November 2, 2020

What are you working on this month?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

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    It's funny to realize that I asked for a vacation in order to... work.

    So my aims are pretty clear this month:

    • I'm going to introduce a new pricing model, "pay as you go". I believe it can bring more customers because Pingr will be much cheaper now. On the other hand I don't sacrifice much, since I know (approximately) how much 1 request costs for me.

    • I'll write a few chapters of my book about UI/UX. Currenly I'm gathering information plus doing some free design feedbacks on Twitter, so that I can later use it in my book and just get more experience with it

    • I plan to make a performance monitoring, at least basic, using lighthouse API or similar.

    • Some small features like weekly reports

    • After the pricing is done, I'm going to write some articles and get traffic fro Hacker News and Reddit. Previous reddit post got some traction, so now I'm more confident about it

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      Love to see new pricing model... 😍

      1. 1

        Yeah, even though when I had a $10 for 10 monitors plan if the user has 1 monitor he still needs to pay 10.

        Might be good for me, but people are not that silly, so I'd better have more users with a small number of monitors.

        The only bad thing is that I'll need to support more. But is doing pretty good with this model, so why not :)

        Later on, I'll have more monitor types, some of them are unique. Okay, ONE of them will be unique. These I can charge separately =)

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      Sounds cool - I'd be interested in knowing how you worked out how much a request costs you. On my similar product I have never really tried to work this out and have thought of hosting as a whole.

      1. 2

        To be honest I just take price and made it a bit smaller.

        But some time ago I was testing how much VPS costs me to make requests. Like, I have 5 VPS. Each VPS is capable of doing ~1000 requests. So I remember I had something like $0.1-0.2. While I plan to charge ~$0.52 per site.

        But it's quite rough.

        It depends on how fast sites are, which content I load etc. Maybe I should charge $1 + monthly usage, but really, there are so many pricing models that it's hard to choose.

        After all, if I realize that it becomes not profitable, I can increase the cost, even if I loose a couple of customers. Increasing from 0.5 to 0.6 won't cost customer much, but if I have 1000 customers, then it'd be 0.1 * 1000 = +$100 for me.

        I'll see how it goes. I think I'll also be able to increase VPS capabilities, optimize stuff much more. If made it, I'm pretty sure I can do the same

        1. 1

          Thanks - that makes a lot of sense. The tricky thing for me is that I'm not actually sure how many requests my VPS will take before requiring an upgrade. I try to make the monitoring engine more efficient every now and again and everything changes!

          1. 2

            I'm not sure either. I did some experiments but they are way too rough.

            I've just realized that my calculations are wrong. I thought that it'll cost the user $0.5/mo for 1 monitor. But this is... for one location.

            The difference between mine service and others, is that I constantly ping from every (!) location. So the more nodes I have, the more pricy it becomes.

            Though the user can disable all nodes except one. But if he enables all nodes, it'll be $2.5 ($0.5 * 5 nodes)... Hmm

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              Sometimes I'm not able to contribute because the stuff shared are quite "technical". So I just wish you good luck as you press ahead to the finish line.

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    I'm working on:

    Thankfulsite is a website where you can create customized sites for your loved ones. It is basically an online gift.

    It is in beta, right now after signing up you can edit the images and the texts on your thankfulsite, choose a cute music, save it then send it to someone.

    1. 2

      This is such an upbeat thing, congrats for creating it! Keep us all posted about the progress you make!

      1. 1

        Thank you, I am glad!
        I will be happy to share the progress. :)

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      This is a cute idea :)

    3. 2

      Ha, I'm going to use this right now!

      1. 1

        I'm really glad!!
        I hope you like it. :)

        Did you try it? What is your opinion?

        1. 2

          I'll tell you when the person I sent it to replies :)

          Seriously, though, it's a really sweet idea, and I think there's definitely something there.

          1. 1

            Thank you, I hope they will like it!

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      I love this idea so much!

      1. 1

        Thank you very much! :)

    5. 1

      Just made one for my gf. She loved it.

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    2020 is a crazy year and it has only 2 months left. Because of that, I and my friend just decided to try a viral crazy project in the next 2 month. It's called "A million people of 2020 history", aims to connect and bring a million people together. There're more to come and to be very honest, I don't know and don't expect how it will become, either. I'll do it in public on my Twttier anyway, so follow if you're interested ;)

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    Hi everyone 👋

    I am working on Flowoid, a new No-Code Workflow Automation Platform that aims to help indie hackers and startups to build automations and Flowoid is a new No-Code Workflow Automation Platform that aims to help indie hackers and startups to build automations and unlock your business potential.

