November 9, 2019

What are you working on this weekend?

Courtland Allen @csallen

Share your weekend project and goals! Or, if you're taking some time off, feel free to share that, too. 🤗

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    Changing our pricing structure for so it's based per response gathered instead of per page request. Also planning how to communicate this change to our existing customers. It's trickier than I thought it would be! I think the best bet is to just grandfather everyone in - if anyones had to do it before would love your thoughts.

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    I'm working on removing changing from freemium to completed paid app with free trial.

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    My goal for this weekend is to redesign the homepage of SocialTracker. (A tool for monitoring social media performance) Last week I've launched Premium reports, but the homepage doesn't fully reflect the benefits yet that the tool offers.

    Hoping I can share it here soon!

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    This weekend is dedicated on catching up as much as possible with what you have here on IH, very good way to spend my time :)

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    Taking the good parts of twitter and goodreads to create something new for book lovers. Setting up the waitlist page this weekend.

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    Was looking for ways to build a marketplace website with no-code

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      I built mine from scratch with Webflow, Airtable, Zapier, and Stripe Connect. Let me know if you’d like to chat.

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        Yea would love to know how you built it :D

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        I did find them. Too expensive right now, lol

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    Currently working on new blocks and templates for my main project.

    If anyone wants to see an example :)

    I have quickly became much better at design which is weird for me. As a back-end developer design was always difficult but once I got stuck in and just started creating it became a lot easier.

    I guess looking at 100s of the best landing pages will do that to you.

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      Good work Volkan! I'm learning to design as well. A quick few tips I've picked up. One thing that's bugging me about the design is that the corners of the outermost box are not rounded. It's often best to either round everything or nothing at all to maintain consistency.

      Another tip for shadows is to throw in a bit of the background color. Not the exact same shade, but a dark green should suffice with lower opacity. I think your shadow is too grey looking.

      From a UX perspective, the photo is way more present than it should be. The primary action of this component is the Learn More button. Elements that are higher in elevation are usually of greater importance. I would find a way to emphasize the button and deemphasize the image.

      Good luck! Design is a super exciting skill and allows you to communicate with people in a whole different way.

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        Good eye!


        Some great tips, these are blocks that are used inside a template / landing page so the green might be blue.

        That is why I sticked with grey. But I agree if I was able to add a hint of the background color it would look amazing.

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    I dedicated the weekend to redesign the Sitesauce UI and was really happy with how it turned out (here's a video preview).

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    I'm working to complete the Udemy 45 Days course launch challenge, it is my first time doing something like this.

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    Promoting our productivity tool meets interruptions killer and our Upcoming Product page for our Product Hunt launch

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    I guess I am the only one that actually took a break. Joined a friend for a VFR and IFR flight in a Piper Warrior 2. Coding on my side hustles starts tomorrow (if you're unemployed you need to keep weekend and week seperate...)

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    I had a very productive weekend working on new features for

    • Our users can now sort companies across 3 dimensions: Market cap, Revenue and R&D spending ⬆️⬇️
    • Our users now have support for 30 more companies 🙌
    • New operating expenses chart in all companies 📈

    Have a nice day 👋

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    I'm going to swap my stripe dev tokens to prod tokens for I'm ready to charge for postings on the site. I've been getting more active users and made the additional features worth it for companies to pay.

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    I'm working on making imdone's board filter autocomplete with all card tags.

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    I'm working on a pretty fun project. I'm making a backup of all our funerals. Right now they are all hosted in Azure, and backed up in Azure. I don't anticipate Azure ever going down or loosing my data, but still don't want all my eggs in one basket. So I bought a raspberry Pi, and a 16TB hard drive. I'm writing a little python program to sync all the funerals in the cloud to this hard drive.

