Building in Public January 1, 2021

What are you working on this January?

El Nino @elnino

Happy new year, everyone! It's January again. What are you working on this month? Do you have something new? Share your story!

I'll start. I'm working on Uisual, free landing page templates for startups. Plain HTML and CSS, no JS. My plan is giving away free templates in order to get custom projects. Because people love free products, especially high quality free products. They'll share them with their friends. More visit, more income. If my free products are good, they'll likely to consider my premium products.

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    I am working on Divjoy. Adding Material UI support, data driven components, and a private Discord for customers. Really excited about focusing more on the community side and doing some fun things like monthly hackathons.

    @rich Nice work on uisual. Love the clean, minimal design. Can see potential in that leading to custom projects, especially if people already like your templates and just want a bit more visual flair.

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      Nice work on Divjoy! How long you've been working on it? Any tips on marketing?

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        Launched it in 2019 with a Show HN (being on the front page for a day was pretty nice). In terms of marketing, since you're working on a product for other makers, being active on IH is always good. I've also had a ton of luck with Twitter and it drives close to 50% of my revenue. My goal for 2021 is find more scalable marketing channels, like SEO, content marketing, partnerships, and paid advertising.

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          Wow! 500+ points! Thanks for your tips, Gabe!

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          @gabe Does it make sense for Divjoy to partner with a firm like Baires Dev that does more placement oriented type work (which would continue to spread the word) as opposed to firms that do offshoring?

          Or, would trying to partner with companies like Bluehost or Hostgator work?

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            That's a good question! Right now I'm more focused on partners that can put me in front of a lot of devs / indie hackers (so for example a popular Youtuber who teaches coding concepts). I'd be curious to hear what your thought on a partnership with Baires Dev would look like (not familiar with the company). Maybe when I have a better/pricier team plan they might be a firm that I approach as a potential client to speed up their dev work?

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              I talked to them probably about a month ago or so. They have an intense hiring and testing process for all of their developers. What they do that's different is that they focus more on staff augmentation - so you "hire" their developers to work for you on anything you assign. You are their manager and direct their work. As opposed to a more traditional development contract where you pay for a project or pay for time and materials.

              I think it would make sense to consider targeting them because of economies of scale - if you can convince them (and firms like them) to leverage your tool and processes, they can spin it out to their 1,300 developers. Clearly, a contract with a partner like this could mean a much larger deal size. Something to consider...

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                Gotcha, that makes sense. I've had a few big firms reach out and the conclusion is they're really excited about Divjoy speeding up their process but it doesn't quite meet their needs yet. Main thing is that larger companies tend to want collaboration/sharing features and have existing code and component libraries they want to be able to import into Divjoy. It's been tempting to just say "I'll build anything you need right now", but I'd rather evolve the product in that direction more thoughtfully. That said, still helpful to think about potential firms to reach out to now so I appreciate the thoughts!

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                  I totally understand your leaning towards deliberation and thoughtful product development. That's how I'm trying to think too.

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    Hi, your website looks good and very clean, nice work.

    This January I will work on THINGS - 3D device mockup builder, will finish with the waitlist landing page, and start developing it. So make sure to join the waitlist if you are interested.

    Also, I will start working on new version of QLO - 3D clothing mockup builder.

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      Yours even better! Good luck!

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    I am working on:

    Static Tailwind CSS templates for easy integrationwith your go-to language. Free & premium.

    WICKEDBLOCKS are a growing collection of more than 120 layout blocks and components built with Tailwind CSS V2 ready to copy paste on your Tailwind project.

    The I am redesigning Colors & Fonts.


    And I will keep working on my newsletter too...

    A bi-weekly newsletter for web developers and UI/UX designers discovering new resources and articles about the latest and relevant trends.

    Happy new year to you too buddy!

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      I like Colors & Fonts. I prefer the previous design honestly.

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        i am redesigning so is more productive, not to make it nicer. Is a website where users come to work.