    I launched last week and already started getting my first customers and useful feedback. The feedback allowed me to make lot of changes, one of the most important ones was to add a "Why Flowoid?" section on the landing page.

    I am looking for beta testers, the project is free while on beta 🙌

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    3D & flat illustration library for startups.

    1. 1

      I really like the design, and the illustrations.

      Although I think there are a bit too much websites filled with similar graphics, but I guess it is for a reason.
      Good job!

      1. 2

        @Multy_dev Thanks! Did you find a site that offers editable 3D assets? It's kinda first of its kind.

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    Start of this month is pretty good for me. Got 1K page views in 1day on GumHunt
    1.Now I will work on some ui, font changing adding more features.
    2.Starting Newsletter which features Top Gumroad products daily.
    3.Start working on my 2nd project which is also based on newsletters.
    4.Do some work on my personal website.
    5.Some other things that popup in this journey......

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      Interesting idea. Unfortunately the landing page loads rather slowly, this would be a suggestion for improvement. Have a great day!

    2. 1

      Cool idea. I've just signed up for the newsletter.

    3. 1

      This is pretty cool! I'd agree, UI needs some work, but this is a great start nevertheless. 🎉

      How do you plan to monetize this?

      1. 1

        Asking people to paste affiliate link for us on submission but still no affiliate link...

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      You have a solid list here of work to do! is a cool idea, keep it up 👍🏼

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    In 7 days we are releasing 🔥 Owwly 3.0 on ProductHunt. We have a plan to prepare to this day best we can, take care of marketing and similar stuff. After last rollout, we know that proper preparation is a key to success.

    1. 1

      Yea proper prep for PH is essential. Do you have a hunter in mind or will you self-hunt?

    2. 1

      My best wishes. What are the attractions to bring back users to check feed every day or week?

      1. 1

        If you have your own product - it's worth coming back and write an update about your tool. What problem are you facing, what's new on your service, share blog posts, and successful stories. When your posts are interesting to potential users, you can get free traction to your website and convert users to customers :)

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    continuing to build the new email newsletter.

    that's really it.

    1. 2

      How does that tie in with your yeniverse?

      1. 1

        it's a long-term bridge-building tool. i want to not just build a product for the community space... i want to help inform and educate. so, it's all part of the larger yeniverse.

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    I'm currently working on Hometab( — a chrome extension to stay aligned with your remote team and organize your company's internal knowledge.

    My goals for this month are:

    1. Launch the alpha version of my product to early adopters (Would love some growth hacks on how to get connected with more people managing remote teams)
    2. Conduct 20+ user interviews and get feedback on my prototype.
    1. 1

      Sounds interesting - you could check out employers on remote job posting websites like and for example and gather those leads to get some early adopters.

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    Hi, thanks for posing the question.

    This month, we, the founders of are focusing on the following things:

    1. Boost our subscription prices by 50%. It's been 6 months, when we slashed the prices due to COVID19 in order to help the fellow business to overcame the atrocities of the pandemic and implement multilingual websites. Now, we've boosted the neural translation engine to the next level of quality. It saves more time and money and it comes with a cognitive dissonance: how such a quality tool can cost twice cheaper than anything available on the market? Cheap doesn't go well with Top Quality product.
    2. Boost our blog and content writing strategy. The plan is to produce 3-4 top quality viral articles to submit to social networks (IH, included) to gain viral boost, shares, comments, likes and so on. This forum is a great source of like minded entrepreneurs and people convert into customers better as they understand the value of extra exposure.
    3. Boost our Paid acquisition channels via Google Ads and try to acquire more traffic. We've reached a better understanding which keywords our targeted users are searching for and we will try to fully capitalize on it by producing 10/10 Quality Score advertising campaigns.

    In our other SaaS startup, we will be focusing on the following:

    1. Setup new advertising campaigns to in Google Ads in foreign languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified. These are exciting markets to go to as they are not as competitive as the US. In my estimate, the cost per click is 10 time cheaper in Peru, for example, than in New York! More traffic and less money.
    2. Boost our blog and content writing strategy. The plan is to produce 3-4 top quality viral articles to submit to social networks (IH, included) to gain viral boost, shares, comments, likes and so on. This forum is a great source of like minded entrepreneurs and people convert into customers better as they understand the value of extra exposure.
    3. Setup a couple of new landing pages that could attract tons of traffic. We are inspired by and their ability to exploit search engine suggestions to produce new landing pages. I like how they managed to lauched the same product multiple times via ProductHunt using different aspects of the same product: automatic video subtitles, video transcription, video editor, etc. We will try to learn more about that and lauch something similar on Product Hunt multiple times.

