April 5, 2019

What are you working on this weekend?

Courtland Allen @csallen

It's Friday, and I'd love to know who my fellow weekend warriors are! What projects are you working on? How can others help you?

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    This weekend I'm working on content change monitoring for https://www.pulno.com/ (my SEO audit tool). Often when you make an SEO for a customer's website they don't inform you about content changes. We want to notify SEO specialists about important changes that someone has made to the pages they are working on. I'm also still testing our content duplication analyzer that is in beta testing.

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    Working on Remote Leaf - Hand-picked remote jobs delivered to your inbox.

    Finding a remote job might be difficult. Most times we have to go through thousands of remote job postings of which some might not be of value to us.
    We hand-pick the remote jobs that befits your skill & location and send it to you.

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      Can't have enough remote jobs in the world!

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        I don't understand the meaning. Is that positive msg? or what?

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          Yes, sorry, I meant remote jobs are awesome and there should be more products around them :)

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            oh yeah, thanks much!

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    I'll be doing an office hours session with Lynne Tye on Sunday, should be fun.

    Before that, I'll be working on building out another hashtag for IH, similar to this one (#ask-ih). I haven't decided what it'll be yet, but I have a long list of ideas. Probably my favorite idea so far is…

    #talk-to-your-customers: This would be a 21-day challenge that runs once a month. Once you sign up, then every day you have to try to talk to one customer or potential customer and report what you learned. Maybe the site would keep track of your streak, and you'd be doing this along side others who have their own streaks. The goal, of course, would be to become a better founder!

    How can you help? Just let me know what you think. What kinds of hashtags/spaces would you like to see on IH?

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      #today-I-learned could be very useful.

      Also, I'm not sure if hashtags could fix this, but I've been trying to follow people working on similar things to what I am, i.e., @excid3, @tonylea and @zacksiri. They don't post much, but if there were a way of finding other membership sites aimed at programmers, I'd follow all their creators.

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      #talk-to-your-customers sounds excellent. Over and over again we hear successful product creators saying that the number one thing is to listen to customer feedback and give them what they want. Would use.

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      I liked that someone was trying to gather region/background of folks. On Elpha there's a way to tag your expertise so it's easier to search for folks -- could be worthwhile to help get folks the help they need in a more direct fashion?

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    I continue my work on https://vpsformakers.com/, a book about software deployment for web programmers. I will mostly polish small things rather then starting the big missing ones.

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    After setting up all the basic stuff for tradugo.com, this weekend I'm getting the core parts of the app ready and brainstorming a little bit!

    Also, catching up with some more IH podcasts :)

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    This weekend I've been working on https://subassembly.io - after 10 months it's finally at MVP status so managed to launch it today!

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    This weekend I'm launching https://www.growthjobs.io, a curated selection of the best jobs in growth. I've been working on it for the past few weeks worth of nights and weekends so it's going to be good to finally have it out in the real world!

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    Working on the a public API for my product. Multiple customers asked for it for different reasons. It was in the back of my mind (and my backlog ;o) but moved it forward.

    The biggest amount of work is not so much the tech but "nice" description of JSON fields and the API documentation. Turns out API documentation is still a minefield with barely working examples and a lot of tweaking.

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    Trying to stay on top of all the support requests during tax season for https://www.cryptotrader.tax

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    This weekend i'm working on new features for https://www.sprintcost.com

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    I'm building a react native app for grad school that helps people learn foreign language vocabulary by showing them words nearby their surroundings. If the project is a success, I might try turning it into a small SaaS offering.

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    I am working on to improving customer on boarding experience for https://www.docsapp.io

    Also try to do proper marketing to attract more customers. However, this is hardest part for me.

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    Working on some new pricing plans for Draftss.com

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    I’m on findbetterquestions.com where some bugs need to be fixed and working on The Ultimate Guide to Quora Marketing (free ebook if you’re interested ;))

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    It will take longer than the weekend, but I'm working on a product built out of code rather than content that will hopefully appeal to some of my existing audience!

