. 1

      Good luck for the launch! Curious how it will run 🔥

      Joined the list and will try it for paperless.io

    4. 1

      This looks awesome! Just joined the waitlist, what a clean website!

      1. 2

        Appreciate it brother! See you Wednesday 😁

  5. 3

    We recently launched a lifetime deal for Promote and I will be promoting it this week

  6. 3

    Well, yesterday I just set a goal to build an interactive roadmap with all the resources you'll need to be a developer in 2021. Developers can pace themselves, make informed decisions, and achieve their goals!

    Now I’m watching a NextJS course (react2025.com) that helps you to build real world applications with React. I’ll take what I learn and will build it in the following weeks! 😃

    1. 1

      The react2025 course, it's really cool.

    2. 1

      Saw the post, best of luck Brayden!

  7. 3

    I will we tinkering with React Router this week.

  8. 2

    Last week I built fanfitness.app - a curated collection of YouTube fitness workouts with reviews.

    This week's goal is to get it in front of users and get feedback on whether the idea has legs or not.

  9. 2

    Launching Product Toolkit:

    • Got $10K in preorders so far (from newsletter readers)
    • Need to collect more feedback and testimonials from early access customers
    • Iterate on feedback and make the Toolkit more useful
    • Build a landing page to share context for those who don't know me
  10. 2

    📝 I'd like to finish the third draft of my book Building Your Mouseless Development Environment. After that, I'll need some proofreading (still thinking how I'll do that).

    I've never written that much in my life since the last 6 months. Love it! 😍

  11. 2

    working on version 2.0 of Helppie, it is getting good traffic and people are loving it so far.

    1. 1

      Great website! Where are you getting the best traffic from? In February, we want to launch with paperless.io maybe you have a tip for us.

  12. 2

    Going to finish up development on the Check-In experience for Hypnos and then release it to the current beta users :)

    1. 2

      Sounds great! Do you have any tips for boarding on beta users? With paperless.io want to start the onboarding soon. If you have a tip we take it.

      1. 1

        We made sure to provide the necessary details and information in the account creation email. We also have it setup so that if a user doesn't have a device connected it will show a CTA on the dashboard asking them to connect their device and directing them to the settings page to do so.

  13. 2

    I am researching and comparing options to store data for no code makers.
    The plan is to look at the various purposes for storing data, and propose no-code stacks accordingly and ways to get started.

    As a little teaser, people could want to:

    • just build a blog
    • monetize a database product and build a subscription-based website around it
    • perform market research
    • make day to day business decisions

    For each case, there's one no-code stack that performs particularly well. Parts of it can be substituted for lesser results / more effort.

    The goal of the article is to answer this question.
    Please let me know if you find the topic interesting!

  14. 2

    A trial version for userTrack so people can try it without paying anything. I think it makes a lot of sense as it's self-hosted and the biggest push-back is the worry that it might be hard to install.

    1. 1

      I think that a freebie is a great idea! With paperless.io we will do the same.

      1. 2

        Honestly I just thought that a trial version will reduce new user friction and increase sales. I'm not really thinking about it as a freebie.

        Another huge advantage is that I can create public Docker images containing the trial and distribute that instead of the paid product. This might allow me to add userTrack on a lot more app/cloud marketplaces.

        1. 1

          That is a great point! I can't wait to see how it is received by your customers.

  15. 2

    This week I’ll be building the annotations and comments functionality for Perligo. I’m excited for this stage because it is the main value prop I’m selling and it’s also the final major push before beta release.

    1. 1

      Good Luck! Sounds like a big step for you 🔥 With paperless.io we are at a same stage. The Last big thing we need to get ready for our launch is real-time function for teams .

  16. 2

    I tweeted about it: planning on shipping my first tiny info product for budding data scientists. Trying to decide between two topics:

    (A) Write your first production data pipeline
    (B) Simple model serving from scratch

    What do you think?