    So, that's the plan for November! If we reach it well, ConveyThis should be well in to $10,000MRR territory and GGLOT would be a close follower!

    1. 1

      Does ConveyThis handle hreflang tags?

      1. 1

        Good question! Yes, it does and its hreflang tags implements in both Javascript and WordPress versions. Crawlable and indexable by Google.

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    This month we are planning to get user feedback for BubbleBiz. Launched the landing page and just spread the words about BubbleBiz on IH, twitter, subreddits and quora spaces. Got some pretty good response.

    Looking for some more user feedback.

    Bubble is a e-commerce solution to take your business online. This can help small business owners, homepreneurs take their business online.

    I am looking forward for your valuable feedback.


    1. 1

      Congrats. Go for it. The more feedback you get, the better.

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    This month I am teaming up with a local community group to work on something decidedly (at least traditionally) non-tech-related. A monthly-subscription woodworking workshop. A "woodwork gym" with local tradespeople as visiting teachers/experts, materials, hand and power tools and storage space for projects.

    I am helping with the website for memberships, payments, class and workbench booking and the LMS for video tutorials, bar or QR-codes for tool and inventory management and tracking and looking for areas we can use tech to streamline the whole business.

    A tiny % of the Spanish population have furniture or ornaments in their home that they have made themselves and, with so much screen time in our lives, there is a demand for learning to work with your own hands.

    1. 2

      I love this idea! I worked with the woodworking community last year on another (failed) product and generally found it an awesome community to get to know and serve. Providing opportunity to teach others this skillset is a great objective and I think there is clearly demand!

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    Last month I uploaded my second video to YouTube in which I validated a business concept named Viable Feedback. This and next week I will be validating another concept of mine. Have a good week everyone!

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    Connecting with users to learn more about their experience using Podcastmarks

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    This month is pivotal, we need to accept incoming email to Plum Mail.

    We also need to re-build our editor so we can build an abstract syntax tree from every element in the message. It feels like the biggest bite to take but we're ready for some heavy lifting.

    The goal is to deliver and then launch again in early December.

    1. 1

      Huh, that's pretty neat. I'm trying to solve some possibly-similar text analysis problems for self-publishers (trying to understand coreferences in fiction book blurbs).

      1. 1

        Thanks man. Awesome use case. There is thought provoking stuff going on around bi-directional links at the moment. How would your references work?

        1. 1

          I'm trying to do structured analysis of genre fiction blurbs to break them down into 'styles', and work out what sells and what doesn't. Part of that is understanding - for instance - how many times particular characters are mentioned, how they're mentioned, and what's said about them (e.g. adjectives applied to them).

          My thing is data analytics for self-published authors, which is specialised, but the people who need it really need it. Blurbs sell books, and fiction authors always say they need help with them.

          In principle if we can get a working model of different blurb 'structures', we can maybe transform a blurb from one style into another - then, if you were an author you'd write a basic one, and be shown e.g. three variations, then click on the one you liked best, and so on, iterating towards something you liked more. You see this approach quite a bit in visual design, but not so much with text.

          1. 1

            This is a very cool idea. You could extend it to company about pages and other profile blurbs where quite honestly you just need to get the facts over in a consisnent format.

            In my local theatre club every show we do the cast are asked to write a blurb. Oh it is so painful waiting for them all to come in. Everyone hates doing it and they all read exactly the same.

            I'm A, I love X. I've been involved in theatre for Y years. Rehearsals for this show have been great / fun / wonderful.

            So the analysis of the text presumably requires each tag to have some kind of ID? Maybe spans around every word? A span around every character even.

            1. 1

              Yeah, I'm just using Spacy and writing custom pipeline components to add things to particular spans. Spacy is quite opinionated but you can get a long way with it very quickly.

              To answer your question I'm generally adding things to spans (sentences, mostly) about whether that sentence contains a coreference to a particular character. Trying to infer what a fiction sentence is 'about' - a character, or an event, or whatever - is quite a challenging problem.

              One interesting wrinkle is that I've had to invent a sentenciser that handles dialogue correctly - this is a problem in fiction you don't get in non-fiction it turns out.

              Regarding your theatre example, I see what you mean - I'm quite a fan of a 'guided' approach, where you:

              1. Ask some simple questions with one-word answers
              2. Use them to produce ~3 drafts in different styles
              3. Make a self-deprecating joke about how you're only a computer so they might not be very good, to set expectations
              4. Provide the raw text and let the person choose 1/3 and edit it.

