December 2, 2019

What are you working on this month?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

With every new month comes a new chance to talk about what you're working on and meet other founders. Here's how you can join the discussion:

  • First, respond to someone else who's commented, just to say hello or leave them some feedback!
  • Next, leave your own comment describing what you're working on (or aspiring to work on), and your biggest goal for December.

That's it!

Excited to hear from everyone and see what you're working on!

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    Working on: an API and Webhooks for Zigpoll so our users can start building out implementations and flows with other apps.

    We would love to hear from you if you have any use-cases or suggestions on what you would build!

    Biggest Goal: Enjoy some time off around Christmas 🎅 and New Years 🎉

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      Zigpoll looks really cool!

      1. 1

        Thanks, I really appreciate it!

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      This is my first time coming across Zigpoll, this is awesome. 🎉

      +1 on the holiday break 🙌

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        Cheers thanks! If you ever end up using it and want a hookup on price or need help w/ anything shoot me an email whenever: [email protected]

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    I'm getting to know more people who are tackling similar problems or are somehow related. A bit part of this has been podcasts. Not everyone I've invited has responded, but Derrick Reimer did a chat with me on my YT channel and I also got an inbound invitation to be a guest on the Does not Compute podcast.

    Other stuff:

    • I'm finishing up a Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion for Alchemist Camp that's gone better than expected.
    • I learned a good bit of Rust after building a Rogue-like game (with color text, algorithmically generated dungeon levels, inventory, spells, ranged combat, multiple AIs for monsters, etc...). Obviously there's much, much more to learn but I'm happy with the fast progress on a language with such a reputation for a rough learning curve.
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    Been working hard on growing Pod Hunt (, recently we passed 750 users, and would love to get to 1K by the end of the year.

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      Wow congrats! just checked out the site and it looks like a nice implementation, great work :)

      1. 1

        Thanks! Pretty happy with how it turned out.

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      Hey @Mubs,

      Looking good!

      This will be a go to resource for discovering podcasts.

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        Hope so! 🤞

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      Hi @Mubs. Love the site and UI/UX. Well done

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        Thanks means a lot as I don't consider myself a designer 😀

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      Great stuff!

      I've used it to discover a few new, awesome podcasts (mainly bootstrapping/marketing stuff) already. Big fan!

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      All the Best

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    Hey all,

    I'm hardly new here, but happy to join in :)

    In December (not October @rosiesherry 😉) I'm working on...

    • Launching the course out of private early access. (Anyone who signs up to the waitlist before the 10th will get an earlybird discount btw)

    • Doing some sales for my new side project, SparkLoop. A referral tool for newsletters to grow faster and more affordably - just like the Hustle and Morning Brew.

    • From the 27-29th of December I'll be livestreaming creation of an entirely new micro-course on monetising newsletters. Showing people how I plan, create content and do marketing.

    I'll also be working on eating a lot of mince pies 🎄

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      SparkLoop sounds great - I've signed up on Where can I find more info?

      1. 1

        We're in super-private early access right now - only way in (or to find out more) is to schedule a short call. We'll change that early in the new year hopefully.

        Just shoot me an email if you want me to show you around :)

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          Thanks @louisswiss. I've followed SparkLoop here on IH so will look out for your updates here!

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      I have no idea what you are talking about! 😉

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      Looking forward to the live stream, as I'd love to do a course, but coming from the dev site it's a bit foreign to me 🤣

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        Haha I'm sure you'd knock it out of the park Mubs - I bet having kids is great preparation for putting a course together 😂

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          Writing words is hard, often takes me longer writing the blog post about a project, then to build the project 😀

          But will do at least one course in 2020!

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      Sounds busy and productive, well done!

      It's always worth at least a couple of days off in the festive season... it's easy to get burned out. Make sure to make time for yourself.

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        Couldn't agree more - I won't be doing any work from the 22nd to 27th.

        By that point, it's nice to be able to do some 'work' for 2-3 days before taking more time off over New Years...

        Especially when it's a new, creative project I wouldn't otherwise have time to do ;)

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      It looks like a nice course for learning sales!

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    Been powering on trying to grow the audience of Worry Kit which is focused on in-moment, accessible sized mental health activities.