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    I’m building a couple new tools for our users at Lean Canvas & Pitch Deck builders. We advise early-stage startups, so it’s great for our mentors to be able to see the fundamentals. They were two things that came up during a lot of calls, “have you built your Lean Canvas,” and clients saying no, so thought it would be helpful to embed it and be able to (optionally) share it with your mentor automatically. A lot of people associate pitch decks only with fundraising, but being able to clearly and concisely articulate these components is critical to a startup, regardless of desire to fundraise.

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    I'm trying to improve the UX/UI of

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    My wrists were feeling good so I spent a good 18 hours actually coding!

    Since nobody answered my earlier call for an event analytics replacement for Keen, I'm building my own! I really want to get it to where I can entrust my own site analytics to it by the end of next week.

    On a completely unrelated tangent, I did a Rust/Tcod Roguelike tutorial during the week and have gotten kind of obsessed with it. I've implemented procedural dungeon generation, keyboard/mouse controls, equipment, spells, multiple monster AIs (which spells can mess with), items, status messages, HP and inventory bars, saving and loading games and character experience levels.

    It's just for fun but, I ended up learning a ton (as a Rust newbie) and amazingly, the whole thing is only about 2,500 lines of code . Unfortunately Rust isn't (usually) as useful for an indiehacker as it is for a huge company with scores of infrastructure devs. There might be something I can do with Rust + wasm, though...

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    I'm bringing user's data's correlations into their everyday user experience.
    Also, I'm comparing the performance of the older version of the tool with the newer version. It seems like people stick a little longer with the new version. But its hard to tell quite yet. The new version was released Oct 31.

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    Doing funnel simulations for the pre-launch of

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    Today I'm working on the new version of Safe Photos which includes support for the Portuguese language. This will be the first update of the application which is currently available in English. :D

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    This weekend I'm trying to bring Learnji app ( into a decent shape to leave it out there on the store for a little without touching it much.

    Currently the main app has 9 languages (🇬🇧🇩🇪🇮🇹🇫🇷🇪🇸🇵🇹🇰🇷🇨🇳🇯🇵, but I want to branch them out into their own little vocabulary apps, as users typically don't want to learn several languages, but just one.

    First one is out as of this week, too :)

    🇬🇧 >>

    The goals for the weekend is to finish (meaning localise) all the screenshots and get the App Store descriptions done (also localised).

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    I'm creating a card for a landing page and setting up the website! We finally got our Tax ID so it's time to get started!

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    Just finished the title sequence animation for

    I thought I'd be able to finish up an intro video too, but I think I'll keep it for next weekend

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    I lost momentum. Started building an app and was doing very intensive work. It was almost ready, but then I stopped for no apparent reason.

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    Catching up on drafting new interviews for this week. Also, working on improving my consistency through trying couple of apps.

    Also had a productive session with a mentor Austin on

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    I just created a brand new blog yesterday. Wanted a different space to experiment with things and publish random stuff that I care about without obsessing much about researching topics and optimizing for SEO. Made the design dark mode by default too as I prefer that personally but have never tried it on my own sites.

    First post is about my switch to browsing with Firefox. I recommend you give Firefox a chance for a faster, calmer and distraction-free internet experience

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      Have you tried the current version of Opera web browser?!

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    I'm currently trying to come up with some strategy to show people what my gaming newsletter ( is and try to make them interested in subscribing to it. However, to be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing since my experience is developing stuff (mainly backend) and I have 0 knowledge of how to promote something.

    It's been rough, there was a topic on Reddit that got some momentum and brought most of the subscribers, however, it's been a while that I don't achieve a single new subscriber.

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      I think your homepage could use some work. Just by visiting I'm not very compelled to type in my email because I don't know what it is.

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    Goal is to soft-launch on the Slack marketplace. Will be charging full price from the start but this will be effectively my beta and testing my leaky bucket before targeting other traction channels.

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    I launched new landing page and product itself in a open beta mode. ( )
    Now working on some really imporant feedback points (open for more :-) ) and next features to deliver.

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    This weekend working on a project where I am making a web app* if I may say which is a Icon library made entirely on CSS and trying to push it forward.

    On Saturday finished the API part which will make possible to call an icon .

