September 8, 2019

What are you working on this weekend?

Share your weekend project and goals! Or, if you're taking some time off, feel free to share that, too. 馃

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    For Title

    • Customizing typewriter sound effects

    • Implementing article deletion

    • Thinking about growth strategy/more niche communities to focus on

    For personal

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      love that book

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    For Versoly

    • Adding forms to it (requested by customers )

    • Working on marketing plan for the rest of September

    • Updating landing page with new service (lots of customers want a new landing page/marketing site but don't have time)

    For SaaS Pages

    • Find the best key words for SEO

    • Find the best articles for them

    • Create content from them to post on SaaS pages

    • Reach out to the writers etc for backlinks

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    Hey @csallen!

    This week-end I worked a lot on my side project to connect communities in a 1:1 fashion.

    I built a landing page dedicated to the 100 days of code challenge: 馃殌

    I wonder if you think it could be interesting for Indie Hackers?

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    Building LEGO with my son, in the mean time I鈥檝e got the BBQ going to slow cook a pork belly.

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    • Designing newsletters

    • Working on SEO

    • Convert the stand-alone script to artisan command to generate twitter cards (social share)

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    After the good launch a couple of weeks ago and some preliminary work on a 2nd product, I'm in intense learning mode again!

    On Friday, I reread @NathanBarry's Authority and got much more out of it than I did 5 years ago. I'm already putting some things into action from it.

    I've nearly finished @geddski's, a game that teaches CSS Grid thoroughly. Tonight, I'm also working through exercises from @justinvincent's and working on the early stages of @brennandunn's course on ConvertKit.

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    Homework. I'm a high school student.馃槀

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    Just chillin' this weekend. Need a break. Will be ready for next week!

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    Working on checkout polls for Zigpoll. Check out the demo here if you want to add a checkout poll do your Shopify store:

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    Setting up users on my site

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    Published an article on Dev and got some attention (~ 15k views / 24h):

    How I鈥檝e built 100+ open-source apps with automation tools:

    Note: This is my first interaction on IH.

    .. <('_')> ..

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    In between shifts at the hospital trying to recruit more resident and medical student contributors for

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    Was an extremely productive weekend and it's now finished! I managed to get a lot of things done.

    For PageCrawl

    I have neglected this project for quite some time, I finally managed to implement several much-requested features. I'll be getting back to this project with new ideas and hopefully, will get some new customers.

    • Updated the landing page (Still in progress)

    • Implemented bulk-page adding and scraping page to discover new links

    • Added ability to tag monitored pages

    • Upgraded servers and moved file storage to S3

    For PaperSurvey

    This is a project that I am constantly improving and working on it daily.

    • Resolved a few UI problems.

    • Implemented integration with Google Sheets.

    • Significantly improved digit recognition model to minimize false positives.

    • Optimized the performance for the mobile app.

    • Code cleanup and testing.

    For Top Rated Online

    I was planning to rework the design and make it easier to use, but the time got eaten up by the two projects mentioned above - maybe next time.

    Also, I started another small side project - hopefully be quite useful for many people. I am not sure how to monetize it yet. Probably freemium/one-time payments would be the best fit for it.

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    Launched MVP.

    Started basic marketing and working on Beta features

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    Designing another template for and sending out bi-monthly newsletter updates.

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    Time to stop coding, and start other activities :)

    I'm also trying to find a better strategy, taking into account a specific of my product (SaaS app templates/boilerplates).

    Any suggestions on it?

    Thanks, Allen and everyone :)

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    Continuing work on EditNext. I鈥檓 really hopeful I鈥檒l be able to launch my MVP by the end of the week but based on the progress I made today (and the fact that I鈥檓 watching football now 馃槄) I might not have enough to launch until next week.

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    Hey @csallen !

    I am building an MVP of !BulmaExpression to launch on 2 weeks.

    Needs to build:

    • Themes previews.

    • Snippets.

    • Remove links from navbar and footer.

    • Add links to more projects related to Bulma.