    We've spent the past few months working on content and talking to mental health professionals (social workers, psychologists, doctors & nurses) trying to find the right content. We're feeling pretty good about it, so now trying to grow the reach.

    Please check it out if you're interested in mental health. We always appreciate and value feedback ->

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      Very nice job!

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    Working on: and the CMS part of it.

    At the moment it is much easier to build a website in Versoly compared to other competitors but not being able to create a blog is holding us back. Once we have that we will be able to compete with Wordpress and Webflow.

    Also would love to speak to SaaS founders about features they would like and would pay for.

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      Looks cool 😇 Only the blue background at the top feels quite aggressive (at least on my laptop). I would water it down a bit. And you have a very generous FREE package. I especially love this bit: "Terms & Privacy Editor" 😄
      Best of luck with it!!

      1. 1

        Thanks, we plan on doing a big redesign and then cleaning up the messaging.

        Just need to find some SaaS founders/marketers to talk to :)

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      Blogs are certainly important. Personally, I can't wait for the era of wordpress to come to an end :)

      1. 2

        Don't worry, i'm doing my best to end it as fast as possible.

        Currently my static site generator can create a blog in 0.014 seconds.

        The site will also be static so it is very fast and can't be hacked or crash like WP.

        Will most likely opensource the blog generator if I get time.

        1. 1

          This sounds very awesome!

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    Amongst a few other things, one I'm excited about but can't talk about it yet! Muah ha ha.

    I'm doing a Brighton Indie Hackers meetup where I'll get to meet @louisswiss :)

    1. 1

      Do you know of any meetup's in the North of England?

      1. 2

        I know there's one in Manchester -

        Are you in Leeds? I can double check if there is one closer to you, but a quick search feels like there isn't. A great excuse to start one though, they are all volunteer led. :)

        1. 1

          That is a good excuse. I may well do that. Thanks.

    2. 1

      Looking forward to it! 🎉

    3. 1

      I am also Based in Brighton, where can I sign up!

        1. 2

          Cheers mate, I've signed up

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    Working on, teaching people to do better marketing by sending 3 great case studies written by top marketers every week.

    The main motivation is that some marketing channels are often overlooked or people don't know the best practices before they start.

    I want to change that, so they won't waste money and won't be too confused about how everything actually works.

    1. 1

      I like this. I like case studies and know very little about marketing.

    2. 1

      Is this something I can sign up for even though I know nothing about marketing? Or is this for people with a marketing background?

      1. 1

        Great question.

        It's a mix of both. I try to tap into that with every newsletter I send. For example, the newsletter I just sent out was focused on:

        • Using HackerNews to drive traffic to your website - this is for you if you don't know much about marketing
        • Doing keyword research for SEO to get to 150k visitors per month - bit more advanced as you need you and another person to execute this
        • Getting 7,000+ users in a month - more focused on people who have a marketing background

        But, the focus on every article I share is that people explain how they did it, step-by-step, so you can walk in their steps without wasting time, as they also share their results.

        The main reason I keep it that broad is because I enjoy both the basics and the bit more advanced marketing strategies. In the end, I mainly enjoy people explaining how they do marketing, discovering new things in the marketing world, and helping others succeed.

        1. 1

          Awesome, thanks for the detailed response! I'll sign up :)

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    Hope to ship out 2 new features for Copypaste ( by end of this year.. Hope i get to chill on new years eve

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    I am working on the alpha-ish build of Kolabiq ( an open-sourced web app for finding people to collaborate on whatever project you have (comic book, music, community project, etc.) 😄 Gonna have the front-end finished next week. I'm going Serverless + MariaDB with it (cause I have a free hosting 😇)

    If you are a potential user AND would like to be one of the first testers, just drop me a line.

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    Happy December IH,

    Committing to spending around 1-2/3 hours per day after work (except Christmas and holidays) to implement the UI designs from November for HeadOffice and working on making the layout mobile friendly. Basically templates to be applied to all pages/screens.

    After which I will begin the development of HeadOffice based on the feedback and lessons learnt from the MVP

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    Working on which is a landing page builder.