              This gets the job done, but it doesn't take away people's feeling of agency (like, they wrote it, the computer just gave them a hand, right?), and it subtly guides them towards a fairly small range of acceptable formats.

    2. 1

      This looks awesome! Checked out the site and was very interested in some of the features shared. Maybe I missed this, but have you decided on a pricing model yet?

      1. 1

        Hi Deven, thanks. We have decided but we haven't published it yet. We launched really early, got a load of interest and we used that to inform our product development. We're heads down developing ahead of another launch in a few weeks at which point we will publish pricing.

        Interested to know: a) do you mind paying for email clients that have innovative features and b) how much is right? Proton is $49 a year, Hey is $99 a year, Superhuman is $360 a year.

        Which bowl of porridge does Goldilocks go for?!

  16. 2

    A Wishlist app.

    I've recently released Android version and now I'm working on bug fixing and releasing iOS version.

    I'm kinda in rush because now it's a best time for releasing and marketing this app. Right before Christmas when people are starting shopping.

    1. 1

      This is a great timing indeed! But if it delays you can start maybe targeting baby showers? There's no time of the year for that :)

      1. 1

        Yup, baby showers and weddings once they return back after coronavirus (depending on a country)

  17. 2
    • I'm one month into my newsletter. 🎉🎊 Hopefully I can continue writing consistently.
    • Also brainstorming a community product at the moment. Hoping to make a start on that this month, just trying to hone in on the value proposition.
    • Reached out to a few early adopters so may leverage the small focus group to work on it.
    1. 2

      Congrats on the newsletter milestone!

    2. 1

      I just subscribed, looks very good. It might be useful to show the newsletter frequency on the landing page. I'm far more likely to subscribe to a weekly newsletter than a daily one, but I had to go to the let me read section to guess the frequency.

      1. 1

        Really helpful piece of advice, thanks!

  18. 2

    I am working on - white labelled community platform as a service.

    On product side:
    This week we launched community analytics, got some customers. This month, will work on adding some apps to our appstore and improve product user experience based on the feedback. Also, create a user flow to add custom domain themselves without reaching out to us via email. This will save lots of time and easy for customers to get started.

    On business end:
    We clock 1500+ weekly active users. By December, would love to hit 5k mark. Automate payment processing using chargebee and create a subscription page. Right now, I am onboarding customers manually, can't complain because I learned a lot.

    1. 2

      Love the idea for this one. And execution is very slick. Makes me want to build a community now 😅.

      Agree with the good side of having to onboard people manually, you learn a ton! On our end, we have online payment setup but still have to create invoices by hand. Great opportunity to start a discussion with customers.

      1. 2

        Thank you @dagorenouf, do start your community - I will help.

        I did learn a lot, that's a chance to talk to customers too. That's alright you are creating invoices by hand, in my previous startup, we created invoices manually for more than 100 customers, and focused our engineering efforts elsewhere.

  19. 2

    This month I’m making logo proposals more relevant on Logology.

    Last month we realized that a lot of people didn’t find a logo that they liked. The reason is that we limit the amount of designs that you can see to make the experience cleaner. But in doing so, we ended up HIDING tons of logos that could fit people.

    As a result, we have lots of people who leave the website early because they didn't find a good logo. However we DID have something that was perfect for them, they just never got to see it!

    So by the end of this month, we’ll fix that. We'll add way more choices in every category by reorganizing our design database. That will also lay the groundwork for a keyword search later on, to go even further.

    Wish me luck 🙂

    1. 2

      I love your design style. Contemporary but individual.

    2. 2

      Good luck man! Definitely will keep an eye on you.

    3. 1

      I absolutely love the landing page! It's a breath of fresh air 🎉

      Good luck with your goals this month!

  20. 2

    Launched Link Routing feature yesterday so, will be spending next few days on marketing, ads and blog posts.

    Will try cold-emailing potential clients for the first time. A bit nervous about that :)

    Also, plan to add Performance section that allows you to compare how your short URLs are performing when compared to each other.

    Plus, small features like - private short links, email confirmation etc.


    1. 2

      Just about to start cold-emailing for the first time - feeling exactly like you :)

      1. 2

        Yup :D Seems so unnatural but definitely worth trying.

      1. 1

        Yes but there is a difference in feature set.

    2. 1

      I love the performance section - I think this aspect of link sharing is underdeveloped among your competitors. It would be even better if you can attach Stripe API or $ data directly, so there's a beautiful dash!

      1. 1

        Interesting thought about Stripe. Will investigate this. Thanks.

