February 1, 2020

What are you working on this month?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

With every new month comes a new chance to talk about what you're working on and meet other founders.

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    I've been working on Pageam.com past few months. I planed my February to spend more time on marketing Pageam and add a few features to Formito.com such as Stripe and Zapier integration, and working on SEO of website by creating separate pages for each starter template.

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      A lot of new entrants in the market for building landing pages. Based on the video the editor for pageam.com looks a bit better than what carrd offers (the responsive behavior on carrd pages is un-intuitive). The pricing however seems a bit steep, considering what netlify offers (minus the page editor). But I guess this pricing targeted at established businesses, and not just scrappy indie-hackers.

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        Thanks for taking a look. My goal is to enable everyone to design a beautiful landing page pretty fast. The current subscription price is $12/year which is super cheap. I'm looking to increase the price to something around $15/month for 3 websites in a couple of months later when I finish with a few more required features.

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          Whoops. I misread your pricing. I thought it was $12 a month. $12 a year, is pretty reasonalbe, and same pricing range as carrd.co
          I might try this out for my next landing page.

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            Glad to hear that. Let me know if you'd like to see any specific features soon.

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      If I see correctly, Gutenberg is used here. So cool to see how the Gutenberg editor can be used for such SaaS :) Is this a standalone app (just using the Gutenberg JS) or is it all on a WP site? If it's a WP site, does each landing page starts as a separate site or just a page which you then configure for each domain?

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        Correct, the page builder is Gutenberg with lots of custom addons to make it like this. The backend is also WordPress at this point, just to start quickly and validate my MVP. I'll switch to the standalone mode if people express interest in my product. Each landing page is a custom post type, so it's not on multisite mode.

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    👨‍💻 I’m working on rewriting Doka Image Editor (https://pqina.nl/doka) in Svelte. It allows for so much more flexibility than my current code based. This is going to make it easier to add new features without bloating the product.

    I wanted to have a working prototype by the end of January but the “editing” part is still far from done. Hope to get this done by the end of February, a lot of math is involved and my brain is just not very good at it 😅

    On the sideline I’m still adding small features to the current code base and doing some content marketing (posting articles related to image editing and presenting images in the browser) to slowly increase traffic to the site. 📈

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      Looks pretty cool! One tip on the landing page, don't do scrollbar effects via javascript, it can be annoying.

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        It’s actually the browser doing that based on the CSS scroll-behavior property.

        Instead of teleporting the user to another position on the page it scrolls towards it so you have some additional context.

        This should not interfere with manual scrolling.

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      What's the current framework? And what struggles did you see with it that convinced you to switch over to Svelte?

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        Currently it’s based on something I build myself. It’s super fast but also very verbose and the codebase starts to get bigger and less maintainable for each feature I add.

        As I also build adapter components of Doka for other frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, jQuery) Svelte is a great choice as the build targets don’t include the framework itself. The resulting package is quite small, plus because Svelte doesn’t have a VDOM to maintain it’a very fast. With the animation requirements I have this is a great fit.

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    I'm working on divjoy.com and adding more advanced functionality to the templates it exports, including Stripe payments integration, social login, admin dashboard, and an account settings page. Right now Divjoy gives people a decent starting point for their React project, but I want to focus much more on functionality needed for building SaaS apps.

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      I think one feature that could push divjoy to the next level, would be easy integration with a few "no-code/low-code" db tools like airtable, coda.io, firebase. You could instantly start hacking on data state without setting up a real db. Just a thought, might not be the highest priority feature.

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        Yes! This is definitely something I’d like to do. Data is still a big missing piece. Planning on adding Firestore integration first, but also really like the idea of being able to connect to a spreadsheet, airtable, etc.

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      I like the "logical layout" setup! It's almost embarrassing that IDEs haven't been doing something like this since the '90s.

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        Thanks! The editor still has a long ways to go, but excited about the potential. Totally agree that IDEs could be doing more. There's so many things that can be abstracted away if the toolings knows a little bit about the underlying framework .

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    Thanks Rosie for the post! Hope you're doing well!