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    I'm planning to finish the MVP for the asset creator tool for my app Baseline, it applies your brand to a design in one click. I shared a little sneak peek on twitter the other day in case anyone is curious:

  5. 3 - a virtual pub / internet message board where people can unwind after a long day.

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      Hey man this is great I will add it to my project ViTAL - Virtual Team Activities List and give you a note, when it's in!

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        Hey this is awesome :) Thanks for that!

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          No worries! You are on air now 🎉 Good luck with you project!

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      Awesome! It looks fun!

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    Uisual looks greats, love the idea behind it.
    On my end I'm still working on logology. We've spent a couple weeks writing a newsletter course with branding tips for people who are just getting started, it will be live very soon. For the rest of January, we'll finalize the logo catalog for each startup category. That will get us closer to launch.

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    I've bought and am currently rebuilding from the ground up with better design and automation.

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    Hey all! I've released my first product, In January I'll optimise my landing page and will aim to make my first sell. Let's connect if you have any advice, I'd love your feedback!

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      I'm a powerlifter myself, so I can probably give some feedback. Your landing page is confusing to me, too many text, I'm lost. I'm using a note app to track my progress, so why is this better than a note? I think you should highlight something special about this.

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        it feels like it's just a similar tool just in a new trendy tool (notion). Is it much better than just using a basic spreadsheet?

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        Very interesting. How are you using the note app? Maybe we can share our experience :). Thanks for your help. I will definitely rework my landing page taking your advice into account.

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    Hi El Nino,

    That's a great idea, offering something for free 1st and then selling your premium products to those who need further help.

    Noticed on your page though that there's alot of "loren ipsum" content for your individual templates, instead of having content that describes each template, what it does, how it can help the end user etc.

    Not too good from a professional point of view.

    Just wondering if you would like some help with that?

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    I am working on Tappy👈.

    • Improving Landing Page UI with a new Hero Video + Text
    • Cold outreach to remote teams
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    This week's goal is to get a huge step closer to our product launch from 🎉
    Tomorrow we will discuss if our website could work as an enterprise version or if we need more & different Information on it. If you have any experience or feedback on this, please share it with me 🤓

    Another goal is to build a strategy for LinkedIn site 👨🏼‍💼 Same here if you have any tips we like to hear them.

    Have a great week 🤙🏽

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    Happy New Year Everyone!

    I am working on Gold Ink, a blog that uses writing the trailblaze change. Proudly created from #Africa, its vision is to build a community that challenges thinking, expands awareness, and widens angles of view. I continue to write articles on various topics in the upcoming weeks all while building a community of individuals with an itch for social change.

    Would love if you could go check it out and share with friends as I am trying to increase its growth!

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    Nice work! I think its just a matter of time before this works out for you!

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    I'm working on - it empowers teams to have access to aggregated data from multiple providers, with custom permissions and no coding knowledge required.

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    I'm working on a new product that helps people create beautiful sites, fast and easy, right on their phones. Think of it as Canva for websites. The idea is to embed UX design and modern tech into site templates that can be managed in a very simple app on the web and on your phone. #nocode

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    Working on building out the articles/blog software for my site. Should be done this week. I'll be switching a bit of my focus the rest of the month towards content generation once that's out the door. My target is getting at least in the top 100 for my main keyword targets within 3 months so generating useful content is going to be key to that.

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    Hey. It's January? Already? So, I am easing back into things after decompressing during the holidays. Right now, the name of the game is promotion and building up users before turning on the cash register in Feb (hopefully). So, a lot of trial and error, cold emails, and hoping ppc pays off


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    I'll be working on the product improvements in work.

    As the side projects I am going to focus to update my products with new icons: and also finally add some case studies to my site.

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      I have also launched the newsletter. So I'll be pushing forward to make some subscribers and great content for them.

