May 7, 2019

What are you working on right now?

Johan Lejdung @tallkotten

Hello IH!

I'd love to know what all of you are working on right now, whether it's a finished product, WIP or just an idea.

Share and discuss! :)


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    Hey Johan,

    Working on a SaaS focused landing page builder -

    Currently working on bug fixes and new features from early access user feedback.

    Also looking for more users to test the web app.

    Taking @csallen feedback and trying to test the product with different audiences before launching on IH or PH.

    What are you working on @tallkotten?

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      Hey! Sounds like a cool idea, I like your pricing strategy. It encourage the user to make a commitment to your product :)

      I'm currently working on a Text Analyser, made to help people make sense out of a lot of data. It's called Wiseer and you can check out more at

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        Very cool product, you could scrape amazon reviews for certain products and use that for your demo.

        Could scrape IH as well :), see how toxic we are.

        Would love to see keyword analysis as well, like most used words.

        Have you spoke to any users yet?

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          Yeah, that's a cool idea :) The current demo is a bit more static.

          Keyword analysis is coming, I have nothing blocking that implementation except that I want the overall product to be finished before focusing on features :)

          So after the payment implementation is done (very soon, about 50% done now) I'll start marketing and listening to user feedback.

          Have you spoke to any users yet?

          I dont have that many, and none active users I think. I haven't been marketing it since forever. Like I said above I'll start with that soon :)

          I'd love to hear your feedback if you are interested in trying it out 👍

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            I would say focus on talking to customers before doing anymore work on it.

            Don't have any data to test it out, otherwise I would.

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              My exact plan! After adding payment :)

              I should state that this is my hobby project, so I quite enjoy taking my time and trying stuff out. I also build everything myself, and try to make it so that I can scrap the core concept and easily extract stuff like signup, project setup, authentication, payment ect..

              Have you gone through any similar? Would love some tips. My plan right now is to reach out to some prospects and try to get them onboard. I'll wait with ads ect

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                For my last project I was able to find the emails of developers who had a similar problem to what I was trying to solve. I was able to get great open rates and replies but they weren't the right target audience (they like building stuff :), they don't have buying power)

                So what I would do is find some niche where you know the customer will get value using your product. Then cold email them with customised messages. Product X showed this vs Product Y.

                If you need any tips for cold emails let me know.

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                  Thanks for the tips! I'll remember to do that :)

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    Working on content for a major website upgrade at

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      Cool, how does it work? Would you ever put together a finished product or do you "only" provide the designs?

      1. 2

        It's pretty simple actually. Subscribe, share a design brief and we get started with designing it. Revise if required or assign another task.

        We do create fully-functional landing pages using HTML/CSS but that's pretty much the extent of a finished product.

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    I'm working on a service to help users give back to their friends and family without really changing their habits. The user's friends or family sign up for Amazon's affiliate program, and the user shops on Amazon like they always do, and a random friend or family member is chosen to receive the commission. -

    Working on developing the copy right now that sounds less scammy.

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      I don't do much shopping on Amazon, but sounds cool. How much money are we talking about?

      Also in the interest of sounding less scammy, consider changing your domain name maybe :P

      1. 2

        Because it is Amazon, it is hard to discern how much money you would receive, but its 1%-10% on most items, then fixed dollar amounts of $2-$15 on a few others.

        Re: Domain Name - So far that is the #1 feedback I've received. I'll have to go searching for a domain.

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    Hey Johan!

    I'm working on a video marketing agency here in London.

    Feel free to take a look at my website and leave feedback -

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      I like the website, it's clear and to the point and provides some demos on what you can offer. Although I'm left wondering about the price after scrolling through the first page, also I'm a huge non-fan of auto popup on the chat bubble. I believe that the user should make that choice themselves if they want to ask a question or not.

      Nice one!

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        Hey man - appreciate the feedback!

        As this is an agency we don't really have set pricing or a product. However, I think I should definitely make it clearer about the services we offer and examples of the work.

        Also, 100% agree on chat pop-up, annoys me as well. It should only be there if people actually want to contact me. I'll get that turned off.

        Thank you for your time taking a look Johan.

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    Hey Johan,
    Working on a technical indicator screener based screener for crypto.