    1. 1

      I think that B would be great! Sure interesting for more people. Do you have good experience with twitter? With paperless.io we are thinking if we should use it

      1. 2

        Interestingly, B got no votes on Twitter :'D I thought it was more interesting too

        I've been using Twitter on/off for about the last year. I think it's an extremely powerful tool if used correctly, but it's a bit tricky to do. There are more and more courses these days that teach how to use Twitter for building an audience and marketing

  17. 2

    Continue to work on my budgeting app. My goal is to help people to take control of their budget, set financial goals, and achieve them.

  18. 2

    I am working on the front end design for the crowdfunding company I co-founded with my friends.

    1. 1

      If you want feedback let me know! We just finished our website - maybe you have some feedback for us.

      1. 2

        Oh sure. You can drop the link. I will check it out and give you my feedback.

          1. 2


            It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

            I did sign up with my mail to get an early access.

            1. 1

              Thanks 🔥🔥🔥🔥 DDo you want to use paperless.io for a specific reason? Always looking for feedback

  19. 1

    Working on the onboarding for my note taking and bookmarking app Dynomantle. Will probably have a bare bones experience by the weekend. I have a lot of content planned to include it though and that will take a while to build.

  20. 1

    A few things, not sure how to stagger them over this week and the ones coming up.

    A lot to juggle but after this burst of work it'll be good to sit back and do more content marketing (blogging / tutorials / guides) than development for a while.

  21. 1

    Adding https://github.com/jnunemaker/flipper so we can toggle features on/off for specific accounts when rolling out new features

    1. 1

      Nice! Being able to do dark releases is really useful. What is your product?

      1. 1

        Yes, super useful. We have a remote patient monitoring SaaS product https://www.careconnectionhealth.com, we help physicians improve patient outcomes, while increasing revenue since Medicare began paying for remotely monitoring physiological data - blood pressure, weight, glucose, etc

  22. 1
    1. Completing backend for mobile app we're doing with a friend.
    2. Going to submit another side project to PH.
    3. Can't wait to do one micro SaaS as quickly as possible.
  23. 1

    I will finish writing about the git-push deployment for Deployment from Scratch.

  24. 1

    I just released slack like reactions on to try and encourage engagement and grow sign ups on https://cooler.chat/c/WebProductStrategy . Now need to get pagination out for next week as the query to power reactions is quite heavy and it's a long overdue feature that no ones sees but everybody feels.

  25. 1

    I have been working on a recipe project for the past few months. This week, I will:

    • Clean up the register and login pages
    • Fix recipe filtering UX
    • Integrate frontend with backend
  26. 1

    Signils work:

    1. fixing bugs from last week's major release
    2. evaluating traction (trial conversions and churn)
    3. looking for co-founder / investor(s)
  27. 1

    Building a totally new User Interface on Tappy👈

  28. 1

    Updating my landingPage Tappy👈 to reveal clear value prop.

  29. 1

    Building a modern internet phone company with call recording and automatic audio transcription service included in the default configuration. For the new COVID-19 economy where employee trust working remotely in paramount.

    Anyone wants to join?

  30. 1

    Going to learn Angular's modeling system this week. I have the beginning of a django app so I need to build an API and connect it to the Angular frontend.

    1. 1

      Any particular reason why you chose Angular?

      1. 1

        Hey @volkandkaya, sorry for the long delay. I had some experience with Ember a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it, but when looking at large/supported JS libraries these days it looks like Angular vs React. I am not a fan of the way react templates look so I went with Angular.

        What have you worked with? Any recommendations for me to check out?

        1. 1

          If you didn't like the syntax of React, you might like Vuejs.

  31. 1

    This week's goal is to get a huge step closer to our product launch from paperless.io 🎉
    Tomorrow we will discuss if our website could work as an enterprise version or if we need more & different Information on it. If you have any experience or feedback on this, please share it with me 🤓

    Another goal is to build a strategy for LinkedIn site 👨🏼‍💼 Same here if you have any tips we like to hear them.

    Have a great week 🤙🏽

  32. 1

    Rebuilding my own website with Ghost. I was about to use substack and while I really like the product, I want to own my own domain and to have full control over the site.