    I have just recently released a major update for my product https://oneprofile.info and https://oneprofile.team. So, my priority right now for the coming weeks is to market my products. I've had success with 1 customer for every 500-1000 visits so far—will need to work harder to reach more people.

    Wish me luck! And if you like my product (a webpage builder where you can create about pages), I hope you'll share it with others. Thanks guys :)

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      Your landing-page looks awesome! Beautiful illustration & really selling your product. Maybe a touch too many "fields" in your big feature list:

      Most of these features would be much more impressive if you just had more simple "demo"-style images on your page I think. Or maybe an animation that shows how easily you cann add a chat, a "schedule"-button and a Google Maps embed for your business in just a few clicks.

      Also: Is it just me or is your product maybe really unfortunately named? It reminds me of one.com, the bargain-biny DIY pagebuilder. Which is a shame, because your product looks like it's much more focussed on generating "premium"-looking websites than them.

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        Thanks for the nice words and feedback, @svenewers!

        Oh hey, that's a pretty good suggestion! I'm working on a video promo at the moment and I think I'll add those as you suggested, thank you, Sven :)

        Haha, I know right! I really didn't have any idea on what to name my product when I first started. I just had a vague idea on what to do so, I just named it. But the product has evolved so much after many iterations. Anyway, most people would use their own custom domain with my product so, I don't really think it's going to be a huge of a problem. But maybe I'll change the name one day!

        Thanks so much again, Sven. Hope you gave it a try and create your own page :)

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      Product page looks great!

      I’m on mobile right now:

      I was looking at the price page. For me the “try for free no time limit” was a bit weird when combined with a price. I’m not sure what this means. Can I just use it and is paying optional?

      The price panel is positioned as if there are more options? But there don’t seem to be. This makes the “Everything” bit kinda of weird as it doesn’t compare to anything else (there’s no plan where you don’t get everything)

      I’d also remove the “like” from the only x a month statement (I like it otherwise)

      Just some feedback that might improve conversion, hope it’s helpful.

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        Thanks for the feedback, @rikschennink! Noted on all your points.

        Sorry if it's confusing! I'll word it better in the next update. Essentially, there's no trial period. You can try it for free forever in private, only pay when decide to publish your page to public.

        I see. When you click on the underlined phrase 'what's everything' , it will show you all of the features.

        Got it! I'll remove the like, it does seem a bit unprofessional to have 'like' in the sentence.

        Thanks so much again!

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      It seems like a great About me alternative. Any plan to launch a real freemium version with your badge? @qabil

      Would love to exchange ideas. Nice product!

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        I created oneprofile.info partly because about.me looks so dull and the pro version is too expensive ($8/month or $78/year) for very standard features. Meanwhile, their free version has massive and intrusive top and bottom banners—it doesn't look nice at all, let alone professional.

        I'm afraid there's no plan to launch a freemium version anytime soon for https://oneprofile.team. But I'm still contemplating on a freemium version for https://oneprofile.info.

        What are your thoughts on this, Felix? Appreciate your input, if any.

        Thanks for checking out, @felix12777!

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    I am working on finding the business idea this month. Have a couple of solid options, want to validate them and get some more in the process.

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    Building my first ever Stripe powered recurring subscription portal for Request It!

    The plan is: When a company claims their profile, they will be signed up for a credit card free 14 day “Pro” trial. If they choose to add a credit card they will select either “Pro Monthly” or “Pro Yearly” and will be billed after the free trial completes. If no CC is added, they will be downgraded to the free tier after the trial ends.

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    Hey Rosie, 👋 you're always asking everyone else what they're working on. We'd love to hear what you're doing in February. What's something super big or hard or you just can't be bothered doing that you'll secretly push back? Let's hear it! - Simon

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      Hah. Very good.