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      Interesting! I'm not very knowledgeable about crypto trading and unfortunately I didn't fully understand what you do by looking at the website. Care to explain? Sounds interesting :)

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        Every trader is looking for some criteria to be fulfilled before deciding to place a trade. Its can be coins whose "present volume 10 time the previous day" or "Price is fallen 10% in 2 day." "or any other technical indicator doing something i want"

        In our app trader tell us the thing that they are looking for, and we then notify them in real time when something of they liking comes up. So the trader doesn't have to manually hunt amongs 100's of crypto.

        Its like Google for traders.


        1. 1

          I've traded a lot in stocks. I'm guessing the data for crypto is more freely available.

          Either way I can really see the use for such a service! Nice one 👍

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    I'm building a marketing strategy to promote the company I founded: , we offer executive coaching and HR consulting.

    And I also started creating a mobile app that will contribute to people development and talent management.

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      Sweet, I see that you are also building an app. How are you making that happen, do you know how to code yourself or do you hire people?

      1. 2

        I don’t know how to code, I have a developer that is helping me right now and I’m planning to expand the team in the future. What about you?

        1. 1

          Cool! So you are already profitable or are you backed by someone?

          I'm a developer by heart, I love building products. So I already have that part covered :)

          1. 1

            Great! That sounds good! I’m profitable but my business income streams are through the other services I offer (executive coaching and consulting), the app it’s just in early stages :)

            1. 1

              Awesome :)

              Wish you the best of luck!

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    Hello Johan :) 👋Good to see you!

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      👋Good to see you too :)

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    Hello dude !

    Just built an entrepreneur network platform:

    Using the same source code with tom, my cofounder at ocs =>

    Redesigning my surveys platform:

    And you sir ? :D

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      That's a lot!

      How does freeskins work?

      I'm currently working on a Text Analyser, made to help people make sense out of a lot of data. It's called Wiseer and you can check out more at

      Have a good one!

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        I display surveys and missions from advertising agencies, if you complete it, you earn points that you can turn into rewards :)

        Awesome service (wiseerio), does it use a NLP ? Home made or an open one ? It looks interesting when you have a lot of data, keep it in benchmarks :D

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          It's currently using a combination of other API's. It would have been a huge task both building a product and an algorithm. Maybe the algorithm will be in-house in the future :)

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    WIP here but very close to launching

    TL;DR; It's a modern ruby on rails course design for those new to the framework and/or programming web apps in general.

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      wow I love the website! What tool did you use to build it with?

      1. 2

        Thanks a bunch!

        I used a variety of tools but mostly good old fashioned design + code.

        I designed it with Figma and it's built upon Ruby on Rails. I leveraged Tailwind CSS as well. Once launched there's a mini-course framework underneath hence why I used Ruby on Rails to help with all of that.

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    Working a tool to allow people to blog without having to care about tools or anything else... Just write.

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      That's cool, anything more to share regarding this?

      1. 2

        @tallkotten in you profile, the website https// is misspell. missing a colon

        1. 2

          Doh! Thank you for pointing that out. I had been wondering why it didn't show up as a link :D

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        It's a simple minimalist desktop app ( linux/mac/windows) that allows you to (create/import) a simple project (blog), and just start creating documents and write with visual simplicity of a note taking app, but still having the power of an document editor.

        There is no need to setup server, deployments (send to some server), just save (publish) and all is taken care on the background.

        1. 1

          Sounds cool. Does it support Markdown?

          1. 2

            Markdown will be the primary supported language.
            will implement others later, but Markdown is on top of the list.

            1. 1

              Awesome, keep me posted :)

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    Apart from the already existing functionality, yesterday, I just started early development on incorporating some basic analytics into Survais too. Keeping it very high level, non-intrusive.

    Survais is a survey widget for your website. It can embed social things like YouTube, Spotify, Twitch, Twitter; to name a few, as well as collect emails, feedback, and provide information and CTAs.

    But enough about that. What are you working on?

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      That landingpage looks great!! Makes me want to do a micro-survey.

      I'm currently working on a Text Analyser, made to help people make sense out of a lot of data. You can check out more at if you are interested :)

      Im soon about to add payment to the website, so I'm looking forward to that!