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    Happy new year! Besides the job I plan to leave at some point this year, I have 2 humble projects. -> This is my personal blog dedicated to beginner makers, just like me. While I am a beginner maker, I have been making stuff for companies for 8 years now. I'm trying to translate as much of the knowledge that I have from the corporate environment to the Indie scene. -> This is a community-driven podcast exploration platform at a very early stage. The focus now is to improve the marketing on the page, to add a hero or an about page to better explain why does this exist and why people should use it. After that, we will probably launch it on Product Hunt.

    Besides these projects, I also want to improve my personal branding, mainly through Twitter, I have only 1 month on Twitter and I found that you can use it for magical stuff (getting in close contact with like-minded people, and even famous people).

    For sure, the IH and Twitter combo creates some magical experiences :D

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    Hi everyone and happy new year!

    I'm working on a Laravel + Next.js Starter Kit that hooks up your Laravel API to your Next.js frontend seamlessly. Both frameworks come with a lot of functionality out of the box, but glueing them together often requires a lot of boilerplate (especially when authentication is involved). As someone who switches projects more often than underwear I hope the project saves me some time in the future. And I would be so happy if someone else would actually benefit from it, too!

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    I am working on DocFrame growth. Trying to get some users to sign up for the beta. I've been reading posts in IH's growth group and reading Julian Shapiro's Growth Marketing Guide. This week, I will step out of my comfort zone to write some blog posts and participate in no-code discussions on social media.

    Recently posted on IH's No-Code group about the product:

    I'm nervous about putting myself out there, but I know that I need to start working on sales & marketing to be successful. It will be slow at first, but I'm excited to discuss DocFrame with the public for the first time.

    This month's goal is to get 10 sign-ups and have individual discussions with each user about their experiences (1 sign-up so far!). I've only done this with friends & family, so I'm looking forward to hearing a broader range of perspectives.

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    I am working on Twitter Analytics which helps you with twitter marketing. Currently, it offers the following:

    • Finding popular hashtags in your niche
    • Finding influencers for each hashtag.
    • Analyze any twitter account, including competitors, friends, etc.
    • Newly added - view where your followers are located on an interactive globe.
    • Currently in beta and free to use, so check it out!
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    Spend most of end of the 2020 and beginning of 2021 on polishing and redesigning ([Wishpy] (wish list & registry mobile app).
    I've build an MVP earlier, but decided it's nothing special among the competition so I've decided to do something much better. Now I'm stoked with the results.

    I plan to release an update and then focus on ASO and promoting.

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    that's a great idea, love all the templates you have so far!

    I am working on , where developers get to share and showcase their apps and coding projects instantly!

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    I'm working on World From Scratch! Its been a life dream for awhile. Getting the website up next week.

    Its a non-profit with the goal of creating a world where everyone can follow their dreams. To do that, we are building homes that run on renewable energy, grow their own food, and in small neighborhoods can pay their own mortgage. We just finished the prototype version with house and automated greenhouse for under $25,000.

    Now, I am going out to start fundraising to build the first neighborhood of them!

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    I am working on a YouTube chapter generator - Segmentel

    Viewers can use it to find out key parts of a video to save time - creators can use it to generate chapters for their videos.

    I kinda finished the first version but have no idea on how to acquire users...

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      This looks like it can be a really useful tool. For acquiring users, why don't you create a basic landing page describing what the tool does and why it should benefit your users? That might give you some clarity on who can benefit from it, and you can start either promoting it to them or optimizing the keywords to pick up keywords that they are using to search for a solution like yours.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the suggestion, Joesasson. Good idea! I never thought about this. I will make a landing page my next development priority. Thanks!

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          🙏 Good Luck! I'm sure it will bring you tons of users! I would just recommend to make it really clear and simplistic, because the product pretty much speaks for itself.

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      Cool. I like to watch uni lectures on YT, this could be useful!

      1. 1

        Thank you! Yes, some lecture videos are super long and it's nice to be able to jump to the part you're looking for directly.