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    I'll be playing with Mailgun. Specifically I'm trying to see if I can set up an email-to-map generator service eg email one or more {postal address, description} to [email protected] and you will receive an auto-generated map like this: https://app.mappandas.com/p/3f8bb7b0-5659-11e9-8dfe-51c68035038c

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    I start working on Release 1.1 (should be 2.0 :-))

    Should be a Major Release... but common, the thing started a bit more then a month ago, so... :-)

    What it will be about. I got feedback from some HR Recruiters/Agencies/Responsible, plus based on own experience with hiring, that having checked and qualified Full-Stack Developer Profiles/Resumes on the Page would be a good thing. So I go that way, meantime improving SEO and other marketing related stuff to bring enough public on the page. Hardest work from my point of view, but there are slowly results coming :-)

    Other thing is, that I must find a way out of my actual job, which is a huge challenge, but i got to much in management direction where I want to come back to my roots, which is development of software products, including "programming" :-)

    If you know a interesting Remote Position as Consultant, CTO or related, please ping me. ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefanwuthrich/ )

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      Just a quick tip, mention what you are talking about man. What's release 1.1, release 2.0, and release before that? Completely lost on what you are trying to sa...

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        Sorry for that :-) Your tip triggered a little blog post:


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    Finally have a weekend free in LA so I'm working on https://datewithwing.com, a surprise date night concierge for couples.

    If you're an IH in a relationship (or have been in a longer-term relationship), I'd love to get your feedback on the onboarding (click Take our Quiz or Get Started on the site).

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      Hey, cool design. IMO it needs more examples up front, so the value prop is clearer. The hand crafting pasta example should be higher up IMO, or may be have a link called 'Examples' in your intro text that jumps down to it.

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        Thanks, Alia. I appreciate your feedback!

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      I like that you're using Typeform for the signup process. I wish it was a bit shorter, but it was no big deal. Smart to not have too many open-ended questions. I would've used something like this with my ex for sure.

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        Here's to the heartbroken ones among us. :beer:

      2. 0

        Maybe for the next one ;)

        When you two were together, what was your typical date night like?

        There are plenty of personalization questions I need to add (like, whether your relationship prefers more active or passive dates), but I hope to keep the majority easy, 5-second questions

        And yeah, the typeform/zapier/marketing automation will be a cool, code-free backend to start.

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    I am working on Yuum (https://yuum.io). I am actually almost done with the initial alpha version (finally). This weekend I am going to put a Redis server up to handle background jobs for the Yuum App. As of right now, I should be done coding the app next week but I still need to test so alpha is not coming next week. I have people signed up and have others that want the app so I need to finish.

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      the logo on your site looks pretty blurred on retina screens

      1. 1

        Noted. I will address this soon. Thanks

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      That's funny. A friend of mine, @caffeinatedwes, pitched a similar idea last year on StartupBus

      Big fan of the landing page. It's quite long, though. Have you thought about cutting it in half?

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        Thanks! Yeah, I am actually planning to break the site up into more pages. I have more sections coming such as testimonials (real ones, not fake) and a possible video area.

        Right now I am busy coding the actual app and don't have time to work on breaking the website up just yet.

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    This weekend I am working on SVG Animation Assistant.

    I am working on a new build for Windows & the first build for OSX.

    After that I will add a feature for exporting your animations to SVG & GIF which is the feature most requested by users.

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    I will be working on my pilot version of CaravelStudio what will be "SaaS visual editor" in the nearest future but for now, it will allow you to create pages and styles visually.
    The funny part is I wanted to see if it's possible to create a visual editor in one month by one person. I still don't know, the deadline is April, 11th!
    I don't even have a landing page for this product but I document my journey in my twitter account https://twitter.com/CaravelKit

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    This weekend I’ll be finally working on my main IH hustle

    Because for the last few weeks I was invested in PH Makers Festival. I really hope to win — this would give me and my product a so much needed media boost. I explained my reasoning in this post.

    The voting ends tonight at 11 PM PDT (morning here). After that, there’s nothing else left other than to wait for results.

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      Paul, that is amazing!!! You have my vote — best of luck!

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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