      For IH currently I'm:

      • working on keeping sane - launching the Start page on Product Hunt means a significant increase in members, posts and comments to mange.
      • I've been working on asking questions on Twitter for the past few months, I'm enjoying that and bring it to the IH website via the TeamIH account. Let me know what you think?
      • I'm also trying to focus on writing about things at rosie.land, I'm slowly getting there. I feel like I'm being arrogant and full of imposter syndrome at the same time. But I've set up the website on Ghost and decided to make the majority of the content premium. I have no idea how it will go and haven't publicly talked about it either. For me I guess this is my long term strategy/goal of getting to a sustainable 1000 true fans.
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        Thanks for the detailed response Rosie. Looks like you're busy which is awesome. I briefly checked out all of the above links and they're super cool. Really like the TeamIH account and can see lots of benefit in that for everyone. Thanks for sharing.

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    I'm polishing my MVP which allows checking JS bugs/errors in the provided URL after deploy.
    I want to deploy the prototype by the end of the month.

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      That's sounds cool! How does this work? Do you use some ready solutions for checking or it's your own algorithm?

      1. 2

        Thanks, I have own algorithm :) I hope that I could deploy in the near future.

      2. 1

        @dpashutskii I've deployed really poor version but you can check the idea.

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    I used Webflow to complete my landing page for EduVault (https://www.eduvault.app/) and maxed out on the number of sign-ups for the free tier, so I feel pretty confident that it's been validated (so far). This month, I plan to do the following:

    Edit: I should probably come up with a logo for it as well

    1. 1

      Hey @caitlinjohnson, I'm interested to hear how you found and pitched your idea to users!

      1. 2

        It was actually an accident. I’ve been wanting to hold a workshop to teach an introductory-level data engineering concept and asked a subreddit if it’d be feasible to do such thing. I got an overwhelming number of responses for a relatively quiet subreddit, and when I built this landing page I reached out to the individuals for a second round of validation. Hope this helps!

        1. 1

          That certainly encouraged me to try reddit for some guerrilla marketing.. so thanks.

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    42 is the answer

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    A couple of No Code IH members are developing our reach out automated system that should be ready by end of the month, so while we wait for it with, i focus on .... TALKING to other people about DotMarket.eu to collect feedback and improve our process + vision. No surprise i finally decided to join the IH community :-).

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    Still hustling on Zlides. More organic traffic thanks for Quora and LinkedIn. Currently in the YC Startup School winter batch.

    My short term goal is to develop a new product around presentation design.

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      This is cool

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    This month (and year) is when I'm really focussing on growing our productized content service, Content Gurus (https://contentgurus.co.uk). We've had a happy client for over 8 months now. We just need to come up with a sustainable plan for adding further clients to make 2020 our year! 🎉

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    I am working on getting the functionality of inserting a price model change that enables uploaded photos in my app to have the appropriate protections copyright wise. We have the upload portion done but I need to input the options so the appropriate metadata is uploaded and is carried over upon delivery. I am pretty sure this a simple task in mobile apps, but I also need to make sure it is good to go for both the app and web version.

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    Pushing very hard on completing my new project, https://skedlo.com , it is a Twitter growth tool with automation capabilities. I am trying to make it very smart in choosing the best performing tweets and retweet accordingly.

    1. 1

      Nice work Andy! I worked with the Twitter API many years ago, not something I'd do again simply because Twitter kept adding hoops to jump through. How've you found working with their API?

      1. 1

        Thanks! Twitter API went through multiple breaking changing over the past 5 years. It is now much more stable and reliable. I am not finding any specific issue using it.

        1. 1

          Nice one! Good luck mate

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    https://simpleboard.io - keep your team in sync with a realtime dashboard

    I developed a realtime dashboard to centralize workflow at companies by letting everyone to submit a mini report on what he is working on, location if he is working from home office … and a comment to describe how work is going

    1. 1

      It sounds like a management tool to check in with folks? Is that right? Has there been a need from companies for something like this? I think it's important and can help people move forward with remote work. It would help all of our lives if remote work became more accepted. Less traffic, more time at home, more home cooking. Keep it up

      1. 1

        yes I working to make teams overcome the problem of communication and syncing between members,
        with the use of https://simpleboard.io you can keep track of all that is happening like who is working on X project, who is working from home, project updates
        also analytics will be generated from the platform so you can see the workflow, hours worked, projects taking most of the time and more

        best of luck


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    My biggest goal for February is the official launch of my product- Notimate.co (currently in private beta).🚀

    I also want to expand my landing page and start a blog with useful case studies and marketing tips for my potential customers.

