March 11, 2019

What are you working on this week?

Anthony Castrio @AntCas

I'm focused on wrapping up a freelance project and working on a tool to make it easier to search/archive your Twitter DM's.

And looking forward to the Worldwide meetup this Wednesday of course. We're trying out a new platform this week and a new time (optimized for Europe, Africa, & Asia)

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    • Writing our 4th post in our blog on how we used our product to make our product better
    • Ship our Zendesk integration
    • Tweak our Slack notification system

    All these for Ambissues project. We are accepting early access requests

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    Working on a client project (design). Still not sure what to try to tackle or how with my "spare" time. My geographic location makes it particular difficult to meet people in person.

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      Hope to see you at Worldwide in that case. Also struggling with time management. Or maybe I should call it energy management. I have enough time in the day, but I run out of energy to do more programming/product development for my own projects after working on client projects.

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        Have you thought about swapping the order? Working on your personal projects first thing in the day, then working on paid stuff? I think this is what Buffer founded did successfully.

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          Yes, though whichever comes after does suffer. I'm a bit more motivated to work on my own projects after a day of working on other's projects than vice versa.

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    Working on redesigning the public facing FAQ pages for 🎉

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      Idea: what if your FAQ page was your home page? You'd be showcasing your core offering up front. Also, most FAQ's I see are part of another page, can frequently be used in that way?

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        That's a good idea... never thought of doing that!

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    Revamping our portfolio section on

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    Adding more illustrations to this:

    And currently also trying to improve the response speed of our designers (aiming for 2 hours max!)

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    I just sent my first free newsletter. Feels good :)
    Trying out more things to get in front of a relevant audience.

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      Nice! What things are you trying?

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        Currently, I'm trying to make twitter posts about top books I have on the weekly list.

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    hey would love for you guys to also try out my platform