    3. 1

      Oh wow, that's such a great product idea. I'm actually thinking of adding a "share" feature to my app soon, and that would be very useful. Is there a way to programmatically generate a link?

      My use case: a user finds a product that they like and want to get feedback on. They customize it and then click the "share" button, which generates a nice url. The original url would be filled with parameters, but I'd like it to look nice.

      1. 1

        Thanks!! I can quickly build an API if that works for you. It was on my roadmap but nobody asked until now but, will prioritize.

  21. 1

    Working on building cloud computing platform:

    Excited that we launch our severs beginning of the month but lots of work still needed to be done. Our goal this month is to further develop our website and dashboard for better user experience.

    Another thing to focus on while developing is to gather feedback from developers on what they look for in cloud platforms and test our servers since we are in beta stage.

    Do let me know if you are willing to test our servers! Greatly appreciated

  22. 1

    An online timetracking tool:

    I got the idea while working as a consultant and the fact that we relied so heavily on excel sheets. I just wanted to streamline the process a bit and make it easier to fill in your weekly timesheets.

    Currently supporting adding expenses, generating invoices and a few other features. Happy to received feedback!

  23. 1

    I'm having this crazy idea in helping people bootstrap businesses at almost no cost.
    Means creating tools, processes and resources to help launch you next project.

    I launched -> A curated list of free services

    Next is to extend the list, add navigation and put a little guide how to start a business with these free tools.

  24. 1

    Working on: building an MVP of [nameless] marketplace web app for a validated market
    Goal: earn $1 of revenue by end of month


    • deciding whether to hire designers and developers vs. doing it all myself
    • finding time and motivation to code before / after coding all day for work
    • focusing on what is important vs. the temptation to add more than barebones MVP-level features
    • trying to enjoy the journey
  25. 1

    It's a landing page builder for pre- and post-launch SaaS products, made especially for Indiehackers. It differs from services like carrd, by offering integrated email registration, analytics and feedback submission. Furthermore you don't need to drag-and-drop design blocks around to create it. Just copy-paste your copy and you're done.

  26. 1

    My central focus this month is to get my iBMC (Internet Business Mastery Course) online on Vonza. Vonza is an all-in-one platform that debuted about a year or so ago. I launched iBMC in July and it generated over $3000. I'm relaunching it this November and from all indications I'm on course to generate a little over $5000. I believe if I take it online it should generate ten times more over one year. "Launching" is over exaggeration really as I simply sold the course to my friends via WhatsApp. I also had a webinar via Zoom where I introduced the course to my friends. Altogether about 45 signed up for the July webinar and about 20 ended up buying. The course sells for $225 and runs for 12 weeks. It's targeted at beginners and advanced beginners. It's a course that would normally go for $490 and above but my target audience have low purchasing power so I lowered the fee for them. So when I migrate the course online, it will be a game changer for me in that I've never had a course online. So that's what I'm working on this month. If you're a beginner, you may wish to take a look at iBMC by reading about it on my site: This is the link to the webinar recording: If you're interested in iBMC, here is the registration link:

  27. 1

    Thanks Rosie for asking.

  28. 1

    I am working on a web app which can be used to manage membership of gym, or any other similar business.
    Functionality :

    • User can add member info like name, plan duration, contact number.
    • Member name with expired plan will show in red color and on top so it becomes easier to track payment status of members
    • Members can be searched by name or contact number.

    Basic version is live and my goal is to get some customers who can give me initial feedback. Anyone can create free account and can add upto 10 members in free plan.

    If interested please check it out here

  29. 1

    Hi All,

    We are working on Geeks UI - Based on Bootstrap Framework and Workflow we use GULP, SCSS and Node. Not yet live. In near days we release Geeks UI.

    Thank You.

  30. 1

    I am working on, a game that helps you express yourself in another language, I have just joined indie hackers to build more publicly and recently created a product page for it:

    Ive had an android app for a while, people seem to like the idea a lot, but it hasnt grown so much or gave much money. So this month I'm trying to polish the delivery for iOS while I announce and build some hype around the beta

  31. 1

    Building out a product marketing resource for startups. I am starting with a simple way for founders to ask specific questions that I will send them insight and details on (based on past experience and knowledge) —

  32. 1

    I am working on, an app that allows you to learn about the audience of people for which you're going to create a product. Learn who is there, what they talk about, and when you can best reach them (time of day, timezone) while they have a conversation on Twitter.

    For November, I have planned my very first launch.

    If you want to check it out, put yourself on the early access list! There is a signup form on the homepage. Would love to see you at launch time!