      1. 2

        Thanks Johan, that means a lot as I am a developer and designed it myself, so I really appreciate it! It definitely needs a designers eye however.

        Your landing pages look so good! Interesting product too.

        Just spitballing here, but I could see it being useful for example if a user had 100+ feedback Survais completed - and they connected to Wiseer to analyse all the responses - that would be cool!

        1. 2

          That makes me very happy to hear! I actually had a ton of other end-products in mind, but realized they all needed a service like Wiseer so I decided to build that instead :)

          I'd love to potentially collaborate. Your idea of micro-surveys fits very well with my architecture. Maybe even the user-text could be analyzed, to be able to see what kind of messaging resonates best with users.

          1. 2

            That sounds very cool alright. It could even be a plugin type thing on Survais - 'Like enable Wiseer to analyse feedback sentiment' or something like that, and just hook it up to the Wiseer API. What are your thoughts?

            Or a user could initiate the call via a button or something. I guess there are countless ways to implement it.

            Love your API docs by the way. So clean 🤤

            1. 2

              Thank you, that makes me very happy! I've spend a lot of time on the documentation :D

              I'd say keep it simple. Either on by default or via a button. Then after it's done your backend hooks it up to the API (extremely easy to implement once you've got the account setup). I've thought about ways of making the statistics screen sharable for implementations like this. So if you are serious about this, I'd love to move that up in the prioritization list!

              Then the user could click a button to enter a statistics site, where all data is shown in the Wiseer interface I've built to display the data.

              1. 2

                Hmm interesting approach. I see value in this based on the toxicity factor right. For example, feedback widgets do get spam and just people joking around. People say dumb stuff when they know they are anonymous.

                Where I see potential value is with a filter on responses that either sorts the feedback based on a sentiment / toxicity value, and/or allows the user to hide toxic replies.

                So for that, I think I just need to poke your API after a response comes in that requires analysis, and store the calculated sentiment value for filtering later.

                What are your thoughts?

                1. 2

                  Absolutely right! As it works currently you'd deposit the text into Wiseer and it would get picked up for analysis. Then you'd have to poll the text once analysis is done.

                  Since I haven't had user feedback yet I've chosen to leave the simplification of this API interaction until I do. But I've got one idea currently on how to remove the need for the client to poll the API. And that would be to include a callback URL of some sort, which would be called each time analysis has been finished.

                  1. 1

                    Ahh I see. I'm not sure about polling from my side as I can only see this as an additional side-feature for Survais.

                    However, if it could be done that I pass a text string to an API endpoint with a response something like sentiment: x value, toxicity: y value. It would be much easier for others to implement into their services, and I'd be happy to look into incorporating it into Survais.

                    I guess you could become the specialists in text sentiment analysis (would also be good for auto-detecting spam/hate speech etc.) but I understand there may be technical bottlenecks or execution time that means that near instant response is a bit harder.

                    1. 1

                      Yeah, near instant response is a bit harder until I have my own models trained (i have to think about quotas ect.. )

                      And the initial focus is to not only make sense of your data, but to also display it to people who doesn't understand tech. Every programmer could be happy with a column in the database, but having it with graphs and filters ect.. really help with representing it to other people :)

                      Shoot me and email and we can get talking! 👏

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    I am working on a job board for TESOL teachers and hope to turn it into a community.
    No business plan as of yet. I will add a way for recruiters to post their ads for a fee later down the road but at the moment I am mostly trying to get the word out and getting some useful feedback/ fixing bugs.

    If any of you has 5 minutes to spare, please have a look and let me know what you think.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. 1

      Not really my area, but sounds like an interesting idea. How do you plan to make a community of it. It looked more like a job board at the moment.

      1. 2

        Thanks for your feedback, I may include a forum as well so that job seekers can actually communicate between themselves, exchange tips/resources.

        For now, I am just addressing feedback and will make a decision soon.

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    Adding page rules to my #4 Product-of-the-day,

    1. 1

      4th!? Which others have you made?

      1. 2

        By #4 i meant, product hunt rank.
        Like making simple things. Links in my bio.

    1. 1

      Wow awesome! I'll definitely check this out 😲

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    My next small-thing is AlwaysNow. This is what I came up with to make things happen:

    Would love to get your feedback, people! What do you think?