    You can see the progress for BulmaExpression here:

    And for

    • Explore a different side bar and remove top bar if needed.

    • Add more cards to the fonts page.

    I am also working on my diet.... but is going really bad...

    Have a good one you all.

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    I'm plugging along at Getting ever closer to launch but the goalpost seems to be moving as well. I know it goes against the whole ethos of throwing things at the wall, seeing what sticks, and moving on, but I just feel that I want to put as much care and consideration into this as I can.

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    This weekend I updated the visual design on RealWork my new mobile task and communication app for mobile field worker.

    Here are a few screenshots of the some of the screens and features here

    It's made specifically for people who don't sit behind desks but have jobs out and about such as construction, installation, inspection, retail, logistics and I have spent a lot of time trying to make the interface as simple yet as powerful as possible as many of these users aren't tech-savvy.

    It's in closed beta still and works both for Android and iPhone. If you know anyone in the non-desktop industry who would be interested in being a beta user, please let me know.

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    My Travel Planner is moving closer towards MVP status.

    I've managed to overcome some of the most challenging technical hurdles, which was extremely freeing.

    This then allowed me to then focus on styling, layout and interactivity, as well as finishing the most fun feature so far: sharing trip plans via a public link!

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    I've been working on the ability to cancel a subscription, in preparations for a full release :)

    I have also created a website ran with GoHugo, for my wedding that I had earlier in the summer. I plan to upload images there for guests to see.

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    Tidying up some really miniature bugs for

    Also, got automatic email reminders implemented and successfully made it through my first week of launch with 11 paying customers! 馃敟

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    Working on Balsa (Open source documents, tasks and knowledgebase platform) , a small but ambitious side project - I explained about it in detail here, asking for IH's honest feedbacks :-)

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    Attempting to increase the rate at which people share articles from

    I have designed a new sharing section at the bottom of articles where I directly ask people to share.

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      Is it deployed already? I can't see it at the bottom of interviews :)

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        Integrating now - will be live in next hour or so

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    Launched two products this weekend! 馃殌馃殌

    That's a first for me :)

    Launched a small chrome extension yesterday and a Figma plugin today, both on ProductHunt

    The chrome extension redirects some of your Google searches to DuckDuckGo and the Figma plugin checks if your design is safe for people with epilepsy to view

    The funny thing is that yesterday's product was not featured on the front page, so they bumped it up to today's page

    That means both products are on the homepage side by side 馃槉

    DuckDuckSometimes (4th place) & Epilepsy UX (5th place)

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    Completely scoping my app and finding a technical cofounder

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    Creating start triggers used in flows automation for Tapdesk CRM (

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    Hey @csallen!

    For Newseon

    • Writing unit tests for backend API service

    • Add log management with Winston

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    Converting my front-end from Javascript to Typescript!

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      How come? :) I have a project with 10k+ lines of JS and haven't had a problem yet.

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        Hey @volkandkaya,

        Thanks for asking!

        Just setting myself a solid foundation on which to build! JS was great for the first four weeks of getting to MVP, but I'm running into more issues of object properties being one thing in one situation, and another thing in another, so this is forcing me to standardise my interfaces.

        I'm confident that I'd be able to continue shipping in JS, though I'm anxious that each new feature shipped will bring more subtle imbalances, so I'd rather put my flag in the ground and cut it out now. I'm pretty much doing a week-long refactor, and the conversion from JS to TS is one part of it :)

        Also just checked out your project! Looks sweet 馃憣

        -- Isaac

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    building a guestposting tool

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    Thanks for asking @csallen :)

    1. Slightly improved the "Categories" section of SaaSHub

    2. Started thinking deeper on the premium features I'm going to offer - IH post

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    Released alpha version of

    Will be adding new features and gaining sign ups :)

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    Working on getting our last bit of users for our next cohort class -

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    Day 1 of working on mvp :)

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    Trying to throw together an MVP for and not overcomplicate it.

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    Finishing up the first part of the Sales for Founders course ready for launch on Monday!