    Last but not least - being more active here is one the goal 😁

    1. 2

      This seems like a pretty great tool, a friend of mine has recently started a small cosmetics brand and is struggling getting conversions, I can see how this could be useful promoting limited free samples etc without changing the whole structure of the site, so I might recommend it.

      The only thing I could think of in terms of improving would be pricing, obviously there's a free trial which is great but lots of companies particularly startups can have far less than 30,000 pageviews per month, could there be any smaller plan that's cost effective?

      1. 1

        Thanks for your comment and feedback! One of the reasons why I created Notimate was my girlfriend's online store with vegan soy candles. We tested Notimate idea there in December (limited Christmas sets, gift packing, etc.) and it improved our conversion rate.

        I am currently in the private beta and one of the key tasks is to estimate server costs. I think that at the start I will add a smaller plan - about 10k pageviews.

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    I'm planning to write some original content and add them to my new site https://mysteryof.space . Also, I got an idea that I need to write a little server that uses the utube API to fetch the list of latest videos on any channel I'm interested about so that I can keep my video sections up to date. Who knows, if there isn't already too much competition, I might try to develop it into a new MVP.

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    I'm working on finishing up my first Mac app: A web-image optimization app for the Mac that can resize, compress & convert your images from 50 different formats to PNG, JPEG & WEBP.

    Currently finishing up a feature that came up kinda last-minute but that, I think, will actually be one of the integral selling points: Automatically adjusting quality for every image so that the images automagically hit the sweet-spot between filesize and looking sharp.

    After that, it's finishing up the website, writing a few blog posts & other copy, creating a press-kit, running a short closed-beta and then finally, sometime near the end of February, actually releasing the app into the world.

    This month will be both terribly exciting and absolutely terrifying. I've been doubting the usefullness & "sell-ability" of this app since I've reached an MVP for no real reason (I know that I need an app like that for web development, so why wouldn't other web devs with the same problems need something like it?) so getting the app out with a price-tag attached will be both, relieving an nerve-wracking.

    So... let's get February started I guess 😅

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    Aside from my main job my main focus to work towards MVP launch my first project - Arcade Hub. Most of the back-end/API stuff are done, so I'm working on the front-end/polishing. I hope to finish and deploy it within this month.
    It's very simple project aggregator of Apple Arcade games and gave you convenient way to choose the game by rating or other criteria. Apple don't have a have good way to do this at Apple Store.
    The main focus is not the product itself, but to get the project done. And to try some new tech stack for me (node.js, Apollo + graphQL, MongoDB)

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    Really need to finish my Blipp.biz splash page! It seems like such a trivial thing to be holding me back but I just don’t like writing about my products, I’d rather build new functionality etc,

  22. 1

    I'm rewriting a GraphQL server library for Everbase. Once that is done, I will continue to improve and extend the API, and do some more marketing.

  23. 1

    I’m working on urspace.io we have some improvements/a small pivot planned for the next month. Along with that, improving the current user experience and building out an email flow to prompt users to interact with our product more. Excited to take a new direction with the project!

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    This month we're adding functionality to our email sending API for use with static sites I help people look after from time to time. It needs to be able to handle file uploads for someone that want's to be able to provide CV upload functionality on their site.

  25. 1

    Implementing Whatsapp support for Founderphone.com. Unfortunately getting approved by FB for the Whatsapp api is a bit of a nightmare

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    I am planning to push Simple Giveaways (https://www.wpsimplegiveaways.com/) to 2.29.0 to introduces some new features for people who run giveaways. I also plan to push a new version of the "Simple Cart" (https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-cart-solution/) to have more control over the position of the "cart bubble" and style.

