What are you working on this week?

For me, its finishing up the last bits of an update for a project called pophurdle.com I'm working on. The update will help automatically block popups while giving you your privacy back compared to other extensions.

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    I really like Pophurdle! Privacy-based tools seem to be growing a ton right now. I'm working on Bolt, a really easy way to collect design feedback on live websites and static design files.

    As a UX/UI designer, I've been searching for a tool like Bolt (back and forth emails with clients and stakeholders drives me mad + is very inefficient), but existing options have poor UX/UI, lack functionality and/or are expensive, so I built my own! Launching very soon to users on our waitlist, so my current to-dos revolve around finalising the launch website + fixing any bugs!

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      Awesome landing page! Did you use a template for this?

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        Nope - built from scratch in Webflow. It could still do with more polish, but it's ever evolving...

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      That's a great looking landing page and product.

      I know you didn't ask for feedback, but I think the product(not the landing page) could look way better with a better font.

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        Thanks for the feedback! Sorry I'm not sure I follow - the product uses the same font as the landing page. I think there's an issue with fonts in SVGs not rendering if you're seeing a strange font in the images. Will fix the issue if that's the case!

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          Just checked again, yeah that's it for sure.

          The font I'm seeing in the images is Times New Roman, which is not very appealing hahah

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            Ahh yeah. I thought I had fixed that a while back - clearly not! The SVGs I uploaded are still linked to fonts (which your device doesn't have installed), accidentally forgot to convert them to outlines instead. Will do that. Thanks for picking this up!

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    I am finishing up my propagation materials for an Android game I created as a side project during my university studies. The game has just entered pre-registration phase and it is available here

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      Loving the UI, nice work!

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        Thank you! I have spent certain amount of time to design the UI nice and easy to use. If you are interested, I would love to see you to join beta testing program so you can be one of the first people to explore the game! https://play.google.com/apps/testing/cz.jindrichzak.lungo

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    I am developing a version of https://particle.systems for early invitees. Due to the pandemic lockdown, development slowed down on this project as I focused on clients who wanted to take their business online. However, I am glad that I was building my invite list for Particle Systems during that time :)

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    Preparing for a closed alpha release of https://www.indiehackers.com/product/trussdesk Finishing up a couple of features and tidying up the UI a bit. This is absolutely MVP.. so a bit bare bones but its exciting to be getting ready for users.

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    This week I'm finishing things up for The Growth Gardener and making it ready for the very first early-early access user that I will give access very soon now.

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    I'm working on marketing for my stock/crypto portfolio tracking startup Navexa. As a software developer this is the hardest part of running a business that I do.

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    I'm currently working on designing the last touches for the mobile UI of Hyphora (Social Networking Platform for Students) before we launch!!

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    This week, I'm looking for communities to test the app https://www.misakey.com/ before the product hunt launch.

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    Today I launched Nice Ice - a feedback widget platform for indie devs to get their hands on and collect feature requests, bug reports and general feedback. It's one line of code to integrate and free until 15 pieces of feedback, then it's $5 per month forever.

    I'm really interested in seeing how it grows and have loads of cool ideas I haven't seen other feedback tools incorporate. Plus the others just all seem to be so expensive.

    I'm gonna be working on marketing this week and getting some ads out.

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    Interesting! Why should I use pophurdle over the existing products out there? Like uBlock Origin for example?

    I've been working on a platform for health and fitness professionals to deliver and sell their content in their own custom branded app. We just launched to product hunt today! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/fitter

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      It supercharges your adblocker (ex ublock origin) by doing many things like how it tries to close the turn off your adblocker popups on sites that detect it running (will be hopefully improved much more after this upcoming update!

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    I'm working on the landingpage for my React and Flask SaaS Boilerplate ( https://rfboilerplate.dev ) and try to get some feedback whether people understand what my product does on the first glance or not.

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    I'm working on my side project Beginner Surf Gear. Like the name suggests it's a content site for those learning to surf. My focus this week will be on adding new content to the site.

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    I'm working on a couple things for my blog https://daily-dev-tips.com/
    Trying to write some bigger articles so doing a lot of research for those.
    And setting up some interviews for fun 🤩

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    I am going to continue developing android application that tracks and analyze exchange investment for you.

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    I launch my first complex nocode project: ProgressKer - The all-in-one progress tracker app for your daily routine

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    Starting work on Monolithic Microservices, a list of global web services that make it easier to do common web/app-dev stuff, like a geo-db, image transformations, on-demand zip file generation, a global key-value DB and anything else folks want. https://monomicro.dev

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    This week I want to finish the source text (and hopefully the PDF ebook) for my course "Communicating (with Developers)" :-) HMU if you want to know more!

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    I'm working on fontkit.net. It's a free and open source service to quicken the addition of custom fonts to your web projects.

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    Working on Timelog, which you can check out here: https://timelog.link

    It's a time tracker & goals app for your habits! It's already released for Android but still having trouble on the iOS side, creating a dev account at Apple is taking way longer than expected, so the goal for the week is to figure out how to unblock this. :)

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      Hey great work on this. I've got a question, did you ever consider using React Native or Flutter for your apps instead of going native?

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        I'm already using Flutter! The iOS issue is the process to get the app on the App Store, my account registration was only completed today after over a month! And I'm expecting approval of the app to be published to the store will also take a few weeks.

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    Focused on interviewing virtual events organizers and influencers on behalf of Virtual Mojito. Fun experience so far @adawg4

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    Working on customizable Canva templates.
    Making final touches and should be completed by end of day.

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    My co-founder and I are polishing the live demo and onboarding process for our product over at https://metametrics.io. We recently did a burst of interviews with people who we think are in our target customer profile, and were able to make good progress on refining our messaging and problem statement.

    After the demo is working and we've posted some more information about the user experience on the landing page, we plan on ramping up efforts on in-person (Zoom) sales meetings and maybe some SEO.

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    But I love popups! /s

    This week, I'm working on launching a second short-format marketing podcast.

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    I'm working on my new product, it'll be available at https://yak.dev soon.

    The product is a widget(at first, later it'll be a set of widgets) that helps product owners to increase activation, retention, and engagement on their web app.

    You'll be able to create a "Mission", which consists of a set of tasks that your users need to do before they can see the value of your product(or a feature).

    Preview of the Mission widget:
    Yak preview

    The key thing is that you’ll be able to collect usage data and learn from the behavior of your users, their engagement, feature adoption, and many more!

    With it, you’ll be able to test hypotheses about your UX/Onboarding, improve retention and conversions.

    I’m planning to open the beta in a few weeks, if anyone is interested just follow me on twitter @GiancarlloRojas.

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    Working on finalizing the vision for the Customer Value Journey of my project, Cartfuel.

    Also, going to be planning a new UI, which I'm super stoked about.

    Btw, your project looks cool.

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    Been working on getting more eyes on ChromeExtensionKit. I ended up getting a large number of sales when it did well on Reddit and was featured in a newsletter, but as you'd expect, that has slowed a fair bit once those posts started to age.

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    1st week of college 💪

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      Have a great time!

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