  33. 1

    Oh another thing I have been working on recently and don't want to lose momentum on is my daily drawing practice!

  34. 1

    I am working on our first SAAS product: Justredirect - An URL redirection service that automatically manages the redirection of HTTP and HTTPS links while fully automating the management of SSL certificates. Been working on this for the past three months.
    We implemented the frontend with VUE3, Typescript, and TailwindCSS. The API runs on AWS Lambda with API Gateway and Cognito. The redirection engine is currently an Open Resty ( Nginx ) cluster. We thought about building a proprietary solution based on Rust, but Nginx is solving all problems in a scalable way already.

    Most importantly: We built the frontend in a reusable manner for future projects. Same counts for all the infrastructure components, which we have written in Terraform. We've open-sourced some parts of it:

    We will present the project to the community by mid-November.

  35. 1

    Mostly static site work and addressing beta user featback on Inbound

  36. 1

    This month I am working on launching my unique accountability + audiobook club private beta! At first I was waiting to get it 'just write' but going to just put it out there and see who is interested and build it along the way.

    The landing page is here if anyone is interested in checking it out!

    In return for feedback on the private beta, I will be offering premium free forever access to the community to founding members as it grows.

  37. 1

    Right then.

    • Implement monthly reporting. A lot of self-published authors don't want weekly analysis, because it's too frequent for them, and because some trends (e.g. pricing) don't show up at that scale - they really only change month-to-month. The previous version of my product used to be monthly-only, but then people are waiting a long time to hear from you, so your delivery of value is pretty infrequent.
    • Implement reporting that takes in a search string, extracts all the books matching that string from the Kindle Store, and then does analytics on those books. This allows for 'custom' analysis - so if you're into, say 'military sci-fi' with dragons in it (yes, this is a thing), then you can search '+military +dragons' in the Science Fiction category, and get aggregated analysis back on that genre.
    • Finish a couple of articles that I can post in author communities so I don't come across like I'm shilling. Author communities are pretty averse to people who look like they're trying to sell them stuff, so I really need to add value to the conversation before I do anything else.

    This is going to be a long slow slog for each subscriber, I think. But that's OK.

  38. 1

    I'm building a distributed growth agency called Growth Element .

    This month I plan to...

    • Launch an updated version of my website, which will have an easy way to sign up, and include at least one thing for sale.
    • Do at least 10 demos with strategic folks in my network (seasoned marketing pros), including a couple of soft client pitches. This includes getting the pitch deck ready (!).

    The concept of the "distributed agency" is a retainer-free low touch agency model that offers growth tactics, primarily (but not only) at the top of low touch buyer funnels.

    Many people in this forum will be familiar with productized services... Imagine a place where you can pull the trigger on a variety of curated productized services, that also provides a layer of predictive analytics + probabilistic modeling. Ex: Based on $2k of ad spend you'll know what the next $20k is likely to do for you. Or based on your current SEO metrics, what a $3k investment in content and link building is likely to deliver.

    The audience focus at the start will be B2B who are spending at least a few $k monthly on sales & marketing but don't have a full-blown marketing team.

  39. 1

    My goal for the end of this month is to deploy the Hodho public beta.

    Some important bugs to fix before and I still wonder if I'm doing a free public beta or already paid.

  40. 1

    I'm starting with
    This is something like directory with tech news, startups promoting and more. Everyone can add something. For free.

  41. 1

    My aim is to release the MVP of my 'passion project' Wave Patrol ( which provides surfers with current conditions of their favourite spots so that they don't have to rely on inaccurate surf forecasts. USP is that it has support for multiple countries

    1. 1

      That is..a good idea. One vote for adding support for NZ.

      1. 1

        NZ, Australia, USA, France and UK will be in the MVP!

  42. 1

    Happy November, everyone!

    • Already checked one item off my list this month: I migrated my eBook store off of Gumroad and onto my site. Now for the unenviable task of updating links in all of my blog posts! 😭

    • Next up is finish drafting a workshop I'm giving in early December, and adding some touches to a webinar I'm hosting on writing professional emails, taking place at the end of November.

    • Finally, applications for DevRel CMS close on Sunday, 8 November, and I hope to onboard the last few participants next week.

  43. 1

    This month we intend to work HAND in HAND with our new users @

    We're a nimble team so we can pivot very quickly according to feedback. It's ONE goal for a reason, because it's the only thing that's important at this time for a new product - finding the sweet spot set of features for our users.

  44. 1

    I'm developing a news delivery app.