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    I'm making VC database and startup funding database

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    I am working my new SaaS, screenshot API powered by Google Chrome. API is ready but still optimizing marketing site.

    @elnino Uiusal look simple and nice! Definitely high quality products and CSS code really organized. Bookmarked!

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    I'm working on Need to add some more features, to support tenants with multiple users and add more useful analytics. Also get more users. The usual.

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    Love the "Space" template, it's so minimally beautiful!

    I am working on which is a tool to help other founders get feedback from their target users. Our elevator pitch is simple, we get 5 real users to take your app/mvp for a test-drive and give you feedback in 24 hours.

    ...My hope with this product is to help startup founders iterate faster and find product-market fit sooner. This type of feedback was super useful for me in my previous startups and I think it can be very daunting for founders, especially technical founders, to constantly recruit users for this type of work. However, this is exactly what successful founders do really well. They build something people want by getting constant user feedback.

    Excited for 2021 and happy New years!

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      cool idea, hope to use it soon. quick thing, i see a paper aeroplane in some places and a rocket in others (IMHO a rocket suits your product better)

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    I'm working on wrapping up phase one for Sunshine Social ( - organize all your social media accounts, websites and other links on one page for easy access and sharing.

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    Will be launching an email list scraper geared towards IndieHackers

    • No subscription necessary (As a indiehacker, I hate signing up for expensive monthly subscriptions for things I need sporadically)
    • Pay only for the valid emails you scrape
    • LinkedIn name/data scraping for free
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    Free -> Premium is a good funnel technique. You could try to do an affiliates program or a quantity discount for repeat customers like Freelancers. I've personally used a bunch of people on Fiverr over the last two years. I think approaching larger companies like I mentioned below makes sense for you too (HostGator/BlueHost etc).

    We're striving to release our next version of Signils with a Trial -> Free -> Premium in-app upgrade model since ours is an Android app on Monday or Tuesday. We've got a couple of small users asks in this version with a more that we need to do in January: more localizations, a better version of dark mode (a color wheel), some UX improvements and some vast improvements in our ability to discover, identify, and communicate with Bluetooth devices.

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    I'm working on my first paid product since quitting my tech job! It's a toolkit for how to build products, including setting metrics, scoping features, and designing experiments.

    I was able to sell out early access through just my newsletter. Excited to learn how to build in public!

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    Clean design, I plan to use the Grid layout as my initial product page
    And you if are ok I'll contact you for some UI tips in the next weeks 😉

    Thank you!

    1. 1

      Sure, send me an email: elnino[at]uisual[dot]com.

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    I'm working on the launch of Domain Mapper a tool to track domains, their DNS settings and send reminders, handy when you have domains with multiple providers.

    1. 1

      Nice! I like the idea of this tool. I'm not a great prospect for you since I'm shutting down a bunch of our domains but I could likely help with some user-oriented feedback if you're interested. We're likely to only have a really small number including soon.

      1. 1

        thanks! I'd be happy with any feedback you may have, its a tool I primarily built for my own needs so it could be useful for others too.

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    Hey, nice templates! Pretty nice business model too.

    Right now I am working on improving my online portfolio. Then, I am going to find some client work so I can generate a bit of extra revenue this month. 🙃

    1. 1

      Thanks, buddy! Good luck to you!

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    My first project ever, Reseller:
    A chrome extension that automates tasks on

    I just sent the extension out for review this morning! Will be working on a landing page in the meantime, probably using Carrd.

    1. 1

      How was the extension process? I’m building one soon and any tips would be appreciated!

      1. 1

        it's pretty simple after you get the concepts down. the most frustrating part was CSS style incapsulation since I did not want the host site to affect the content of my extension (an overlay). if I were to go back in time I would start off using an iframe to host my React application instead right away. this also would speed up development time because I wouldn't have the wait for builds to test UI stuff. I went through inserting the React app natively, to using a Shadow DOM, but I will (eventually) migrate to using iFrames.