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    I've been re-creating an old idea I had years ago to get back into the Ruby on Rails ecosystem. It's sort of like a web forum, but with design encouraging better-behaved conversations where possible, like only allowing inline replies at punctuation marks.
    It's open source (https://github.com/jcolag/Bicker) and I've been trying to document my design decisions on my blog as I go (https://john.colagioia.net/blog/tag/bicker/).
    I sold a few copies of a proprietary version, years ago, so it's nice to get back to the idea.

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    I've got two main priorities since quitting my day-time job to be a full-time starter 💪🏽💪🏽- so, will be focused on those; which are:

    1. Help my wife create a dietician practice here in Boise, ID area. We plan to expand her knowledge into a healthy living / goals app that will help families achieve and maintain full-body / mind health with some gamification. We will target families where someone has dietary restrictions due to conditions such as celiac, behavioral, diabetes, arthritis, etc.
    2. Expand Alpas to get to v1.0, expand the community, have a sh*t ton of fun helping developers rapidly create web apps. And, to build some other apps on the framework that we can use to help the IH community. I've got a decent idea, well - I think maybe it is a decent 😆, to help pre-launch / just recently launched startups to both get feedback while promoting awareness of their product/service.
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    I am working on license activation for xamotoolkit.com right now. For per user license, how do you enforce that they do not share it?

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    I built Insights Web Analytics (https://insightswebanalytics.com/), last month and signed a marketing firm. This month, my plan is to start growing it and work with a lot more customers to get the product right.

    To do that, I'm doing the following.

    1. Working individually with the sign ups I already have to figure out exactly how to grow their websites and provide that value one-on-one to then integrate it into the app.

    2. I'm going to look around at all the marketing and analytics blogs and build automated versions of what they are recommending people to do online, then contact the bloggers and see if they would be interested in recommending the tool for their readers.

    3. Contacting all my contacts through startups, techstars, etc. to find how I can distribute it to more people.

    4. Talk to techstars staff to see if I could offer it to everyone who starts the program for a discount. If that works, I will contact other accelerators that I don't have an in with.

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    Few minutes ago, I just bought the domain for a new product am starting in February.
    It's called Feedscout: https://feedscout.net

    It would help me to scout customer feedback for my products so I can build products my users love.

    Looking forward to start using it on my apps asap and also launch at the end of February.

    1. 1

      Sounds like "feed a scout" :) Btw, the site isn't loading curl -I feedscout.net gives HTTP/1.1 302 Found. Oh, yeh, Firefox default to TLS 1.2 now.

    2. 1

      This sounds like it could be awesome. Is this a tool for getting feedback on the site or organizing feedback you get talking to customers more directly?

      1. 1

        Hey @Grendorf,

        Feedscout would be for organizing feedback you get while talking to your customers.

        You and customers would be able to post feedback, upvote and all that stuff.

        There will also be a way to display roadmap.

        Are you looking for a product like this? Please let me know.

        1. 1

          Yeah, I'd be interested in hearing more about it. A better way to organize the product roadmap definitely sounds interesting!

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    I'm working on mapping out absolutely everything we need for our developers to be able to finalize our website and the custom functionality we want them to built on top of it! 😅

    1. 2

      hey @alexjpanagis - planning is an extremely important subject! How has your progress been so far? Would you care to share a bit what's your general thought process / algorithm you use in order to ensure you have covered as much as possible?

      1. 1

        Sure, my main goal is to figure out everything that I would potentially want to offer at some point on the website. I think that is the most important step in planning because otherwise, you'll always suddenly have more work that needs to be done and it will put you behind on things you want to start doing. So, for example, if I plan to launch a podcast then I'll add a /podcast page to the to-do list on Basecamp and include a series of examples I liked. Then the designer/developer will take inspiration from those and put their own spin on it, and I'll give them feedback on it until we get it to a place where we're all happy with it.

        1. 2

          That was fast! Thank you (: Best of luck with your project!

          1. 1

            Thanks – appreciate the support! Yeah haha, I'm trying to be more active on the community here... 😅

    2. 1

      just curious, what is your website about?

      1. 1

        It's about SEO & marketing :)