      1. 1

        Nope! I want to support the ghost foundation so I pay for hosting.

  33. 1

    Preparing the Superhuman Survey for Bootify.io - looking forward to getting a better understanding. https://firstround.com/review/how-superhuman-built-an-engine-to-find-product-market-fit/

  34. 1

    Built an integration for Ninja Forms with Paystack (https://jarrydlong.co.za/ninja-forms-paystack-integration/). Working on another payment gateway for this next.

  35. 1

    This week I've got to tackle a cleaner user experience for people registering to onetomany. That pimarily means, hooking up my email service to send out activation links and communicating the state of the app when hitting the API


    Very excited to put it all together and then start writing front-end for the actual app functionality!

    Gotta get out of Alpha one step at a time 🎉

  36. 1

    I am going to ship an improved version of LearningIn.Tech along with something which can be a helpful for people who want learn new technologies & dive deep into them!

    1. 1

      How is your idea going to be different from using upptime and speedlify?

  37. 1

    Animation CPU Creative Space for iPad TestFlight!
    Please fill out the form to connect to AnimationCPU TestFlight! https://forms.gle/1okEgyz3QcUVhgXA8
    Post with screenshot and details:

  38. 1

    Thank you @rosiesherry! ♥️ 🙌🏻

    My goal this week is to complete writing the CSS router for Toucaan and then use that router to implement intrinsic web design on Red Goose.

    Two birds with one bullet. 😜

  39. 1

    Working on creating secondary pages for themes.dev.

    With first 3 freebies for Tailwind CSS done. I started working on a landing page, to drive more organic traffic to those components. Finished it today.


    • Next is making a affiliaties program page. Need to find out how to setup affiliaties with Gumroad and write nice summary with the benefits of joining themes.dev affiliatie program.

    • Have to create a blog layout, because this week I'm sending out first Tailwind CSS newsletter.

    👉 https://tailwind-newsletter.ck.page/

    • And I finish the week with creating a contact page

    Man this is starting to feel like a real little company

  40. 1

    starting a newsletter that provides good questions to ask yourself: https://goodquestions.substack.com

  41. 1

    I just launched the MVP of my dashboard app - https://statsout.com

    This week I'm going to add new integrations and metrics to it.

  42. 1

    still working on new features for Podium.run

  43. 1

    Alpha version of Mightyboards deployed by the end of the week.

  44. 1

    Sticking to writing my 1 post a week and touching up my web skills with a few projects. Got a few in the works, just deciding which to go with first. A goal tracker or a bar crawl planner.

  45. 1

    Next on my list for Queuey is to update the homepage to include marketing content for a new form snippet I've added. Also to update email templates that I've left behind which are still plain text 😱

  46. 1

    After this weekend's post, How do you estimate read times?, on the Newsletter Crew, I started to build a web app to estimate read times by providing the link to an article.

  47. 1

    Demo page for my screenshot API SaaS

  48. 1

    I start to test my first funnel :)

  49. 1

    I got fed up of having to hand over my email address so often (online services, apps, newsletters, etc) and all the spam/noise it causes in my mailbox. I've started work on a service that provides a low-maintenance, "sandbox" email address, with features not typically provided by other services. I'm already finding it very useful.

  50. 1

    This week I will finish https://things.morflax.com front-end and will start developing back-end.

  51. 1

    I'm gonna continue building a mobile game(you play as an AI which is an experiment and trying to escape)

  52. 1

    I'm going to allow users to send SMS without having Twilio account. Currently, in order to get SMS notifications when your site is down, Pingr asks you to add your own Twilio account.

    This is not convenient.

    So users asked to make it easy and I decided to allow two options: you can use your own Twilio account or just let Pingr send you SMS (for this purpose I use Twilio too)

  53. 1

    Already did https://ph2020.sagunshrestha.com/

    I was hoping it would take me a week but done in 2 days. Now I have to find something to work on 🤣

  54. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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