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    Going to start working on - an online market place for resell band merch and records. I just created the landing page so if ya'll have any feedback, or are interested, check it out!

    1. 1

      Maybe try using real screenshots of your products? I think people will be more willing to join a waitlist if they can see the actual product first. Even if it turns out to look different later on.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! I am absolutely going to add screenshots of the actual product. Just still in the process of putting them together!

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    Launched today, a performance plugin for WordPress, Splendid Speed. I'll be focusing on just that for the next 3 or so months to compete with the competition.

    1. 1

      Nice. I've tried a bunch of these and I've usually been very unhappy with the results. They usually don't work as well as advertised and in some cases, were responsible for odd visual things happening to our websites.

      Recently, I disabled WP Rocket because it was breaking our custom Leaderboards and Statistics PHP pages on

      1. 1

        Yeah I do my best not to have it break anything, but of course a performance plugin can only do so much if the theme you are using is badly made or your hosting platform of choice isn't that good. However, as much as I can possibly make happen, in a safe and secure way, I will make happen.

    2. 1

      Sounds promising! Good luck!

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    A new productized service for language learning. We handle all the logistics of building a curriculum, telling you what to practice and getting you facetime with a teacher. The idea is to empower ambitious learners willing to put in the work but lacking the structure.

    Looking for test users btw ;)

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    Website Background Maker: It allows you to make website backgrounds, including animated ones and gradients backgrounds too!

    I'll be looking for beta testers soon enough, so make sure to join the waitlist if interested :-) Can't wait to get feedback and launch the product!

    1. 1

      Why per month? How about one lifetime purchase? There are many websites offering the same service for free. Anyway, good luck!

      1. 1

        That's a good point, I had originally planned to have a premium subscription but may integrate a different pricing model somehow. And of course, the free version will be available too. Thanks for the feedback! :D

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    Thank. you, @rich :)
    I'm working for the grand launch of MVP done, beta version tested, and now building the pre-launch list.
    Btw, is a SaaS, allows you to build your own online fundraising platform.

    1. 2

      This is awesome! Take a look at Raisely, I like them.

      1. 1

        Cool 😎, thanks for sharing, mate :)

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    I am working on improving content of marketing pages of my website. Plus working on adding more marketing content based on SEO keywords.

    My product is into Web Accessibility Solution

  45. 1

    We just launched Hypnos - Sleep Journal! We're working on growing awareness through consistent social media, blogging, and finding local journalists for coverage.

    If anyone is interested in Beta testing Hypnos, you can request access here

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    I will be working on a new landing page for and try to find potential customers.

    I will also validate three side-projects ideas and make a decision which one to build.

  47. 1 will help people start running D&D games is getting a completely new version

    And I'll probably start building a graveyard.

  48. 1 - a (free) service to help SaaS founders testing their products.
    Create a test script, send its link to testers, see whether anything broke since the last release.

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    I'm working on my first newsletter. A tiny thing that will hopefully teach me what I need to know to run a bigger one (on the making) - a Godot Engine newsletter. Every week a take a look at the data I have on the engine, and write a a couple of findings. It takes me maybe an hour to write, plus a couple of hours to getter the data.

    For now, I'm just focusing on publishing it on time

  50. 1
    Social media for artists. Artists can post art shows, art works, threads and collaborate with each other.

  51. 1 - A place to tell stories, share ideas, listen to others, or just get stuff out of your head.

  52. 1

    A few of us did a soft launch for our community's landing page; we'll be working on finalizing it and do an official launch soon, which we're excited about.

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    We have just released the MVP of our URL redirection manager We are just finishing the payment integration ( ). After that I will fully focus on traction during this month.

    1. 1

      I'm sure Just Redirect will be much better than some of the WordPress Plugins that I've used in the past. What kind of latency are your customers getting and what do you do if someone is using a caching and security site like CloudFlare (I'm not but I have in the past).