  45. 1

    Two things:

  46. 1

    My goal is to share with atleast one new person everyday with the hopes of getting feedback and validation that it’s worth continuing to invest my time into monetizing.

    Beyond that I think one of the biggest problems with VisionPage is how mobile-unfriendly the site is so I’ll be working on improving that.

  47. 1

    I'm working on This project came out of my personal need. I used to consume podcasts and music while working, but as I do more complex projects and writing related, I needed some non-lyric music.

    I used the Calm app the most, then possibly YouTube or Soundcloud. But I would spent some time picking the right content. I just wanted to go to a website and click "play", and let it do some magic. This app is what came out of the project. No thought into what you want to play but you're guaranteed to not waste any time getting what you need.

    This is still a MVP so the goal for this month is to do some user interview. If you also listen to no-lyric music while you get in your "zone", please message me! Would love to chat.

  48. 1

    A Notion Questions & Answers platform that I believe it is needed for the community.

    Everyone is invited and as always feedback is really appreciated. 🙂

  49. 1

    Last month, most of our time was spent on validating our product idea, which is an AI social media manager that learns and mimics your behavior on social media. We were able to find people who are interested in this product and are eager to try it out. 💖

    1. What we will work on this month: We already have the working model and we will start doing internal tests on Natasha our AI Social Media Manager.
    2. Biggest goal for this month: Let the early users who signed up try out Natasha.

    Other goals:

    • Have more people interested in using Natasha (signup to the waitlist)
    • Include pricing page for Natasha
  50. 1

    I released v1 of over the weekend on Halloween.

    Eager is a help desk / knowledge base / announcement widget / help widget tool. I've been refining the product since April-May when all the "core" functionalities were built, but never got around in making it publicly available.

    In November, will be working on:

    • Further development in our mobile app (iOS and Android)
    • More refinements of the UI
    • Adding a chat platform
    • Fixing the landing page
    • Running some ads
    • Emailing some existing clients (from freelance/client work days) to canvas for interest

    Last night, also made an animated logo graphic for an ad I bought, so I might try creating a few additional ad creatives to run.


    We also got a few paying customers in the first two days after I tweeted out the app was available. The whole thing launched very quietly without fanfare. This was a nice pleasant surprise!

    Internally, I'm setting a goal of getting ~20-30 paying customers by month's end. Fingers crossed! Currently I've set the price at $79 / year for a very generous plan. I'll likely revisit this as more than few customers have commented I've underpriced it -- even for a launch promo. 🤦

  51. 1

    Last weekend I had a crazy idea - what if I start a weekly newsletter about React.js?
    I chose a pretty niche topic - React Hooks: seems like there’s no way you could discover new cool stuff that emerge. I quickly composed a pre-launch page and posted it on Product Hunt. I’m not sure this can even be useful, let’s find out together :smile:

  52. 1

    November is integration month for I'm making it easier to create a chatbot from your own list of data/questions (e.g. Airtable, Google Forms, etc.) and make an app for some marketplaces.

  53. 1

    I am working on

    It's already far more than this landing page outlines(which is in the process of being rewritten to v2). Tweetastic now supports:

    • beautiful and simple analytics
    • tweet scheduling(including scheduling threads)
    • multiple acc support
    • saving your most important tweets into separate table
    • notifications about your growth into telegram and email

    It's free to use while in beta, so if you want to work on your twitter growth - go ahead and check it out :D

    Now working out pricing plans, here's rough first iteration. Would appreciate any feedback:

  54. 1

    This month I will be focusing on my new project twitMate

    It's a Twitter management service / marketing service - basically 'Twitter done for you'.

    I also have to remove the early-bird offer from my pricing on Downtime Monkey which I am ending this month after 3 years. It's locked-in for existing users who are already on it so no worries there.

    1. 2

      I'm so rubbish at Twitter. Need this.

  55. 1

    I'm working on my "recipe-as-a-service" product (doesn't have a name yet, still working on the MVP version). Basically, I'm tired of getting home from work and not knowing what to cook for dinner. I'm also tired of having to go through multiple sites to find interesting recipes I want to try.

    This product will have a large collection of recipes from various sites. Everyday at a fixed hour, say 4 pm, it will send out 3-4 recipes to your inbox that you are then free to choose from.

    So my aim this month is to:

    • build the site (landing page, contact, etc.)
    • keep expanding the recipe database
    • adding in various options in what recipes to receive (vegetarian/meat, healthy vs comfort food and so on)
    1. 1

      I'll be watching out for updates on this product as I have this problem far too often

      1. 1

        I'm launching the beta version soon, would you like me to ping you when its ready?