    I'm planning to provide early access to a few people starting from next week.

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    Started Beta Test For Our Canadian Tax Assistant and Incorporation Service!

    We finalized our MVP and are now accepting people to test out our existing products, if you're interested please let me know!

    Incorporation As a Service In Canada
    Tax Assistant / Calendar to ensure you never miss / fall back on your deadlines
    Accounting Set Up: Set up your accounting platform and get your tax accounts set up with the CRA!

    If you know of anyone in Canada looking to incorporate please give them my contact info as we're hoping to test this month and launch early next year!


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    Hey all 👋 I'm Paul from NYC. We're working on a voice-enabled social podcast app. Imagine a place where you could listen to podcasts, talk about them with your friends using your voice, and even create your own bite-sized audio posts for your followers. Would love some feedback:

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    Working on: FrequentQuestions, build a FAQ page in less than 15 minutes that comes with search, metrics, and related articles

    Biggest goal: Release the MVP!

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    I've been trying to get off the ground.

    I built this for some of my side projects. If I can get over my crippling doubt and anxiety, I'd like to spend December trying to find out if others are interested in trying it out.

    Happy holidays!

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    This month is a lite month for me. I have some really big things planned for 2020, so this month I plan on prepping for that, and spending time with friends and family.

    1. 1

      That's great, it's good to recognize when to sprint and when to dial it back and focus on the other important things in your life.

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    This month I'm working on completely "NEW" NutPanda Site
    I'm working on

    Would love to have suggestions. Contribution to the Ethical Policy is most welcome

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    I implemented a referral program for Album Daily with the goal of reaching 500 subscribers by the new year. Now just trying to get my audience to use it!

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    With the core of API Bakery ready, this month I'm planning to finish the other neccessary SaaS parts - users (signups) and billing. Hoping to launch a complete version that people can pay for in early January.

    1. 1

      Good luck!

      Anything special for the billing or just standard Django?

      1. 1

        Thanks! Pretty straightforward stuff. Using FastSpring as the payment processor (Stripe and all ecosystem built around sadly isn't available in my country), but will do minimal integration to start with.

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    Buenos dias!

    This month I'll be working on building out the front-end in React and Material UI (landing page + product). It's been a challenge since I hadn't touched React since full stack bootcamp last October. I'm also hoping to have a ton of research completed and articles gathered to back up the algorithms that I'll be using for the product itself.

    My goal is to have the product ready for release in February, with a rough version of the MVP available for alpha test users beforehand.

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    My Indie Hackers mobile app will be ready for beta testing this month!

    EDIT: Moon is ready for beta testers right now! Let me know if you'd like to try it out. Cheers

    1. 2

      I'm legit excited about this!

      1. 1

        Hey Caitlin, I actually just got Moon approved for beta testing! Any specific email you want me to send the invite to?

      2. 1

        I’m excited that you’re excited!

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    Migrating my biggest new client onto Trolley - they're a multiple of the size of my previous biggest win :)

    1. 1

      Looks great

      Do you have an example for Subscriptions? and if they can cancel them?

      1. 1

        Yes, we handle subscriptions.

        We don't have customer login-and-cancel (yet) but it's on the roadmap; at the moment it's usually handled by customers emailing in to the vendors, whocan tcancel the subscription on the customers' behalf.

    2. 1

      Interesting! Why would I use this instead of Gumroad? (curious, not judgy)

      1. 1

        Good question - Gumroad is very much a competitor, though I believe there's plenty of space in a very large market :)

        • Direct payments. A core feature is sending direct payment links over email (or paste them into an SMS or WhatsApp or whatever)
        • Trolley is quicker and easier to get started.
        • You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes. Price wise it's comparable (or slightly cheaper) because my overheads are low - it's an indie business :)
        • We lean heavily on Stripe, and that means that your data is portable if you do move on
        • (Though we'll also be introducing a new payment method soon, watch this space)

        Thanks for the interest :)

        1. 1

          Interesting - I wish I'd known about this last week :D

          Will bear it in mind next time I have a use case.

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    By the end of 2019

    Release premium version of the app

    Launch New Year's Resolution marketing campaign.

    Make my first dollar.

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