      1. 2

        As latency depends on location I can just let you know that we are currently hosting in Ireland region and the latency was around 50ms avg in tests originating from Germany. For enterprise use-cases, we can host anywhere or even in different locations using all the great networking features the cloud has to offer. The payload is minimal and we are serving redirections from memory atm.

        Caching depends on the setup of the CDN used, as the various CDNs cache 301 or 302 redirections differently by default. Most likely 301 will be cached and 302 will be forwarded to the origin by default but can be adjusted as needed.

        That said, putting a CDN in front of our service is not the use case in our mind as you would create a second domain (e.g. shorter domain name or use your old domain when migrating to a new domain) in most cases.

        But if a potential use-case demands redirecting parts of a production website, a reverse proxy configuration could be set up once (e.g. in CDN level), which is granting access to parts of the website to the marketing team (or any other person) using our platform. This way SEO specialists could be empowered to create configurations without depending on engineering teams or external agencies.

        We are currently creating some content describing the various potential use cases and some real-world scenarios we experienced in the past where our service could help preventing or mitigating the outage of a production website/platform.

    2. 1

      I really like the landing page and have seen very similar designs before, especially with those points in the background! Is it a template? If yes, where can I get it?!:D

      1. 1

        Thank you! We are using TailwindCSS and on top of it. Most of the landingpage's components are included in the tailwindui package. It's really worth it!

    3. 1

      That's a cool product. I haven't seen that category before, is it something that has existed already or is it a complete new product?

      1. 1

        hey @TimVanDijck, thank you! Competitors exist but it's not a super competitive market. ( by the end of the market, it's also a very niche product )

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    I'm hoping to continue working on Crash Catch ( and get an early release available sometime in Q1. Crash Catch is a simple and lightweight crash and error monitoring service for software, mobile and web development projects.

    Plan on learning iOS so a crash monitoring library can be available at launch to support iOS developers so they can monitor crash and error reports from their iOS projects,

    There's a plan to have a mobile app for the project as well - although not straight away as obviously want to focus on getting the core service working first, but to do this plan on learning Flutter so I can make one single app and run it on both Android and iOS.

  55. 1

    building a multiple player trivia app like Quizup.
    I want to include
    chat options
    Player profile
    I also want to program
    When the player gets the correct answer they can unlock a player card.

    DEC 24 2020

  56. 1

    I am working on the newsletter part of It is a newsletter for entrepreneurs, side hustlers summarizing or breaking down business, marketing and sales books. The what you need to know and how to apply it will be the newsletter part.

    I have to work on the landing page for it as I just wrote a new summary for the website and plotted out the newsletter issues based on that book.

  57. 1

    I will be working on History Bits Newsletter, doing research and preparing posts which comes out once every week.

    1. 2

      I just read 1, and it's nice!

      1. 1

        Thank you for taking the time to read and for the feedback. Hope others find it useful as well.

  58. 1

    I'm working on ViTAL - Virtual Team Activities List

    Currently, I have a carrd landing page, where I'm getting user feedback on this idea to validate it.
    At the moment I am working on the newsletter which is shipping every week in addition to adding new features like creating an event with friends. I am learning to code (JS atm) and I hope to some how find a half no code half code solution :D
    Besides that I'm on marketing to get more users on the site.

    1. 3

      Building while learning? That's awesome! Good luck, buddy!

      1. 1

        I figured that's the best way to move forward. Thanks man!

  59. 1

    Okay, New Year - New Goals!

    I'm working on Pingr - Uptime & Performance monitoring service.

    Right now I need to fix lots of stuff from previous year. In November & December I felt overwhelmed, now I'm quite fresh and ready to move towards new goals :)

    1. Allow users to send SMS without Twilio
    2. Add performance notifications
    3. Redesign monitor overview page: add performance charts and other stuff (design is ready already)
    1. 1

      I can't load your website. It's taking too long and lagging my smartphone. I can open some heavy website with lots animation just fine, like GitHub. Maybe you need to fix this too? I hope I can see your website. Sounds interesting!

