April 13, 2019

What are you working on this weekend?

Abinaya from Remote Leaf @abinaya

I'm going to fix the Stripe Beta integration that I've done for https://remoteleaf.com


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    Editing podcast episodes! Recorded a few this week, and had a few backlogged that needed editing.

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      You must've answered this somewhere but how long does each podcast episode take you to edit?

      I'm always really impressed by the quality of your episodes and the Indie Hackers podcast is easily in my top 3!

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    I've just finished the search implementation for https://wpthemeslike.io/ and added a WP theme providers table page 😃

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      This is pretty cool. Is hosting the only way you plan on monetizing with? Have you considered making your own Theme Like... which is better than what already exists and offering it a full price?

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        Hello, Gene and thanks! I honestly have no big expextations for it, as this project was first of all a way for me to learn Jekyll and practice some more front-end stuff (development is not my main thing). Also, I applied some SEO practices. But as an idea, I would say affiliate sales for themes and hosting, maybe ads to WP-related products would be ways of monetization.

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          I see, it looks really good. I bet you can make good money through affiliate sales if you can push most of the traffic through to your partnerships (and eventually create killer deals hard to pass by).

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    I’m trying to get my “Ultimate Guide to Quora Marketing” to people. Any ideas how to do so?

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      What's the purpose of this post? What are you looking to accomplish with this and who is your target audience? I'd look in places they hang out and ask yourself whether that's something they need to read.

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      You can start by sharing a link to your product when you mention it online =)

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    Currently travelling Japan for a month and getting inspired away from my computer. ❤️

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      That sounds awesome! Love Japan 😍

      Have a great time there whilst the rest of us work! 😂

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        Haha thanks, hopefully going to be feeling pretty fresh back in to work in a few weeks :)

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          That's more like it ;)

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      Nice! Make your way down to Kyushu?

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        Nah it's not in my plans, just arrived at Kyoto today from Hiroshima.

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          Cool, must be fun! I was just up in Kyoto and Hiroshima last month.

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    Was working to get featured on Betalist top products and newsletter for https://community.vanila.io which I am growing for last couple of weeks.

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    I'm still working on the same Sales deck for the past 3 week. But that's OK because I have been presenting it to a good mix of people, from technical to business oriented, so I'm using all their feedback to reshape some slides from the presentation.

    And there is another good thing when you do this type of exposure: eventually some people will get so interested on what you're doing that they will try to either help you directly or find somebody else who can. That's instant motivation knocking on your door.

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    https://Unsharpen.com - a huge database of pens and pen refill data! It's passion project, but its been a lot of fun to build.

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    Working on an Overwatch League (Overwatch's professional e-sports league) fantasy app with some friends - https://www.owlfantasy.app.

    Was hoping to have it ready to share with the larger Overwatch community by the beginning of the season a few weeks ago, but we've been pushing it back as it feels like there's still so much polish to figure out... I'm a bit afraid that we're hurting ourselves perfectionism and fear of failure.

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    This weekend, I just did a soft launch for Space Bandits, a site where I share the stories of exciting space startups. Had a great response so far and preparing the next set of startups to be featured.

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    I've recently launched my Australian Garage Sale app www.saleega.com.au
    I've been having trouble getting anyone to care though, so I spent the weekend creating a blog, SEO and trying to convince Google that I exist. Anyone have any good tips on solving the chicken and egg problem?

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    This weekend I decided to make my account a bit more polar using https://bigbangram.com/directmessage.
    But I don’t really like the result so far, most likely I’m doing something wrong. Has anyone encountered this before?

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      What do you mean by "polar"? Which account are you referring to?

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    This weekend I deployed my SaaS DocsApp Blog (MVP, default theme) https://blog.docsapp.io/ and now is live!

    In case anyone interest, I use the following tech:

    1. https://ghost.org/ as editor (Beautiful editor)
    2. https://www.gatsbyjs.org/ as static site generator (Nice static site generator)
    3. https://www.netlify.com/ hosting (Free :))
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    I start on candidates resume builder section for upcoming developer profiles ( https://fullstackjob.com/developer/profiles ) plus some SEO related tasks

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    Testing out an idea that can help businesses. Building the MVP.

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      How are you testing it exactly? Do you mean the MVP or are you doing some user research/customer development?

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    Preparing to get the buzz out next week for tractioncorner.com

    Researching some sites and groups etc.

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      This looks like it could be useful for early stage founders or anyone that's bootstrapping. Good name too!

      Could you elaborate on how exactly it works and what people can expect from being part of the Slack group?

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        Thanks :)

        It‘s just a Slack Group in general. When you join you can meet a lot of other maker like yourself and chat about topics like SEO, Publicity or everything you want to talk about. Eventually this creates a place where we can support each other in getting our projects off the ground and learn from mistakes and wins the others have.

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          Oh interesting, so it's like an accountability group in Slack. Cool! Best of luck with it :) If you're looking for more feedback, definitely post about it in the general forum!

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    Trying to write a coherent blog post - "Why Your A/B Testing Will Never Get Your Startup 10x, 100x Growth". Trying to reach out to prospects to validate an idea, so far no responses. (this to me is the hardest part of starting a side gig).

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    I'm working on a remote job aggregators myself.

    Im curious about your strategy with remoteleaf. I understand current remote job aggregators don't have great search but in case someone does it (it's one of my focuses), how would paying for subscribing to a filtered list be better than searching on an aggregator?

    Anyways, I know how hard it is to release your own product. Keep up and good luck

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    I am going to test a new idea this whole month.

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      Why not tell a bit more?

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        hey. I am working on https://SupportHero.ltd where we provide customer support staffs for WordPress plugin developers. I have one customer now and but I need to validate if there's large enough market for it. So will be reaching out to plugin developers the whole month, help people on support forums, etc trying to acquire some customers.