Design and UX April 6, 2020

What are your favorite SaaS landing pages?


Getting ready to do the design on mine and I'm much better at development than design, so I'm looking for a little inspiration. 🙂

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      That is really well done. The amorphous hands make me a little uneasy.

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    Stripe. I can't stop looking at it 🤤

    I really liked how they used nothing more than good color choices and some CSS transforms to build their hero background. Their device illustrations are great, but I was impressed with how they did so much with so little for the background.

    Their approach heavily influenced me when designing my landing page for

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      Those gradient buttons are gorgeous. I'll check them both out when I'm on a larger screen.

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    I know I'm absolutely biased but the most satisfaction landing page I ever seen is

    There are of course more sophisticated works in the wild:,,, But was built in my landing page builder (the guys actually are one of the earliest clients). This is why it takes the special space in my heart 😅

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      Hi Alex, Thank you for the mention :)

      Yes, we are very happy with Unicorn Platform and we are looking forward to keep using it for our landing pages as we transition to next phase of We will start taking payments using the stripe integration you provided few weeks ago.


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      sentry definitely cool. Great examples. I love the demo on kmdr btw and the video. Well done! Interesting value prop

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    My favorite one is , i have a bookmark folder of the best landing pages and theirs really stands out.

    I would love it if anyone can provide feedback on mine

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      Your site looks really good. My first question in the walkthrough was what about selling something (e.g. Stripe) and that was answered as I scrolled. Not a ton of appeal as a technical founder (very much inclined to build everything myself) but I think this could be a force multiplier for a non-technical founder (honestly, probably for me too, but the dev mindset). Seems like a great way to iterate on and test ideas.

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        Thanks Tac !, Ah yes the age old dilemma of developers, to build it myself or use another tool. I've found that if there's a tool that does exactly what you want it saves a lot of time and the investment is worth it.

        But yes we've built it for marketeers and Indie Sellers of digital products maybe small e-commerce shops and for people who don't want to code.

        Appreciate your feedback!

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    For me, it's Marvel. It's a prototyping tool for designers. You can look at that : . The blue theme over white background just feel gorgeous 😍.
    Also check out their other page too

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    My site is one of the most popular of all time on But I would strongly recommend for landing page inspiration.

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    There are lots of great SaaS landing page examples featured on A couple of my favorite indie hacker pages are and

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      Nice, land-book looks like a goldmine. My partner sent me which is a bit of a showcase too. The dekks animations really differentiate it.

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    I really like homepage. Not just colors but "information flow" clearly explaining (at least for me) what is it and why you should use it; which is probably most important.

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    Not to pinpoint any specific ones, but take a look at sites like or , to get inspiration from featured landing pages there :)

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