      1. 1

        Wait, really? Opens instantly for me, hm, maybe it was a one-time lag. Please, check it out again

        1. 2

          Still can't. I'm waiting for another 1 minute, and still loading. Just blank with white background. Viewed both in Chrome and Firefox, both latest version. I can load other websites just fine: Stripe, GitHub, Segment, etc.

          1. 2

            Works fine for me - and it's a nice looking, well thought out landing page as well ;)

  60. 1

    A competitor research tool

    Basically aggregates all public information on a company to show you any website's marketing budget, Google and Facebook ads, reviews, and growth trend.

    I've got an alpha live but it need a lot of tweaking and some design work.

    Did you do your templates in figma? I need a better way to create nice web UX.

    1. 2

      I have some feedback if you don't mind.

      Your hero title is hard to understand: "Discover a Website's Facebook and Google Strategy for Free" Maybe try something more simple? Like: "Analyze Your Competitor's Website"

      Then below the title or CTA: "Get your competitor's website traffic, marketing budgets, facebook ads, most popular pages, growth trends, and more."

      I always try to use less words when designing landing pages. But if you already test your website and it works great, just ignore my feedback.

      Yes, I designed my templates with Figma. Then coded them with plain HTML/CSS. No JS. If you don't have the time to create yourself, I'm available for hire.

      1. 1

        Thanks rich. That's a good suggestion.

        Do you ever use Anima or figma plugin that turn designs into code?

        1. 1

          Never use them. Maybe you should try Webflow.

  61. 1

    A service that can generate an e-commerce starting from your Instagram profile.
    Basically scrape your posts, read some informations, and release the product on your e-commerce.

    You can read more details here and leave a feedback if you want 🙂

    1. 1

      Sounds interesting. Can you explain what's the difference between your service and Instagram shop? I'm not using Instagram but, last time I checked, users can sell products directly from Instagram shop.

      1. 1

        Nice question rich, I’ll explain the difference

        My service will create a dedicated e-commerce online, on a custom domain, that will be automatically updated based on Instagram profile.

        Users could also have both, and potentially just focus on Instagram profile, e-commerce will be in sync without effort

        Anyway this opportunity to sell directly on Instagram using Instagram is something that I need to keep in mind.

        Do you think this service would be useless in some way?

        1. 1

          Maybe there is an opportunity to help Instagram sellers be more efficient or more competitive... I don't exactly understand what Closet Tools does but I do know that it helps Poshmark sellers save hours of time daily.

        2. 1

          I'm not saying it's useless. But if I'm using Instagram, and planning to sell something there, I'm going to use Instagram shop. I probably don't need another service. Sorry, don't get me wrong, I'm just being honest. But it's just me, someone out there probably need something like your service.

          Good luck!

          1. 1

            ah no worries, your feedback is much appreciated.
            I should get some feedback from people would be interested in this before proceed, and this point is very hot. But I'm not sure how to do it 😕

  62. 1

    A personal wiki / knowledge management app – Octospace. It is still in a very early stage and a lot of "invisible" datamodel code has to be written, but I hope to have some screenshots to show by the end of January.

    1. 2


      Screenshot is definitely a must-have for me, I need to see the product first before signing up for something. Even if it turns out to look different, I'm okay with that. As long as it's not doing something totally different.

      I'll check again by the end of January! Good luck!

      1. 1

        Interesting, thanks for the feedback! I actually have a design prototype in Adobe XD, so maybe there's an option to polish and publish it.

    2. 1

      Could this be used to show people how to use your product or answer support questions?

      1. 1

        I do plan to implement export to HTML later, but it's a native app that uses locally stored files, so there will be no web access to the database itself.

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