July 20, 2019

What are your biggest pains right now?

Gabriel J. Pérez Irizarry @gabrieljoel

What are you are struggling with right now?

Want to get a business idea and hopefully help some of you out!

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    Hey bro, I was searching for a way to get on the Slack Channel for Solo Founders and the research lead me to you. Can you help me out? Also, I have made (what I think) is a lot of progress in determining my market, establishing strategic partners and even earning some revenue, and I want to spend some time around a group that are going through some of the same things as me to aid in progression.

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      Hey man. That Slack is barely active nowadays.

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    What group are you targeting? Indiehackers in general? A subset of them? Where do you have skills that you could apply?

    If you asked 'What are you struggling with in getting people to do X,Y,Z' etc might be easier to get good answers.

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      I'm just doing a broad idea search since I started losing some faith in my current project. Didn't have any audience in mind. I'm a developer and can build web apps.

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          No, I already have a couple of ideas I'm working on :)

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            Don't we all? haha
            I'm interested in entrepreneurs in PR, I hope I can get there this year or next.

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              Feel free to ping me if you come here! We can meetup.

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