What are your favorite resources to get news about social enterprises + purpose-driven businesses?

I was just reading the post linked below from Rosie on how she gathers news for her community building newsletter, and it got me thinking about how I'd like to find some great people and sites/blogs/etc to follow to keep informed on people doing great things in the impact space.

  • Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter in the impact/social enterprise space?
  • Do you follow any hashtags? (I've tried #socent and #purposedriven, but they seem hit and miss)
  • Blogs or newsletters?
  • Other resources?

Thank you!

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    Do I sense another Substack in the making? :) If you want to get up-to-date on impact news, the way to do it is to become part of an existing team of another B Corp and get plugged into their community (which is called B Hive). The B Corp community frequently has free events/webinars which anyone can attend. You can register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/d/online/b-corp/?q=b+corp The sort of knowledge/contacts you will gain will far surpass any tweet, in my opinion! In the impact space, I think meeting people and having conversations (even if it's virtually) is especially important to getting a sense of what's going on.

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      Haha, maybe! 🤔

      Thanks so much for the feedback and for sharing the link--there are a ton of events that look great. One of my clients is a BCorp, and he said the same thing. I will check out their free events. I've been enjoying and getting a lot of value out of their newsletter, and I'm sure their events are great too. Thank you! How long has your business been a certified B Corp?

      I'm thinking of another post I saw in this group a while back about how it can feel overwhelming or intimidating to run your business as a social enterprise, so I'd also like to tap into businesses + communities that maybe don't have the resources to go through the B Corp certification process, but have a social mission or purpose or give back in some way (there are so many ways to incorporate the "for good" part into business). I want to help make it feel more accessible to indies by highlighting different ways businesses, even small indie ones, are doing good. Have you heard of B1G1? https://www.b1g1.com/businessforgood/

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    • Springwise (https://www.springwise.com/) is an excellent source for all the latest innovations happening across the globe, especially in social entrepreneurship.
    • Causeartist (https://www.causeartist.com/) is a global community and social enterprise platform, which covers brands, startups, and social entrepreneurs impacting the world through social enterprise. They have an ongoing blog and several podcasts.
    • Singularity University (https://su.org/) is not strictly social entreprenuership but features many innovations from startups looking to solve global moonshot issues.
    • Evolve (http://evolvethe.world/) is a podcast that unpacks the stories of extraordinary social impact founders, visionary leaders, and social enterprise experts as they share how they built startups that are solving the worlds greatest problems.
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    I'd love to know this too. Bumping this thread!

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    Hey @aliz7! Rosie just pointed me to this group. I run a newsletter called In the Good for small and solo business owners (like IHers!) who care about more than making profit. Not specifically official social entrepreneurs, but any business who wants to create a social or environmental impact and run their business responsibly.

    Anyhow, mentioning this because every week I share tools, news and info about businesses doing good things so you might find it a helpful resource!

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