    Fun thing is the project has 0 lines of JavaScript , started as a challenge to the point where it is now as a pretty cool personal project.

    Home page looks like this >>

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    Code: Better security 🔒

    It's something no one will see, won't help us spread the word, but you've gotta have it. And one thing I've learned is that as a bootstrapper, you can reuse your code if you ever pivot. So the way I see it: I'm investing in an asset that is aligned with our values and can benefit this project and all future spinoffs.

    Marketing: First blog post draft 📝

    Lots of ideas for what we'll do first. Some ideas:

    • Why I'm working on SpaceTime (where both myself and my co-founder will write our respective stories, so this would be two blog posts)
    • Entering a Crowded Market
    • Second Best - thoughts on bootstrapping inspired by Chance the Rapper's appearance on SNL:
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      Checking back in with myself.

      • 🔒 Security improvements almost merged back into master. Not done, but big progress.
      • 📝 Made very little progress on blog posts, but generated even more ideas.

      Good weekend. Building 🏗 momentum

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    1. Getting started with this community! I just signed up this week. Trying to figure out how to share my expertise (analytics) in addition to just wading into threads and commenting. Nobody's heard of me, but can I do an AMA? hehe

    2. Refreshing an old product I built a while back, for submission to Tinyseed. Will probably submit it here as a product to gather thoughts.

    3. Building a smaller new product to work the code muscles and put something out there! (It's an embeddable feedback widget that employs the Superhuman feedback process for better feedback.)

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      Hey Blake! Read through some of your posts and finding some of your early insights really valuable. I am working on a B2C marketplace for furniture and home decor — a p2p, visual shopping network for the home category. Happy to follow and would love to connect!

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        It would be a pleasure! Please consider this a standing invitation to talk shop.

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    working on a photo sharing app + landing page for Android

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    My goal for this month is to finish a project and ship it. Said project is a meditation timer.

    I know 1912837 meditation timers already exist, but mine will be exactly what I (and hopefully others) want.

    The main feature is the possibility to automatically increase meditation time daily/weekly/whateverly.

    You can see where I'm at by visiting this link:

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    Figuring out how to implement in-app subscriptions to a Capacitor/React iOS app. I might end up writing my own library due to the technology being so new😬

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    I'm learning some design skills and sending cold emails to try and get some more customer interviews. I'm also going to send some cold emails to try and pick up some freelance work. I've had a long break from development professionally (2 years), I think it's time to get back.

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    I am trying to recover the tine without side-projects.

    About a month ago, I acquired a tool that monitors the Internet and users' behavior to discover exploding trend before they get popular.

    In these period of time, I tested my hypothesis (the fact that a newsletter with business and content marketing ideas related to the trend is better than a tool to see all the new trends) with an email list I have. Today, I built an official landing page for the newsletter.

    I also built a landing page for an idea a talked about here on IH (a newsletter with the key takeaways from the best business podcasts). I was unsure between podcasts and articles. I ended up chosing podcasts because I listen to them on a daily basis and are on average a lot more valuable than articles. Before building the landing page, I tested this idea too.

    In my company (we do a lot of cold emails), we developed a tool for internal use that is basically the premium version of but can also scrape social media information from facebook, instagram, and twitter pages.

    At this point, it is not ready as a standalone Saas, but I am thinking about selling the service, so that we can start making money, see if there is interest and improve the product with our and our clients' feedback.

    I am also thinking about a blog to talk about my side-projects and how I see business. As you have probably understood, my main strategy is to do lots of bets and see what works.

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      Would love to talk about the builtwith tool :)

      I'm currently looking at building something similar but for a very small niche.

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        I've been a builtwith premium user for more than a year, but I found it hard to justify 10k a year for the tool.

        I feel like there is space in the market, because the actual competitors are not even close (snovio, nerdydata) or have an even higher pricing (datanyze).

        What would you like to know? You can leave an email if you prefer.

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    This weekend I'm working on doing some research for what business I'm going to do next!

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