What are your best tips for cold emailing?

Hello builders!

We all gotta do it:) we all gotta send those cold emails!

What are your tips for a successful cold emailing campaign?

Thank you all

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    Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. Most responses (yes, desirable ones) happen in response to emails 3-5.

    Rewrite the same 1-3 key points in each email in the sequence. Typically: key point 1 is your credibility that's relevant to them, second is you laying out exactly what they need but are lacking and a quick iteration of what you can do to help them with it, and last is your crystal clear CTA to act on your offer.

    Email the highest 1-2 people in the hierarchy you can find. Often one of them will reject you and the other will accept your offer. This is especially true in bigger companies where two higher ups don't always have exactly the same priorities.

    Don't email support or hr or generic email accounts like that.

    Save yourself time (multiple days to weeks) by buying the contact information of the people in your target companies. There are many good sites that sell this information.

    Track your open and response rates closely. This will teach you how to refine your cold email writing.

    You will get hate from some people for the follow-ups. But if you don't follow-up, you'll have very poor conversion. So, you have to be mentally resilient to the minority who respond back negatively.

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      Super helpful! Will definitely implement starting tomorrow:) thank you so much @richap! Clearly you got a lot of experience;)

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    There are three kinds of prospects and you can use three different writing styles to hook them.

    1. If your prospect is aware of your product and has realized it can satisfy his desire, your headline starts with the product.

    2. If he is not aware of your product, but only of the desire itself, your headline starts with the desire.

    3. If he is not yet aware of what he really seeks but is concerned with the general problem, your headline starts with the problem and crystallizes it into a specific need.

    When you are sending cold emails, you have the third kind of prospects. There you should use cold emails to only connect in the level of problems. Try offering immense value to prospects who don't convert on your CTA by making them get an irresistible free resource from you. Nurture them with newsletters and content until they are ready to buy.

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      "When you are sending cold emails, you have the third kind of prospects."

      Why do you say that cold email means the prospect is the third type?

      I've cold emailed many type 1 and 2 prospects, and tbh they are the best kind - far less blood, sweat and tears to convert them.

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      Thank you @Shushrut1996! Very much appreciated. Insightful. Will actually change my strategy!

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    I’d find out their current stack (through job postings, blog posts, linkedin, or insider connections if possible) and find out where they are in their buying process/journey. So when selling CRM for example you could see:

    • they’re either outgrowing their current solution
    • they just implemented or need to upgrade
    • they kicked off a project but it’s turning out expensive
    • they’re still on Excel spreadsheets and not aware of this whole world of CRM

    Based on where they are, I’d talk benefits of moving up one stage (i.e. upgrade/extend/reimplement).

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    Email is just not enough, you should be leveraging multi-channel outreach methods.

    • Calling
    • Social
    • Emailing

    But to your question: Great emails typically reflect a deep understanding of who the prospect is and what they care about. Before writing your email, identify 2-3 key findings that you can mention and tie your value prop to.

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      Yes, somewhat time-consuming. But effective.

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      Very true! Always works!

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    Hi @DimaD88, the most important thing in a cold email is to explain how your user gets value rather than merely describing the feature.

    For example, on your site supernotes.co, you do a great job explaining the value that the user receives from 5 minute podcast summaries:

    • "You'll never miss [an insight from the podcast]"
    • Save time and "make smarter decisions, faster"
    • "Level up your practical knowledge"
    • Skim "without missing anything [important]"

    I think you could make your site even stronger by adding a few additional benefits to the user. For example,
    "Share these 5-minute summaries with friends in order to add joy to their lives while sparing them the hour-long full contest, which may not interest them."
    "Let the pros take your podcast notes... so you'll discover things that you may have overlooked if listening on your own."
    "Do you not have time to listen to all the podcasts you want to listen to? Consume more content with the time that you save."

    @DimaD88, if these tips were helpful, then I think you'll like my website, SplashPad (https://getsplashpad.com). SplashPad helps you write more effective cold emails by suggesting language that helps you grab attention and sell -- while you're writing. Visit https://getsplashpad.com.

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      @ryanh1 thank you so much for such interesting insights! Will definitely check it out!

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    Be a human being and treat the person you’re emailing like a human being.

    Don’t try and be clever. Don’t try and “sales” then.

    Just be genuine and humble.

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