        1. 2

          Sure. I've followed you as well to see your updates

    2. 1

      Please make this soon! There is so much innovation needed in the online recipe space.

      1. 1

        I'm putting out the beta version soon. Would you like to be one of the first to try it?

    3. 1

      This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

  56. 1

    Been working on Splitt (shared expense management app) with @signorettif for a while now. This month, we are working on polishing up a few last details before launching.

    Just last week, we opened up for beta signups on iOS and Android.

  57. 1

    I'm doing a lot of polish to the core UI of Noora (feedback, roadmaps and changelogs), including adding a new dark theme.

    Dark theme

    1. 1

      Nice! I’m working on a micro-sass that addresses one part of what Noora is doing (roadmaps). How long have you been working on Noora? It looks pretty polished! Have you gotten paid customers yet? If so I’d love to hear how you got started, I’m in very early days with

      PS - next time through a link to Noora in your comment! I had to go searching through your post history to find it. Not a big deal, but you might get more visibility that way

      1. 1

        I've been working on it since March this year. I've got some paid customers, yes. I had a few people in mind before I started that I knew would pay for this tool and luckily they did. I then went on a bit of a dead-end implementing help article & ticketing support (although it is nice to have these for my own use and skip the Intercom fees...). Now I'm really focusing on customer input and doubling down on the product management features - with a bunch of roadmapping improvements planned for down the line.

        For those who also were looking for the website, you can find it at (although please note that the new UX won't ship until later this week).

  58. 1

    I started working on a CLI for Mockoon and it's going quite well. But I should really say we as Mockoon now has two official maintainers :D. This is a big and positive change for the project. We will be able to discuss implementation with someone, and have two thing being worked on in parallel!
    Mockoon is still completely free and open-source, and the CLI will also be open-sourced.

  59. 1

    Working on the conversation view for Whistly.


    1. 1

      Interesting concept!

      Btw, add a privacy policy. It was the first thing I looked for when the app asked for my location. 😉

      1. 2

        Thanks. It's there already. You can check it out here:

  60. 1

    I have started working on a Product Hunt for Open Source packages/repos. The goal is to launch a MVP by the 3rd week of November. Haven't thought much about anything else apart from building it right now :D

    1. 1

      Would be interested to submit Mockoon's future CLI I'm working on :)

      1. 1

        Thanks for the interest. Means a lot!

  61. 1

    Development community
    I'm working on a development community I've been creating for the last few months. It'll be a modern, distraction free attractive alternative to stackoverflow in the same sort of space to IH/devto.


    • NextJS
    • SASS
    • Strapi & Postgresql

    Making great progress so far. Don't think I'm ready to show anything yet as my plan is just to launch it when I'm ready.

    I started a YouTube channel last month, with coding tutorials and got lots of traction, have gained 77 subs, would love to get to 100 if you want to support here's my channel;

    Alan Montgomery - Coding Tutorials
    This month I plan on releasing another 2-4 videos on JavaScript/React.

    I started a development blog last week, I've always wanted to blog but never found a platform to do it on which intrigued me. Hashnode changed that tbh. Check it out here;

    1. 2

      Hello Alan,
      seems like you managed to create a lot of content in a short period of time. That's hard to do so I can understand why people subscribe (I just did myself).
      I remember that when I learned react, what helped me the most was a course that took me step by step building a full app, from the ground up. Maybe a series like that could create a lot of engagement.
      Anyway it seems like if you just keep going, you'll gain more momentum as time goes by. Keep pushing!

      1. 2

        Thanks so much for the reply. Appreciated and appreciate the sub 🙌

        I was actually thinking of doing a full step by step series, was thinking of a JustEat clone or instagram clone in react/nextjs, something like that as there would be plenty of functionality and features to cover as well as low level design patterns and structure.

        Appreciate the suggestion, I'll definitely be prepping this

  62. 1

    Working on the MVP of my (still nameless) product.
    It will contain bite-sized lessons/answers of the essential legal questions for makers/indie hackers that may have in the beginning of their journey (incorporating, IP, privacy, taxes...) and the tools that could help them get solutions quickly and in affordable way.
    Basically, it should replace the first 20 hours of talk with a lawyer.
    Hoping to finish the MVP and present it to potential users for beta testing, or maybe post it in this community.

    1. 1

      Really interested in this

      1. 1

        Thanks! If you want to be among the first to see it, you, or anyone else, can reach out at [email protected]

    2. 1

      That sound like it would be really helpful for the community, as legal stuff is rarely given any attention. Really curious to see what you build.

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