    1. 1

      Love the design of the website! The app kind of reminds me of workflowy. Does the app support markdown?

      1. 2

        Nope. It might though. I've automatically create checkboxes for now.

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    Hi Johan,

    I've recently finished my image trimming product. Remove black, white or transparent space from around images easily with

    I'm improving my crypto website for comparing the value of different cryptocurrencies.
    "What if ONT was in the TOP 5, how much would 100 be worth?" -

    I'm also working on a new product to help companies manage their legal documentation. I'll post the link soon for feedback. 👍🏻

    1. 1

      That's a lot!

      The trimmy product was kind of cool. I tried it out on the website but I guess the colors wasn't exactly white so it didn't work. It would be nice with a color picker on what color to trim ☺️

      1. 1

        Hey Johan, thanks for your feedback on Trimmy (sorry for the late reply). I just thought I'd let you know I've released another image based mini product...

        It's an automated image screening service to help you get the right size image from clients, the first time. It'd be great to hear your thoughts. 👍🏻

        1. 1

          Looks cool. It's never an issue that I've had so I cannot really comment too much on it.

          I'm a bit sceptical if companies that would potentially use this would like the image to be uploaded to a third party server before accessing them. It could be copyrighted images ect.

          1. 2

            Thanks for your reply. That is a good point. I think I have it covered in the T&C (that people need to accept to use the service). However, I will have to have a look through the terms of WeTransfer to see if they explicitly state anything to put people at ease 👍🏼

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    Hey Johan,

    Working on this writing platform and I'm even not sure what to next lol

    1. 1

      Have you tried marketing it?

      1. 1

        Not yet, still finding the right way to do

    2. 1

      Looks nice. Btw great city HCMC.

      1. 1

        Thanks! You've been here?

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    Hello :)

    I am working on my own product (Website content monitoring - spellchecking, text context checking, uptime monitoring...). Second iteration of MVP :) Almost done!

  18. 2


    Working on updating my web design agency site and looking for clients. - feedback would be great!

    1. 1

      Cool! I would recommend you to focus more on images rather than text, it's always helping people understand the message more quickly!

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    Currently in struggle to find a new problem to solve, where do you find inspiration ?

    1. 1

      Hard to tell, I just try to expose myself to new things and especially new ideas and hopefully something latches on :)

      I'm currently working on a Text Analyser, made to help people make sense out of a lot of text data. It's called Wiseer and you can check out more at if you want.

      1. 2

        Same for me, sometimes work, sometimes it's more hard :D

        For cool, but I found it a bit confusing: target audience is developer or casual ? You propose something easy to use, but documentation link to api, so could be confusing as proposal (IMHO).

        A part from that, a nice idea: a clear value proposition (don't waste time!), more way to use it (dashboard and api), a sort-of roadmap (about, it's vague enough.. but an outsider reading it could understand is a test, not something you are commited to it) and free..

        Do you find custmers to validate wiseer ?

        1. 2

          It started out as a developer tool, then in an attempt to try to make it clearer I tried to make it more casual. I think apart from the API it's actually rather casual (supports CSV upload, and I will make social integrations in the future).

          The main reason it's a bit unclear though is because it's still in beta. I'll soon be done and then I'll look over the website and clear things up! I'd love more advice if you are available 👍

          1. 1

            sure If I can help!

            1. 2

              Cool. I'll remember to contact you once I'm done with the payment integration.

              Might take a while though, got quite a lot going on in my life at the moment :D

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    Hi Johan,

    Working on CRM like web application and Android application for Retail vendors.

  21. 2

    Finished dev and now planning ways to get a network effect going on a micro-podcasting app for mentorships.
    Early shots:

    Locking in regional pitch/investor meetup partners and automating more drip email on my Investor product:

    Reviewing beta feedback from analytics product:

    1. 2

      That's a lot of things at once! Is there any particular product you are more keen on focusing on?

      1. 2

        We are a team, one company, one vision. We remain steadfast at solving the pain point founders have of launching and growing a company. When we focus on that vision we benefit from the network effect across the products in our suite.

        The story is much clearer on:
        which connects the dots.

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    How to get users at cheap tool!

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Sounds like a cool idea, could definitely see the use of this :) Keep me posted!

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